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Some more future Tamiya RC items to be presented at upcoming Nuremberg Toy Fair 2019

We had posted some of them already 18 days ago, now we update the list with some more items and the full item number of the Mustang GT4:

47392 P34 1977 Monaco Special Edition
47394 Mountain Rider
47397 HKS Skyline GT-R Gr.A (TT-01E)
47402 Lunch Box Red Edition
56043 M551 Sheridan w/ Option Kit
58664 Ford Mustang GT4 (TT-02)
58666 Comical Hornet (WR-02CB)
58668 VW Type 2 (T1) (M-06)
58670 Citroen 2CV Rally (M-05RA)
84436 M-07R Chassis Kit

42332 TRF SSBB Damper Pistons Blank (4pcs)
42333 TRF419XR Aluminum Lower Deck
42334 TRF419XR Carbon Upper Deck (1.75mm)
47395 TA02 Center One-Way Set
51612 TS050 HYBRID Body
51614 Ford Mustang GT4 Body
54855 5.5 x 0.5mm POM Spacer (4pcs)
54861 Rally Block Tires (soft/2pcs)
54862 Alu Servo Step Screws (4pcs)
54863 Alu Hi-Torque Servo Saver Cap
54864 Multipurpose Driver Figure
54865 Ribbed F Bubble Tires Soft 2pcs
54866 Ribbed R Bubble Tires Soft 2pcs
54867 Aluminum Skid Guard (WR-02CB)

*Preliminary images that do not necessarily represent the final products

While waiting for the Toy Fair 2019 – Retrospective of past TamiyaBlog visits to Nuremberg Toy Fairs 2008-2018

The arrival of Nuremberg Toy Fair wakes up the child in us, it’s our yearly chance to visit, admire, meet and talk to our favourite model maker, TAMIYA, INC. While looking forward to the fair next week, looking back in our archives we saw that it will be already our 12th visit in a row, so we thought we would like to revisit few of the highlights of the previous years 2008-2018, hope you will enjoy them too.












All detailed original articles can be found easily by using our site search function with the keyword Nuremberg and the corresponding year.

Tamiya 66036 News File

Tamiya news has also reached the 600th issue in total, so we are introducing Tamiya news file here.
In the 1970s for Tamiya news hardcover files were made by other manufacturers that had metal fasteners, and if you keep it for a long time, the closed part and the back part tend to get dirty with rust etc. . However, this file has plastic fasteners and there is no worry about rust. It is also recommended for those who have collected Tamiya news for a long time, as well as those who want to start collecting new Tamiya news.
Source: Tamiya Plamodel Factory – Shimbashi

Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix Vol. 26 video report

Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix was held at the tourist attraction “MEGA WEB Toyota City Showcase” in Odaiba.
Junior Grand Prix and Junior Buggy Grand Prix for the elementary and junior high school students.
Women’s Grand Prix for women’s driver.
Parent-Child Dancing Rider participating in a pair of junior high school students and parents and newly held one Yanris WRC One Make Race My Yaris WRC.
The players who participated enjoyed a good time.
More infos and photos can be enjoyed here.

Some Tamiya Mini 4WD & Educational Kits to be presented at upcoming Nuremberg Toy Fair 2019

69926 Amphibious Vehicle Kit (Blue, Yellow) (colour variation of 70119)
95482 Large Diameter Low Friction Arched Tires (Maroon, 2 Pcs.)
95483 Mach-Bullet Metallic Special (AR Chassis)
95484 Reinforced Gear Cover (Pink, MS Chassis)
95489 DCR-01/02 Customizing Stickers Set
95490 DCR-02 Light Smoke Body Set
95491 Curve Section Set (Green, 4 Pcs.)

Mr. Shunsaku Tamiya looks back “Why was the Mini 4WD popular in the age of video game”

Mr. Shunsaku Tamiya

Heisei* 30 years marked the 60th anniversary of the birth of a domestic plastic model. Plastic model was born in 1945, I joined the “Tamiya Shoji jointly-owned company” (Shizuoka city) my father developed in that year. Shizuoka was originally a land of wood industry, and my father’s company was also making wood-based models for teaching materials, and models of warships and tanks. At that time the model was a wooden model. However, around the time he entered the company, the domestic plastic model began to be released, and it was a big boom in a blink of an eye. Unlike the previous wooden model, the plastic model does not require Kanna and fleas, it is completed by separating the parts from the frame called runner and attaching it with adhesive. Easy to make for children. Reproducibility of detail and real feeling were precise things not found in the wooden model.

The first hit was Panther Tank

Instantly the wooden model can not be sold and we have decided to switch to a plastic model maker. However, it was not so easy to create a plastic model that is supported by children. We repeatedly failed and released Panther Tank of German tank in the New Year of Showa** 37. The model of this tank runs well on a futon or a sandbox with a motor. We finally got confidence that we will be doing as a plastic model manufacturer as well. This “to run with a motor” may be called the origin of Tamiya.

After that, following tanks, I made various models such as zero fighting and Yamato. “Tamiya’s kit is wonderful” received high praise from home and abroad. Particularly noteworthy from overseas was the 1/12 precision scale model of Honda F1 released in 1964. But in the Showa 50’s when video games began to spread, children began to see games that can be enjoyed simply by pressing buttons, and the plastic model departed. So, once again, I repeated planning meetings inside the company to make a plastic model that even elementary school students can return to the origin and enjoy. It is around the end of Showa era.

Reason why Mini 4WD got used to children

And it was a mini 4WD that was completed. The mini 4WD is a simple model with a motorized four-wheel drive car model that runs with AA batteries built in. This also repeatedly trial and error, it became accepted by children several years later. Children feel great joy in running on motor with what they made with their own hands. And I was very interested in being able to compete among children.

To make a mini 4WD, all the basic work processes such as cutting, shaving, opening a hole are included. As children make mini 4WD, we will master how to use tools such as cutters, drivers and drills. There is also a process that is not in the instruction manual, such as thinking and remodeling by myself, increasing the performance.

The first boom of Mini 4WD was around Heisei** 2 from the end of the Showa era. Next time a big wave came from 1996 to 1998. Recently it has become a series that can be sold steadily at all times. Because it is also prevalent in countries in Southeast Asia.

At our company, we are holding a mini 4WD racing competition as much as we can say weekly. When going there, children try to think for themselves and try to run as fast as 0.1 seconds. Sometimes there are ideas that adults can not think of. I think that children are a genius of play again after all.

At that time we come to the venue with family members and we often see parents who are tune up. We thought that we developed a mini 4WD in that we sold it to children, but adults are also crazy about it. It was evolved into a thing to play with family as a matter of fact. This was a fresh discovery. Such pleasures are making the analog plastic model (= mini 4WD) popular in the digital age.

Solar car purchased by Dr. Hawking

Aside from the mini 4WD, the solar car that the employee in 1991 figured out was also talked about a while ago. It was the world’s first model car running on solar power. In this year alone it became a big hit product to sell 200,000 sets, and received various awards. In addition, I was very happy when Dr. Hawking who visited Japan at the academic year in the year when he was told that he bought this solar car at the Tiannihodo in Ginza. This made us realize the possibilities as a teaching material of the plastic model. As in the case of former wooden model, may not it be possible to have a teaching material set of plastic model for children. With that kind of thought we released a work series.

This is prepared with various gears, battery boxes, remote control boxes, plus plastic boards, plaques, etc., in order to let children shape ideas inspired by their heads. By combining these, you can make remote control robots to move solar cars, arms, walking robots that respond to sounds, and so on. Thanks to you, employees may be called to school business trips and teach. In 1990, we taught the work using mini 4WD at the royal school of Saudi Arabia.

Meaning to make analog things in the digital age

In 2007 we made a cam program robot. Although this is a robot that moves with the built-in motor, you can move it as you want by inserting a bar programmed by yourself in the center of the torso. As you develop the program bar, you will gain logical thinking and creativity. It is unknown how this robot evolves, but at the next stage it may get stuck with PCs and foundations.

In this digital era, children will learn various things and grow by making plastic models including analog mini 4WD. A plastic model is indispensable for Japan’s tradition of manufacturing. Tamiya will continue to support the children from now on.

Source in Japanese language: Bunshun Japan
* Heisei period
** Shōwa period