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Renault R5 Turbo – A French Sportscars Icon

Here we will present one of the newest additions to the Tamiya family of  M-05 Chassis cars.

The Renault R5 Turbo.  Tamiya enthusiasts and fans will know that this body isn’t really new, its only new for the M-chassis.  This body first appeared in October 1981, shorty after the release of its german “brother”, the Volkswagen Golf Racing Group 2.  At that time, both cars were based on the famous CS (Competition Special) chassis. Now its completely different. The R5 Turbo body now sits on the M-05Ra (Rally Layout) Chassis. Back in 1981 and now too, Tamiya presented the body as a rally version.  In this build I wanted to create a good looking street version of this famous car.  This silver black version was one of my childhood dreams. Every day on my way back from school I saw one of the first R5 Turbos standing there in shiny silver metallic.  Because of this the body  sits on a “normal” M-05 chassis and not on the M-05Ra. But you can do a street version on the M-05 Ra too, as the M-05 Ra allows to set up the chassis  to lower ground clearance.  I only chose the “normal” M-05, because I had one lying around.

The gold plated Mini Lite style wheels are  the bonus parts of the Renault kit. I think they match the silver colour of the body really well. One of the biggest drawbacks of the old Renault body is the rear width.  It is much too wide for the M-05 and doesn’t look really good.  So I had to search for a solution to make the rear wider . You need nearly 1cm on each side.  I tested various options.  Tamiya TL-01 wide wheel axles – Tech Racing M-chassis wide rear axles. But that wasn’t enough.  So I chose  the simplest method to make the rear wider,  Tamiya TL-01 rear upper and lower suspension arms. They are a direct fit to the M-05,  you only need some slightly longer dampers on the rear for this modification, because of the longer lower arms and accordingly wider damper mounting points.  I have used a set of leftover clear C.V.A. shocks from my M-05Pro chassis kit which I had replaced for Tamiya M-chassis aluminium shocks.

Although this body is now 30 years old and counts as one of the first polycarbonate bodies from Tamiya it still looks good, especially compared to more modern bodies of other manufacturers. All in all a great new/old release. Enjoy this 80s classic!

Tamiya 58507 1/10 RC DB02 Leonis, 58512 1/12 RC Volkswagen Type 2 Wheelie & 58517 1/10 RC Super Hotshot Details

Tamiya 58507 1/10 R/C DB02 Leonis

Tamiya is proud to release the 1/10 R/C off-road buggy Leonis on the newly-designed DB02 chassis.

The wellbalanced machine was developed based on input from the TRF team and has an orthodox layout featuring a durable wide bathtub chassis, shaft-driven 4WD setup, and 4-wheel double wishbone suspension. The Leonis features a distinctive body shell which was designed by famous Toyota racing team and tuner, TOM’S.

About the Model

– This is a 1/10 scale R/C assembly kit.

– Polycarbonate body is designed by TOM’S designers.

– Polycarbonate rear wing is also included.

– Shaft-driven 4WD setup with the motor positioned horizontally at the center of the chassis to provide optimum power transmission as well as stability and balance.

– Durable batutub chassis is combined with front & rear upper braces to provide superb chassis rigidity.

– Front & rear compact gearboxes are equipped with ball differentials.

– Proven 4-wheel double wishbone suspension from the DB01 is equipped with CVA shock units.

– Front & rear Dual Block Tires and dish wheels included.

– Compatible with straight-type battery packs such as Item 55111 Tamiya LF3700-6.6V Racing Pack.

– Motor is positioned horizontally at the center of the chassis. Center spur gear is connected with propeller shafts to enable optimized power transmission.

– Polycarbonate body is designed by TOM’S designers.

– 3-piece steering linkage provides precise, sharp steering response. Upper brace provides stiffening against chassis pitch.

– The suspension arms and axles are the same as those used on the DB01. Front and rear gearboxes are equipped with ball differentials.

– Battery pack is positioned at the rear. Combined with center motor position, this layout offers excellent stability during jumps.

58512 1/12 R/C Volkswagen Type 2 (T1) Wheelie

This R/C assembly kit depicts a 1st-generation (T1) variant of the Volkswagen Type 2 van, which was also known as the Volkswagen Bus to many of its legions of fans. Tamiya has reproduced this machine with a comical appearance to result in this fun-filled model. The new WR-02 chassis is equipped with a wheelie bar to enable exciting, wheels in the air driving action.

About the Model

– This is a 1/12 scale R/C assembly kit.

– The distinctive body is reproduced with durable polycarbonate. Injection-molded driver figure is also included.

– WR-02 chassis features heavy-duty monocoque chassis frame equipped with 4-wheel double wishbone suspension, a fully-enclosed gearbox with differential, and a rear-wheel drive.

– Tires/wheels and the gearbox/motor come pre-assembled to enable ease of assembly.

– First batch includes free bonus parts (1150 Ball Bearing x 8pcs.)

58517 1/10 R/C Super Hotshot (2012) (Tentative)

After the re-release of the Hotshot (2007), we have received huge demand for re-release of the Super Shot, which was originally released in 1986. Tamiya has answered these calls and is announcing the comeback of this famous machine, which has been renamed as the Super Hotshot.

About the Model

– This is a 1/10 scale R/C assembly kit.

– The chassis features the same basic layout as the original including the shaft-driven 4WD setup.

– 4-wheel double wishbone suspension is equipped with 4 oil dampers.

– Chassis underguard offers superb chassis protection.

– Spiked tires are mounted on gold-plated wheels.

– Polycarbonate body and rear wing.

– Full ball bearing specification.

– Comes with GT-Tuned Motor (25T).

– Kit will feature newly designed packaging.

– First batch includes free bonus parts (Lightweight White Wheels: Front & Rear x 2pcs. each)! ★Hex wheels hubs such as Item 53569 Clamp Type Aluminum Wheel Hub (6mm Thick) are required to attach these wheels (standard resin hubs can also be used).

5 years tamiyablog competition results

First of all we would like to thank every sender of a competition entry, there were so many great ones that we had a quite hard time to chose the ones we liked the most. Here are our top choices in alphabetical sequence:

From those entries the price,  a new 58500 Sand Rover RC car kit, wins Frederic B. from France with this entry:
The team of congratulates again all participants and wishes similarly prosperous next 5 years full of great Tamiya news!

Future (late 2011/early 2012) Tamiya releases

★★★ updated 12.11.2011 ★★★

Will be continuously updated 


56033 German Tiger I Heavy Tank Full Operation Set (w/4ch Radio)

58004 FMC XR311 Combat Support Vehicle (re-release)

58507 Middle Class Shaft-Drive Buggy (TOM’S)
58510 Ferrari 599XX (TT-01E)
58512 1/12 Volkswagen Type 2 (T1) Wheelie
58513 Toyota Celica LB Turbo Gr.5 (TT-01E)
58516 BMW 318i STW (TT-01E)
58517 Super Shot
58522 Sand Rover Street  (DT02/380)
84262 F104WGP (w/Body)
84263 Tyrrell P34 1977 Monaco Grand Prix
84264 Nissan R91CP (1992 Daytona Winner)

84265 Hotshot (2007) Metallic Special

84266 Toyota GT-One TS020 (F103RS w/Sponge Tyres)

84270 Avante (2011) Black Special

Expert Built RC:

57822 XB Volkswagen Scirocco GT24-CNG (TT-01E)
57823 XB Ferrari 599XX (TT-01E)
57826 XB 1/12 Volkswagen Type 2 (T1) Wheelie
57828 XB Fast Attack Vehicle

RC Parts /Hop-ups:

42214 TRF High Seal X-Ring For Damper (Hardness 50/8 Pcs.)

42215 TRF High Seal X-Ring For Damper (Hardness 70/8 Pcs.)

51479 RM-01 Chassis C-Parts (Gear Case)

51480 RM-01 Chassis L-Parts (link)

51481 RM-01 Chassis N-Parts (Front Suspension)

51482 RM-01 Wheel Set

51483 RM-01 Sponge Tyre (Front)

51484 RM-01 Sponge Tyre (Rear)

51485 RM-01 Fluorine-coated Pivot Ball (5 Pcs.)

51487 380S Motor

51488 TA05 M-Four Chassis B-Parts (Bumper)

54334 RM-01 Butyl Sponge Tyre (Front)

54335 RM-01 Butyl Sponge Tyre (Rear)

54336 DB02 Slipper Clutch set
54337 RM-01Damper V-Parts
54338 2WD Off-Road Front Dish Wheel (Black, 60/19)
54339 2WD Off-Road Rear Dish Wheel (Black, 60/29)
54340 18-Spoke Wheel (Black, 26mm Offset +2)
54341 RM-01 Aluminum Pitch Damper Set

54342 RM-01 Aluminum Roll Damper Set

84259 DB02 Titanium Screw Set

84271 5-Spoke Wheel (Black, 26mm 0 Offset, 2 Pcs.)
84272 Rally Dish Wheel (Black, 26mm/+2 Offset, 4 Pcs.)

84274 TA05 M-Four Titanium Screw Set

Static Kits and Finished Models:

21113 1/20 Ferrari F-1 2000 French Grand Prix No. 4 (Barichello) (Finished Model)

25145 1/35 Soviet T-55A (w/Photo-Etched Parts and Metal Gun Barrel)

25146 1/35 Soviet JS-2 1944 ChKZ (w/Photo-Etched Parts and Metal Gun Barrel)

25147 1/48 North American P-51D Mustang “Tuskegee Airmen”

25148 1/72 North American P-51D Mustang “Tuskegee Airmen”

30101 1/48 U.S. M60 Super Patton Tank (Motorized)

30102 1/48 U.S. M60A1E1 Tank (Motorized)

30103 1/48 Japan Ground Self-Defense Forces Type 74 Tank (Motorized)

30104 1/48 Kanone German Jagdpanzer (Motorized)

37011 1/48 Hawker Hurricane Mk.I (w/ 3 Figures)

61110 1/48 Mitsubishi G4M1 Type1 Attacker (Betty) Isoroku Yamamoto

Embarkation Machine (w/17 Pcs. Figures)

Mini 4WD:

15444 Super X-XX Large-Diameter Oneway Wheel (w/Offset Tread Tires)

18067 Super Dragon Premium (VS Chassis)

94855 MS Reinforced Chassis Set (White)

94856 2mm Aluminum Locknut (Red/5 Pcs.)

94857 2mm Aluminum Locknut (Purple/5 Pcs.)

94858 2mm Aluminum Locknut (Gold/5 Pcs.)

Tools, Merchandise & Supplies:

73019 1/350 Display Case (w/Base)

74541 Spray-Work Compressor Revo w/Double Action Airbrush

87135 Tamiya Mark Fit (Strong Type)

89957 A4-Sized Multipurpose Bag (W/3 Storage Boxes) (Pink)

89958 A4-Sized Multipurpose Bag (W/3 Storage Boxes) (Green)

89959 Weathering Master Set (for IJN Vessels)