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Tamiya wins for the third time the ISTC Class IFMAR World Championship with TRF 416 and Marc Rheinhard

Championship Round 1.
A crash immediately followed after the start which gave fifth placed driver Hirosaka the chance to go on and claim first position with Hara also claiming 4th. TRF drivers Marc Rheinard, Viktor Wilck, and Jilles Groskamp finished 5th, 6th, and 8th respectively.

Championship Round 2.
From start to finish Hara and Marc both kept their cool with both going on to finish the race as they started with Hara claiming 4th. Jilles finished 9th and Victor 10th.

Championship Round 3.
After the previous exciting rounds, it made for an edge of your set exciting final round leaving Marc only one more win away to claim the World Championships! During the race Hara was leading the race with Marc snapping at his tail. Soon after with some very slick driving by Marc, he passed Hara and set up for an intense finish. Soon after the unthinkable happened, CRASH! Hara crashed, which in turn gave Marc the World Championship. Victor finished 3rd, Jilles 8th, Hara 5th, and Hirosaka 10th.

Congratulations to the TRF team for winning the World Championship Title!

Furthermore current World Champion Marc Rheinard along with TRF team mates Viktor Wilck, and Jilles Groskamp will be at Tamiya Fair on November 22 and 23 at the Twin Messe in Shizuoka City and will compete in the GP World Champion division. Come on down and check out the techniques used by world champions.

Final Overall results
1. Marc Rheinard (Tamiya/SpeedPassion) – 19pts
2. Ronald Volker (HB/LRP) – 18pts
3. Masami Hirosaka (Yokomo/Nosram) – 17pts
4. Atsushi Hara (HB/Team Orion) – 17pts
5. Elliot Harper (Xray/Nosram) – 15pts
6. Viktor Wilck (Tamiya/SpeedPassion) – 13pts
7. Andy Moore (HB/Team Orion) – 10pts
8. Hayato Matsuzaki (HB/LRP) – 9pts
9. Meen Vejrak (Xray/LRP) – 7pts
10. Jilles Groskamp (Tamiya/SpeedPassion) – 6pts

New Items at the Tamiya-Fair, November 22.-23.

(Only new items not already covered by previous Tamiyablog entries are listed below)

58423 1/10 Super Clod Buster Chrome Edition (Chrome version of 58321)
57782 1/10 XB Mitsubish Pajero Metaltop Wide (Finished version of 49490)
57785 1/10 XB Hotshot (Finished version of 58391)
84059 1/10 XB Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Car 2008 (Limited Edition)
55102 Tamiya LF Racing LF2200-6.6V battery

55103 Tamiya LF 6.6V DC battery charger

55104 Tamiya LF Racing LF2200-6.6V battery & LF 6.6V DC battery charger
84064 1/10 Mini Cooper S 2006 Lightweight Body Parts Set (Limited Edition)
84065 1/10 Raybrig NSX 2007 Lightweight Body Parts Set (Limited Edition)
54131 Front Upright for DB01 WO Assembly Universal Shaft
54137 TB-03D Aluminum Rear Upright (1 Degree)
54139 Touring Car Body/Accessory Parts Set

Static Models:
16034 1 /6 Yamaha Midnight Special XS1100LG (re-release of 16017, probably w/Cartograf decals)
24312 1/24 Calsonic IMPUL GT-R (R35)
26536 1/48 German Sd.Kfz.250/3 “Greif” w/Figure (Finished Model) (finished version of 32550)
32562 1/48 British Small Army Car 10HP Tilly
61106 1/48 F-16C/N Agressor/Adversary
61105 1/48 Avro Lancaster B Mk.I / III (re-release 0f 61020, probably with improvements)
61081 1/48 Focke-Wulf Fw190 D-9 JA44 (re-release)
35024 1/35 British Tank Mk.II Matilda (re-release)
xxxxx 1/25 British ChieftainTank (Static Version) (re-release of 30608)
30614 1/25 British Centurion Tank Mk.III (Static Version) (re-release)

78021 1/350 Japanese Navy Cruiser Mogami
xxxxx 1/48 U.S. 2 1/2 Ton 6×6 Cargo Truck (Finished Model)(Finished version of 32548)

xxxxx 1/48 German Steyr Type 1500A/01 (Finished Model)(Finished version of 32549)
xxxxx 1/48 German Steyr Typ 1 1500A Kommandeurwagen (Finished Model)(Finished version of 32553)
xxxxx 1/48 U.S. M20 Armored Utility Car (Finished Model)(Finished version of 32556)
xxxxx 1/48 U.S. M8 Greyhound (Finished Model)(Finished version of 32555)

Mini 4WD:
15384 Bumperless N-03/T-03 Units w/LED Unit (Red)
15390 Fluorine Coated Gear Shaft (Straight, 2pcs.)
15394 FRP Multi Roller Setting Stay
15392 Mass Damper Set
15389 Mini 4WD Multipurpose Case
15388 Narrow Reston Sponge Tires (Black)
94675 Dash-2 Burning Sun (Finished Model) (Finished version of 18628)
94677 Reinforced VS Chassis (Red) (Lim.Ed.) (red version of 94656/94657)
18629 Tridagger XX
19303 Buck Blader (re-release)
19507 Astro Boomerang (re-release)

64347 Tamiya Catalogue 2009 (Scale Model Version)

87100 Tamiya Epoxy Cement
87101 Tamiya CA Cement (Disposable Type)