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59th Shizuoka Hobby Show 2020 and more events cancelled due to the Coronavirus

The Shizuoka Model & Eductional Material Cooperative Association has announced that the 59th Shizuoka Hobby Show planned for May 13-17 has been cancelled. Please click this link to visit their site for their announcement.

Also these Tamiya events have been cancelled already:

3/1 (Sun) Shizuoka Hobby Square Decoration Experience
3/1 (Sun) Tamiya RC School in KTC Manufacturing Technology Center
3/7 (Sat) Engine RC Car Workshop in Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit
3/8 (Sun) Engine RC Car Race Kakegawa GP Grand Prix Series Rd.1
3/8 (Sun) Mini 4WD Grand Prix 2020 Spring Tokyo Tournament 1
3/14 (Sat) The 15th Tamiya Grand Prix Inn Yokohama
3/15 (Sun) Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Event Plaza
3/15 (Sun) Mini 4WD Grand Prix 2020 Spring Okayama Tournament
3/21 (Sat) Electric RC Car Racing Tamiya Spring Cup 2020
3/22 (Sun) Electric RC Car Racing Tamiya Spring Cup 2020
3/22 (Sun) Mini 4WD Grand Prix 2020 Spring Hokkaido Tournament
3/28 (Sat) RC Car Assembly Class Trial !! Tamiya RC School in MEGA WEB
3/29 (Sun) Mini 4WD Grand Prix 2020 Spring Kakegawa Tournament

Other events Other events held in March 2020 may be cancelled in the future.

Off-Roadin’ & Haulin’! Tamiya 58676 Volvo A60H Hauler G6-01 6×6 RC Off-Road Truck Review by RC Driver

Get ready heavy equipment enthusiasts! The G6-01 platform from Tamiya gets a new body style and a new look to the chassis with the release of the Volvo A60H Hauler kit. The G6-01 is a full build up 6×6 truck kit that comes with the motor, you get to add your choice of electronics. The big features on this G6-01 are the pre-painted Volvo A60H cab body and abs molded dump bed. The chassis and other supported parts are now molded in a bright yellow to match the body. We assembled our kit and took this hauler out bashing. The G6-01 is a fun all around kit and delivers a lot of action whether you’re speeding around your backyard or a dirt lot. Love the look of heavy equipment, but still want the fun of running an RC at full throttle? Then you need to check out the Tamiya Volvo A60H Hauler G6-01 6×6 Truck!
Source: RC Driver YouTube channel

Cancellation of the Tamiya Headquarters 2020 Spring Tour due to the coronavirus

The translated statement of Tamiya, INC.:
Tamiya Co., Ltd. will give priority to the health and safety of participants and stakeholders, and will stop this “2020 Spring Tour” from the perspective of preventing the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Was. We are sorry for all those who are going to participate, but please understand. (2020.2.20)

Limited Tamiya Mini 4WD Festa Jaune with Kakegawa version sticker with logo of Tsumakoi

Tamiya Mini 4WD Grand Prix 2020 Spring will be held on March 29, 2020 (Sunday) at the green resort “Tsumakoi Resort Sai no Sato” in Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture! To commemorate this tournament, a Mini 4WD Kakegawa city limited version will be in advance and limited sale!

Limited 4WD PRO series Festa Jaune with limited Kakegawa version sticker with Tsuma Koi logo

Limited quantity advance sales
Price: 1,380 yen (tax included)
Sale period: Ends as soon as it is sold
Sales location: Tsumagoi Resort Sai no Sato

On the day of the “Mini 4WD Grand Prix 2020 SPRING” tournament, there are also fun lotteries, Tamiya original sales corners, and food and drink sales corners! Call for races will be announced at a later date.

Introducing the Dash! Yonkuro & Bakuso Brothers Let’s & Go!! related Tamiya Mini 4WD

Introducing the machines that appear in the popular mini 4WD manga “Dash! 4WD” and “Hyper Dash! 4WD”. Dash corps machines, including the protagonist Hinomaru Yoshiro’s machine “Emperor”, are on display. It is a fun lineup to make new and old dash machines and compare them.

18651 Dancing Divine Doll (MA chassis)
18649 1/32 Canon D ball (MA chassis)
18644 1/32 God Burning Sun (MA Chassis)
18643 1/32 Rise Emperor (MA Chassis)
18641 1/32 Shooting Proud Star (MA Chassis)
18075 1/32 Great Emperor Premium (Super II Chassis)
18073 1/32 Dash 0 Horizon Premium (Super II Chassis)
18070 1/32 Super Emperor Premium (Super II Chassis)
18069 1/32 Dash 1 Emperor Premium (Super II Chassis)
18632 1/32 Dash 01 Super Emperor (MS Chassis)
18630 1/32 Dash No. 3 Shooting Star (MS Chassis)
18628 1/32 Dash 2-Burning Sun (MS Chassis)
18625 1/32 Dash 1 Emperor (MS Chassis)
17006 1/32 Wild Zaurus

Introducing the machines that appear in the popular mini 4WD manga “Bakuso Brothers Let’s & Go !!” and “Bakuso Brothers Let’s & Go !! Return Racers !!” In addition to the protagonists, the Magma and Sonic, the favourite machines of the Hoshima brothers, machines of teammates and rivals are on display. This lineup is also recommended for those who want to recreate the famous scenes while working with original fans who are starting Mini 4WD and their favourite machines!

19454 Cosmosonic (FM-A chassis)
19453 Great Magnum R (Revolver) (FM-A chassis)
19452 Brockengigant Premium (FM-A chassis)u
19451 Gun Blaster XTO Premium (FM-A Chassis)
19450 1/32 Spin Cobra Premium (Super II Chassis)
19449 1/32 Tridagger WX (AR chassis)
19448 1/32 Proto Saber Evolution Premium (AR Chassis)
19447 1/32 Beak Stinger G (AR chassis)
19446 1/32 Great Blast Sonic (AR Chassis)
19445 1/32 Buster Sonic Premium (AR chassis)
19444 1/32 Beat Magnum Premium (AR Chassis)
19443 1/32 Diospada Premium (AR chassis)
19440 1/32 Cyclone Magnum Premium (AR Chassis)
19441 1/32 Hurricane Sonic Premium (AR chassis)
19442 1/32 Z Wing Magnum (AR Chassis)
19439 1/32 Beak Spider Premium (Super II Chassis)
19438 1/32 Ray Stinger Premium (Super II Chassis)
19437 1/32 Bergkaiser Premium (Super II Chassis)
19436 1/32 Shining Scorpion Premium (Super II Chassis)
19435 1/32 Vanguard Sonic Premium (Carbon Super II Chassis)
19434 1/32 Victory Magnum Premium (Carbon Super II Chassis)
19433 1/32 Tridagger X Premium (Super II Chassis)
19432 1/32 Sonic Saber Premium (Super II Chassis)
19431 1/32 Magnum Saber Premium (Super II Chassis)
18622 1/32 Rodeo Sonic
18621 1/32 Bison Magnum