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First photos of “Try !! Tamiya RC in Shibuya Sports Car Festival 2017” event

“SHIBUYA SPORTS CAR FES 2017” (Shibuya Sports Car Festival 2017), an outdoor event where you can experience the sports car culture held at Yoyogi Park, Keiki Nagi Street for two days from November 24 (Fri) to Sunday 25 (Sat) . At the Tamiya booth of this event organized by the Shibuya Koen-Town Shopping District Promotion Association, we will implement a maneuvering experience event “TRY !! Tamiya RC” at rental RC.

Implementation content

■ RC car handling experience corner “TRY !! Tamiya RC”
Lending machine (planned): 1/18 RC Conghead 6 × 6/1/10 RC GAZOO Racing TRD 86/1/8 RC Dancing rider

■ 1/1 Mini 4WD “Aero Avante” Exhibition
The actual car version of the popular machine “Aero Avante” representing mini 4WD is displayed!

Featured event at the venue

■ Gravity Rally (Gravity Rally)
Experience the intense car race which can not be realized with the actual car with the head mounted display and the RC car!
Participants get on a dedicated simulator and mount the head mounted display. You can experience an intense car race full of realism that can not be realized with real cars, such as steering an RC car with a camera, running the course, hitting it, and jumping. A dedicated simulator reproduces the shaking in a realistic manner, and how it applies to G is also real. Also, at the venue monitor, we broadcast video from in-vehicle camera. You can watch with incandescent live commentary and commentary and you can experience exhilarating experience as if you are watching the actual race.
(Planning · Produce: TOYOTA GAZOO Racing · Cooperation: Tamiya)


■ Period: Friday, November 24, Friday, November 25, Saturday, November 25, 2010 (Sat) 
※ In case of stormy weather may be canceled.
■ Time:
· Friday, November 24: 12: 00-16: 30
· November 25 (Sat) 10: 00-16: 30

■ Venue: Yoyogi Park Keyaki Namiki
(Shibuya Ward Jinan 2-chome Yoyogi Park B District)
■ Organizer: Shibuya Konitsutsu Shopping Street Promotion Association
■ Support: Shibuya Ward / Shibuya Ward Tourism Association
■ Co-sponsored: CARGUY / Tamiya / Toyota Motor Corporation

■ Access:
· Get ​​off at JR “Harajuku” on foot 3 minutes on foot
· Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line “Yoyogi Park” (C02) Get off 3 minutes on foot
· Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line · Fukutoshin Line “Meiji Jingumae (Harajuku)” (C03, F15) get off 3 minutes on foot
· Get ​​off at Odakyu Line “Yoyogi Hachiman” 6 minutes on foot

★ Please see the detailed contents of the event on the official website

First photos of the event

9th Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Shimbashi RC Modelers Contest

In February 2018 we will hold “RC Modelers Contest” competing for the performance of the body such as Tamiya radio control car and RC tank. You can also color existing bodys with original designs, you can even make your own bodies with full scratch, and we are waiting for works full of ideas.

We are recruiting in two divisions “coloring division” competing for coloring performance, “military division” applying remodeling and painting based on RC tank, January 8, 2018 (Monday · congratulation) – January 21 We will exhibit at our 2F Modeler Square until the day).

The awarding ceremony will be held from 15th Saturday, February 3rd and the winning works will be announced at the Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Shimbashi store website, Tamiya News magazine.

★ ☆ Application reception: January 8 (Monday · congratulation) – January 21 (Sun) until 18 o’clock.
★ ☆ Brought in (accepted): January 8 (Monday · Holiday) 10 o’clock until 21 th January (Sunday) until 18 o’clock.
★ ☆ Work Exhibition: January 8 (Monday · Holiday) ~ February 3 (Sat) 1F Special Showcase
★ ☆ Awards Ceremony: February 3 (Sat) 15 o’clock
★ ☆ Sponsorship: RC Magazine Editorial Department
★ ☆ Cooperation: Tamiya
★ ☆ Detailed contents of the modelers contest · Please download the following PDF file for the application form.
RC Modeler’s Contest Application Form
★ ☆ Please download the following PDF file regarding handling of customer’s personal information entered in the application form.
Basic Policy on Personal Information Protection (Privacy Policy)
* Modeler ‘s Square Passport is required to participate in the modelers’ contest.

Some new Tamiya R/C Model body reinforcement products

54785 R/C Model Body Mount Hole Clear Patches

Apply these discreet patches to the body mount holes for pre or post damage reinforcement.
.5mm thickness and 6.5mm internal diameter

54792 Polycarbonate Body Reinforcing Mesh Tape

This polycarbonate reinforcing mesh tape is the perfect solution for hobbyists that are a little more than rough with their bodies. With this tape you can easily reinforce spoilers, fenders and more, simply apply clear silicone adhesive to secure the mesh tape in place.
2-meter roll of mesh tape (35mm width) x1

Some new Tamiya Mini 4WD Goods

Tamiya 67378-67382 Coin Purse (Mini 4WD No. 1-5)

It is a compact body coin case with a diameter of 85 mm. Tamiya’s Mini 4-wheel drive Five kinds of colors are prepared according to the color of the course, using the design of the number seal used in the official race as a motif. No.1 is blue, No.2 is green, No.3 is yellow, No.4 is red, No.5 is white. On the back side I designed Tamiya ‘s star mark and logo. Made from polyester with core material of synthetic rubber “chloroprene rubber” used for wet suit etc. It is soft, stretchy and waterproof, so it can be used not only as a coin case but also as a glove compartment for batteries, etc. It also works for Mini 4WD race.

Five colors according to the course color

Material: Polyester (Core material: Chloroprene rubber), Size: 85 mm in diameter, 15 mm in thickness
※ posted images may differ slightly from the actual feeling of color.

Tamiya 67383 Reel Clip (Black)

It is a holder with a stretchable string that is ideal for attaching key chains and the like. Body made of ABS resin, hook part made of metal. It is also possible to attach it to a belt or a bag using a hook, a pocket etc with a clip on the back of the main body. The combination with an optional coin case is the best match. I designed Tamiya’s star mark and logo in white in the body of black color. It is a fashionable item as a little accessory.

Body: ABS resin Length of string: about 49 cm, size: 35 × 55 × 12 mm
* The posted image may differ slightly from the actual feeling of color.

Updated Tamiya December 2017 release list

R/C Models
 *42316  1/10 R/C TRF419XR Chassis Kit
 *47361  1/10 R/C LandFreeder Matte Black Special (Painted Body) (CC-01)
 *47364  1/10 R/C TT-02 Chassis Kit White Special
 *56041  1/16 R/C U.S. Main Battle Tank M1A2 Abrams Full-Option Kit
 *58650  1/10 R/C Volkswagen Beetle Rally (MF-01X)
 *47365  1/10 Scale R/C Porsche 911 GT3 Cup VIP 2007 Body Parts Set (Black, Painted)

Scale Models
 *37026  1/35 U.S. Self-Propelled Howitzer M109A6 Paladin (Iraq War)
 35356  1/35 British Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Gun Archer
 36211  1/16 German Tank Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf.J (w/Single Motor)
 14132  1/12 Ducati 1199 Panigale S Tricolore
 25414  1/32 F-35®A Lightning II® w/Japan Air Self Defense Force Markings

 95208  Low Friction Low Profile Tire (Maroon, 2pcs.)
 95369  Hard Large Dia. Low-Profile Tire & Carbon Wheel Set
 95370  Hard Large Dia. Low-Profile Tire & Carbon Wheel Set (for Super X & XX Chassis)
 95371  Hard Large Dia. Low-Profile Tires & Carbon 6-Spoke Wheels
 95368  Lightweight Plastic Spacer Set (12/6.7/6/3/1.5mm) (Blue)
 95234  MS Chassis Set (Purple/Green)
 95235  MS Chassis Set (Silver/Pink)
 95347  17mm Aluminum Rollers w/Plastic Rings (Red)
 95381  Reinforced Rear Double Roller Stay (3 Attachment Points / White)
 95383  Mini 4WD Car Catcher (Mini 4WD Station/Black)

Tools & Paints
 *82101  LP-1 Black
 *82102  LP-2 White
 *82103  LP-3 Flat Black
 *82104  LP-4 Flat White
 *82105  LP-5 Semi Gloss Black
 *82106  LP-6 Pure Blue
 *82107  LP-7 Pure Red
 *82108  LP-8 Pure Yellow
 *82109  LP-9 Clear
 *82110  LP-10 Lacquer Thinner
 *82111  LP-11 Silver
 *82112  LP-12 IJN Gray (Kure Arsenal)
 *82113  LP-13 IJN Gray (Sasebo Arsenal)
 *82114  LP-14 IJN Gray (Maizuru Arsenal)
 *82115  LP-15 IJN Gray (Yokosuka Arsenal)
 87188  Tamiya Multipurpose Cement (Clear)
 87189  Panel Line Accent Color (Light Gray)
 69918  Modeler’s Knife (Purple)

*Images, item names and contents may be subject to change without notice
For availability in your country, please check with your regional agent.

Photos and details of some more Tamiya RC December releases

42316 1/10 R/C TRF419XR Chassis Kit
Released around Saturday, December 16, 2017 82,944 yen (main unit price 76,800 yen)
Length: 370mm. Image shows assembled kit.
Body, motor, pinion gear, wheels, tires, R/C equipment, battery pack and charger sold separately.

★The latest evolution of the TRF419 focuses on cornering speed and steering response. ★Double-deck chassis has refined 2.25mm thickness lower and 2mm thickness upper deck components for an optimized roll point. ★Center pitch stiffener allows adjustment of pitch rigidity. ★Front and rear stabilizer bars are secured with ball bearings for precise, repeatable setup changes.

47364 1/10 R/C TT-02 Chassis Kit White Special
Released around Saturday, December 16, 2017 6,048 yen (main unit price 5,600 yen)
Length: 376mm. Image shows assembled kit.
Body, R/C equipment, battery pack and charger are sold separately.

★The ever-popular TT-02 chassis now comes in a striking white color scheme. ★Molded white parts include hard lower deck, bumper, suspension arms, wheel axles, propeller shaft and more. ★Comes with a torque-tuned motor, silver color heat sink, and full ball bearings.

47365 1/10 Scale R/C Porsche 911 GT3 Cup VIP 2007 Body Parts Set (Black, Painted)
Released around Saturday, December 16, 2017 6,048 yen (main unit price 5,600 yen)

★ We cut the body full of powerfully, painted with black, the window was made clear. ★ Paste the sticker, cut the rear wing and assemble it to complete the body. ★ Includes front and rear light cases to enhance the feeling. ※ Body with protective film. Flat clear paint is not applied.

56041 1/16 R/C U.S. Main Battle Tank M1A2 Abrams Full-Option Kit
Released around Saturday, December 9, 2017 118,800 yen (main unit price 110,000 yen)
Length: 615mm. Image shows assembled and painted kit.

★Tamiya welcomes the M1A2 Abrams to the 1/16 scale R/C Tank Series. ★From its distinctively angular turret to the L/44 120mm smoothbore gun, the M1A2 is captured with aplomb in big scale. ★Enjoy forward/reverse movement, a range of turns and pivots, turret rotation, gun elevation and gun recoil. ★A number of sounds are recreated with accuracy.

Details and photo of Tamiya 37026 1/35 US Self-Propelled Howitzer M109A6 Paladin (Iraq War)

Total length = 280 mm The photograph shows the kit assembled and painted

★ Further upgrade M109A6 Paladin of Tamiya and Italeri. ★ Newly added MVS (initial velocity measuring device) at the base of the gun barrel, preliminary track belt, carton for portable food made of paper. ★ Set of etching parts such as turret basket net and strap buckle for water poly tank. ★ The crawler belt is changed to a belt type that can be bonded and painted. ★ 3 kinds of decals with Iraq war. ※ The self-propelled gun parts are made by Italeri. * In addition to 2 occupant’s half-figure images, accessories are also rich set.