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Tamiya Mini 4WD Japan Cup 2021 event limited sale items

95143 Dual Ridge Jr. Japan Cup 2021 (Polycarbonate Body / VZ Chassis)

The Dual Ridge Jr. Japan Cup 2021 is a special limited model of the Japan Cup based on the popular “Dual Ridge Jr.” that uses a VZ chassis. A lightweight, easy-to-customize clear polycarbonate body has been newly adopted to further improve driving performance. In addition, the compact and wide setting VZ chassis is coordinated in dark blue, the A-spoke wheels are also coordinated in blue, and super hard small diameter low height tires are installed.
(Scheduled to be released in September 2021)
○ Body = Polycarbonate (Clear), Metal-like sticker
○ Chassis, A parts = ABS (Dark blue)
○ Wheels = A spokes (Blue)
○ Tires = Super hard small diameter low height (Black)
・ Side JAPAN CUP 2021 / TAMIYA MINI 4WD with white print on the surface
○ Gear ratio = 3.5: 1, with motor

95604 DCR-02 (Decross 02) Clear Black Special (MA Chassis)

A special color version of the 3-split body machine designed by hyper designer Kayuki Yamazaki. Super hard low-height tires are mounted on Y-spoke wheels with matt pink plating.
○ Body = ABS (clear black), sticker (clear type)
○ Chassis = ABS (clear purple)
○ A parts = POM resin (white)
○ Wheels = Y spokes (matt pink plating)
○ Tires = super hard small diameter low height (black) )
・ PDC / SUPER HARD white print on the side surface and white line
○ Gear ratio = 3.5: 1, with double shaft motor

95633 Neo VQS Polycarbonate Body Special (VS Chassis)

Neo VQS special kit with polycarbonate body. The chassis is a compact and lightweight VS with a short wheelbase. White hard low-height tires are mounted on carbon-reinforced Y-spoke wheels.
○ Body = Polycarbonate (Clear), Sticker (Clear type)
○ Chassis = ABS (Light green)
○ A parts = ABS (White)
○ Wheels = Carbon reinforced Y spokes (Black)
○ Tires = Hard small diameter low height (White)
○ Gear Ratio = 3.5: 1, with double shaft motor

95147 Mini 4WD Catcher (J-CUP2021 / Light Blue)

The Japan Cup 2021 specification is now available in the “Mini 4WD Catcher”, which can be easily assembled without using adhesives or screws and can safely catch the running Mini 4WD. It is manufactured by bending a 0.75 mm thick PP (polypropylene) material. The new color, light blue, is used. The logo of Japan Cup 2021 is printed in black.
[Basic specifications] Width approx. 110 mm, length approx. 190 mm, height approx. 70 mm. Uses 0.75 mm thick PP (polypropylene) material 

95141 Hyper Dash 3 Motor J-CUP 2021
95142 Hyper Dash Motor PRO J-CUP 2021

Two types of motors to commemorate the Japan Cup will be released this year as well. A special design with the letters JAPAN CUP 2021 laid out on the mount and motor label, and the checkered pattern creates a lacy atmosphere. A popular item for both souvenirs and racing. (Scheduled to be released in August 2021)
○ Uses a silver carbon brush with an excellent balance between electrical efficiency and durability.
○ The end bell is red color. Pinion gear sold separately.
○ Hyper Dash 3 Motor: Can be used for chassis other than MS chassis and MA chassis such as VZ, FM-A, AR, VS, Super II, Super X, Super XX, Super TZ-X chassis .
○ Hyper Dash Motor PRO: Can be used for MS chassis and MA chassis.

95144 HG Carbon Rear Brake Stay (1.5mm) J-CUP2021
95145 HG Carbon Multi Wide Stay (1.5mm) J-CUP2021
95146 HG Carbon Multi Wide Rear Stay (1.5mm) J-CUP2021

Introducing three types of lightweight, highly rigid 1.5 mm thick limited carbon plates with the Tamiya mark and J-CUP 2021 logo printed in blue color. Both the multi-wide stay and the multi-wide rear stay are equipped with 9mm, 13mm, and 19mm parts mounting holes to support various modifications such as wide setting of rollers. (Scheduled to be released in August 2021)
○ Multi-wide stay: Mini 4WD PRO, Mini 4WD each car
○ Rear brake stay, multi-wide rear stay: MA, MS, VZ, FM-A, AR, VS, Super II, Super Available for X, Super XX and Super TZ-X chassis.
* Includes mounting screws and washers.
* Some chassis or bodies need to be processed.

95148 HG 19mm All Aluminum Bearing Roller J-CUP2021

It is a special specification in which the popular all-aluminum roller with a diameter of 19 mm is given a black alumite color and the letters “TAMIYA JAPAN CUP 2021” are blue-printed. A 520 ball bearing is embedded in the bearing part to demonstrate smooth rotation. Also a point.
(Scheduled to be released in August 2021)
* Mounting screws and spacers are also included.
* Do not use cleaners, etc. as printing can be taken. 
[Available machines] Mini 4WD PRO and Mini 4WD vehicles (some bodies need to be processed)

95631 Super Hard Low Height Tires & Reinforced Dish Wheels (Dual Ridge Jr.)

High-strength wheels made of glass-filled nylon resin. Equipped with super hard small diameter low height tires with white print.
〇 wheel = glass-filled nylon resin dish type (Ivory)
〇 tire = super hard large diameter Low height (black)
side surface in DUAL RIDGE Jr., VZ CHASSIS white into print
[available machine] four wheel drive mini PRO, mini four Each car (some bodies need to be processed)

95632 Jibney body parts set (clear orange)

The Filipino shared bus “Jeepney” modeled as a Mini 4WD.
Introducing a body part with a bright clear orange body and a sticker with a newly designed fire pattern.
[Available machine] FM-A chassis

First photos of new Tamiya RC car releases Toyota GR 86 and Subaru BRZ

As we had announced here, Tamiya just presented their new RC releases Toyota GR 86 and Subaru BRZ at the releases Toyota GR 86 / Subaru BRZ at the Fuji Speedway racetrack.

Tamiya 64433 R/C Guide Book Volume 17 Spring-Summer 2021 & official international release list June 2021

R/C Models
 54998  CC-02 Carbon Steel Propeller Shaft (75mm)
 22003  TA08 Stabilizer Set (Front & Rear)
 22004  TA08 Aluminum Servo Mount
 22005  TA08 Carbon Damper Stays (Front & Rear)
 47476  TA08 PRO Titanium Screw Set
 51667  TA08 06 Module Spur Gear (71T)
 51668  TA08 04 Module Spur Gear (110T)
 51669  TA08 D Parts (Suspension Arms) 2pcs.
 51670  TA08 Front Belt (132T)
 51671  TA08 Rear Belt (101T)

Static Models
 12042  1/12 Martini Brabham BT44B 1975
 24360  1/24 Nissan Fairlady 240ZG
 35378  1/35 German Tank Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf.G (Early Production)
 61121  1/48 McDonnell Douglas™ F-4B Phantom II™
 12692  1/48 Scale F-4 Phantom II™ Decal Set A

 95141  Hyper-Dash 3 Motor J-Cup 2021
 95142  Hyper-Dash Motor PRO J-Cup 2021
 95144  HG Carbon Multi Roller Setting Stay (1.5mm) J-Cup 2021
 95145  HG Carbon Rear Multi Roller Setting Stay (1.5mm) J-Cup 2021
 95146  HG Carbon Rear Brake Stay (1.5mm) J-Cup 2021
 95148  HG 19mm Aluminum Ball-Race Rollers (Ringless) J-Cup 2021
 95622  Dash-1 Emperor (Type 3) Special Kit
 95623  Dash-01 Super Emperor Special Kit
 95624  Dash-0 Horizon Special Kit
 95625  Dash-001 Great Emperor Special Kit
 95626  Mini 4WD Classic Tune-Up Parts Set Vol.1
 95627  Mini 4WD Classic Tune-Up Parts Set Vol.2
 95628  Mini 4WD Classic Tune-Up Parts Set Vol.3

First photos and details of Mini 4WD Tamiya 18657 Ignicion (MA chassis)

This Mini 4WD racer depicts the aerodynamic style of a hyper sports car with air intakes and ducts. Also, the rear wing recreates a modern GT racing car wing. The model’s name is based on the Spanish word “ignicion” which means ignition in English.

MA Chassis
The MA (Midship AERO) Chassis has its motor in the center, and features a design which focuses upon achieving outstanding aerodynamic performance. It has a gear ratio of 3.5:1, 6 individual rollers, a rear skid bar and other speedy features developed thanks to years of design experience. The single-piece monocoque frame also guarantees that assembling and keeping the car well-maintained is a task that can be performed by beginners and veteran racers alike.

• Mini 4WD model assembly kit. Length: 156mm, width: 97mm, height: 41mm.
• The white ABS body captures the aerodynamic style of high-downforce hyper sports cars, plus air intakes and ducts.
• Gun metal fin type wheels are paired with black small diameter low-profile tires.
• Dedicated metallic stickers included.
• Type 130 motor is included. The model features a 3.5:1 gear ratio.
• Two AA batteries are required (sold separately).

Scale Special Project Tamiya 25424 1/48 Kawasaki Ki-61-Ⅰ d Hien (Tony) Silver Color Plated (w / Camo Decals)

Overall length = 187 mm The photo shows the kit assembled and painted.

Attractiveness of the flowing style enhanced by silver plating
Hien is the only Japanese fighter equipped with a liquid-cooled engine in the Pacific War. Equipped with Ha40, which is a licensed production of the Daimler-Benz DB601 engine made in Germany. It featured a streamlined nose and an elongated main wing unique to a liquid cooler. It was officially adopted as a Type 3 fighter in 1943, and its armament was strengthened several times to counter the highly bulletproof US military aircraft. Among them, the I-type Ding, which has an extended nose of 20 cm and is equipped with two 20 mm cannons inside the fuselage and two 12.7 mm cannons inside the main wing, was a series from January 1944 to January 1945. A maximum of about 1,360 aircraft were manufactured. Taking advantage of its excellent high altitude performance and heavy armament, it exerted its power in intercepting the B-29 in the mainland air defense battle, and the strenuous battle of the 244th Squadron led by Captain Kobayashi who was in charge of the capital air defense is also well known, this Hien I It is a special specification kit that reproduces the pattern with silver-plated parts with high texture.

Model outline
1/48 scale plastic model assembly kit of Hien I type. ★ Overall length 187 mm, overall width 250 mm. ★ In addition to faithfully modeling the elegant style, parts such as the fuselage and main wings are plated with silver to reduce gloss, expressing a realistic texture. ★ The inverted V-type 12-cylinder Ha40 engine has been reproduced with auxiliary equipment such as a supercharger. ★ Parts such as the 20mm cannon, magazine, and oil tank in front of the cockpit are also included. You can feel the tight layout. ★ The windshield can be opened and closed. ★ In addition to 2 drop tanks, 1 pilot doll in a sitting position, and 2 types of markings, decals for spot camouflage are also included.

Fun RC Car With 5 Options Installed – Tamiya Comical Hotshot Buggy Kit video review

We have another fun RC Car from Tamiya for you to check out, it’s the Comical Hotshot. This is a cool addition to Tamiya’s comical RC car line-up that plays off of some memorable vintage cars. This fun version of the Hotshot body fits on top of the GF-01 CB platform which we reviewed before as the Comical Avante. So rather than gear up for a full review of a car we’ve seen, Greg decided to throw a twist into this review and bolt on five option parts available for the car. He sifted though the Tamiya website to find what he thought were 5 worhty options for you to see. Were his picks good? Or were they duds? Let us know what you would have chose if you were building this RC yourself!
Source: RC Driver YouTube channel