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3 years minus 24 hours

Photo from our visit to the Nuremberg Toy Fair 10 years ago

The Nuremberg Toy Fair has always been the highlight of the year for us. Not only to see and report on the new Tamiya releases, but also to meet each other and the kind people from our beloved brand. We have been going every year since 2008, but due to the pandemic the show was cancelled in 2021 and 2022, so our excitement and happiness is even higher this year and many very interesting releases are expected to be presented, see some of them here and here. We will also be doing some live video streams on our Facebook page, so stay tuned and see you soon.

Tamiya RC Live – Tamiya Grand Prix Concours d’Elegance winning works, Grand Prix Kakegawa Tournament and Tamiya RC history

Introducing the 2022 Tamiya Grand Prix Concours d’Elegance winning works and Tamiya RC history!
You can see all at once, from works that are particular about fine details to unique works! ・Tamiya RC history introduces the RC released in 1999. “TA03R-S-TRF Special Chassis Kit” and “Mercedes CLK-GTR Original Tire”, which incorporates 28 OP parts for TA03R-S, and “Alfa Romeo 156 Racing”, which was active in CIS in Italy, will appear.

Introducing the New Year Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix Kakegawa Tournament and Tamiya RC History!
We deliver the “New Year Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix Kakegawa Tournament” held at Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit on Sunday, January 15th. Lunchbox and Midnight Pumpkin! Please also pay attention to the “CW-01 Challenge” where big tire machines run fiercely. ・Tamiya RC history introduces the RC released in 1999. “Stadium Raider” with plenty of American mood, “Audi R8R” that won the 1999 Le Mans 24 Hours endurance race, and “Toyota Celica” are here!

Tamiya live videos – Holiday Meeting Rally, BLOCKHEAD Meeting, Tamiya RC History, Mini 4WD Station Challenge and more

Introduction of Holiday Meeting “Rally”, BLOCKHEAD MEETING and Tamiya RC History!
・Introducing the “Holiday Meeting “Rally”” held at Tamiya Circuit on Saturday, January 21st. Many rally machines run fast on on-road and off-road courses! ・Please see the “BLOCKHEAD MEETING” venue held at Tamiya Circuit on Sunday, January 22nd. The parade run of only WILD ONE BLOCKHEAD MOTORS is a masterpiece! ・Tamiya RC history introduces the RC released in 1999. “Honda S2000”, “Toyota Altezza” that won the 1998 Japan Car of the Year, and “Penzoil Nismo GT-R (R34)” that was active in JGTC will appear.

Introducing the New Year Tamiya Grand Prix Kakegawa Tournament and Tamiya RC History!
・ We will introduce the pattern of the “New Year Tamiya Grand Prix in Kakegawa” race held at Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit on Saturday, January 14th. 112 participants! Please pay attention to the hot race of the “Touring GPX2023” class, which recorded the highest number of entries in this tournament! ・Tamiya RC history introduces the RC released in 1999. You can see the “BMW M Roadster” and “Ford Focus WRC” modeled on open 2-seater sports cars, and the “Wild Wheelie 2” where anyone can enjoy wheelie driving with a renewed chassis

TAMIYA Mini4wd LIVE(January, 2023)
This time on Mini 4WD LIVE, we take a look at the Mini 4WD Station Challenge 1st ROUND races, which start in February and are run by stores taking part in the Mini 4WD Station program here in Japan.There will also be live action from the Tokyo leg of the Mini 4WD Grand Prix 2023 at Shinagawa Seaside, the full-size Aero Avante in ADVAN colors, a feature on the 3rd anniversary of the “Chosoku Grand Prix” smart device game, and more!

A second life – The Tamiya Bullhead

We bought this original 1991 Bullhead used at a fair price. Many parts were missing, the body had various extra holes for lamps and attachments. On the other side, it wasn’t broken. Instead of the original chrome rims, old white dirty rims from the Clodbuster were installed. We disassembled the chassis into all individual parts, cleaned all parts and then reassembled them. We stripped the bodywork and then sealed all the superfluous holes with ABS plates. A lot of work with putty and sanding followed before the body could be primed and painted. We chose mica blue (Tamiya TS-50) as the color. Finally, several coats of clear coat (Tamiya TS-13) followed. Missing and defective chrome parts were replaced with new parts from rere-Bullhead. The old white rims were dyed with yellow fabric paint and then painted wet-on-wet with yellow (TS-16) and camel yellow (TS-34). The aim was to match the color of the yellow fabric dampers. The previous owner had built custom exterior mirrors and a lift kit for the rear axle out of metal. We wanted to use these nice parts again and therefore derusted, ground and polished them. Finally, the USA flag should be mounted. Here we didn’t like Tamiya’s solution to attach the flag directly to the bracket. With the help of a stabilizer part from the rere-Fox, an aluminum antenna holder and a black antenna tube, we built a flagpole so that the flag now forms a nice finish for the rear. We’re happy to have given this bullhead after more than 30 years a second life and hope you like it as much as we do.

Tamiya 92441 Mini 4WD ADVAN Aero Avante Limited presented at Tokyo Auto Salon 2023

Product details
■ Tamiya’s traditional aero mini 4WD series and Yokohama Rubber’s ADVAN have collaborated to introduce a special mini 4WD “ADVAN Aero Avante Limited”
■ Yokohama Rubber’s traditional ADVAN colors, which are active in the motor sports scene, are reproduced with original stickers.
■ Super hard small-diameter, low-height tires (black) with white-printed “ADVAN” and “YOKOHAMA” logos, the same as racing slick tires
■ White-colored 5-spoke wheels
■ ABS chassis (red), ABS body (smoked color) )
■ Low-friction resin A parts (gear cover, black)
■ Single shaft (single shaft) motor, 13mm plastic roller, gear ratio 3.5:1

Source: TEA-League