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Official product video of Tamiya 58737 Hotshot II (2024) 4WD Buggy

Tamiya welcomes a re-released and updated version of the 4WD buggy Hotshot II, the original of which was first released in 1987, following Tamiya’s first 4WD buggy Item 58047 Hotshot released in 1985 and Item 58054 Supershot released in 1986. The Hotshot II was a lightweight design thanks to its use of plastic parts.

  • This is a 1/10 scale R/C model assembly kit. Length: 390mm, width: 235mm, height: 160mm.
  • The shaft-driven 4WD gives speed and stability off road, and through corners.
  • The 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension employs CVA oil dampers (II) (one for front and two for rear) with a front stabilizer to help get the most out of the 4-wheel drive.
  • Dynamic body and rear wing are lightweight polycarbonate (0.7mm thick), and use a colour scheme featuring orange lines on a black base. Polycarbonate body is pre-cut and pre-painted in black.
  • Gearboxes are sealed to keep out dirt and sand, and contain differentials for smooth cornering.
  • Sections such as ABS monocoque frame and suspension arms feature reinforced plastic for high durability.
  • Semi-pneumatic oval block / pin spike hybrid tires are paired with large-diameter one-piece nylon wheel.
  • Includes updated stickers
  • Includes 540 motor and ESC

Tamiya 42384 TRF421 Chassis Kit official description

The TRF series welcomes the brand new TRF421 chassis kit.
This R/C model build kit creates a 4WD carbon fiber two-plate chassis with belt drive.
New features, such as the updated transmission and newly designed lower frame, updated top plate (one-piece or two-piece), A-shaped front and rear upper suspension arms, adjustable front and rear caster angles and shorter shock absorbers will definitely provide superior performance.

Model Information:
• This is a 1/10 scale R/C chassis assembly kit.
• The drivetrain has the engine location moved 22.7mm toward the center of the frame compared to the TRF420X Frame Kit (item 42382) and features identical length front and rear drive belts for stable handling.
• With the updated spur gear and drive belt configuration, only one dedicated nut is needed to connect the gear.
• The bottom plate is smaller than that used on the TRF420X frame kit to limit height and dive when rolling.
• Choose between two types (one-piece and two-piece) of top plate. Changing screw positions allows for five configurations in total.
• A-shaped suspension arms are used for increased rigidity. (The 420X chassis kit uses I-arm suspension.) Longer lower arm spans limit swing amplitude and provide stability when the chassis experiences body roll.
• Along with the extension of the lower arms, the front and rear suspension setups have been changed from ball suspension blocks. The approximately 7mm longer arm extension limits the swing range and ensures stability.
• The toe angle can be adjusted by the struts. (The toe angle of the lower arm inboard is 0 degrees.)
• Three shock absorber mounting positions (inner, middle and outer) on the front and rear lower arms are provided by two types of aluminum bushings.
• Changing the position of the upper arm mounts using screws allows you to change the front and rear caster angles, suitable for today’s high downforce racing.
• The shocks are 5.5mm shorter than the 420X frame kit, which provides a very low center of gravity and reduces weight, for a more dynamic ride.
• Dedicated shock absorber ends are used at the front and rear to ensure the same shock rod level.
• New shock absorber oil seals (item 51738) are used to maintain the maximum amount of oil and to use shock oil efficiently.
• While the 420X frame kit uses carbon fiber shock mounts, this kit uses aluminum mounts for precise angle adjustments via the number of spacers used.
• The front and rear differential pulleys are newly designed while direct coupling and oil-filled differential gears are employed at the front and rear respectively.
• The front features dual universal joint shafts, while the rear uses lightweight universal driveshafts. New axle (Item 42388) and 45mm driveshafts (Item 42387) are used for both front and rear to ensure efficient transmission and maintenance.
• Newly designed, lightweight rear wheel axles improve durability.
• Precision stabilizers are mounted lower than the drive shafts for efficient transmission maintenance. Includes 1.0mm diameter (x1), 1.1mm diameter (x2), and 1.2mm diameter (x1).
• The steering system combines dual steering arms and Ackerman bushing with a new steering axle. Three types of new spacers of different diameters allow adjustment of the steering angle.
• Includes TRF series sealed ball bearings for efficient rotation and item 22078 Aluminum Differential Mounts (0.8mm offset, 2 pieces).
• Newly designed battery holder requires no tape for attachment.
• Comes with a dedicated carrying case.
• Please note that this chassis requires bodywork, battery pack, motor, ESC controller, tires, rims and remote controller sold separately.

Start of worldwide contemporary distribution from 31 May 2024

Tamiya RC Live presenting the new Tamiya RC releases shown at the Nuremberg Toy Fair (Spielwarenmesse) 2024

“New Year Tamiya Grand Prix in Kakegawa”, “Spielwaren Messe Announcement New RC Products” Part 1 introduction and Tamiya RC history!

We introduce the “New Year’s Tamiya Grand Prix in Kakegawa” held at Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit on Saturday, January 13th. Please pay attention to the “SQUASH GP” class, where big scale squash vans run through! ・”Spielwaren Messe 2024″ will be held in Nuremberg, Germany from January 30th to February 3rd. Here we introduce detailed information Part 1 of the new Tamiya RC products announced. Tamiya Maezumi explains the details of the new product! ・Tamiya RC History introduces RCs released in 2005. “Raybrik NSX 2005” and “Mighty Frog (2005)” won the 2004 Super GT Round 5 Motegi for the first time in six years, and Audi’s 2005 DTM machine “Audi A4 DTM 2005” completed Please see the body specifications.

Introducing “New Year Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix Kakegawa Tournament”, “Spielwaren Messe Announcement New RC Products” Part 2 and Tamiya RC History!

We introduce the “New Year Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix Kakegawa Tournament” held at Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit on Sunday, January 14th. Be sure to pay attention to the “TT-02 One Make” class, where a heated battle took place between body and chassis specifications! ・”Spielwaren Messe 2024″ will be held in Nuremberg, Germany from January 30th to February 3rd. Here we introduce detailed information Part 2 of the new Tamiya RC products announced. Tamiya Maezumi will explain the details of the new product. Please take a look at this opportunity! ・Tamiya RC History introduces RCs released from 2005 to 2006. Reproduction versions of models released in 1987, such as the “Ferrari F40 (2005) Complete Body Specification” and the “Renown Charge Mazda 787B ’91 Le Mans Winning Car (2005) Complete Body Specification,” are available even after production of commercial vehicles has ended. We will take a look at the “Esso Ultra Flow Supra” that was active in the GT championship.

Tamiya official release list March 2024

RC Models
51729 1/10 SCALE R/C Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA CLUB RACER BODY PARTS SET

87227 ANTI-SLIP STICKER (75x150mm)