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Dream Again – The First Film Of Mini4wd Cars

Director: Ye Zhengheng / screenwriter Huang Anpei / Photography Zhou Junmin
Starring: Bob Lam / Lo Tsz Lung / Li Yingyi / She Zhuoying / Chen Jialiang
Actor: Li Linen / Zhang Jiaqi / Town Yuan Industry / Huang Anpei / Fenghai Rui / micro aunt / Song Zhuoxi / Zhang Yanbo / Terry Chan / Li Jian Long / Wei㷨/ Cheung Yin Pok / Liujun Rong / Xiao Zhenfeng Ye Zhengheng / Zhang Henghao / Zhou Jian Yi / Li SIR / Ye Junting / Linzhuo Long

Special thanks to:
Wei-high model Hobby Waigo
M4 Club
Yu international bullion Group
Giraffe model house
Camera car will Foto4wd
MaskSpeed Mini4WD Racing Team
Sheng eight shops in Tsim Sha Tsui
Dance doll father of Louis ovo man
Mo Junjie
Fabio Lee

Source: Waigo Model Hobbies LTD Youtube channel

Tamiya Mini 4WD 35th anniversary start campaign

Since its birth in 1982, the world’s smallest motor sports mini 4WD, which has been loved by everyone, celebrates its 35th anniversary this year.
We will hold an over-the-counter campaign to mark the beginning of the memorable year from April.

※ This campaign hosting store is different from the mini 4WD station franchise.

※The image is an image. “VS reinforced chassis (white)”, screws are not included.

Saturday, April 1 (Sat)
reinforced chassis set (white) Item No: 95317 324 yen (main unit price 300 yen)

Handling quantity is limited. It will close as soon as the item is gone.
Since handling may be terminated depending on the store, please ask in advance for details of the organizing store in advance. 〔 Title 〕

 Not for sale yet April 15 (Saturday) Release
35th anniversary logo · Super hard low height tire &
A spoke wheel (gun meta) set

Mini 4WD product at the store Order the prize for first purchase with first come first gift I will do.
The quantity of the prize has a limit. It will end as soon as the prize is gone.
Please note that depending on the store the prize may have been closed, so please contact the organizer beforehand in advance.

 Not for sale yet Release on Saturday, April 29 (Saturday, public holiday)
Thunder Shot Jr. Polycarbonate Body (Carbon Pattern)

Mini 4WD Product at the Shop Mini 4WD Product We will offer 1 set of prizes to customers who purchase over 3,000 yen first-come first-served.
The quantity of the prize has a limit. It will end as soon as the prize is gone.
Please note that depending on the store the prize may have been closed, so please contact the organizer beforehand in advance.

Some thoughts about the new release of the Tamiya 16042 Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin 1/6 Big Scale Kit

Like every year, the Team of Tamiyablog reported live from the Nuremberg Toy Fair. But this year was a bit special, because 2017 marks Tamiya´s 50th consecutive year of attendance here in Nuremberg.

Tamiya celebrated this Anniversary with a new kit of the 1/6 Big Scale Motorcycle series. The beautiful Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin, including stunning details like metal damper parts and complex spoke pattern of the wheels which were the best we have ever seen. Also an highly detailed metal chain set was presented as a special detail-up part which takes the model to a new level.

It was so good to see that Tamiya is still engineering these big and expensive kits in a time where the market for static model plastic kits is not so big anymore as it was in the 1970´s and 80´s.

I was feeling like a kid again when I saw the new Honda. Like it was in 1979, when i first saw the Big Scale kit of the Tamiya Honda CB750 Four No. 16001 in the showcase of my local hobby shop.

This has something to do with, how should I call it, maybe „stability“ in a way we like it.

Highlighted should be here the classic box art picture too which is a piece of art for itself. We are all big fans of the classic box arts, and we can say that is one of the very best we have ever seen. Especially from the artistic value.

Tamiya is the last company who still produces these big scale cars and motorcycle kits in an unmatched quality, and we hope they will do it in the future. That should be said.

Thank you TAMIYA

Tamiya exhibited at 44th Tokyo Motorcycle Show

Two-wheel festival! Exhibited at the 44th Tokyo Motorcycle Show
Tamiya will exhibit at the 44th Tokyo Motorcycle Show, the biggest motorcycle big event in Japan, held at Tokyo Big Sight from 24th to 26th March 2017. Please come and visit the exhibition of the latest bikes of domestic and overseas and related events to the fulfilling motorcycle festival!
Tamiya held a “Plavan Accessory – Workshop” where children can enjoy casually from adults to children at the Kids’ corner of the West 2 Hall. You can draw a picture of a motorbike with a coloring sensation on “Chi-mimpavan”, and you can experience making your own original accessories (We will distribute tickets for participation on the day).
And, the latest model of 1/6 motorcycle series to be released this year “1/6 Honda CRF 1000 L Africa Twin” will be displayed! . Please take a closer look at the class’s strongest adventure tourer, precisely reproduced with a powerful big scale! . In addition, Africa Twin will exhibit actual cars along with the model (cooperation: Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Honda Motorcycle Japan Co., Ltd.). It is an opportunity to take a detailed photograph of a real car in preparation for making a model! . Others Tamiya’s bike model made from a number of commercial vehicles to racers, including 1/12 Kawasaki Ninja H2R, 1/12 Repsol Honda RC 213 V, is on display. We will also sell scale models and Tamiya original goods.

The 44th Tokyo Motorcycle Show
Venue Tokyo Big Sight West 1 – 3 Hall + Atrium – West Rooftop Exhibition Hall
Date and time March 24 (Fri) 10: 00 ~ 13: 00 Special release / 13: 00 ~ 18: 00 Public release
March 25 (Sat) 10:00 ~ 18:00 Public open
March 26 (Sun) 10:00 ~ 17:00 Public open
Advance ticket Adult 1,300 yen High school student 500 yen
Same day ticket Adult 1,600 yen High school student 500 yen Male and female pair ticket 2,600 yen
⇒ For detailed information on “Tokyo Motorcycle Show” please refer to the official website