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The long-awaited new product Tamiya Color Lacquer Paint (LP-1 ~ LP-30) in bottles appears!

Tamiya color lacquer paint
■ 1st 15 colors
152 yen (main unit price 160 yen) released around Saturday, December 2, 2017
■ 2nd 15 colors, 3rd and beyond will be released one after another

· Strong coating film that is most suitable for basic painting
· Shorter dry time, higher working efficiency
· Safe for finishing with beautiful glossy enamel paint etc
· Best for air brush painting
· Capacity: 10 ml * Acrylic paint mini The size and capacity of the glass bottle are the same.

More product photos of Tamiya 57405 RC Dancing Rider Trike T3-01 Chassis

Tamiya 57405 R/C Trike T3-01 Dancing Rider

This radio control model replicates delivery trikes widely seen making deliveries in Japan. When the model turns, the 3-wheel chassis “leans” into the corner much like their full-size counterparts. The 3-wheel chassis features the motor in the rear section, with the battery in the front. The two sections are linked in the middle, and a steering servo leans the entire front section left and right to effect turns. Furthermore, support arms are linked to the steering servo, and help to right the model if it happens to tip over.

64411 Tamiya R/C Guide Book Volume 10 2017 (Autumn-Winter)

64411 Tamiya R/C Guide Book Volume 10 2017 (Autumn-Winter)

– Tamiya’s main RC model, including new products announced at the Hobby Show, is released at once.
– It is a handy one for picking up a machine for each chassis and searching for one favorite one.
– It is also full of recommended contents especially for RC entry users.
– A QR code linked to the search WEB page of each chassis video and corresponding option parts is also posted.
– All color A4 size, 38 pages with plenty of volume.
– With chassis-specific parts matching list convenient for tune-up.