47th Figure remodeling contest prize winning work announcement

In 2018, when the 1/35 military miniature series, the origin of the figure remodeling contest, celebrated its 50th anniversary. Since the release of the memorable first figure model “German tank soldier set”, how much figures have “transformed” into various characters in this contest? Well this time the Gold Prize is a work of Kunihiko Sato […]

Tamiya 46th Figure Remodeling Contest prize winning work announcement

Puppet remodeling contest celebrating 46 times. Power products of various genres were gathered this time around mainly works reflecting the epidemic of 2017 years. Gold medal is Hidetoshi Shudo who gathered impressive scenes of movies that were screened long-run . The doll faithfully reproduces the unique proportions of animated works. Several people are placed naturally […]

Tamiya Fair 2019 announcement

Dates November 16th (Sat.) 9:00 – 17:00 November 17th (Sun.) 9:00 – 16:00 Venue Twin Messe (Shizuoka City, Japan) Great news for Tamiya fans, as the Tamiya Fair is back again in 2019! Last year, we welcomed some 25,000 visitors to Shizuoka. The venue will feature a variety of experiences to enjoy, including exhibitions of […]

Mini 4WD Hyper Dash ​​Grand Prix Game Introduction Promotional Movie

■ What is “Mini 4WD Super Speed ​​Grand Prix”? Full supervision of TAMIYA / Korokoro Aniki! Our mini 4WD is back! Mini 4WD game app will be distributed at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment! “To all adults who were“ small racers ”-run now! 』Make your own machine using the numerous famous machines and parts that are reproduced […]