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Official product video and details of Tamiya 70256 Bipedal Walking Robot

About the Model
★This quirky robot strides forward through the side-to-side sliding motion of its central weight transfer unit, which contains the gearbox and battery case. As it slides, the opposite leg rises and moves forward. ★Change gearbox direction and limiter positions to add turns. ★An included guide rod can be fitted to help the robot avoid pesky obstacles like walls.
★Length: 85mm, width: 132mm, height: 107mm. ★Requires two R03/AAA/UM4 batteries (sold separately). ★Comes with a type 130 motor.

Official product video of Tamiya 58725 Squash Van (GF-02 chassis)

This R/C assembly kit is inspired by 1950s American panel vans. The stylish body with rounded hood, unique tire housing shape and low headlight and grille positions is molded in lightweight and durable polycarbonate. Stickers feature designs such as squash illustrations, name logo, and triple pin stripes in gold, black and blue. The gear-driven 4WD GF-02 chassis utilizes 4-wheel double wishbone suspension equipped with friction dampers, and is fitted with 123mm diameter tires, which ensures powerful performance on both on- and off-road.

Full official details of Tamiya 47498 TA08R Chassis Kit

The TA08PRO receives the limited-edition treatment in the form of the TA08R by adding a plethora of key Hop-Up Options right out of the box along with a few parts only available in this edition!

Included Hop-Up Option Parts
• 51565: TRF419 Gear Differential Unit Aluminum Diff Joint (2pcs.)
• 22004: TA08 Aluminum Servo Mount
• 22005: TA08 Carbon Damper Stays (Front & Rear)
• 22016: TA08 Low Friction King Pin Balls (4pcs.)
• 42319: Lightweight Cross Joints for Double Cardan Joint Shafts (4pcs.)
• 42320: Lightweight Joint Casings for Double Cardan Joint Shafts (2pcs.)
• 42346: TRF420 Wheel Axles (2pcs.)
• 42351: TRF420 Center Pulley
• 42357: Cross Joints for Low Friction Assembly Universal Shafts
• 42359: VG O-Rings for Oil Dampers (30°)
• 42361: 43mm Drive Shafts for Low Friction Double Cardan Joint Shafts (2pcs.)
• 42363: Axle Shafts for TRF420 Double Cardan Joint Shafts (2pcs.)
• 42374: VG O-Rings for Gear Differentials (40°)
• 53823: Clamp Type Aluminum Wheel Hub (5mm Thick)
• 53968: 5x5mm Hard Hex Head Ball Head Connector (5pcs.)
• 53969: 5x8mm Hard Hex Head Ball Head Connector (5pcs.)
• 54121: Aluminum Horn for High Torque Servo Saver
• 54642: 4mm Flange Lock Nut (Black, 8pcs.)
• 51647: TRF420 Aluminum Front Direct Cups (2pcs.)
• 54704: TA07 Aluminum Steering Arm Set
• 54881: Aluminum Adjustable Suspension Mount (A)
• 54883: Aluminum Adjustable Separate Suspension Mounts (XB)
• 54884: Aluminum Adjustable Separate Suspension Mounts (A)
• 54949: TA07 Adjustable Ackerman Set
• 1/10 scale R/C touring car chassis kit.
• NEW-The 2.0mm carbon fiber upper deck connects front and rear bulkheads for pitch rigidity and utilizes a 630-ball bearing at the rear for roll rigidity.
• NEW-Front and rear aluminum upper arm mounts provide enhanced rigidity.
• NEW-The aluminum motor mount has two screw-attached, upper deck attachment points.
• NEW-Rear body mount uses carbon fiber plates and aluminum posts, and limits body wobble and ensures stable rear traction. Body mount extensions (from Item 54604) allow attachment of bodies of different heights.
• NEW-Additional ribs on the lower deck limit its deformation for superior suspension performance and help limit damage after unexpected crashes.
• Gear units are front direct pulley (aluminum direct coupling) and rear gear differential (aluminum differential joint). Item 42351 TRF420 Center Pulley and 71T spur gear are used at the center for stability even under high load.
• The drive shafts are double cardan shafts at the front and lightweight universal shafts at the rear.
• Front aluminum pipes and cross joints are lightweight aluminum.
• NEW-Aluminum wheel hubs limit wheel deformation and ensure stable tire grip.
• Comes with 43mm swing shafts, Super Short Big Bore size dampers and front and rear carbon fiber damper stays, plus adjustable suspension mounts.
• The model comes in a convenient carry case.
• Required to complete: 2-channel radio, steering servo, ESC, motor, 7.2-7.4volt battery with compatible charger, tires, and body.

First peek into upcoming Tamiya TA08R

Introduction of Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix Aichi, Tamiya RC History and additional new products for the All Japan Model Hobby Show!
The Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix Aichi held on Sunday 17 September at the Port of Nagoya Garden Pier Rinko Midori-en will be introduced. Please pay attention to the “Wheelie Grand Prix” class, which is also fun to watch!
Tamiya RC History introduces the RC cars released in 2004. The “Subaru Impreza WRC 2004 Rally Japan” driven by Petter Solberg, the “Raybrick NSX 2004” and the “Mercedes-Benz C-Class DTM2004 Complete Body Specification” equipped with a large displacement engine will appear.
The new Tamiya RC product ‘TA08R’, which will finally be additionally announced at the ’61st All Japan Model Hobby Show 2023′ scheduled to be held at the end of September, is unveiled for the first time. Tamiya Maezumi explains the NEW points in an easy-to-understand manner!

Breaking new ground – Building a bridge between old and new – The Tamiya BBX #58719

I think the presentation of the new Tamiya BBX buggie at this year’s Nuremberg Toy Fair was more than a surprise for so many Tamiya fans worldwide.

It’s something that at least I no longer believed in. Especially nowadays, when real innovations are now rarely found, especially from the many other manufacturers in the market.
The new BBX builds a bridge to its legendary role models, such as the “Rough Rider”, “Sand Scorcher” and the “Super Champ”. The “Super Champ” in particular could almost have served as a visual model for the new BBX. And with this Tamiya once again confirms its number 1 status in the world of RC Cars. That’s why I couldn’t wait for the BBX kit to arrive. And when he finally got there, things soon started.

I would like to go into the construction a little more, as it is a completely new chassis platform. Even if you come across a few parts every now and then during construction that you also know from many other Tamiya kits. The BBX is the first model based on the new BB-01 chassis. And the kit is already very complete as standard. The BB-01 comes completely with ball bearings, which also includes the extremely play-free steering. CVDs and excellent shock absorbers, including TRF X-rings are already standard from the factory. Another small innovation is that Tamiya almost exclusively uses hex screws on the BBX. Tamiya also recommends using modern brushless motors for the BBX. We did that too and decided on a sensor-controlled 13.5T brushless drive.

To make it short. Building the BBX gave me great pleasure. It actually compares well with building a classic Tamiya SRB buggy kit. The construction of the tubular frame is very well thought out, as is the wonderfully designed body made up of several parts. If the willing builder makes an effort here and also paints the driver figure borrowed from the Tamiya “Fox” nicely, he will be rewarded with a beautiful model that not only looks good but also drives excellently. For our own BBX we chose a classic Tamiya PS-12 Silver. We also painted the original chrome-plated rims with Tamiya LP-69 clear yellow. Technically, only the optionally available 22071 slipper clutch was installed. After completing the model I was really impressed and really had the feeling that I had a very special model standing in front of me.

Our conclusion:
Tamiya is doing everything right with the new BBX. Practically completely new technology in a very well implemented retro design, with classic box art. Tamiya fans worldwide will love this kit.

Tamiya official international release list October 2023

R/C Models
 58727  1/10 R/C Mitsubishi Pajero (CW-01)

Static Models
 20071  1/20 Porsche 935 Vaillant
 24064  1/24 Toyota Soarer 3.0GT Limited
 35385  1/35 Livestock Set II
 35100  1/35 British Churchill Crocodile Tank
 25426  1/350 Japanese Navy Submarine I-400 (Special Edition)

Tamiya x S-PULSE Mini 4WD S-PULSE special edition new releases

S-Pulse is collaborating with Tamiya, one of the world’s leading model manufacturers based in the hobby town of Shizuoka, and the S-PULSE special edition of Tamiya’s popular mini 4WD will be released on Saturday, September 23, 2023. Since it will be a new release, we will inform you about the design and sales details as follows.

About collaboration
Tamiya, one of the world’s leading model manufacturers based in the hobby town of Shizuoka, and Shimizu S-Pulse have collaborated to release the S-PULSE special edition of Tamiya’s popular mini 4WD on Saturday, September 23, 2023. It will be released. It will also be released at the same time at Kojima Co., Ltd., a club partner of Shimizu S-Pulse that handles a wide range of Mini 4WDs (Kojima x Bic Camera Shizuoka store, Numazu store, and Fuji store). For this collaboration, two popular models were selected under the supervision of “Kojima Mini 4WD Official MC Kojimaru”. Samples will be on display at the stadium store for the home game against Yamagata on Saturday, September 9th.

Product line-up

Mini 4WD PRO Series DCR-02 (Decross-02) S-PULSE Special Edition

This is a four-wheel drive plastic model assembly kit with high performance and fun racing. DCR-02 (Decross-02) is one of the Mini 4WD PRO series that uses the “Cross System”. The chassis (vehicle body) uses a high-performance MA chassis. “MA” is an abbreviation for MidshipAERO. The double-shaft motor is mounted in the center of the vehicle, resulting in excellent drive efficiency and weight balance, and the underside of the vehicle has been designed with consideration to airflow (aero) while driving, resulting in excellent aerodynamic effects. The S-PULSE Special Edition is now available, allowing you to customize the DCR-02 to S-Pulse specifications. The exterior is also an S-Pulse original sleeve.

[Basic specifications]
Total length when completed: 156mm, total width: 97mm, total height: 42mm
with double shaft motor
*Assembling is a snap-in type that does not require adhesive.
* Batteries sold separately (2 AA batteries)

2,900 yen (tax included) / 1,380 units in total
*S-PULSE STORE Shimizu store, Stadium store, S-PULSE official online store 380 units in total
3 Kojima stores total 1,000
*September 23rd (Saturday) Kojima 3 stores total 700 units, October 7th (Saturday) IAI Stadium Kojima booth 300 units

Mini 4WD REV Series K4 Gambo S-PULSE Special Edition

This is a plastic model assembly kit of a high-performance racer that uses shaft drive four-wheel drive. The K4 Gambo is a machine modeled after the custom light trucks that have become popular overseas in recent years. As the name “Ganbo” means “having a lot of fun”, the metallic orange ABS resin body is full of playfulness. The chassis adopts FM-A with a front motor layout that incorporates aero design. Since the center of gravity is closer to the front of the vehicle body, the height of the jump is suppressed and it leads to a sense of stability. The S-PULSE special edition, which allows you to further customize the metallic orange body K4 Gambo to S-Pulse specifications, is now available.

[Basic specifications]
Total length when completed: 144mm, width 97mm, height 61mm
with motor
*Installed assembly requires no adhesive
*Batteries sold separately (2 AA batteries)

3,200 yen (tax included) / 600 units in total
*S-PULSE STORE Shimizu store, Stadium store, S-PULSE official online store 300 units in total
Each Kojima store total 300 units

Release date
September 23, 2023 (Sat) 10:00-
*The Kojima booth at IAI Stadium will be open from 10:30 on Saturday, October 7, 2023.

Sales location
S-Pulse Official Online Store
S-PULSE STORE Shimizu store
S-PULSE STORE Stadium store (during the home game on Sunday, September 24th)
Kojima x Bic Camera Shizuoka store, Numazu store, Fuji store
*Release times at each Kojima x Bic Camera store depend on the business hours of each store.
IAI Stadium Kojima Booth (during the home game on Saturday, October 7th)

Source in Japanese language: S-PULSE