Tamiya figure remodeling contest 50th prize-winning work announcement

In 2021, there were many topics such as the Tokyo Olympics and the success of Major League Baseball players that made us feel radiant even in the corona, and thanks to you, the “Pachi Remodeling Contest” has reached its 50th anniversary. I am deeply grateful to all the fans for their support over the years. This time, there were many works that expressed the excitement of the Tokyo Olympics from various perspectives, and I think many of them were worried about the conflict with the deadline.

By the way, the memorable 50th gold medal award is a collaboration between Yuji Aoyama ‘s Olympic competition and Sengoku warlords. Not only the unique idea, but also the high reproducibility of the details of the armor helmet and the production of the pedestal that tightens the work shines. The theme of the work of Norio Mushiaki of the Silver Award is the encounter between two legendary major leaguers. Being able to express ideas in 3D instead of 2D is the fun of figure remodeling. And the bronze medal is the work of Naoto Okada , who also conveys the spirit of the gold and silver medalist of the Tokyo Olympics . It is a work that looks exactly like a single body, which can be said to be the basis of figure remodeling that beautifully reproduces the skeleton and movement of the body that can not be deceived. Furthermore, this time, Kunihiko Sato of Iwate, who has been exhibiting continuously since the start of the contest in 1973, was awarded the 50th Anniversary Special Award. Produced 45 pictogram performances representing each competition, which became a hot topic at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics. Take off your hat for the vitality that doesn’t make you feel the age of 75 years old in terms of conception, production speed, and craftsmanship! We are expecting more and more success to further improve the exhibition record.
For the Topic Award and Idea Award, I chose the works that greatly excited the 50th contest. Maruno Yoshiaki’s parade andHidetoshi Shuto ‘s “Human Character” is the origin of the 1 / 35MM series, a fun group of soldiers from all over the world. Mr. Kunihiko Sato, a major figure in the contest, appears in Mr. Shojiro Morio ‘s work. Did Mr. Sato expect that he would be the subject of his work? The above three works won the topic award, and Ms. Minoru Nagayoshi won the idea award for a timely collaboration in which the pictogram performers of the Olympics celebrated the 50th contest. The MM prize is Hiroyuki Kimura . At first glance, it is humorous to see US soldiers inspecting German Goliath tracks. This scene, which you can see in battlefield photos, is well-balanced in a vignette style. The rookie award is for Hidekazu Nomura , a nostalgic idea work for “camel battery” . The pose of the base figure is skillfully used and combined well with Wild Willis. Isn’t it an interesting approach to imagine the subject matter from the pose of the figure? Takakazu Miyagi (15 years old) of the Junior Award is based on a historical graphic novel set in his hometown of Okinawa. It is a heartfelt work that tells the misery of war.

A figure remodeling contest that has reached a memorable milestone. We will take a new step with our fans, hoping that the current heavy days will end. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Winning works * Honorable Mention (in alphabetical order)

■ Pamphlet for works participating in the 50th doll remodeling contest If you wish to have a pamphlet for the 50th doll remodeling work, enclose a stamp worth 140 yen in an envelope, and specify your address, name, and the pamphlet for the 50th doll remodeling work. Please apply to the following. (Please contact Customer Service for back numbers) Tamiya Co., Ltd. Customer Service “Puppet Remodeling Brochure 50” Section, 3-7 Ondabara, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka 422-8610
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