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Full official details and photos of Tamiya 42383 Chassis Kit TB Evo.8

The pinnacle of shaft drive 4WD touring chassis
A brand new chassis that bears the name of the pinnacle of shaft drive 4WD touring chassis “TB EVO” will be released for the first time in five years. By combining a new-shaped carbon chassis with a minimal upper deck, it achieves optimum pitching rigidity and a low center of gravity for driving. The main chassis also adopts a mechanical plate and center stiffener. The front and rear aluminum bulkheads have also been redesigned to provide superior strength and drive efficiency. The suspension uses the same upper and lower arms as the TA08 PRO to maximize tire grip. SSBB (Super Short Big Bore) dampers are standard equipment for both front and rear. The motor mount has a structure that allows easy backlash adjustment, and two types of motor layout can be selected: front mid/rear mid. Based on the data obtained from the previous “TB EVO” series, we pursued speed, maneuverability, and maintainability, and the “TB EVO.8” was born.

Main equipment parts
2.25mm Thick carbon lower deck ●2mm thick carbon upper deck ●1mm thick carbon mechanical plate ●2mm thick carbon bumper support ●Single type aluminum lower bulkhead F/R ●Aluminum upper bulkhead F/R ●Aluminum motor mounts A/B/C ● Aluminum servo mount ●Aluminum battery holder ●Aluminum center stiffener ●Aluminum front direct cup ●TRF super short big bore damper plus ●42mmW cardan drive shaft ●42mm lightweight swing shaft (strengthened type) ●06 hard coated aluminum pinion gear (23T) ●Front and rear stabilizer ● Full bearing

Separately purchased
●Body ●Brushless motor ●Tire ●Wheel ●RC mechanism: ESC, 2 channel radio with low profile servo ●Battery and charger for running ●Transmitter power supply

Gamba Osaka limited Tamiya Mini 4WD models

Mini 4WD and Gamba Osaka, which caused a big boom among elementary school students in the late 90’s, are a dream collaboration!
In addition to selling 3 types of original Mini 4WD at a special booth outside the venue, those who have purchased can enjoy assembling and racing on the course at a special booth!

*Limited to 500 pieces for sale on the day and online shop.
* Tools and batteries for assembly can be rented.
* Depending on the congestion situation, you may have to line up before assembling and participating in the race experience on the course.
*Please note that we are not responsible for any damage caused during the race experience.
* It will be sold at the online shop at a later date.

■ Aero Avante
[Price] 2,420 yen (tax included)
[Sales location] Mini 4WD special booth behind the outside goal

■ Mach Frame
[Price] 2,420 yen (tax included)
[Sales location] Mini 4WD special booth behind the outside goal

■ Raikiri
[Price ] ] 2,420 yen (tax included)
[Sales location] Mini 4WD special booth behind the outside goal

Source in Japanese language: Gamba Osaka

Bakugan Brothers Let’s & Go! Magnum and Sonic pure tin chopstick rests

High-quality finish by Kurita Sangyo, a long-established cast metal manufacturer in Shizuoka Prefecture, under the Jutaro brand. Two types, Hurricane Sonic and Cyclone Magnum, will be released simultaneously.

67503 Hurricane Sonic chopstick rest
67504 Cyclone Magnum chopstick rest

The popular machine becomes a high-class chopstick rest
Mini 4WD animation “Bakusou Brothers Let’s & Go!!
A pure tin chopstick rest in the shape of Retsu Hoshima’s machine, Hurricane Sonic. As it is made by Kurita Sangyo, a long-established casting manufacturer in Shizuoka Prefecture, the product has a luxurious finish. The unique texture of craftsmen’s handiwork and the heavy weight are the charms of casting. In addition to being able to be used as a paperweight, it can also be enjoyed as a display model because it is detailed. Also, pay attention to the red package that reproduces the box art of the kit with foil stamping. The inside is decorated with illustrations of the Retsu and Go brothers, and a set of Retsu Hoshima cards. It is a fulfilling content that allows you to fully enjoy the world view of animation.

Tamiya official international release list October 2022

Static Models
 14140  1/12 Ducati Superleggera V4

 15532  Low Friction Plastic Double Rollers (Blue/19-19mm)
 95640  Mini 4WD 40th Anniversary Super Hard Low-Profile Tire & Wheel Set (12-Spoke)
 95641  Mini 4WD 40th Anniversary HG Carbon Stay for Wide Front Sliding Damper (2mm)
 95642  Mini 4WD 40th Anniversary HG Carbon Stay for Wide Rear Sliding Damper (2mm)

Full official photos and details of Tamiya 44055 TG10-Mk.2 FZ Racing Chassis Kit 2022

The ”2022” model, which has been greatly refined from the TG10-Mk.2FZ chassis, is now available!
The TG10-Mk.2FZ chassis equipped with a 2.1cc FS-12FZ engine in a shaft drive 4WD chassis has been greatly refined. A new 3mm thick duralumin lower deck enhances cornering performance, and a new 2mm thick carbon upper deck with improved maintainability by changing the mounting position of the steering servo. Furthermore, in order to achieve a lower center of gravity, it is newly equipped with a short size big bore damper and a carbon damper stay that optimizes its mounting position. It is a full range of contents that can be recommended even for users who already have an FZ chassis, such as using a carbon bumper stay that increases body mount rigidity and an aluminum adjustable suspension block that allows fine suspension settings. In addition to the 2-speed transmission, the muffler is equipped with a TM12 race tune muffler as standard, making it a chassis kit that can be used immediately for racing.

Major Standard Equipment Parts
●New shape 3mm thick duralumin lower deck ●New shape 2mm thick carbon upper deck ●First equipment Front and rear carbon damper stays ●Front and rear adjustable aluminum suspension blocks ●2-speed transmission ●TM12 race-tuned muffler ●Front and rear universal drive shafts ●Universal propeller shaft ●Lightweight flywheel ●Aluminum heat sink head

Required separately
●RC equipment: 2-channel prop set and batteries for engine cars *The steering servo uses a low-profile servo for engine cars. Uses a standard size throttle servo. -Running fuel: Various fuels for glow engine (nitro content 16-20%) -Engine starting supplies: Plug heater & fuel pump -Tires: Medium narrow size (24mm width) touring car Tires & Wheels Body: SP.1578 RCE Raikiri GT (Wide) Spare Body (51578)

Full official photos and details of Tamiya 14140 1/12 Ducati Super Leggera V4

The Superleggera V4 was announced in February 2020 as the best road-legal model in Ducati history. Thorough pursuit of weight reduction based on the company’s super sports, Panigale V4. Starting with the cowl, the frame, swingarm, and wheels are also made of carbon. The engine is a 998cc V-type 4-cylinder that uses the “Desmodromic valve timing system”. A maximum output of 234 horsepower is demonstrated by installing an Akrapovic exhaust for the circuit. In addition, the carbon aerodynamic parts “biplane wing” attached to the front cowl, which is also a style feature, generates 50kg of downforce at 270km/h. It is a premium bike limited to 500 units in the world, assembled by skilled craftsmen with the most of Ducati’s technology.

About the model
★Length: 176mm, Width: 67mm, Height: 98mm. ★V-type 4-cylinder engine, swing arm, front fork, side cowl, and fuel tank are attached to the frame with screws. ★The 4 wings attached to the front cowl, the seat cowl with tunnel-shaped openings on the left and right sides, and the silencer integrated with the under cowl shape are realistically reproduced. ★The chain is divided into left and right parts, and even the rollers are sculpted. Increases precision around the rear. ★Inlet marks are used on the side mirrors. ★Slide markings are available for the side cowl’s red gradation pattern and carbon material. ★Tires are made of synthetic rubber with a textured tread pattern. I also set the tire mark of Pirelli.

Full official photos and details of Tamiya 243631 1/24 Nissan Z & 35380 1/35 British Cruiser Tank A34 Comet

243631 1/24 Nissan Z

Nissan’s sports car, Fairlady Z, announced in August 2021 for North America and in January 2022 for Japan. The 7th generation features a design that pays homage to successive models with the main theme of “fusion of tradition and state-of-the-art technology”. Equipped with a 405-horsepower 3-liter V6 twin-turbo engine at the front, it combines a 6-speed MT or 9-speed AT transmission to drive the rear wheels. As a pure engine model, it attracted the attention of fans around the world.

About the model
★Length: 183mm, Width: 84mm, Height: 55mm. ★The sharp form of the 2-door fastback coupe has been faithfully reproduced. The outer panel of the body and roof is composed of separate parts. ★Separate parts such as the lower part of the transmission and front and rear suspension arms give the underside of the chassis a three-dimensional finish. ★The seat is divided into 4 sections for ease of painting. ★Comes with masking stickers for coloring transparent parts.

35380 1/35 British Cruiser Tank A34 Comet

The culmination of British tanks born from the determination to overthrow Germany
The Comet was introduced at the end of World War II as a British tank that could compete with powerful German tanks such as the Tiger and Panther. The basic structure of the car body is based on Cromwell, a conventional main battle tank, and the main gun is equipped with a QF77mm gun, which is comparable to the 17-pounder gun, which was said to be the strongest anti-tank gun in England at the time. The turret has also been enlarged to match the new main gun, giving it a more modern look. The Comet, which made its first appearance in the Rhine Crossing Operation in March 1945, struggled mainly to support infantry, fully demonstrating the power of its 77mm cannon. The well-balanced performance of attack power, mobility, and defense power was highly appreciated by the crew and infantry.

About the Model
This is a 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit of the Comet. ★Length: 219mm, Width: 88mm. Based on research on the actual vehicle, the fearless style with a long 77mm gun on a flat body has been realistically modeled. ★The hull and front of the turret have a realistic cast feel. The mantlet canvas cover is also a highlight. ★The tracks are articulated with straight sections. ★The Normandy cowl duct at the rear of the hull can be selected from the left and right integrated type or separate type. ★The searchlight lens on the side of the turret is made of clear parts. ★Comes with 2 half-length figures of the crew in winter clothes and 2 types of markings.

Tamiya products to be displayed at the 60th All Japan Model & Hobby Show

Static Model Products
◇ 1/35 British Cruiser Tank A34 Comet
◇ 1/24 Nissan Z
◇ 1/12 Ducati Superleggera V4
◇ 1/12 Team Suzuki ECSTAR GSX-RR ’20 No.42 (Finished Model)

Mini 4WD & For Kids
◇ Mini 4WD 40th Anniversary HG Carbon Stay for Wide Front Sliding Damper (2mm)
◇ Mini 4WD 40th Anniversary HG Carbon Stay for Wide Rear Sliding Damper (2mm)
◇ Mini 4WD 40th Anniversary Super Hard Low-Profile Tire & Wheel Set (12-Spoke)
◇ Skid-Tape 2 (80x120mm, 2pcs.)
◇ HG Aluminum Large Dia. Narrow Wheels II (2pcs.)
◇ Low Friction Plastic Double Rollers (Blue/19-19mm)

R/C Products
◇ 1/10 Chassis Kit TB EVO. 8
◇ 1/10 R/C Egress Black Edition
◇ 1/10 R/C Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V (TT-02)
◇ TA08 Low Friction King Pin Balls (4pcs.)
◇ 1/10 Glow-Engine R/C TG10-Mk.2FZ Racing Chassis Kit 2022

Tools & Paints
◇ Rubber Band Powered Trike