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TAMIYA CARD new member campaign (Japan only)

“TAMIYA CARD” which becomes a strong friend of model production with full of benefits. We hold new enrollment campaign this time! During the period, a total of 20 people will be given a “Mini 4WD + Tamiya Kincha” by lottery from those newly joined and issued. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Campaign period July 1-September 30, 2019 (Hearing! 10 people for July! 5 people each for August and September)

・ Applicable during the above period and those who have been issued are eligible.
・ The mini 4WD of the prize will be one of ➀ to ➆ for random lottery. Please note that you can not make a choice.
・ The announcement of the winner will be returned with a prize delivery.
・ The prizes will be shipped out as soon as they are ready after the campaign is over.
・ The prize will be sent to your home address registered with Orient Corporation.
・ If the card is canceled or invalidated at the time of prize delivery, it is not eligible for the present.
・ The prize may change due to circumstances.

■ Contact:
Orient Corporation, Inc. Orico Card Center
TEL 049-271-3330 (Opening hours 9:30 to 17:30, open all year round)

An annual card free special value card that you like more models

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Details and application method about TAMIYA CARD can be found here

Some photos of new Tamiya Hop Up Option Parts

47415 WR-02CB S-Parts Spokes Orange Plated
47417 WR-02CB T-Parts Rims Orange Plated
42335 TRF Aluminium Tool Stand
42343 TRF-SSBB Damper Cyl.Caps (5.8mm Balls,4x)
54893 Aluminum Adjustable Servo Horn
54913 T3-01 11-Spoke Wheels (fl.-orange, 2pcs)
54914 T3-01 Front Wheel (fluorescent orange)
54921 Reinforced Swing Shaft Caps (F/R) (2*2pcs)

Source: Arwicho

Creator of Mini 4WD – The future of plastic models interview with the president of Tamiya

Author: Akira Kobayashi, ITmedia

What do you think of when you hear the word plastic model? From Showa to the early Heisei period, plastic models were essential items for boys. There will be many people who are excited about Zero Battle, Yamato, Mini 4WD and Gundam. Recently, however, there are few stores selling plastic models in the town, and I do not hear that it is popular among children. Is the content called plastic model already outdated?

I wanted to know that and visited the “58th Shizuoka Hobby Show” held in Shizuoka City from May 8th to 11th. The Shizuoka Model Teaching Material Association is the host of the “Shizuoka Hobby Show”, which is said to be the world’s largest plastic model and radio equipment control model trade fair. Mr. Toshisaku Tamiya (84), who is the president of the union and president of Tamiya Co., Ltd., responded to a solo interview with ITmedia Business Online on May 10.

President Tamiya, the parent of the Mini 4WD, has been leading the Japanese plastic model industry, which is highly regarded in the world, from its inception. The Mini 4WD is currently popular not only in Japan but also in Southeast Asia and other countries. We asked President Tamiya to talk about the current status of plastic models and the future of plastic models in Japan that has reached the era of retiring.

Tamiya Shunsaku (born 1934, Shizuoka City). After graduating from Waseda University for 58 years, he joined Tamiya Trading Company, which is run by his father. I am involved in planning and designing wooden models, but in the crisis of the inflow of plastic models from the West, I made a major transition from wooden models to plastic model models. The company has been exhibiting for the first time at the Nuremberg International Toy Fair, where toy manufacturers from around the world gather in 1982, and has been exhibiting for 51 consecutive years since the flagship of Quality World. Efforts have been made to improve model quality control and the Tamiya brand, including instructing the establishment of a customer service department at an early stage. In addition, illustrator representative of the times such as Shigeru Komatsuzaki, Ueha Hachiro, and Yoshiyuki Takahara was appointed. The box drawing that is the face of the plastic model was developed beyond the role of package decoration, and a painting style called box art was established. Shizuoka model teaching materials cooperative president since 1994. The Shizuoka Hobby Show is held every May, contributing to regional revitalization. He has concurrently served as Chairman and President of Tamiya since 17 years. In his book, “The work of the Tamiya model” “The people who made the Tamiya model: The legendary plastic toy shop” (Bunharu Bunko)

70% of children have no plamo experience! ?
― First of all, I will serve as the president of the teaching materials cooperative. It seems that elementary and middle school students and high school students were invited as a new attempt at this hobby show.

It is a plastic model that was once referred to as passing rituals for boys, but it is said that children today have not even touched more than 70% have made it. If so, I invited to a hobby show, saw it all, and thought that I would like to get in touch with it, I planned. This is a proposal of Governor Kawahira of Shizuoka Prefecture.

When Governor Kawakatsu first saw it at the 2018 Hobby Show, he said, “Mr. Tamiya, I have to show it to my students.” However, the space was too small and it was difficult to call students and students in crowded venues, so I decided to extend the session and make an invitation date. It will cost money to extend the session, but the prefecture also supported me.

As a result, I think it was a great success to invite elementary and junior high school students and high school students. I showed how plastic models are made, what raw materials are, how they are injection molded, and how they are assembled and played. The children have already turned their eyes and are eating into plastic models. We’re sorry. It’s been a few years for children to be surrounded by plastic models (laughs). The teachers who led were also looking forward to it.

After all, the invitation date was only one day of May 8th, but 5200 elementary, junior high, and high school students from Shizuoka prefecture gathered. I hope this will continue from next year.

― In recent years, with the spread of the Internet and SNS, such trade fairs have decreased, but the Shizuoka Hobby Show has been a success.

Aside from the invitation day of the newly established elementary, junior high, and high school students, two days of the four days of the exhibition period will be the business meeting for agents and retailers, and the next two days will be open to general customers. This time the number of visitors will be over 80,000. The Spielwaren Messe, which is held every year in Nuremberg, Germany, is famous as an international trade fair for plastic models. However, this is an international toy trade fair, and some of them show plastic models, so the Shizuoka Hobby Show may be the largest in the world as a trade show limited to plastic models and radio control.

In the past, trade shows of plastic models were held in the United States and the United Kingdom, but have already disappeared. I have been in the United States since I was 31 years old, but plastic model makers themselves are gone in the United States.

Tamiya has been exhibiting at Spielwaren Messe for 51 years, but in recent years the number of companies exhibiting at the Messe itself has decreased and the exhibition period has become shorter. Tamiya is the largest at the plastic model booth, but I can not deny the feeling that the Messe itself is in a recession.

Declining Plamo trade fair
― Why is the trade show decreasing?

Although it is influenced by the Internet, I think it is because the organizers of the trade fair lack the wisdom. It is necessary to have a high entrance fee and a device to call more people, and I think it is necessary to reconsider the significance of the Messe itself.

Plastic models are said to have been reduced in retail stores in recent years and mail orders have increased, but I think that there is a desire for customers to want to see and touch the real thing. For that purpose, a fair will be necessary.

In addition, during the business meeting of the hobby show, Tamiya has a lot of retailers coming to Tamiya’s head office to hold a party in the hall. Being able to hear the raw voices of retailers who can not usually touch it is worthwhile to replace it.

― I hear that many customers from overseas are visiting.

This year, buyers from around 20 countries around the world visited the hobby show. Originally, we were eagerly coming from Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, etc. Recently, it looks like negotiations from Germany, the US, France, the UK, etc. All the buyers who have visited say “It’s really good to come.” When I come to the Shizuoka Hobby Show, I think I have something to gain. The “something” is different depending on the person. The Shizuoka Hobby Show is becoming the “World Hobby Show”.

Recently I feel that in the euro area only countries with strong economies survive. In the Netherlands, Belgium, and Greece, as well as in Spain, we have no business partners. All agencies have gone. It means that globalization is progressing so much among plastic model industry. I think it is a failure of globalism. The euro area is different in culture and language, so it will be difficult for all countries to survive.

Heisei is “the time when we lost the game”
― I heard that there is a joint exhibition where plastic model fans from all over Japan bring their works with us as another attraction of the Shizuoka Hobby Show.

This is an event that began 30 years ago, but using a part of the exhibition hall, modelers will exhibit their own plastic models in a circle. This year, about 10,000 works were exhibited in the 293 circle. The good thing about this exhibition is that it is not a contest, but everyone is able to create and exhibit the works they want to make. This exhibition is also an international event, with more and more circles participating from overseas. I’m very passionate.

― I saw the venue, but it did show a big excitement indeed. Until now, Showa, Heisei and plastic models have been essential items for children, but what do you think plastic models are going to be in a new era called Reiwa.

I can not say how big things will happen in the future plastic model, but I said even in the greetings of the beginning of the year, “Heisei is a time when I lost the game”. The second half of Heisei was losing the game.

I think I want plastic model to beat the game by all means in the era of regal. Certainly the game is interesting. But the plastic model has an analog that is not in the game, which is a great attraction. As I always say, I think that Japanese manufacturing starts with plastic models.

Today’s children said that more than 70% had never made plastic models, but by making plastic models, they know the correct usage of cutters and drivers and acquire the ability to read assembly instructions properly . And above all, by making plastic models, you can know the real thing, “Oh, I’m getting rid of four wheels,” and “Automobiles are like this.”

We want you to know that you have learned the basics of manufacturing by making the most analog plastic models. It’s an analog plastic model that competes with virtual games.

Backstage of the “Mini 4WD” birth First of all “do not fly without sounding”

― From here, I will speak as president of model maker Tamiya. Domestic plastic models reached the 60th anniversary in 18 years. Speaking of Tamiya, the MM series tanks, the 1/350 battleship Yamato, and the zero battle of 1/32 are strong, but I hear that the mini 4WD series currently occupies a large part. The Mini 4WD and the radio control also collaborated with a car company.

We also collaborate with Toyota Motor Corporation, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. and Mazda Motor Corporation. Remember the name of the car since you were a child. That is the policy of the Japanese automobile industry. Today, Toyota’s car is on display, but I think it would be nice if it helped me to leave the cars of young people.

The toy is complete, but as I mentioned earlier, the plastic model is assembled by hand. If you make a plastic model, you can also imagine the structure of the car.

― In terms of business, the part that mini 4WD occupies is growing.

Certainly, the genre of scale models such as tanks and planes is quite difficult now. But cars are doing well. The Mini 4WD is not a scale model, but a motorized four-wheel drive. Although some designs are deformed from the actual vehicle, most are fictitious designs. Run it on the course and compete for speed.

The first kit of the Mini 4WD was made more than 30 years ago. At that time, there was a four wheel drive boom in the actual car. Audi quattro became a topic, and a magazine specializing in four wheel drive also appeared. I thought, “This is the age of 4WD,” and I thought about the mini 4WD in terms of making a “running 4WD model” that is cheap for children as well.

At the time there were four-wheeled products in the radio controlled car, but the children were too expensive to get out of their way. Because only 10,000 yen or more and 20,000 yen or more were all included in the transmitter alone. That’s why everyone was watching with their fingers. Therefore, the mini 4WD was made by thinking “What is the 4WD that children can afford?” Originally Tamiya had a track record of making slot racing cars around the Showa 40 and selling them around the world, so it was a hand to make a model of a running car.

― You targeted children.

However, when I actually sold it, it did not ring and did not fly. I can not sell enough to be disappointed. I received advice from a famous animator J. Otsuka Yasuo (editorial note: animator who also worked on “Lupin III”) and I made a comical mini 4 wheel drive, but this was also a small hit.

After trial and error, I specialized in speed and sold explosively. There was a collaboration with Shogakkan’s “Corokoro Comic”, but I realized that what children are looking for is speed. So I made a dedicated course and started to have a competition. Then the children devise a lot to speed up. Make the body cover as thin and light as possible, or make the chassis heavier so that stability is achieved at the corners. I thought the child was a play genius. So the big boom came over the end of the Showa era and two times of about 6 and 7 years of Heisei.

In Southeast Asia ‘Dash!
― I remember that well. The children who played with the mini 4WD at that time are now fathers in their 30s and 40s.

The father is doing mini 4WD with the child again. It is now only about this mini-shikakeri that father teaches manufacturing to children. Besides, recently, it is said that mother and daughter are together and they enjoy mini 4WD with family. I am glad to see the whole family coming to the competition.

The Mini 4WD has gone through a few booms and is now in a stable period. The main customers are from elementary school students to fathers in their 30s and 40s. Tamiya holds an All-Japan Championship called “Japan Cup” every year as a mini 4WD competition, but in addition to that, it is carrying out mini 4WD events in cooperation with large shopping malls, electronics retailers and car dealers. You It may be because it is judged that it is an excellent event that gathers children.

Mini 4WD is also strong overseas. Southeast Asia ‘Dash! Some of the animes on the 4th Series have been aired and are popular in Indonesia, Hong Kong, etc. Recently, offers from New Zealand and the United States have come. It is a feeling that the Mini 4WD is taking over the world.

“The ideal teaching materials” programming robot
― This time, I saw an exhibition of “programming robots” for children who learn programming through manufacturing. This is a new attempt.

As you can see from the name Shizuoka Model Teaching Material Association, originally, for the manufacturer of Shizuoka, model teaching materials have been used since ancient times. Tamiya has also been working on a series of educational materials for children called the “Fun Crafting Series”. Solar cars and centipede robots are still selling hit products.

This programming robot was designed in line with the need for programming education in elementary schools from 2020. The latest one is equipped with a microcomputer board for education, and can be controlled and operated from a PC. I think this robot is an ideal teaching material that you can learn programming while having fun. The kit that Tamiya has recently released is a little expensive at around 10,000 yen, but contains an electronic board. I do not know how much it sells, but has received high praise from overseas buyers.

― When listening to the story like this, the direction of the new plastic model can be seen in a vague manner.

As I said earlier, I think that the Japanese manufacturing tradition starts with making plastic models. Mini 4WD is used in school classes in Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc. However, in Japan, unfortunately, it is said that things from certain manufacturers can not be used for classes.

The plastic model also helps children’s education and fosters imagination. At the same time, I will teach you the basics of manufacturing and cutting, scraping, and assembling. I will do my best to offer new plastic models in a new era. I would like to make Dewa “the age of plastic model counterattack”.

What image do you want?
― Lastly, Tamiya, who has many unique talented employees, what kind of people are you looking for now?

It doesn’t matter at all which school you are out of. Anyway people who like models and plastic models are good. Recently, people who have changed jobs from other companies such as automobile companies are also active.

I often say to new employees that “I can quit as soon as Tamiya gets tired”. Because if you don’t think that job is interesting, you can not do a good job after all. Right?

I don’t care about my academic background, but I would like to get a university if I can. Education is helpful when teaching your subordinates. General education subjects I studied at university are still useful. Natural science theory. University is not just about taking credits. After all study is good.

Author profile
Noboru Kobayashi
Freelance writer, editor. Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1957. After graduating from university, worked at a publisher. “The work of the Tamiya model” (paperback edition, Shunsaku Tamiya), “The Legendary Plamoya” (the paperback edition, Shunsaku Tamiya), “The Japan plastic model 亡” (Hiroshi Ida), “The 50th History of the Japanese plastic model” (Japan) Involved in editing the plastic model industrial cooperative edition), “Shizuoka model whole history” (Shizuoka model teaching material cooperative edition). A recent book is “Nippon plastic model sixty-year history” (Munharu Shinsho).

Source in Japanese language: ITmedia

Mr. Shunsaku Tamiya: “I will convey the pleasure of making plastic models to children”

Reporter: Kim Hyungwon

The plastic industry, which is one of the representative products of Kidult, is suffering from the aging of the main consumer segment and the slow new generation inflow rate.

According to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, shipments of plastic shipped to 47.5 billion yen (518.4 billion won) due to the boom of the Gundam and mini4WD in the 1980s declined to 15 billion yen (163.7 billion won) in 2013.

In January 2018, a Japanese modeling company, which exported plastic models through Habeko, Hasegawa, etc., was hurt by the bankruptcy filing of Hobbico, which operated an American level (Revell) modeling company. Japanese model makers are also acknowledging that the current market situation is at the edge of the crisis.

TAMIYA Shunsaku (Toshinori Tama, 84) Chairman TAMIYA said, “It is important to convey the joy of making models to children.” It is the most effective way to save the stagnant market due to the aging of the consumer segment by actively informing the children about the attractiveness of the model.

Chairman Tamiya Shunsaku Tamiya. / Hyungwon Kim

Tamiya is a model company specialized in mini dune in Korea. The company has been leading the Japanese plastic industry in the late 1980s, mid 1990s, and 2008 with three mini-cars boom.

Tamiya is a representative of the industry, including representatives of the Shizuoka model textbook cooperative, and is regarded as a “model of the plastic model” and a “living model legend”.

According to Tamiya, President Shunsaku invited more than 5,200 students from Shizuoka Prefecture to Shizuoka Habibo Shrine from May 8th to 12th, setting the day when only elementary, middle and high school students can enter. “This is the first time a student has been allowed to enter the Harvey show,” said a plastic industry official.

The Shizuoka Habibo Show is the world’s largest model exhibition with a 60-year history since 1959. Tamiya leads the Harvey Show as an industry leader. The Twin Messe Exhibition Hall, where Harvey Show is held, was led by Chairman Shunsaku Tamiya to expand the exhibition space. During the Habi Show, we open our headquarters building in Shizuoka to open a radio-controlled car and a mini-car tournament to encourage family visits with children.

“The pleasure of making is the essence of the model, and the industry must strive to promote this joy,” said Tamiya.

The Tamiya Plastic Model Factory, operated by Tamiya, is being used as a forward base for conveying to the public the “joy of making” emphasized by Tamiya President and making younger generations interested in model products.

Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Seoul Yangjae Branch. / Hyungwon Kim

Chairman Tamiya Shunsaku says “Game” and “YouTube” are the biggest competitors in the industry. Children spend more time on games and YouTube than on toys or models.

“There are statistics that 70% of the local children have not experienced the plastic model,” said Tamiya. “There is a lot of fun in creating a model for the parents who have experienced the mini-car boom. “He said.

“The model factory is a store where children and parents visit together,” said Tamiya. “The experience of modeling the children is a result of increasing the number of new generation consumers.

It is a great achievement to have a day that only children can enter the Harvey show. “It was successful to invite students from elementary school to high school students,” said Tamiya. “We were delighted to see how the model was produced and how it was created and enjoyed. I was delighted to see him showing interest. ”

2019 Elementary school student visited Shizuoka Hobby Show. On the first day of the show, Tamiya invited children for free and delivered the pleasure of making the model to the new generation. / Shizuoka model text cooperative provided

“The game is fun, but there are analog elements in the model that are not in the game,” said Shimano, president of Tamiya Shunsaku.

Chairman Tamiya argued that the model was the basis of Japanese manufacturing. He said, “Children will learn how to use correct tools such as cutters and drivers by making plastic models, and learn the ability to concentrate on assembly manuals.” By assembling a plastic model, I know the structure of the actual vehicle. ”

◇ Overcome the economic recession with the export of Tamiya, the quality of the business

Japanese plastic industry was reduced to one-third of the boom in the 1980s, , But Tamiya’s sales are growing backwards.

Sales of Tamiya increased slightly from 10.6 billion yen (115.6 billion won) in 2014 to 11 billion yen (120 billion won) in 2018.

Chairman Tamiya Shunsaku says his sales increase is due to “export”. “Currently, about 60% of Tamiya’s sales come from overseas markets,” said Tamiya. Although the size of the Japanese model market has shrunk, it has been able to maintain its growth thanks to its focus on exports.

According to Tamiya, Tamiya has worked for more than 50 years in overseas markets, such as participating in the world’s largest toy show “Nuremberg Toy Show (Spielwaren Messe)” in Germany. In recent years, following Europe and North America,

“Every market is not going to be successful,” Tamiya said. “In recent years, only advanced nations have been able to survive in Belgium, Greece and Spain and have strong economies.”

“For the model industry to succeed, quality is the most fundamental,” says Tamiya. If the consumer does not acknowledge it, it can not continue business.

He cited ‘consumer communication’ as the next most important factor in quality. Explain that making the models appealing to the consumers and making the products that the consumers want is the basic and basis for maintaining the model business.

On the other hand, the Japanese model industry is focusing on the character business using animation contents. Bandai Spirits and Kotobukiya have a high portion of sales of character products.

Chairman Shunsaku Tamiya said, “We are not interested in the character business,” he said, concentrating on the priority issues of the company, such as quality management and influx of new generations.

Source in Korean language: iT Chosun

Tamiya & TOYOTA GAZOO Racing collaboration cap

Join the Target RC Race and GET the Original Collaboration Cap!
TGR (TOYOTA GAZOO Racing) working on Toyota’s motor sports activities supports junior and female RC drivers! Held “TGR JJ Grand Prix” targeting juniors and women at targeted RC events. We will present an original collaboration cap to all the players who used the Toyota car body. Race in TOYOTA bodies such as Yaris WRC and GR Supra, which will be released in the future, and try to get premium items!

Target RC event
July 21 Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix in MEGAWEB (Odaiba Mega Web)
Scheduled for August Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix Tokyo Tournament (Gotanda TOC)
September 8 Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix in MEGAWEB (Odaiba Mega Web)
September will Tamiya RC car Grand Prix Kakegawa tournament (Tamiya Kakegawa circuit)
September scheduled Tamiya RC car Grand Prix Aichi tournament (Nagoya Garden Pier Lingang Midorien)
October will Tamiya RC car Grand Prix Kansai tournament (Kobe Harborland umie MOSAIC before)

※ MEGAWEB in tournament Junior Grand Prix, Women’s Grand Prix are eligible.
※ For details , please check the event information (restricted by RC – Japanese pages) that will be released sequentially in Tamiya HP.

A final race will also be held at Fuji Speedway!
A final race of the TGR JJ Grand Prix will also be held at the TGRF (TOYOTA GAZOO Racing FESTIVAL) site held at Fuji Speedway in December 2019. It will be a fun race event for junior and female RC drivers. Recruitment guidelines will be announced as soon as they are decided.

Photos and contents of Tamiya Vintage RC Car Museum 2 book

A sequel to the popular “TAMIYA Vintage RC Car Museum” is now available.

This time, the Tamiya RC cars, which appeared in 1992-2000, are covered almost entirely (some models are not listed).
As in the last time, all photos are taken down.
In addition, all box art of the machine which appears this time.
It has become a highly informative document that shows the history of Tamiya-made touring cars, which has become a major boom in the 1990s.
It is hoped that you can feel the “toring car enthusiastic era” Ibuki that shows the enthusiasm as if it was scorchingly heated from the various machines listed in this book, at circuits around the country.

※ “Jordan 191 (F101)” released in November 1991, which could not be posted on the previous “TAMIYA Vintage RC Car Museum”, is now available.

In addition, “McLaren MP / 4 Honda (F102)” published in the previous work has been ommited.


P008 …… Lotus 107B Ford
P014 …… Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI
P020 …… Mitsubishi Pajero Metal Top Wide
P028 …… Rover Mini Cooper
P032 …… Fiat Abarth 1000TCR Berrina Corsa
P038 …… KURE Nismo GT-R
P044 …… Calsonic Skyline GT-R
P050 …… Rover Mini Cooper Racing
P056 …… Wild Willy 2
P062 …… Ferrari 360 Modena Challenge
P071 …… Jordan 191
P070 …… Bush Devil
P072 …… Williams FW 14 Renault
P074 …… Stadium Blitzer
P075 …… Mercedes Benz 190E Evolution II AMG
P076 …… Nissan R91 CP (’92 Daytona winning car)
P077 …… Super Blackfoot
P078 …… Toyota Hilux 4WD Mountain Rider
P080 …… Ford Escort RS Cosworth
P081 …… Schnitzer BMW M3 Sport Evolution
P082 …… Footwork FA13 Infinite Honda
P083 …… Concolor 4WD
P084 …… Dynastorm 2 WD
P086 …… Lancia Delta HF Integral (’92 WRC Champion Car)
P088 …… Benetton B192
P089 …… Toyota Celica GT-FOUR RC (Rally Competition) ’92 WRC Driver’s Champion Car
P090 …… Axia Skyline GT-R Gr.A
P091 …… Blitzer Beetle
P092 …… Idemitsu MOTION infinite civic
P094 …… Dyna Blaster 2 WD
P096 …… Super Hornet
P097 …… Michelin pilot Ford Escort RS Cosworth
P098 …… Castrol Celica (Toyota Celica GT-FOUR RC) (’93 Monte Carlo Rally winning car)
P099 …… Sauver C12
P100 …… Toms Levin
P101 …… Jack’s Civic (’93 All Japan Touring Car Championship Class 3 Champion Car)
P102 …… Toyota Prerunner
P103 …… Blitz Toyota Supra Gr. N
P104 …… Newman Haas K Mart Texaco Laura T93 / 00 Ford (’93 Indy Car World Series Champion Car)
P106 …… About the TOPIC 1 formula chassis
P108 …… Renault Clio Williams
P110 …… AMG Mercedes-Benz C Kura DTM · D2
P111 …… HKS Nissan Skyline GT-R Gr.A
P112 …… Jeep Wrangler
P113 …… Feller 412 T1
P114 …… Ford Mondeo BTCC
P115 …… Promarkt Zak Speed ​​AMG Mercedes C Class DTM
P116 …… Chevy S-10
P117 …… Layall Hogan Motorola Laura T94 / 00 Honda
P118 …… Castrol Nissan Primera JTCC
P119 …… Opel Calibra V6 DTM
P120 …… Calsonic Nissan Primera JTCC
P122 …… Daytona Thunder
P124 …… Isuzu mu
P126 …… M1205 Hummer
P128 …… Loctite Skyline GT-R · N1
P130 …… HKS Opel Vectra JTCC
P131 …… Dart Slasher
P132 …… Ford F-150
P133 …… Volkswagen Golf VR6
P134 …… Toyota Celica GT-FOUR
P135 …… Toyota Toms Exc. JTCC
P136 …… Nismo Clarion GT-R LM ’95 Le Mans participation car
P138 …… Alpine A110
P140 …… Ford SVT Mustang Cobra R
P141 …… Castrol Toyota Toms Supra GT
P142 …… BMW 318i STW
P143 …… Street Devil
P144 …… Taisan Porsche 911 GT2
P146 …… About the TOPIC 2 TA series
P148 …… Volkswagen Beetle
P150 …… Honda S800 Racing
P151 …… Repsol Ford Escort RS Cosworth
P152 …… Honda CR-V
P153 …… Williams Renault FW 18
P154 …… Eunos Roadster
P156 …… Audi A4 STW
P158 …… Volvo 850 BTCC
P159 …… Fighter buggy RX
P160 …… Peer Accord VTEC
P161 …… Alfa Romeo GTA
P162 …… Opel Calibra Cliff
P163 …… Martini Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI
P164 …… Jack’s Accord
P165 …… King Blackfoot
P166 …… Porsche 911 GT1
P168 …… F103 RX chassis kit
P169 …… Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI Bosch
P170 …… Honda S-MX lowdown
P171 …… Porsche Boxster
P172 …… Pia Nakajima Reinard 97D
P173 …… Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV
P174 …… Toyota Celica GT-FOUR ’97 Monte Carlo
P175 …… Mercedes Benz SLK
P176 …… Nissan R390 GT1
P178 …… Brazing Star
P179 …… Mad Bull
P180 …… Volkswagen Golf V5
P181 …… avex children’s dream infinite NSX
P182 …… Porsche 911 Carrera
P183 …… Opel Vectra STW
P184 …… Subaru Impreza WRC
P185 …… Peugeot 406 ST
P186 …… Ferrari F 310 B
P187 …… Pia Porsche 911
P188 …… Ford Escort WRC
P189 …… Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV Monte Carlo specification
P190 …… About TOPIC 3 TA03 series
P192 …… Toyota Corolla WRC
P194 …… Baja Champ
P196 …… Mobil 1 NSX
P197 …… Ford SVT F-150 Lightning
P198 …… Peugeot 306 Maxi WRC
P200 …… Pen’s oil Nismo GT-R
P201 …… Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V WRC
P202 …… Subaru Impreza WRC
P203 …… Ford Mustang Cobra R
P204 …… TA03R-TRF special chassis kit
P206 …… Toyota GT-One TS020
P208 …… Juggernaut (Ford F-350)
P210 …… Porsche 911 GT1 ’98 Le Mans winning car
P211 …… Castrol infinite NSX
P212 …… Wagon R RR
P213 …… McLaren Mercedes MP4 / 13
P214 …… Honda S2000
P216 …… Penzoil Nismo GT-R (R34)
P218 …… Toyota Altezza
P219 …… BMW M Roadster
P220 …… Ford Focus WRC
P221 …… Mercedes CLK CLK-GTR Original Taille
P222 …… TA03R-S TRF special chassis kit
P224 …… Alfa Romeo 156 Racing Italy Super Touring Car Championship Specifications
P225 …… Audi R8R
P226 …… Stadium Raider
P228 …… Toyota Celica
P229 …… Peugeot 206 WRC
P230 …… Toyota Aristo
P231 …… Blitzer Beetle Chrome Metallic Special
P232 …… Toyota GT-One TS020 ’99
P233 …… Raybrik NSX ’99
P234 …… Calsonic Skyline GT-R (R34)
P235 …… Juggernaut 2 (Ford F-350)
P236 …… Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI WRC
P238 …… F103 LM-TRF special chassis kit
P239 …… Subaru Impreza (German German Rally Championship Winner)
P240 …… Mercedes Benz CLK DTM 2000 Team D2
P241 …… Toyota bB
P242 …… TA04 PRO
P244 …… Reibrik NSX (2000 specifications)
P246 …… About the TOPIC 04 M chassis

Source: RC World Magazine