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Very fast Tamiya Dancing Riders on a race track video

ラジコンマガジン7月号掲載企画、「猛スピードでカッ飛ぶ爆走ダンシングライダー!」の実走動画です。DD化され、ZENサーキットを驚異のスピード駆け抜ける改造ダンシングライダーは必見! 詳細記事はラジコンマガジン18年7月号(八重洲出版)をチェック!

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Source: Radio control magazine (RCmagazine)

Hong Kong’s first Tamiya R/C Soccer Cup

<<偉高模型X新港城中心>> 田宮足球越野車大對決!!

[ TAMIYA X 新港城中心 田宮足球越野車大對決 ]2018年世界盃賽事將於2018年6月開始,我們搶先與新港城中心推出遙控車足球比賽!!勝出者更可贏機票去日本!!!除了遙控車足球比賽現埸更設有多個體驗區,當中包括足球越野車免費體驗區、STEM創科親子工作坊、免費創意拍照區、周末期間限定店等等…活動詳情:田宮足球越野車免費體驗區日 期: 5月27日至7月15日 (逢星期二、四、六、日及公眾假期)( 6月23、24、30日及7月1、7及8日除外)時 間: 2:00pm-6:00pm方 法:讚好商場Fb或追蹤IG,即可免費試玩10分鐘「TAMIYA 田宮足球越野車大對決」比賽日期: 「精英邀請賽」: 6月23日及24日「公開賽」: 6月24日、30日、7月1、7及8日時間: 1:00pm-5:00pm方法 :5月26日開始於「TAMIYA田宮」香港官網免費報名參加公開賽STEM創科親子工作坊即日電子消費滿$800換領工作坊門券乙張活動日期: 2018年6月16、30日及7月7、14日 (名額每日10個)免費創意拍照區方法:讚好商場Facebook或追蹤IG即可周末期間限定店日 期: 2018年5月27日至7月15日 (逢星期四至日及公眾假期)內 容:出售一系列STEM教育模型「守龍大作戰」互動遊戲日 期: 2018年5月27日至7月15日 (逢星期六、日及公眾假期)時 間: 12:00nn-8:00pm方 法 :即日商場電子消費$300憑收據即可參加一次TAMIYA 足球越野車大對決日 期: 2018年5月27日至7月15日時 間: 10:00am-10:00pm地 點: 馬鞍山新港城中心L2天幕廣場 (港鐵馬鞍山站B出口)#偉高模型#STEM#世界盃#田宮模型#遙控車足球比賽新港城中心 Sunshine City Plaza

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First Tamiya remote control car kick wave R/C Soccer Big Showdown! Sign up for free tickets to go to Japan to play!

This year’s world cup fifa world cup Russia 2018-Tamiya x new Hong Kong city holds Hong Kong’s first tamiya r / C Soccers Remote Control! The competition is officially open today for free acceptance! Watch out for registration limited!

The open group competition is one team, with a few friends to attend!
No Remote Cars? Do you know how to play remote? It doesn’t matter! The General Assembly is ready to fight against all of you!

The WINNING TEAM WILL GET 3 FREE AIR TICKETS TO JAPAN! Click on the following website to sign up for free!
Registration and details:

In addition to the remote-control football competition, there are more experience areas, including a free experience area for soccer vehicles, a workshop on stem creation, a free creative photo zone, and a set of new Hong Kong taxi x4 models during weekends…

Event Details:
**”Tamiya Toyota Palace Football Rover Big Showdown”
Contest date:
Elite Invitational: 23 and 24 June
Open: the preliminaries will be held on 24 and 30 June and will be held on 1, 7 AND 8 July. * contestants need to team up themselves
Time: 1:00 PM-5:00 pm

** Toyota Palace Football Rover free experience area
Date: May 27-July 15 (every Tuesday, 27, 27, day and public holiday)
(except for 23, 24 and 30 June and 1, 7 AND 8 July)
When: 2:00 PM-6:00 pm
The: like good mall fb or track ig to try for free for 10 minutes

** Tamiya stem a workshop
Day Son! $ 800 for the workshop door voucher b
Date of event: 16, 30 and July 7, 14 (10 per day)

** Tamiya dream chariot creative photo area
Method: like good mall facebook or track ig can

** Tamiya weekend limited shop
Date: 27 may-15 July 2018 (every Thursday to day and public holidays)
Within: selling a series of stem education models

** Tamiya “Dragon Battle” interactive game
Date: 27 may-15 July 2018 (every Saturday, day and public holiday)
When: 12:00 NN-8:00 pm
The: Day-to-day business appreciate motss son $ 300

Event Date:
27 may-15 July 2018
New Hong Kong City Centre, ma on Shan (export)

Source: 偉高模型有限公司 (Waigo Model Hobbies LTD)

Tamiya 92402 1/32 Mini 4WD Hong Kong Racing Taxi FM-A Chassis

1/32 Mini4wd REV Series special edition
Dish type wheels (chrome-plated)
Hard Low-Profile Small DIA. Tires(Gray)
3:5:1 Gear, Type 130 motor included
Snap together assembly
no glue required
requires two R6/AA/UM3 Batteries(not included)

About the model
Trusty and convenient, the iconic Hong Kong taxi is well-loved by locals and visitors. This Mini4WD model assembly kit creates a racing red taxi, with separate color ABS body and cabin parts,and making stickers included. The front motor FM-A chassis is molded in Black ABS,while low friction A parts such as rollers and underpanel are also black. Chrome plated dish wheels are paired with gray low-profile tires for a realistic look.

Delivery:early June

“Hong Kong for the first time” Tamiya Tin Palace Model by Waigo Hobby Models for first launch of Hong Kong specialty products! This Mini-four-Wheel-drive product is designed as a design concept for urban taxis in Hong Kong, believing that local residents or tourists will not be strangers! The Factory is equipped with the latest FM-a pre-purchase chassis, grey tyres and plated silver cars for this mini-four drive! The Box also contains a number of Hong Kong ” taxi taxi taxi ” and ” 5 seats ” and ” HK 852 ” Plates. For the first time Hong Kong racing taxi (92402) will be available for sale in early June. Details can be found at