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More informations and photos of new Tamiya RC releases

Tamiya 58400 1/10 R/C MINI Cooper S 2006 (M-03L)

The 2007 model year saw the release of a re-engineered MINI, which many have unofficially dubbed as the Mk.II MINI. Although it looks similar to the first generation MINI, it uses completely new body panels and also features such cosmetic changes as repositioned turn signals and new front grille. The Cooper S is the top-of-the-line model and is powered by a turbocharged 175hp 4-cylinder engine mated to either a six-speed manual or automatic transmission. The engine also has a unique Overboost function that pumps out more torque when it is needed, giving the car performance to match its sporty image.

About the Model
★ Compact M-03L chassis features front-mounted motor and front-wheel drive, just like the actual MINI, to enable realistic handling.
★ Easy-to-assembly monocoque frame is made from durable resin material.
★ 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension helps produce nimble cornering.
★ New body parts made from lightweight polycarbonate accurately reproduce the subtle changes of the MINI Cooper S 2006, including hood scoop and wing.
★ Separately-molded parts for side mirrors ensure sharp detail.
★ Stylish wheels equipped with synthetic rubber radial tires.

Tamiya 58401 1/10 R/C Neo Falcon (DT-02)

The latest addition to Tamiya’s lineup of R/C off-road buggies using the proven DT-02 2WD chassis is the Neo Falcon, which continues in the direction of adapting popular Mini 4WD PRO products into 1/10 scale R/C cars. This gives kids who enjoy Mini 4WD an easy way to naturally progress to the next level and it also provides parents who enjoy R/C with a way to connect to their kids and share the hobby with them.

About the Model
★ 1/10 R/C off-road buggy assembly kit based on the user-friendly DT-02 2WD chassis.
★ 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension with oil dampers provide stable handling.
★ Adjustable suspension upper arms enable easy customization of camber angle.
★ Gearbox is completely enclosed to protect from interference by dirt and debris.
★ Full ball bearings reduce friction loss for greater power transfer efficiency.
★ New body shell is inspired by the futuristic Mini 4WD PRO car and is made from durable lightweight polycarbonate material.
★ White Astral Dish Wheels are equipped with grooved front tires and spiked rear tires.

Tamiya 58403 1/10 R/C Fire Dragon

Tamiya’s Fire Dragon was a popular R/C off-road buggy that was produced in the late 1980s. The chassis was an evolution from the Thunder Shot chassis and featured a more conventional 4 oil damper suspension instead of the previous front mono-shock system for improved off-road handling. R/C fans who dreamed about owning this buggy as children have now grown up, and Tamiya is about to make their childhood dream a reality. We are proud to announce that the Fire Dragon will return in its original form.

About the Model
★ Nostalgic 1/10 scale R/C off-road buggy assembly kit.
★ Shaft-driven 4WD chassis features durable monocoque frame and a chassis cover to help safeguard internal mechanisms.
★ Front and rear gearboxes are fully enclosed to prevent interference from dirt and debris.
★ Differential gear ensures efficient power transfer from the motor.
★ 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension equipped with 4 oil dampers.
★ Distinctive body shell locates the driver’s cockpit near the nose and is made from tough lightweight polycarbonate.
★ Driver torso figure is included for a touch of realism.

Source: Tamiya, INC.

Future Tamiya releases to be presented at Twin Messe Shizuoka in November 23rd-24th, 2007

Update November 21st highlighted in red.
Update November 23rd highlighted in yellow..
Update November 25th, added some photos.

Update November 27th highlighted in green.


49486 1/10 Nismo Coppermix Silvia Driftspec (TB-02 Chassis)
49489 1/10 Willcom Advan Vemac 408R (TA05-IFS)
57105 1/12 TamTech-Gear Lamborghini Countach LP500S (GT-01 Chassis)
(Item number for the Countach is not yet fully verified, as the information is from relatively unreliable sources, and not from Tamiya Japan)

57772 1/10 Plasma Edge XB (DF-02 Chassis)
58398 1/10 Raybrig NSX 2007 (TA05-IFS Chassis)
58400 1/10 Mini Cooper S 2006 (M03L Chassis)
58401 1/10 Neo Falcon (DT-02 Chassis)
58403 1/10 Fire Dragon 2008

TamTech-Gear Hop-ups:

40559 GB-03 Carbon Rear Damper Stay
49487 GB-03 Titanium Screw Set

Static models:

23210 1/6 Honda CB750 Racing (Semi-Assembled Model)

24306 1/24 Lamborghini Countach LP500S (improved re-release of # 24006)
24307 1/24 Ferrari 360 Spider “Renewal”

31910 1/700 Royal Australian Navy Destroyer Vampire
32554 1/48 German 2cm Flakvierling
32555 1/48 Crusader Mk. III

32556 1/48 U.S. M20 Armored Utility Car
35290 1/35 Panzer Mk.III Ausf.N
89732 1/48 P-51D Mustang & US Staff Car Set
89739 1/35 German Mortar & Crew France 1940
89740 1/35 German Feldgendarm Normandy 1944
89741 1/35 US Infantry Ardennes Front 1944
89752 1/35 Schwimmwagen German Reconaissance Team Set
89753 1/700 Battle of The Malay Sea Set
89754 1/48 P-47D Thunderbolt w/US Soldiers At Rest
89761 1/48 IJN/A Fighter & Kurogane w/Crew
89762 1/24 AMG Mercedes Benz 500SL (re-release)
89763 1/24 AMG Mercedes Benz 600SEL (re-release)
89764 1/24 AMG Mercedes Benz S600 Coupe (re-release)
89766 1/24 Ferrari FXX Black Version

Mini 4WD:

18623 Savanna Leo (Mini 4WD PRO)
94636 Avante Mk.II Body, Blue Lame (temporary description)
94637 Manta Ray Mk.II Body, Iridescent Pink/Gold (temporary description)
94638 Neo Falcon Body, Black Lame (temporary description)


74079 Portable Photo Studio
74530 HG Compressor Revo w/HG Trigger Airbrush
74531 Spray Work Basic Air Brush
87097 Tamiya Polyester Putty (40g)

List, details and photos will be permanently updated.