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Tamiya Fair 2017 Information

Tamiya Fair 2017, November 18th (Saturday), 19th (Sunday)

Hobby’s festival, held this year too!

Tamiya fair was established as a hobby event in autumn of Shizuoka. Last year we had over 22,000 visitors. This year, which is the nineteenth time, we will also exhibit noteworthy new products, various events that you can participate in by participating in the customer, you can also sell limited items that can only be purchased at the venue and corners such as spot sale of bargains Expand. Tamiya’s hobby festival is held again this year!

Presentation of new products of Tamiya, exhibition (North / South Building)
We will display Tamiya’s new products such as scale model, RC model, mini 4WD and so on which will be released from this autumn to early next year at once. Please have a look and have a look.

Tamiya product sales corner (North / South)
We have all Tamiya products and original goods on sale now! If you purchase more than 1,000 yen you get a discount voucher that you can use at the venue! (※ The discount ticket is effective only at the Tamiya Fair 2017 period venue, shopping with discount tickets alone is not possible.)

Electric RC car World champion decision game! (North Building)
In addition to the 14 domestic competitions in Japan, representatives who have won the preliminary contests in nine countries and regions in Asia, the United States, Canada, Europe, and each area gather together, and the world’s best match of the Tamiya Electric RC car will be held. We develop a super close match that competes for 0.01 seconds. Even just watching the race development full of speed, it is powerful to hold sweat in hands. I can not stop sending cheers. A big race at a large special circuit is a must-see!

SUBARU WRX STI NBR Challenge exhibited (North Building)
German circuit known for harshness, Nürburgring. Since it is also used as a development course for sports cars, you will often hear names in Japan. SUBARU challenged from the year 2008 for the 24 hour endurance race to be held here and won 4 class wins. Based on SUBARU’s high performance sports sedan WRX STI, the WRX STI NBR challenge was finished for this race. NBR represents the Nürburgring. (Cooperation: Subaru Technica International Co., Ltd. )

Shizuoka Joint Work Exhibition (North Building)
Plastic model production This year also held joint work exhibition centering on clubs active in Shizuoka prefecture, Japan. Hundreds or more works centered on scale models such as airplanes, tanks, and cars will be gathered.

1/1 Mini 4WD actual vehicle project Aero Avante exhibition (South Building)
A dream big project to make Mini 4WD “Aero Avante” a real vehicle. Please see the powerful style at close range!
⇒ 1/1 Mini 4WD actual vehicle project (YouTube)
⇒ 1/1 Mini 4WD · actual car version Aero Avante & F1 TYRELL 019 Suzuka Circuit running image (YouTube )

RC Tank Owners Meeting held! (18th · South Building)
Radio control tanks such as Tiger I, Sherman, KV – 1, etc, which attract the ultimate realism that reproduces sound and light, as well as actions unique to tanks, are active. Match battle of tension done in one to one, competition against the team where combination is key of victory is done. All the tank fans, please come.
⇒ The details of the event are here!

Mini 4WD event (South Building)
“Mini 4WD Station Champion Decision Battle 2017” “Mini 4WD World Challenge 2017” held!
On Saturday 18th (Saturday) more than 400 shops nationwide, held the “Japan Mini 4WD Champion Decision Battle 2017” by a racer elected by “Mini 4WD Station Challenge” held over 900 meetings (3 lanes Use type). On the 19th (Sunday), “Mini 4WD World Challenge 2017” held by overseas representative racers gathered from all over the world and about 100 top racers in the country held! Do not miss it! * Participation in the race will be only for players who have won participation rights.
Contest Deregans Excellent Work Modification of exhibition
machine, painting contest “Competition Deregans”. At the Tamiya Fair venue, we will exhibit excellent works of each Japan Cup 2017 Tournament.
Free Participation Event (Saturdays and Sundays)
As a “Minna 4WD Plaza”, we will accept exhibits of everyone on Saturdays, Sundays
Free participation event (Sunday)
19th (Sunday) Japan Cup 2017 Official course “GREAT CROSS CIRCUIT 2017” can be opened as a free practice course and anyone can run on your own machine.

Hebokon Craft Workshop (charged) (South Building)
Let’s challenge the topic “Hebokon” on the street! It is a robot competition that you can participate even if you do not have experience of work. This time we will use Tamiya’s RoboCraft series. As Tamiya staff will support the production, it is okay. Produce an original machine by freely decorating the machine with abundant materials. After completing, we will do a tournament style robot sumo competition. Children who are not good at work are OK. Please join us.
⇒ What is henbokon? (Hebokon Official Website)
⇒ Hebokon Official Rule (Hebokon Official Website)
Schedule November 18 (Sat), 19 (Sun)
Three times a day (Production required time 2 hours)
● 9: 30 ~ 12: 00 ~ ● 14: 30 ~
* Because there is a closing at 16:00 on the last day 19 (Sunday), there is no time of 14: 30.
◎ participation fee 1,382 yen (decorative material, with battery) ※ ornaments bring Allowed
◎ use kit mechanical Giraffe (71105) , mechanical pig (71111) , mechanical Racehorse (71112) one of the selection.
◎ Recommended Elementary 3rd grade or higher recommended.
* If parents can help you to complete by co-production, you can join even if they are under 2 years old.
◎ Capacity Eight first arrivals each time
⇒ Advance reservation required. Please click here to apply. (Currently under preparation) “Hebokon” is a project born from the popular site “Daily Portal Z”.
※ This event is not hosted by Daily Portal Z.
⇒ Daily Portal Z

SDF Shizuoka District Cooperation Headquarters Corner (South Building)
The Shizuoka District Cooperation Headquarters familiar with the Shizuoka Hobby Show will also participate this year. On that day, a chance to see the real SDF vehicle closer! And please take this opportunity to talk with the SDF person. It also answers simple questions carefully and gently.
※ Scheduled exhibited vehicles: 96 type armored cars, light armored mobile vehicles, motorcycle for reconnaissance

Tamiya’s latest RC car “triple wheel series Dancing rider” experiencing running meeting held (free) (South Building)
Tamiya’s latest RC car experiencing running meeting will be held. It features an affordable speed and a cute body. It is a new sense of three wheel RC car that cornering by tilting the car body. Since operation is easy, women and children are also welcome. Please experience it.

Sweet Decoration Production Experience Corner (charged) (South Building)
“Sweets decoration” which is becoming popular among women now. Why not challenge the hobby to make real sweets like clay and other ingredients? Both girls and mothers’ participation are welcome as well. You can take home the completed work. ※ Works can not be eaten.

In addition to this, a lot of experience corners are prepared at the venue !!
RC trailer passenger experience corner (South Building) (free)
Let’s take a 1/14 size RC trailer. We will conduct trailer riding experience for primary schoolchildren and below.
Mini 4WD Workshop (South Building) (charged)
Make it on the spot and let’s play! ! Receiving at any time! We also have a circuit to run the finished machine. For assembly, the staff gently talks about lectures.

Separate event – Let’s enjoy with parents and children. Assembly class for the latest RC Touring Car !!
Visit Tamiya Fair 2017 and run at Tamiya Circuit, Hobby Zankei’s weekend! “Tamiya RC Tour with TRF” held
We planned “Tamiya RC Tour with TRF” of Hobby Zamani with TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) staff. You can enjoy RC car assembly class, RC run at Tamiya circuit, Tamiya fair venue and Tamiya head office visit. Please join us with parents and children.
⇒ detailed content, please click here. 

List of exhibitors / cooperating organizations (unordered)
Tamiya fair has been exhibited by many manufacturers and cooperating organizations. Manufacturers of scales models and RC relationships, as well as many unique manufacturers are exhibiting, so please check each booth.
Mazda Co., Ltd. / UMA (moving model lover association) / Kyoto Machine Tool Co., Ltd. / Kondo Science Co., Ltd. / Sanwa Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. / Futaba Electronics Industry Co., Ltd. / Mizuho limited company / Marto Hasegawa Works Corporation / / Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Shimbashi Store / Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Torresa Yokohama Store / Fine Mold Co., Ltd. / SWEET (Suite) / Limited Company Emmp / Shimomura Alec / Co., Ltd. Shiokawa Kodeno / Central Packaging / Shizuoka Joint Work Exhibition / Shizuoka Joint Work Exhibition / SDF Shizuoka District Cooperation Headquarters / Public Interest Foundation Corporate Planning and Tourism Bureau / Showa Print Processing Co., Ltd. Limited company / Rau pen model / ( ) Modeling Village / Co., Ltd. Ito-Yokado / pilot ink Co., Ltd. / match mower racing Corporation / Twilight Model / Subaru Tecnica International Co., Ltd.

■ The pattern of the event is taken with still images, movies, etc., and it may be published on each media related to Tamiya, such as printed matter and homepage. Please acknowledge your participation. ■ The organizer will pay attention to accident prevention, but we can not assume the responsibility in case of accident, theft, injury or other damage. ■ Please refrain from drinking in the hall. Moreover, those who did the troublesome acts of other customers and those who do not follow instructions of the staff may be sent out. Please note.

Tamiya Center List

Tamiya Corporation

Department structure
Administration Headquarters General Affairs Department / General Affairs Section, Human Resources Section
Accounting department
Information System Department
Planning Division Planning & Development Department / Section 1, Section 2, Section 3, Section 4, Exploration Diagram Production Division,
Planning Promotion Division
Design Department / Graphic Design Division
Mold section / Mold production section, Mold control section
Sales Division Sales Department / Sales Division, Customer Service Division, Fairs Division, Tamiya Tokyo Office
International Affairs Department
location 3-7 Ingawa-hara, Suruga Ward, Shizuoka-shi 422-8610
phone 054-286-5105 (Representative)

Oka First Plant First Distribution Center

Department structure
Production Headquarters Production department
Purchasing department / purchasing department, parts management department
Quality control department
Logistics Department / First Logistics Center (Sales Headquarters)
General Affairs Department / General Affairs Section (Administration Headquarters)
location 〒 422 – 8021 Shizuoka city Shizuoka 1 – chome, Oka 63 – 20
phone 054-285-0155 (Representative)

Ikeda factory

Department structure Manufacturing Department (Production Division)
location 144-1 Ikeda Suruga ku Shizuoka-shi 422 – 8005
phone 054-262-4155

Second Distribution Center

location 915 Oshika, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi 422-8021
phone 054-281-6611

Overseas corporation

Establishment May 10, 1989
location 36 Discovery, Suite 200, Irvine, CA 92618-3765 USA
Business content Sales and promotion in the United States
Establishment June 28, 1989
location Werkstr.1, 90765 Furth (Bay.), Germany
Business content Sales support and promotion of dealers in European region countries
Establishment December 9, 1993
location Room 908 B, Albion Plaza, 2-6 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Business content Cooperation company management in Asia region, procurement of materials
Establishment September 13, 1994
location Mepz ll, Basak, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines
Business content Mold manufacturing, production

Tamiya Global Distribution Network

Tamiya Plamodel Factory 17th Modeler Competition Part 2

Model Art Prize Hidenaga Asahina “Can Spray Modeling”

This time the can spray was the theme, so we made a storm that will be stored in a can spray.
Of course the painting is also a can spray.
This idea incorporating the can spray itself into the work remained in the eye of Model Art ☆

Mr. Asahina was awarded. It was difficult to cut the cans cleanly.
We got a new discovery that the inside of a can is like this.
Congratulations ☆

Tamiya Prize General Department Shigeyo Nagase “BMW R75 / 5”

The Tamiya Prize general department is “BMW R75 / 5” by Mr. Shigeyo Nagase.
All are painted with can spray as well.
Silver color is painted using various silver colors such as aluminum silver, silver leaf, silver metal and so on.
Complex green is finished in a distinctive color by applying clear orange from the top of the candy green.

Mr. Nagase who was awarded.
Can spray is not a substitute for airbrush! It tells firmly that it is.

Tamiya Award Military Division Naoki Hirai “Pig stealer! (Pig thief)”

Tamiya Award Military department is Naozaki Hirai’s diorama, “Pig stealer! (Pig thief)”.
Both tanks and figures are made very carefully and I feel that they are very used to making dioramas such as expressions of the ground, grass and water.
In addition to its reliable technology, the accent that originally had a piglet in a figure of a soldier with a gun makes the diorama interesting.

Mr. Hirai received the award. Congratulations ☆
The smile is wonderful! (From Mr. Komori)

Source in Japanese language: Tamiya Plamodel Factory

New Tamiya Plamodel Factory Video

Stocking every Tamiya plastic model out there, the Tamiya Plamodel Factory is a pilgrimage site for fans.
You’ll find around 1,400 scale models on the ground floor, including cars, motorcycles and military vehicles, while the basement floor holds around 2,500 RC models and up to 800 mini-cars.
The place also sells tools, paint, books and a variety of original merchandise.
The Modeler’s Square on the second floor is an event space for new product announcements, races, workshops and much more.

Opening hours
Weekdays 12noon-10pm
Sat, Sun & hols 10am-6pm

4-7-2 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Toyo Kaiji Bldg 6


Produced by Splash Film

Updated Tamiya History 1946-2017

May 1946 Established Tamiya Shoji joint stock company in Shizuoka City Shizuka for the purpose of processing and selling of general building materials.
April 1948 A woodworking department is newly established focusing on the promising wooden model. Work on manufacturing and selling model teaching materials is also provided.
June 1953 Eliminate the manufacturing and sales division of general building materials. Started as a wooden model specialized manufacturer.
May 1960 As the first all plastic model assembly kit, 1/800 Battleship Yamato is released.
January 1962 Launched the first No. 1/35 Panther Tank of the motorized plastic model tank.
December 1962 Established Tamiya Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. to make the plastic molding division independent.
January 1967 Published model information magazine Tamiya News No. 1.
January 1968 First exhibition at the world’s largest toy fair, Nuremberg International Toy Fair in Germany (now Spielewalen Messe). By raising 1/12 Honda F – 1, we will raise the evaluation as Tamiya of precision scale and plastic model.
August 1969 Changed the company name to Tamiya model as Tamiya Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. Enhance mold section and molding section.
August 1973 Tamamiya Shoji (Shiga) headquarters building and set factory in Shizuoka City Oshika 628 are completed with 4 stories of reinforced concrete, with a scale of 4500 m².
November 1976 Founder chairman · late era Yoshio Tamimiya Isao 5th etc. It is made into Ruiho.
November 1976 1/12 electric radio control car · Porsche 934 turbo released.
May 1977 Shunsui Tamiya is appointed President and CEO Tamiya Model Co., Ltd.
November 1977 Tamamiya Shoji (Fund) Three-story building and 5,460 m² distribution center are completed in the premises.
October 1978 Tamiya circuit is completed in the adjoining Tamiya Shoji.
October 1978 Established Tamiya Plastic Co., Ltd. with expansion of plastic molding sector.
May 1980 The first exhibition of Tamiya · Modellers Gallery held by Tamiya was held at Tokyo · Tokyu Hands Shibuya store.
December 1980 The Tamiya model new building (headquarter main building) Co., Ltd. is completed in the scale of 6 stories, 7,000 m² on the 3-7 in the shrine of Shizuoka city.
July 1982 The mini 4WD that will be a big hit series later began with Ford Ranger 4 x 4 as the first work.
March 1984 Tamiya Corporation was established with the expansion of business by Tamiya Shoji Co., Ltd. Toshiaki Tamiya is appointed President and Representative Director.
Tamiya Co., Ltd. will inherit all the work of Tamiya Shoji until then.
November 1985 Tamiya Plastics Co., Ltd. Ikeda plant started operation.
November 1988 Tamiya Group Founder / Chairman, Yoshio Tamiya, Yozo. (Age of 83 years old)
April 1989 The headquarter building 2 (East Building) headquartered in the Tamiya model headquarters building is completed on the scale of 8 floors above ground and 8,500 m 2 above the basement level.
May 1989 Established Tamiya America in Los Angeles as a local office to expand sales in the USA.
September 1989 Establishment of Tamiya Europe GMBH in Germany · Neuss as sales base ahead of EC integration.
April 1990 The Tamiya second distribution center was completed in Shizuoka City Oshika 915, completed on the scale of 4 stories, 5,317 square meters.
July 1990 Tamiya Hall opens at the Bobington tank museum in England.
December 1990 Integration of Tamiya Co., Ltd. business of Tajima model planning and development etc.
July 1992 Tamiya America’s head office building completed in Orange County, California, Aliso Viejo.
December 1993 Established Tamiya Hong Kong.
September 1994 Established Tamiya Philippines in Cebu Mactan Island special export processing zone in the Philippines.
June 1995 Tamiya scholarship association founded foundation, succeeding Yoshio Tamiya’s wish.
December 1995 The cumulative number of production of mini 4WD series has reached 100 million.
May 1996 Tamiya R & D Center in Kakegawa City in Shizuoka Prefecture Tamiya R & D Center Kakegawa and the Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit is the world’s largest scale with a site area of ​​about 7,000 m² and a total course length of 320 m.
December 1996 Tamiya Europe GMBH moved to Fürth, Germany.
April 1997 In the Philippines, a scholarship system was established for students enrolled at both the University of San Carlos and the University of the Philippines.
November 2000 The 1st Tamiya fair was held at Twin Messe Shizuoka / South Building.
March 2005 Received the 1st Design · Excellent Companies Award from the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization.
June 2006 Tamiya Tokyo office opened in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
June 2007 Tamiya America moved from Aliso Viejo, California, to Irvine, California.
June 2008 Tamiya Masayuki Senior Managing Executive Officer is appointed President and Representative Director of Tamiya Corporation. Toshiaki Tamiya President is Chairman and Representative Director.
September 2008 “Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Shimbashi Store” of the official shop opens in Tokyo · Shimbashi.
Moved the Tamiya Tokyo office to the same place.
October 2008 Constructed off-road course for RC car and authentic rock crawling field within Tamiya Kakegawa circuit.
April 2012 The Tamiya Scholarship Society has moved from a foundation corporation to a public benefit foundation corporation.
April 2015 “1/1 mini 4WD actual vehicle development project” started. “1/1 Mini 4WD Aero Avante” is released for the first time in October.
June 2016 Tamiya Kakegawa circuit renewed as an all weather circuit.
June 2016 Following the Kumamoto earthquake “Ganbare! Sell Kumamoto Mini 4WD (Kumamon version)”. Donation the entire profit to Kumamoto Prefecture.
February 2017 The world’s largest toy fair, the 68th Spielwalen Messe held in Germany. Tamiya is 50th anniversary of exhibition.
May 2017 Representative Director and President, Masayuki Tamiya, Yozora. (Age of 59)
August 2017 Tamiya Representative Director Chairman Toshiaki Tamiya concurrently serves as President.

Tamiya Top Force (2017) – may the force be with you

From time to time we´re presenting some builds, mostly of Tamiya’s great range of re-releases. Today, we will show you the Top Force buggy which is Tamiya’s 100th RC Kit (1991) and was first re-released in 2006.

Now Tamiya did it again. The Top Force (2017) is back to show his potential.

The so called “Vintage Racing” scene becomes more and more popular. And it’s good to see other manufacturers following Tamiya re-releasing their classic cars from back in the 80´s and 90´s.

The Top Force, and especially the later released Top Force Evolution was Tamiya´s answer for the very popular off road racing scene in the early 90’s. It’s based on the classic Manta Ray chassis (which itself is based on the TA01/TA02 touring cars), but comes with a double deck FRP chassis and damper stays, ball diffs, steel prop shaft, Lexan undercowl and universal shafts for the front end. The body looks like a big wing, which gives the Top Force a very aerodynamic and aggressive look.

But that’s history. How good is the new/old Top Force ? Building the kit was a joy. We built the kit with a full set of ball bearings, a classic Tamiya aluminum motor mount (the original plastic one was always a weak spot) and the “Tamiya Top Force 2017 High Capacity Damper Set” No. 47358 (which is especially released for the Top Force 2017 kit). These dampers are of very good quality. They work extremely smooth, and look excellent too. On some of the photos, you see the car with Tamiya DF-03 wheels and modern racing tires. A perfect set up for the vintage racing scene.

As a regular reader, you may know that we lik alternate paintschemes. The Top Force is no exception here. This time, our choice felt for the relatively new Tamiya PS-63 Bright Gun Metal. We like it a lot, and it suits the colour of the Tamiya High Cap dampers very well.

Join vintage racing ! May the force be with you.