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Planned exhibits of the Tamiya booth at the 57th All Japan Model & Hobby Show

The 57th All Japan Model & Hobby Show
Tamiya is delighted to once again be attending the All Japan Model & Hobby Show at the Big Sight venue in Tokyo, open to the public on September 30 and October 1, 2017.

■Trade Day ※Not open to the public.
September 29th (Fri.) 9:00~17:00

■Consumer Days
September 30th (Sat.) 9:30~17:00
October 1st (Sun.) 9:30~16:30

■Venue: Tokyo Big Sight East Hall 7,8
■Entrance Fee: 1,000 yen
(※Children 15 and under: free)

Be among the first to set eyes upon new and recent releases in all of the Tamiya product ranges by visiting the show! From completed versions of model kits to rare sights such as items still under development, the All Japan Model & Hobby Show is a great chance to see what wonders Tamiya has in store. What’s more, development staff will be on hand to explain their products and answer any questions you might have. Add to that the shopping corner which will have Tamiya products on sale including limited edition event items, and this is a chance not to be missed. We look forward to seeing you at the show!

Click here to be taken to the official event homepage (contents are in Japanese)

A Closer Look at some of the Tamiya products on display
A provisional list of products on display was uploaded on August 30. Click on this link to jump to the page!

■1/24 Mercedes-AMG GT3

A familiar face to race fans across the world, the Mercedes-AMG GT3 production racecar now appears in the 1/24 Sports Car series! The imposing long nose, short deck form of the car is captured with aplomb, featuring realistic depictions of air outlets, suspension, cockpit and more. ★Length:198mm. ★Metal transfer side mirror and emblem parts. ★Metal-plated front grille. Markings included.

■1/48 U.S. Main Battle Tank M1A2 Abrams

Since its adoption in the 1980s, the M1 Abrams has remained a relevant option for the U.S. military. The M1A2 variant first appeared in 1992, and now joins Tamiya’s 1/48 scale Military Miniature series! The angular form of the M1A2 is captured, with a realistic depiction of the L/44 120mm smoothbore gun. ★Length: 205mm. ★Hull and turret surfaces have authentic renderings of anti-slip surfaces. ★Assembly type tracks utilize single-piece straight sections. ★Comes with 1 torso figure and 2 Iraq War marking options.

■1/35 British Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Gun Archer

The latest addition to the long-running 1/35 scale Military Miniature Series depicts a rather unique subject – the Archer. Based upon the Valentine tank chassis, space concerns and lack of time led to an eccentric layout with the 17 pounder gun pointing rearwards. Tamiya designers pored over a real Archer to make this model a highly accurate depiction. ★Length: 191mm. ★Hull weld lines are realistically captured. ★Open top fighting compartment allows appreciation of interior details like gun breech. ★Comes with 3 figures and 2 marking options.

■1/16 R/C U.S. Main Battle Tank M1A2 Abrams

This awe-inspiringly huge R/C model joins its 1/48 scale static counterpart for a little-and-large Abrams combination in the Tamiya booth! The big scale really shows off the accuracy of the Tamiya design, and the L/44 120mm gun is depicted by a realistic metal part. Metal lower hull and suspension components combine with pre-assembled resin tracks for superlative durability. Included control units recreate sounds and control lights for unparalleled authenticity. ★Length: 615mm. ★Gun Barrel Control System can keep the main gun targeted in a set direction as the model moves.

■1/10 R/C TRF419XR Chassis Kit

The thoroughbred 2 belt-driven 4WD TRF419 chassis series makes another evolutionary leap with the TRF419XR, designed for enhanced cornering speed and steering response. Refined carbon fiber lower (2.25mm thick) and upper (2mm thick) decks optimize the roll point, while a new center pitch stiffener allows adjustment of pitch rigidity. Front and rear stabilizer bars are secured with ball bearings for precise, repeatable setup changes. Comes with carbon fiber damper stays for TRF dampers and the included TRF super short big bore dampers, plus an LF battery ballast weight.

■R/C Trike (product name is tentative)

Prepare for a whole new world of Tamiya R/C fun with this all-action, lean-turn trike model! The rear section is comprised of a motor and gear case, and the front section houses the R/C equipment and battery. The polycarbonate body is inspired by trikes such as those used for everyday deliveries in Japan. ★Features a link between servo and support arms to ensure that the model can right itself in the event it overturns.

■Cannon D Ball (MA Chassis)

The Cannon D Ball can trace its heritage back to the original Cannonball models, and this latest model has also appeared in the popular Japanese Mini 4WD manga “Hyper Dash! Yonkuro” in the comic Coro Coro Aniki, as the car of Pankuro. With design features inspired by its predecessors, innovated for the modern Mini 4WD scene, this model is bound to catch the eye! ★White 4-spoke wheels are paired with slick tires. ★The MA Chassis is molded in Gray, with Red A parts. ★Comes with dedicated metallic stickers and 4:1 gears.
Click here to see the item information page (Item 18649) on this website.

■Mad Laser (MA Chassis)

Also appearing in the Mini 4WD PRO series is this new model – the Mad Laser! The thoroughly modern design sees the rear fenders bridged by a rear spoiler. The midship-aero MA Chassis is molded in Gray, wihle A parts such as rollers are a low-friction Light Gray plastic. ★Fin type wheels have a stunning matte gold color plated finish, and are paired with low-profile tires. ★Stickers are included to apply markings, in addition to depicting carbon fiber pattern areas and LED-look headlights. ★Gear ratio = 3.5:1.
Click here to see the item information page (Item 18648) on this website.

■Tamiya Decoration Series Event

Come along to the Tamiya booth to check out what the Tamiya Decoration Series is about! This hobby enjoys great popularity among all ages, regardless of gender. We will be running an event teaching how to make delectable-looking depictions of sweets from dedicated modeling clay.

Dates: September 30th & October 1st
Event Theme: Making panda magnets (see image to the left)
Fee: 300 yen
※Participation is limited to once per person, and one creation.
Participation: Apply at the Tamiya Booth on the day.

■Get Some Shopping Done!
Don’t forget to stop by the Tamiya Shop which will be set up in the Tamiya booth, and take a look at the exciting products on sale!

Mr. Shunsaku Tamiya fan meeting and autograph session in Bangkok, Thailand

Many happy faces of Tamiya fans and nice signed kits. 🙂

Source and more photos: Tamiya Thailand Facebook Fanpage

Tamiya R/C Asia Cup 2017: Top Notch Racing!

Superlative R/C Racing in Hong Kong
There was plenty of wheel-to-wheel racing action to be seen in the Tamiya R/C Asia Cup 2017, which was the 20th running of this prestigious event. Organized by Tamiya official agent Oriental Trading Co., the meet took place in the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park from August 25th to 27th. Brushing off the disruption caused in Hong Kong by a major storm, 90 top R/C drivers from nine countries and areas across Asia (Hong Kong, Indonesia, South Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, China and Macau) competed in Jr. Buggy, Super Stock, M-Chassis, 4WD GT and TRF classes, and with the winners of the M-Chassis and 4WD GT classes in line for a ticket to Japan and the Tamiya R/C World Championships, the competition was fierce indeed. As a complement to the races, R/C tractor truck and racing truck events were also held to show off Tamiya’s wide range of hobby products.

For YouTube videos uploaded by Oriental Trading Co.. please click on the links below (links lead to external site):
Event report
Images from the event

The 57th All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2017 Tamiya Release List – RC Trike is coming!

The 57th All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2017

Tamiya is delighted to once again be attending the All Japan Model & Hobby Show at the Big Sight venue in Tokyo, open to the public on September 30 and October 1, 2017.

★Below is a list of items planned for exhibition by Tamiya at the 57th All Japan Model & Hobby Show to be held on September 30 & October 1, 2017.
★Click here for the official event website. (Japanese only)

Products planned for display

Scale Models
1/24 Mercedes-AMG GT3
1/12 Ducati 1199 Panigale S Tricolore
1/6 Kawasaki Z1300 Motorcycle Engine
1/6 Honda CB750F Motorcycle Engine
1/35 British Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Gun Archer
1/48 U.S. Main Battle Tank M1A2 Abrams
1/16 German Kübelwagen Type 82 Africa Corps w/Feldmarschall Rommel
1/16 German Kübelwagen Type 82 European Campaign

1/16 R/C U.S. Main Battle Tank M1A2 Abrams Full-Option Kit
1/10 R/C TB Evo.7 Chassis Kit
1/10 R/C TRF419XR Chassis Kit
1/10 R/C Volkswagen Beetle Rally (MF-01X)
1/10 R/C LandFreeder Matte Black Special (Painted Body) (CC-01)
1/10 R/C TT-02 Chassis Kit White Special
R/C Trike (Tentative)

Mad Laser (MA Chassis)
Cannon D Ball (MA Chassis)
Mini 4WD Dog Racer GT
Mini 4WD Lupine Racer GT
Liberty Emperor Premium Black Special (Super-II Chassis)
Festa Jaune Black Special (MA Chassis)
Basic Tune-Up Parts Set for FM-A Chassis
Setting Gear Set (for FM-A Chassis)
Large Dia. Stabilizer Head Set (11mm, 15mm) (Black)
Large Dia. Stabilizer Head Set (17mm) (Black)
Lightweight Double Aluminum Rollers (13-12mm)
Lightweight Double Aluminum Rollers (9-8mm)
DCR-01 Body Parts Set (Light Smoke)
VS Fluorescent-Color Chassis Set (Orange/Green)
VS Fluorescent-Color Chassis Set (Pink/Yellow)
Mass Damper Block (6x6x32mm/Silver)
Mass Damper Block (8x8x32mm/Silver)
Arm Crawler (2-Channel Remote Control)
32mm Dia. Sprocket & Track Set
Track & Wheel Set (Black/Metallic Gray)

Tools & Paints
Airbrush Connector Joint (Female, S/S)
Tamiya Multipurpose Cement (Clear)
Panel Line Accent Color (Light Gray)
Modeler’s Knife (Purple)
TS-100 Semi-Gloss Bright Gun Metal
Acrylic Mini XF-87 IJN Gray (Maizuru Arsenal)

Takumi Sasaki won the JMRCA All Japan Championship sportsman class!

Tournament name Heisei era27 electric touring car · sports class All Japan Championship and Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications ·
Date August 26-27, 2017
Place Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture “Racon heaven Nagoya store”
Competition summary
Private The All Japan Championship sportsman class deciding Japan’s best driver was held in Nagoya city, Aichi prefecture. Forty-five players participate in the technical course “RC Convenous Heaven Nagoya Store” where experts gather from all over the country. At the hall, we supported Tamiya users who participated in TRF Kono Takayuki.
Taku Sasaki, who won the first champion in the “Tamiya World Champion Decision Battle” last year ‘s “Tamiya World Champion Decision Game” last year, used the TRF 419 X to overwhelm others from qualifying with aggressive running full of youth. Top goal is to go six times in qualifying five times. With that momentum, the finals won the first and second rounds and finished brilliantly this year sportsman class champion. As Tamiya, he won the same class ever since Takahiro Naemura of 2011.

For the setting sheet of Sasaki player, please click here

2017 Tobu Tamiya modelers contest awarded works announced

Many works gathered at the venue of Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro store this summer.
In the contest this time that counts the 34th time there are 202 entries that are significantly larger than the last year’s 187 points, and I think that there are many people who actually went to see it, but the exhibition hall is a work filled with power It became full. This time we will introduce the remarkable works from among them. Although it is not possible to introduce all entries, it would be greatly appreciated if you could feel a part of the contest. As for the Tobu contest, we are planning to report twice, Tamiya News October issue (Vol.581), November issue (Vol.582). Please also look at Tamiya news.

Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix Vol.19 Video Report

Tamiya’s RC model which is still loved for more than 40 years and now showing excitement Tamiya RC Hobby’s experience event “Tamiya RC Car Festival” is the theme park of the car “MEGA WEB (Mega Web)” in Odaiba, It was held in.
Experience driving of electric R / C car “Try !! Tamiya RC” and RC car assembly class “Try !! Tamiya RC school” You can get on the “heavy dump experience” RC trailer who challenges luggage transport by steering dump truck RC Tamiya RC model such as “experience of riding passenger ride” was held and enjoyable event.The RC car race “Tamiya RC car Grand Prix” preeminent watching was also done on 20th.
“Tamiya RC car festival” that you can touch, ride, maneuver and enjoy Tamiya’s RC hobby will be held in the future

TRF members respond to everyone’s consultation at the JMRCA 1/10 Electric Touring Sports Class Japan Championship

Tournament name: JMRCA 1/10 Electric Touring Sports Class All Japan Championship

Dates: August 26 to 27, 2017

Place: RC Contest Heaven Nagoya Store (Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City)

Outline: August 26 (Saturday) · On 27th (Sunday), the JMRCA Sports Class All Japan Championship will be held at the radio control heaven Nagoya store in Nagoya City. On the day of the event, TRF Kono Takayuki will support Tamiya user’s vehicle setting advice etc. at the Tamiya booth. Moreover, “TB EVO.7” which was used in the JMRCA Open Class All-Japan Championship that was held the other day will be officially unveiled for the first time. Even those who do not participate in the race of the day, anyone can answer various questions about Tamiya’s RC car so please come to the venue by all means.
※ We will present TRF stickers to 30 people on first come first serve!

Tamiya Japan Recruitment of the 77th Pachi Contest work

The world “Patch” by model matching and video expression matching. It is an AFV model photo contest held once a year, where not only Japanese domestics, but also international forces will gather. Particularly greatly appreciated works with new products. Please blow new breeze with your idea full of ideas, click hard. The application deadline is effective on the day of September 1, 2017 (Friday) . We look forward to your application.

Please choose from two departments
Scene photography department

Please photograph the scenery work like a real battlefield picture and apply. Military miniature series, world figure series, other Tamiya scale model combined photo is OK.
Work Photo Category

Appeal photos and make painting techniques for vehicles and dolls. It can be a work made according to the instruction manual of the kit, or a work with remodeling added. You can also use the work photographs incorporated in the scenic table.

Bonuses (planned)   * Each will be chosen from the scene photography department, work photography department.

Gold Award 50,000 yen prize 1 each
Silver Award Prize 30,000 yen 2 each
Copper Award Prize 20,000 yen 2 each
Model Art Prize Prize 20,000 yen 2 each
Good work Prize 10,000 yen Each 6 people
Junior Prize Prize 10,000 yen 2 each
Special prize Prize 10,000 yen 1 each

  • The Junior Prize is selected from those who are under 15 years of age and have not joined gold, silver, copper, honorable mention.
  • Special awards are chosen from among unique works, especially elaborate works, unique works.
  • We will send a pamphlet of “Pachi Contest 77” to everyone who posted the work.

Application Requirements
■ Applicable products

  • Please apply by using mainly 1/35 military miniature series, 1/48 military miniature series, 1/16 world figure series, 1/25 tank series mainly.
  • In the scene photography department, even if it is a Tamiya product, it can be used in combination with military miniature products, world figure products, even for other scale models.
  • Products made by other companies’ vehicles and accessories are mainly used, and works in which Tamiya products are only partially visible are not accepted.
■ Types of pictures

  • Pictures can be color or black and white. Please apply for color in 2L size (about 130 × 180 mm), black and white in cabinet size.
  • We accept works shot with digital camera. Please print with 2L size and apply. In this case, image processing other than adjustment of color tone and contrast of the entire screen is prohibited.
■ Application method

  • Please tape each piece of work cards on the back of the photo one by one .
  • Be sure to write the title, scale, vehicle name.
  • When sending photos, please do not break by attaching a mount.
  • It is fine even for remodeled works with photographs in the process of making it easy to remodel.
  • Works are limited to unpublished works.
  • We will not return the photo, so please be forewarned.
    ⇒ Work card (PDF)
■ Review

  • Tamiya news editing room
■ Announcement of winning

  • Tamiya News November issue magazine, Tamiya website, monthly model art magazine.
  • We will notify winners by letter.
  • Winning works will be posted in the patch contest pamphlet.
Application deadline

  • September 1, 2017 (Friday) ※ postmarked effective
■ Destination of the work

  • Tamiya “Pachi Contest” staff, Co., Ltd. 3-7, Onegahara Suruga-ku, Shizuoka City Shizuoka Prefecture 422-8610
  • For inquiries about entry, please go to Tamiya news editing room. TEL 054-286-5105
  • ※ Personal information you applied for the purpose of using in a patch contest.
  • We will not provide it to third part without prior consent except under laws and regulations.