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Tamiya Robot School – Mechanics & Programming

Through experiences of manufacturing, we raise children’s “idea power” and “creativity” enriched, while acquiring the “logical thinking process” necessary to realize it.

By learning “Craft” as a systematic learning curriculum, we think that it leads to not only knowledge and skill but also the “ability to realize feelings” that can be applied variously in order to live.

Natural style Co., Ltd. develops “Tamiya robot school” jointly developed with Tamiya Co., Ltd. nationwide. Currently, Tamiya Robot School’s website accepts short-term intensive robot programming courses (8 times in total) for participation. The capacity is 6 people, the price is 18,000 yen (tax included). We prepare two kinds of “Mechanic course” by NPO corporation MeetsVision which handles curriculum of robot work classroom, “programming course” by natural style.

Mechanic course will be able to understand the structure and structure of the machine by assembling the robot. Since it is also possible to remodel the assembled robot, it is possible not only to assemble the given kit directly, but also to consider the original mechanism.

The curriculum consists of “Production of Mini Robot” (2 times), “Production and remodeling of Mini Robot” (4 times in all), “Production of Large Robot” (12 times in all), “Reinforcing large robots for competition (6 times in total) 24 times in all. The students recommend more than first grade primary school students.

The programming course is a program that can be learned while controlling the movement of robot by using the microcomputer “IchigoJam” which can be programmed in the BASIC language. The robot used in this course is Tamiya’s “Cam Program Robot Working Set” as a specialized teaching material arranged for programming learning.

The curriculum consists of “Basic usage of IchigoJam, acquisition of basic control of robot” (all once), “variable” (all three times), “sequential processing (thread)” (all three times) (3 times in all), “Compare and Compare Symbols, Branch Processing” (3 times in all), “Display Device Coordinate System” (3 times in all), “Repeat Processing” (3 times in all), “Input / Output” ), “Function (Subprocedure)” (3 times in all) 25 times in total. Students recommend third grade elementary school students.

Since the mechanic course and the programming course are separate courses, the person in charge says “There is no problem even if you start from either.” In natural style, it is said that children can acquire ideas and logical way of thinking through children’s experiences of manufacturing in both courses.

Sources and more: Tamiya Robot School & Internet WATCH

Details and photos of Tamiya 58647 1/10 M-07 CONCEPT chassis kit

M – 07 CONCEPT chassis kit High performance new design M chassis pursuing light traveling performance unique to front wheel drive and also pursuing maintenance. Adopt upper and lower split monocoque frames to ensure high rigidity. Replacement of the differential gear reduces disassembly around the foot as much as possible, accessible from the bottom. The circumference is independent of the double wishbone equipped with CVA damper. It is a special item which made long arm and linkage, and it is also characterized by a wide setting width.

● Electric RC car series No. 647 1/10 RC M – 07 CONCEPT CHASSIS KIT (58647) ★ Drive system is full bearing specification Oil-filled type gear differential, universal shaft, high torque servo saver etc. are standard equipment. ★ 225 mm, 239 mm, two types of wheel base can be selected. * Body, motor, tire, RC mechanism, battery etc. are not included in the kit.

Details and photos of Tamiya 58648 1/10 Mazda RX – 7 (FD 3 S) (TT – 02 D) Drift Spec

Mazda RX – 7 (FD 3 S) (TT – 02 D)
Mazda RX-7 collecting enthusiastic fans who have finished production as a pure sports car with a drift spec rotary engine. Among them, the third generation FD 3 S which was fully remodeled in October 1991 was finished as a drift specification. TT-02D of shaft drive 4WD for chassis. CVA oil damper · Super mini, full bearing, sports tune motor etc. are equipped as standard, you can enjoy thrilling running.

Electric RC car series No. 648
1/10 RC MAZDA RX – 7 ( FD 3 S) (TT – 02 D CHASSIS) DRIFT SPEC (58648)
★ Length 449 mm. ★ Realistically reproduce beautiful form with curved surface with dynamic feeling with polycarbonate. ★ Chrome plated finish mesh wheels fitted with super drift tires.

Details and photos of Tamiya 58646 1/18 Kong Head 6X6 (G6-01 chassis)

Konghead 6X6 (G6-01 chassis)
This is a model that extends the pleasures of running a high rough road running performance and comical finish unique to 6 wheel drive. Adopting a monocoque frame with a slim shape but high strength, use gear for power transmission. The motor is mounted behind the front axle, and the gear transmits the power to the front shaft and the second shaft. Furthermore, the gear train 6WD system which transmits power from the 2nd axis to the 3rd axis also with gears. You do not choose a place to demonstrate outstanding driving power and run.

● Electric RC car series No. 646 1/18 RC KONGHEAD 6 × 6 (G6-01 CHASSIS) (58646)
★ Length 453 mm. ★ The body which imaged the American trailer head is made of polycarbonate. ★ It is a finish with a high sense of scale that made an air cleaner and a muffler as separate parts of the plating parts.

Details and photos of Tamiya 47350 1/10 Top Force (2017)

Top Force (2017)
This is a reprint version of Tamiya Electric RC Car Assembly Kit 100th issue commemorative model, Top Force. High rigidity 2 mm thick FRP double deck frame, front and rear ball differentials for increasing traction, front and universal shafts for suppressing drive loss, suspension with adjustable upper arm equipped with oil damper, etc. at that time, aimed at winning the race It is full of parts.

● RC Special Project 1/10 RC TOP – FORCE (2017) (47350)
★ Length 400 mm. ★ Batteries for traveling are compatible with 7.2 V racing pack, LF 2200 – 6.6 V racing pack. ★ Square spike tires that show grip on various road surfaces are installed.

Details and photos of Tamiya 47355 1/10 Dual Ridge Black Metallic (TT – 02B chassis)

Dual Ridge Black Metallic (TT – 02B chassis)
Popular 4WD racing buggies and dual ridge special specifications appear in the Futuristic Form. A body composed of smooth surfaces and a large rear wing with an edge are cut finished black plated finish. Simply sticking a special sticker that matches the body color completes the body full of shining. In addition, we combine semi-glossy chrome-plated wheels and tighten our feet.

● RC Special Project 1/10 RC DUAL RIDGE BLACK METALLIC (TT – 02B CHASSIS) (47355)
★ Length 380 mm. ★ The chassis is the shaft drive 4WD TT – 02B. ★ Suspension equipped with white-collar CVA damper, double wishbone 4-wheel independent with long arm specification.