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More future Tamiya items to be presented at JRM RC Hobby Show 2012

1/12 RC Datsun 280ZX · Street Custom (M-05Ra chassis) [tentative]

1/10 RC Jimny TamTech Gear Assembly Kit (SJ30) [tentative]

TT-01TYPE-E, TA06 of the “???” And popular vehicle!!

Vehicle assembly kit · MAN TGX26.540 trailer head 6 × 4 XLX
Scania R470
Scania R620 6 × 4
MAN TGX 18.540 4 × 2 XLX

TA06PRO Chassis Kit (specification double cardan) [tentative]

Setting board
Supplies in the pits, setting board is the appearance of six.
Available in clear and clear blue color, respectively, three types of M-05, RM-01, TA06. Illustrations of logo and stylish items chassis has been carved from the back any. Once you write the specification of the damper oil and tire type, such as a spring to chassis part of illustration, reference to the next race. Be written in permanent marker, you can if you want to clear if you use the RC, such as cleaner. Acrylic.
M-05, RM-01 is a vertical 30cm, 42cm horizontal, 0.6cm thick
TA06 is vertical 32cm, 42cm horizontal, 0.6cm thick

Future Tamiya items to be presented at JRM RC Hobby Show 2012

Sunday, October 28, 9:30 to 17:30
(Above the shop Kinshicho Marui) Bridge 3-9-10 Koto, Sumida-ku, Tokyo Sumida 8F Sunrise Industry Hall Hall
Japan Industries Association of radio control model [Sponsor]

58557 1/10 RC Willy Benz Unimog 406 (body paint), red, blue, green, yellow, four-color limit new product RC Hobby Show 2012 [tentative]

58555 1/12 RC Le Mans Mazda 787B No.18 1991 (RM-01 chassis) [tentative]

67037 KTC toolset EKB (RC)
1/10 RC TB03 Challenge Cup Set 1
1/14 RC Globe Liner full set (specification 2.4G) [tentative]
[OP] TRF Special Damper Works edition [tentative]
[OP] TRF Special Damper Works edition (for M chassis) [tentative]
56307 1/14 RC Mercedes Benz panel van truck 1850L (resale)
58429 1/10 RC Jeep Wrangler (YJ) (resale)
58384 1/10 RC Subaru Brat (resale)

Limited Sales List
84176 BMW M3 GT2 Body Parts Set lightweight 2009 (limited RC) 4,200 yen (tax included)
Happy RC BOX
67037 KTC toolset EKB (RC) 20,790 yen (tax included)
M-05 chassis (Clear Blue) / (Clear)
RM Chassis (Clear Blue) / (Clear)
TA-06 chassis (Clear Blue) / (Clear)