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Tamiya TRX420X world premiere special details of the new chassis, introduction of available optional parts of Astute 2022 and Tamiya RC History 28

Tamiya New Chassis World First Release Special
Details of the new chassis will be released, optional parts that can be used for Astute 2022 scheduled to be released in March will be introduced, and Tamiya RC History 28 !!
・ Details of the new Tamiya chassis will be announced in 2022. Don’t miss the world premiere and new model information! ・ Introducing optional parts that can be used for “Astute 2022” scheduled to be released in March 2022! In addition, you can see “Astute MS” created by Tamiya Maezumi. ・ In Tamiya RC History “28”, we will introduce “Williams FW14 Renault”, “Stadium Blitzer”, and “Top Force 4WD Evolution” released in 1992.
Cast: Tamiya Satoshi Maezumi, Riku Sunahara, Takayuki Kono

Tamiya RC Live January / February introducing new products, Tamiya RC History 26 & 27 and introducing the 2021 Tamiya Grand Prix Concours d’Elegance winning machines

Tamiya RC January / February Introducing new products and Tamiya RC History 26! Twitter posting project “#Tam Abba FestivalResults announced !!
・ Introducing new Tamiya RC products scheduled to be released in January and February 2022. “Lotus Europa Special”, “1992 Audi V8 Suring”, “Saint Dragon”, “MAN TGX 26.540 6×4 XLX”, “1990 Land Rover Defender 90”, etc. are now available! ・ Tamiya RC History “26” is still a popular genre. Introducing the original “Nissan Skyline GT-R NISMO” of the touring RC car. You can also see “Top Force 4WD”, the 100th Tamiya RC car, and “Bush Devil” released in 1992. ・ Twitter posting project “” held in December 2021#Tam Abba FestivalWe will announce excellent works.
Cast: Tamiya Satoshi Maezumi, Riku Sunahara, Akihiro Ohata

Introducing the 2021 Tamiya Grand Prix Concours d’Elegance winning machine and Tamiya RC History 27!
・ Introducing the Concours d’Elegance winning machines at each Tamiya Grand Prix tournament held in 2021. Don’t miss the machine with unique coloring! ・ The Twitter posting project currently being held “#Tamiya RC Condele 2Introducing some of the announcements and submitted works. ・ In Tamiya RC History << 27 >>, we will introduce the “Renown Charge Mazda 787B 91 Le Mans Winner”, which was the first Japanese car to win the Le Mans 24-hour endurance race in 1991. You can also see the RC cars of “Jordan 191” and “McLaren MP4 / 6 Honda”, which became the driving force behind the popularity of the FIRC car series.
Cast: Tamiya Satoshi Maezumi, Riku Sunahara, Akihiro Ohata

Future release Tamiya 47480 M-08R Chassis

Our popular M chassis series welcomes a new addition: this time, the M08R chassis kit. This chassis uses various types of optional parts such as ball differentials and CVA oil dampers to get you ready to race ball differentials and CVA oil dampers to get you ready to race.

About the model
– Use 5x11mm hard hex head ball connectors to increase suspension
– Stickers and exclusive carrying case are also provided.
– Compatible with M-07 Concept Hop-Up option parts such as aluminium rear uprights (item 54781) and aluminium rear suspension mount (item 54760) and M-08 Concept Hop-Up Option parts such as aluminium front suspension mount (0°) (item 54907), aluminium steering arms (L/R) (Item 54891) and aluminium steering bridge (Item 54892).

– 42143: 4 mm aluminium sprocket nut (4 pcs/blue).
– 42357: Cross seals for low friction universal joint axles
– 51000: High torque servo saver (black)
– 53509: 0.6 aluminium pinion gear with hard fluorine coating (20T/F201)
– 53642: 5mm aluminium ball connector (blue)
– 53823: Aluminium clamp type wheel hub (5 mm thick)
– 53851: 46 mm titanium coated suspension axle shafts, 2 pcs.
– 53917: 2.6 mm titanium-coated suspension axle kit
– 53968: Ball head socket with hard hexagon head, 5×5 mm (5 pcs.)
– 54183: Reinforced freewheel axle set with M chassis
– 54868: 5 mm open face reinforced adjusters (medium/8 pcs.) 54869: Reinforced open face reinforced adjusters 5mm (medium/8 pcs.)
– 54869: 5 mm open face reinforced adjusters (long/8 pcs.) 54869: 5 mm open face reinforced adjusters (long/8 pcs.)
– 54906: M-08 Concept aluminium axle set
– 54969: 33 mm lightweight aluminium pivot shafts (2 pcs.)

Required accessories
– Remote control with receiver, steering servo, 7.2 V NiMH battery pack, charger, paint for polycarbonate body.
– 540 motor, electronic speed controller, tyres, etc.

Future release Tamiya 58701 Opel Calibra V6 Cliff (TT-01E)

While the item number was known to us here more than a month ago, now we have the full details:

Tamiya welcomes the Opel Calibra V6 Cliff R/C model based on the TT01 Type-E chassis. The Opel Calibra V6 Cliff participated in the 1995 German Touring Car Championship (DTM) series race. Introduced by Joest Racing with driver JJ. Lehto, the car was powered by a 2.5-litre engine V6 engine capable of 420 hp. The distinctive all-black bodywork with the Cliff logo caught people’s attention, and this car showed strength in the DTM.

About the model
– This is a 1/10 scale R/C model assembly kit. Length: 448 mm, width: 185 mm, height: 128 mm. Wheelbase: 257 mm.
– The bulky 1990s shape of the Calibra V6 is stylishly captured by a lightweight, rigid polycarbonate (clear) body with separate side mirrors and a rear spoiler.
– The model uses the shaft-driven TT-01 E-Type 4WD TT-01 chassis, which is based on a durable tub cockpit frame and offers an intuitive, highly controllable drive.
– It features a 4-wheel double wishbone suspension system, and rear differential gears to produce excellent handling.
– Silver ABS, concave wheels are matched with slick racing tyres.
– Comes with decals and masking stickers for use on the paint job.

– Length: 448 mm, width: 185 mm, height: 128 mm, wheelbase: 257 mm.
– Encapsulated 4WD all-wheel drive
– prototypical unpainted polycarbonate body
– Plastic side mirrors and rear spoiler
– Powerful “Torque-Tuned” 540 electric motor
– Independent front and rear suspension
– Electronic speed controller
– Many optional tuning parts available

Necessary accessories
-Remote control with receiver, steering servo, 7.2 V
-NiMH battery pack, charger, paint for polycarbonate body (TAMIYA-PS)

Paisen RC (Satoshi Maezumi) driving the Tamiya 58687 Escort MkII Rally MF-01X in the snowy mountains

Thank you for watching ☆ ★ This time I ran an RC car on a snowy mountain ☆ ★ Shizuoka was a fresh experience because it is hard to accumulate snow ♪ It was fun alone, but doing it with many people It looks like! !! After all it is cold in the snowy mountains and I can not talk 🤭 It is a secret that Paisen chewed 🤫 I would like to shoot in various places from now on, so if you have a recommended park or spot, please comment ☆ ★ Also, please make a request We are looking for comments, such as I want to see this video ~, I want you to go here ~, etc. 🔥 Thank you for watching ☆ ★ — Paisen RC ↓
Source: Paisen RC Mini

Review of Tamiya 58702 Subaru BRZ ZD8 TT-02

Sometimes simple is better and when it comes to a fun on-road kit to build up, Tamiya is a great company to turn to. We managed to get an early release of the new Tamiya Subaru BRZ ZD8 TT-02 Kit. The TT-02 chassis itself is not new. It’s been around for a while and has proven to be a fun build model that performs really well for it’s simple design and suspension set-up. We actually recommend the TT-02 a lot for those looking for a kit to build. Luckily there are a number of body options for TT-02 kits and here’s one more with the BRZ body. This video is a quick look at this car and how much fun it is to drive stock out of the box.
Source: RCDriver_Online

Cancellation of the Nuremberg Toy Fair Spielwarenmesse 2022

For the second year in a row it is cancelled due to the pandemic situation, we were really looking forward to it as we love being there, meeting our favourite brand and the people behind, reporting live and revealing the new releases from there, but we will stay patient and hoping for a better situation again in the near future.

Here is the official statement of the fair:

Cancellation of the physical Spielwarenmesse 2022

The toy industry has been looking forward to the world’s leading event for the sector at the beginning of February. The rapid growth of the Omicron variant in recent days, however, and the resultant increasing number of cancellations to stands, has left the organiser, Spielwarenmesse eG, with no alternative – with a heavy heart it has to cancel Spielwarenmesse 2022 in Nuremberg. As an alternative, exhibitors, specialist retailers and media representatives can meet up on the Spielwarenmesse Digital platform.

“We have fought hard to be able to hold the live event and we received strong support initially from toy markets worldwide,” says Christian Ulrich, Spokesperson of the Executive Board at Spielwarenmesse eG. A large number of suppliers without international distribution networks appealed to the organisers even in December to continue with the fair, which is so important to international business.

In the last few days, conditions have been deteriorating. Due to the rapid growth of the Omicron variant, the situation with the pandemic is now markedly different. In response to this a large number of exhibitors, out of concern for the health of their teams, cancelled their stands. The Spielwarenmesse, the leading global industry event, thus no longer looked capable of providing its customary broad overview of the international toy market. A further complication was that it was no longer possible to plan ahead with any certainty because it was possible at any time that the event could be cancelled by the authorities.

“We regret having to make this decision and are grateful to everyone who remained committed to a physical trade fair to the very end,” commented Christian Ulrich. A multifunctional platform is available both for exhibitors and for visitors: thanks to Spielwarenmesse Digital, they still have networking opportunities and the facility to discover the latest trends, within the original timetable of the trade fair.