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The second collaboration between Tomica and Tamiya from Bakusou Kyoudai Let’s & Go

The second collaboration product between Takara Tomy’s popular mini car series Tomica and Tamiya’s Mini 4WD will be released on March 16th.

In this collaboration, the machines Magnum Saber and Sonic Saber operated by the main characters Retsu Seima and Go Seima from Bakusou Kyoudai Let’s & Go!!, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2024, will be commercialized as Tomica. be done.

The new products are “Tomica Premium Unlimited Bakusou Kyodai Let’s & Go!! Mini 4WD Magnum Saber and Tomica Premium Unlimited Bakusou Kyodai Let’s & Go!! Mini 4WD Sonic Saber.” The price is 1,430 yen (tax included) each. In July, the main character’s rival Futoshi Kurosawa’s “Black Saber” will also be released in the same series, and this will be a Takara Tomy Mall exclusive product. Pre-orders are now being accepted for both products.

The new Tomica product has a fully painted body that does not require stickers, and faithfully reproduces the design of the Mini 4WD. As a Tomica-like feature, it is equipped with an action that rotates the front roller. The packaging uses a covered box, which is rare for Tomica and pays homage to the Mini 4WD boxes of the time.

More information: Takara Tomy

Official product video of Tamiya 47350 Top Force (2017)

Re-release of a Commemorative R/C Model
The Top-Force R/C assembly kit, originally produced in 1991, commemorated Tamiya’s 100th R/C product release. Lessons learned in actual race events, incorporated into this buggy kit, include features such as the low, wedge-shaped body, large rear wing with built-in flaps, and polycarbonate underbody cowling. The 2017 and 2024 edition kits include square spike tires that give the Top-Force excellent traction on any surface.

Race-Ready Off-Road Buggy
The simple and practical FRP double deck frame sees components mounted on the lower deck for a low center of gravity. Both front and rear gearboxes, equipped with precision-made ball differentials, give limited slip diff. effect, and provide formidable cornering ability. Hard propeller shaft, and universal shafts increase power transmission efficiency for faster laps around the park. The suspension system features adjustable upper arms that allow camber angle customization and metal bearings in the steering arms ensure sharp steering response.

• 1/10 scale shaft-driven 4WD R/C model assembly kit. Length: 400mm.
• Lightweight and durable polycarbonate body. Marking stickers included to decorate the body.
• FRP double-deck chassis.
• Shock damper stays made from FRP and used in conjunction with oil shock dampers and the 4-wheel independent double-wishbone suspension for superior handling.
• White nylon star dish wheels paired with square spike tires (Items 53084/53088).
• Front and rear ball differentials, plus a rigid propeller shaft ensure that power from the rear-mounted transverse motor transmits smoothly to the wheels.
• Includes 540-type brushed motor.
• Requires: 2-channel radio with ESC, steering servo, 7.2-7.4volt battery with compatible charger, and Tamiya PS paint to complete.

Official product video of Tamiya 47367 Manta Ray (2018)

This re-release of the Manta Ray is certainly news to celebrate for fans of Tamiya vintage 4WD buggy models! The body – inspired by the watergoing ray of the natural world – is still a classic nearly 30 years on from its original release in 1990; it and the large rear wing are molded in lightweight and tough polycarbonate. Stylish dish type wheels are paired with spike tires for superlative grip on- or off-road. For those looking for even greater performance, why not pair with our dedicated Hop-Up Option parts set?

A Rugged 4WD Chassis
This kit’s 4WD chassis is based around a bathtub frame with honeycomb rib pattern for excellent rigidity, and which also facilitates a low center of gravity thanks to a low attachment position for the battery pack. Its 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension employs CVA oil dampers, while lightweight and durable hollow lower arms feature a smooth design to discourage dirt from sticking to them. Differential gears are contained in sealed gearboxes, each with a quick-access maintenance hatch. The 3-piece steering tie-rod gives sharp response, and ball adjusters allow easy altering of toe angle.

★Length: 395mm, Width: 250mm, Height: 145mm ★Wheelbase: 270mm ★Weight (excluding R/C equipment and battery pack): 1,100g ★Tread: 207mm (Front & Rear) ★Bathtub-type Chassis Frame ★Shaft-Driven 4WD ★Front/Rear 3-Bevel Differentials ★3-Piece Steering Tie-Rod ★4-Wheel Double Wishbone Suspension ★Tire Width/Diameter: 40/84mm (Front & Rear) ★CVA Short Oil Shock Units ★Gear Ratio=8.59:1 (with kit-included 21T pinion gear) ★Type 540 Motor ★Requires an Electronic Speed Controller (sold separately)

Separately Required Items
★2-Channel R/C Unit with ESC ★Battery Pack & Charger ★R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter

Official product video of Tamiya 58729 Opel Kadett GT/E MB-01 Chassis

Length: 417 mm. Opel Kadett GT/E model wheelbase: 239mm (L)
This R/C model assembly kit recreates the GT/E, a high-spec version of Opel’s 1970s hit car the Kadett, with a polycarbonate body depicting the classic 2-door form. The model is based upon the MB-01 chassis, a versatile platform which can be assembled as front- or rear-wheel drive and in one of three wheelbases.

Tamiya official release list April 2024

RC models
22081 TA08R aluminum motor mount
22086 4x18mm Titanium Turnbuckle Shaft
22090 BB-01 Aluminum steering arm (L/R)
22091 BB-01 Aluminum steering bridge
51728 Toyota Celica GT-FOUR RC (ST185) Spare Body Set
51732 BT-01 C parts (wheel axle)
51733 BT-01 E parts (subframe)
51734 BT-01 F/L parts (mecha mount/rear body mount base)
51736 BT-01 T parts (suspension arm)
51737 BT-01 Spur gear shaft set for FR
58729 1/10 RC Opel Kadett GT/E (MB-01 chassis)
58735 1/10R C MOTUL AUTECH Z (TT-02 chassis)

70258 Universal slider set

69945 Modeler’s Nipper α (White)

Official product video of Tamiya 58715 Toyota Land Cruiser 40 CC-02 Chassis

Absolute Legend
The Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the most famous 4WD vehicles in the world. This R/C model assembly kit recreates the long-selling Land Cruiser 40 series, which was sold from 1960 to 1984. The body is lightweight, durable polycarbonate, with separate parts for side mirrors, grille, turn signals, and a roof rack with light pods.

CC-02 Chassis – Off Road, Evolved
Designed for a wide range of off-road scenes including rocky terrain, the CC-02 chassis’ ladder frame is inspired by full-size vehicles and is the base for its superior durability. A 4WD setup employs the motor longitudinally behind the front axle with separated gearbox and transfer case, and propeller shafts transmitting power to the differential gears front and rear. Four-link rigid suspension is employed front and rear, with CVA oil dampers for all-encompassing control, even on tricky rock sections. This model comes with silver color twelve-spoke wheels and grippy block pattern tires.

★Length: 390mm, width: 200mm, height: 240mm ★Wheelbase: 252mm ★Tread: 164mm (front), 167mm (rear) ★Tire width/diameter: 33/90mm (front & rear) ★Ladder frame ★Longitudinal motor, shaft-driven 4WD ★3-bevel differential gears ★4-link rigid suspension (front & rear) ★Gear ratio = 17.33:1 (using kit-standard 16T pinion) ★Type 540 motor ★Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) is sold separately.

Separately Required Items
★2-channel R/C system w/ESC ★R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter ★Battery pack & charger