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Tamiya 58724 2003 Ford Focus RS Custom (TT-02 Chassis)

his kit reproduces the Ford Focus RS in the Custom livery that debuted in 1998.
In 2003, Ford Motor Co. chief engineer Christian Loriaux made various changes such as seat position, roll cage and suspension to the Ford Focus and improved aerodynamics with an updated bumper shape, position of the bonnet louvres and large rear wing and more.
The turbocharged 2-litre inline-four engine was capable of delivering 300hp and 550Nm.
This rally car secured second place in the Constructors’ Championship four times in seven years and showed its strength.
This time, the kit recreates a customised road version without sponsor logos.

Model features:
– Radio-controlled 1:10 scale assembly kit. Length: 427mm, width: 185mm, height: 145mm. Wheelbase: 257mm.
– The bodywork is made of sturdy 1mm polycarbonate that faithfully reproduces the line of the Focus. RS from 2003.
– The ABS moulded plastic parts realistically represent the side mirrors and rear wing.
– The model uses the efficient 4WD TT-02 chassis with simple construction and limited maintenance transmission.
– The white 16-spoke wheels are matched to radial racing tyres with tread.
– Comes with stickers and masking sheet for use during painting.
– RC system sold separately: ESC controller, transmitter, receiver, servo, battery and battery charger.

Tamiya RC Live – Introducing the 61st Shizuoka Hobby Show, Toyota Challenge Cup and Tamiya RC History

Introduction of the 61st Shizuoka Hobby Show, Toyota Challenge Cup Day 1 and Tamiya RC history!
・Introducing the “BLOCKHEAD MEETING” held at Sumpu Castle Park on Thursday, May 4th. Pay attention to the overwhelming number of off-road machines running all at once! ・Introducing the “61st Shizuoka Hobby Show” held at Twin Messe, Shizuoka City for 5 days from May 10th (Wednesday) to May 14th (Sunday). We will also deliver the installation view of the “BBX” and “MB-01”, which were exhibited as new products at the venue and attracted attention. ・You can see the “Toyota Challenge Cup Day 1” held on Saturday, May 13th at Nanbu Gymnasium in Shizuoka City. Also pay attention to the “WRC” class on a special circuit with a powerful big jump! ・Tamiya RC history introduces RC released from 2001 to 2002. The “Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII WRC”, which adopted the TB-01 chassis, which was popular for rally driving at the time, and the “Nissan Fairlady Z”, which became synonymous with Nissan sports cars. Please see the “Ferrari F2001” that has become a hot topic.

Introduction of Toyota Challenge Cup Day2, information on Tamiya Grand Prix All Japan Championship 2023 and Tamiya RC history!
・ We deliver the state of the Tamiya booth at “CHIMERA GAMES” held in Odaiba, Tokyo on May 20th (Sat) and 21st (Sun). The RC experience corner was a big hit with the children! ・The “Tamiya Grand Prix All Japan Championship 2023” will finally start with the “Tamiya Grand Prix All Japan Championship Okayama Tournament” on June 17, 2023. We will introduce the introduction of each holding area and strategy points. ・Introducing the “Toyota Challenge Cup Day 2” held on May 14th (Sun) at Nanbu Gymnasium in Shizuoka City. Please also pay attention to the “JJ” class, which is limited to elementary and junior high school students and women, and the “Parent-child” class, where parents and children join forces to compete! ・Tamiya RC history introduces the RC released in 2002. -Based on the Ferrari 360 Modena Challenge, which debuted at the 1999 Geneva Show as the fifth generation of the Ferrari 308, and the Toyota MR-S Racing, which first adopted the short wheelbase TA-04SS, and the Mercedes-Benz CLK. Please take a look at the “HKS CLK” developed for the 2002 JGTC.

New Tamiya Original Goods release

Tamiya 67505 Bootlace Tie

A bootlace tie that can be used for formal wear or casual occasions. This string-shaped necktie, also known as “polar tie”, “polo tie”, or “rope tie”, will be added to Tamiya’s original goods.
Until now, the image of loop ties was strong for seniors, but it is a fashion item that can be used regardless of age, as it is widely used not only in the business scene of Cool Biz, but also in casual coordination with T-shirts.
Tamiya’s loop tie has a 3 cm square metal pendant coated with the Tamiya mark with resin. The design features a small star in the background as an accent. The string is woven with black rayon and features a smooth texture. A slightly classical and fashionable item that can be used by both men and women.

《Material》Pendant part: PET, film, urethane resin Pendant base: Brass (nickel plated) Tip: Brass String: Rayon *The color of the posted image may differ slightly from the actual product.

“If there is no Shizuoka model, overseas will be in trouble” – World capital of models “is not just words”- Chairman Shunsaku Tamiya talking about the hobby industry

The 61st Shizuoka Hobby Show opened on May 10th. On the morning of the 10th, the first day of the invitation day for domestic and foreign buyers, the “living legend” who has long been a leader in the hobby industry, Shunsaku Tamiya, chairman of the Shizuoka Model Teaching Materials Cooperative Association (Chairman and President of Tamiya) will be the annual reporter. A press conference was held, and we talked about this hobby show that will be held while the effects of the new corona are settling down.

Q. What did you think when you saw the venue for this year’s hobby show?

(* 2023 will be the third time for “Elementary, Junior High and High School Students Invitation Day”).
This is a very good idea of ​​the prefectural governor (Governor Heita Kawakatsu). I thought that children in Shizuoka would come to the hobby show, but that is not the case.

Q.Is it important for the industry to have children come to hobby shows?

“Yes. It would be strange if they didn’t come. It’s more fun to come to a hobby show than to be at school.”

Q. Corona is converging, how about foreigners?

“Foreigners couldn’t come here because of Corona. We couldn’t use this venue even during Corona, but we were holding events in some way. Orders have increased since before Corona. This year, we will be able to use the (Twin Messe Shizuoka) South Building, and even after we sell, there will be exhibitions where customers will come (*The last two days of the Shizuoka Hobby Show are open to the public free of charge. That’s one of the features of the Shizuoka Hobby Show.Another feature is that the Self-Defense Forces are participating.It’s a great time to be very grateful.Only the Shizuoka Hobby Show is doing this kind of thing.”

Q. How are foreigners responding?

“Plastic model business cannot be done without Japanese products.In the past, the United Kingdom and the United States were the leading countries for plastic models, but the Japanese plastic model industry has grown larger, and many new products are being released. Everyone is happy to come to Shizuoka.”

Q. How was the industry looking back during the corona crisis?

“Corona was a tailwind for this industry. Starting in March, we (built) a new factory in Cebu, Philippines.”

Q. Was Corona a tailwind for the industry?

“It’s a tailwind.”

Q.Will this tailwind continue?

“Now, the world is in trouble without Japanese plastic models. Southeast Asia is no longer a developing country. All the Southeast Asian people are going to concentrate on Japan.”

Q. What about domestic demand?

“Of course, it’s local, so it’s the cheapest, but now in Tamiya’s market, domestic and export are half and half.”

Q. What are your ideas and directions for the industry?

“The Japanese market alone is not enough. Foreign distributors come to us and give us various ideas, so we follow them. For 50 years, we have continued to participate in hobby shows in Nuremberg (Germany). I learned a lot from hobby shows in the US, hobby shows in Europe, and hobby shows in Kensington, England.”

Q. I think, what kind of requirements are there from foreign agents?

“We also sell female figures separately. If Tamiya doesn’t do figures, it doesn’t matter. If we do that, other figure makers will get in the way.”

Q. When considering overseas demand, what are the strengths? Airplanes, tanks, cars?

“That’s not all. The ‘fun craft series’ is a modest series, but I’m doing it with the help of a professor at Shizuoka University’s Faculty of Education. Craft classes, making things with your own hands, that’s the model.”

Q. Do you want to make content with your own hands that can be used overseas?

“In Germany, when you put out a hand-made model, the Germans will say, ‘This is a real scientific model.”

Q. What do you see as the organizer?

“If there is no model of Shizuoka, it will be difficult to go abroad. The ‘world capital of models’ is not just a word. They must come. They are enjoying themselves in Shizuoka.”

Q. Look at how you are, how do you see it?

“I’m very happy about that. We’re having fun, too.”

Source in Japanese language: SBS Shizuoka Broadcasting

Detailed look into Tamiya 24364 1/24 GMA T.50 (Gordon Murray Automotive Type 50)

The GMA T.50 or Gordon Murray Automotive Type 50 is a sports car manufactured by Gordon Murray Automotive. Designed by Gordon Murray and inspired by the McLaren F1, the T.50 is powered by an all-new bespoke 3,994 cc (4.0 L) naturally aspirated V12 engine developed by Cosworth. Gordon Murray designed the McLaren F1 and Brabham BT46B, and the GMA T.50 is named for his 50-year career and his 50th design.
Tamiya has faithfully captured the GMA T.50 in every detail! It comes in 1/24 scale and is sure to attract car enthusiast aficionados and modelers alike around the world!

• 1/24 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 181mm, width: 77.1mm, height: 48.5mm (68.5mm when opening the hood).
• The V12 engine is faithfully recreated.
• A large fan at rear has realistic depictions of internal ducts to show the air flow of actual car.
• Open or closed gullwing engine hood can be chosen even after assembly. (Driver and passenger doors cannot be opened.)
• Photo-etched parts are included to depict the mesh sections of rear bumpers and are attached without using instant cement.
• The body is composed of a single, upper monocoque part onto which transparent window parts are attached individually without using cement.
• Black window frame sections are integrated with a single, upper monocoque part, which eliminates the need for masking and painting of window parts.
• Newly designed wheels are paired with treaded tires.
• Includes decals and metal transfers.

Source of video: Andy’s Hobby Headquarters

Tamiya Wild One MAX Launch Edition

The highly anticipated Tamiya Wild One MAX will be publicly unveiled this Summer, starting with a limited-run Launch Edition.

Based on the original Tamiya Wild One (58050) radio-controlled car – first released in 1985 – the Tamiya Wild One MAX Launch Edition will be relaunched as a full-scale vehicle and limited to 100 examples before other versions are released.

Developments and updates to the Wild One MAX Launch Edition

Whilst the project has taken longer than expected due to industry-wide supply delays, The Little Car Company took the time to listen to feedback from deposit holders. They spoke to the community throughout the design and development process and made upgrades based on their input, resulting in higher performance, and greater usability.

The high specification Tamiya Wild One MAX Launch Edition features Cobra bucket seats with 4-point harnesses, an IP-rated 5” digital screen with marine specification switches, Brembo disc brakes all round, and Bilstein dampers coupled with Eibach springs. The car runs on 14” Maxxis off-road tyres at the front and rear.

Small adjustments have been made to the original R/C car design for added safety and comfort. Inside, the cockpit has been made wider to accommodate two occupants in comfort, which was a consistent wish-list item when speaking with deposit holders.

The front suspension turrets have been smoothed, allowing for improved visibility and pedestrian safety, and the front suspension has been upgraded from a ‘trailing arm’ design to double wishbone. Ongoing development has now seen the car grow in size from 3.5m long (137.8”) and 1.8m (70.8”) wide, to 3.6m long (141.7”) and 1.9m wide (74.8”).

For off-road enthusiasts, ground clearance on the Wild One MAX Launch Edition is 270mm, the approach angle is 34.1 degrees, the breakover angle is 28.4 degrees, and the departure angle is 50.8 degrees. The Little Car Company has also developed an optional windscreen and wiper mechanism to make the car more practical.

The Launch Edition will be powered by eight removable battery packs, with a total capacity of 14.4kWh and top speed of approximately 60 mph (96.5 km/h). Meanwhile, the kerb weight of the vehicle is expected to be approximately 500kg. Existing deposit holders were asked if they would be interested in a road legal option for the car, and unsurprisingly, 95% said yes. The Little Car Company have therefore developed the Launch Edition to come with a road legal pack in the UK and EU under L7e quadricycle regulations*.

Ben Hedley, CEO of The Little Car Company, said: “We are absolutely thrilled to be one step closer to revealing our Tamiya Wild One MAX Launch Edition. Whilst there have undoubtedly been a few hurdles along the way with industry-wide supply issues, our team have done a tremendous job of bringing an R/C car to life at full size , and I couldn’t be prouder of them.

“I want to thank all our Tamiya deposit holder community, who have provided us with some invaluable contributions and suggestions for how we can make the Wild One MAX the best possible vehicle. We have listened to every single one of them since the first unveiling and have taken their ideas on board. Their feedback has helped us develop a new type of vehicle which illustrates that electric cars can be fun, without having to rely on brain-scrambling acceleration. By simplifying the design and reducing weight, this car is a perfect example of not requiring 500 horsepower to make an enjoyable drivers’ car. We are incredibly excited to show you the finished car and can’t wait for everyone to experience it for themselves.”

Production of the Launch Edition will commence in early 2024 and cars will be delivered to customers fully built by The Little Car Company. Offering increased size, usability and performance, the Launch Edition will take the Wild One MAX to a whole new level. Other versions offering a variety in performance are scheduled to be available at a later stage of product development.

The Little Car Company are conducting performance and durability testing over the Spring and Summer, before the car is publicly unveiled in a few months’ time, with confirmed performance figures, range and pricing.

To place a deposit, or to sign up for exclusive updates, please visit:

*L7e definition: Classification of four-wheeled heavy quadricycles designed to carry persons, with an unladen mass of no more than 450 kg (excluding batteries)

Source: The Little Car Company

Full details of 64445 Tamiya Catalog 2023 Scale Models Updated

This is an expanded version of Tamiya Catalog 2023, which contains a wide range of Tamiya’s rich lineup. “1/24 NISSAN Fairlady Z (RZ34)” and “1/48 Lockheed’s Martin F-35A Lightning II” are introduced in double-page spread photos. And, “1/24 GMA T.50”, “1/35 German Jagdpanzer IV / 70 (A)”, “1/72 Lockheed Martin F-35A”, which made the Shizuoka Hobby Show in May 2023 lively . Lightning II”, “1/12 Honda CBR1000RR-R FIREBLADE SP 30th Anniversary” and other hot products have been added to make it even more enjoyable to read. In addition, car models, motorcycle models, military models, and airplane models are posted with group shots of each genre so that you can see the difference in size depending on the scale at a glance. We also covered craft tools, paints, airbrushes, etc. that are indispensable for model making. Size 26 x 25.5 cm, total 97 pages.