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Tamiya 1/800 Golden Yamato from 1961

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Upcoming Tamiya releases summer 2013

58572 1/10 RC Car Volkswagen Beetle (M-06 chassis)
57070 1/14 Electric RC trailer head King Hawler Black Edition full set
84359 M-05 Chassis Kit Gold Edition [RC-limited]
84354 FF-03 EVO chassis kit [RC-limited]
57857 XB SUBARU XV (TT-02 chassis)
57858 XB Lancia Delta Integrale (TT-02 chassis)
57859 XB Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 (TT-02 chassis)
57864 XB Holiday Buggy (DT-02 chassis)
57865 XB Dune Buggy (Sand Rover) (DT-02 chassis)
57867 XB Neo Scorcher(TT-02B chassis)
57984 4WD racing car kit complete chassis SA (semi assembled TT-02 chassis with Radio)
84357 10 spoke wheels white adhesive fiber mold tire C (24mm / ± 0) [RC-limited]
42255 TRF droop gauge
42256 TRF loop gauge block
42258 TRF TRF201 Aluminum Racing Steering Set
42257 TRF TRF201 XM Conversion Set (mid-engined motor specification)
84368 TRF201X body (XR / XM) [limited]
54536 OP.1536 buggy racing wing XF
54514 OP.1514 XV-01 Stabilizer Set
54515 OP.1515 XV-01 Assembly Universal Shaft
54516 OP.1516 XV-01 Assembly Universal Searle shaft
54517 OP.1517 XV-01 Front One-Way set
54525 OP.1525 F104 wheel set (foam tires for Gold)
54526 OP.1526 F104 wheel set (foam tires for white)
54527 OP.1527 F104 Mesh Wheel set (rubber tire for Gold)
54528 OP.1528 F104 Mesh Wheel set (rubber tire for white)
51533 SP.1533 SUBARU XV Spare Body Set
51534 SP.1534 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 Spare Body Set
45062 TSU-05 Digital servo (drip-proof type)
45063 TFU-01 ESC cooling fan unit

37014 [Tamiya] Italeri 1/35 German-Italian Army Staff Car 508CM Koroniare
25104 1/25 Soviet tank attack gun SU-100 Zhukov [reprint]
30608 1/25 British Army Medium Tank Chieftain [reprint]
30611 1/25 German Army Tiger [reprint]
60311 1/32 Zero Fighter Type 52 Real Sound action set
89730 1/48 Spitfire Mk.Vb · Royal Air Force Crew 7 body set

94968 Shining Scorpion Premium Red Version (Super chassis ?) [limited four wheel drive mini]
94660 Thunder Shot Mk pink special spot [resale]
94969 AR chassis brake set (Blue) [for a limited four wheel drive mini]
94970 HG AR chassis side mass damper set (Carbon plate) [limited four wheel drive mini]
94975 Mini four motor case J-CUP 2013 [limited four wheel drive mini]
94976 Mass damper (Allen weight) [limited four wheel drive mini ball link]
94845 HG Carbon Multi reinforcement plate resale
94847 HG HG Carbon Multi wide stay resale
94848 HG Carbon Multi Wide Rear Stay resale

Please note that all information is tentative until officially confirmed from Tamiya, INC. and no responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information.