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Video of the world’s largest RC competition Tamiya Challenge Cup Final Race 2018

Tamiya Finals, the annual event at the end of the year held at Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit on Saturday, December 1, 2018, held at Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit, the world’s largest all-weather RC circuit it was done. A total of 343 players who won the representation right at the TRF project shops throughout the country also gathered in Kakegawa this time. Not to mention the RC race, the team members gathered together for 2 days to enjoy it.
0:00:08 Opening ceremony
0:00:26 GT Finals 3 (D / C / B / A Main) 0:
19:00 GT Finals 50 (E / D / C / B / A Main) 0:
43:09 GT Finals 2 (G / F / E / D / C / B / A Main)
1:15:59 GT Finals Girls (C / B / A Main)
1:31:04 GT Finals 1 (F / E / D / C / B / A Main)
1:59:20 GT Finals A (C / B / A Main)
2:15:32 Victory Ceremony

Tamiya Challenge Cup Final Race 2018 Semi-endurance race against shop
0:00:05 First race (20 minutes)
0:22:11 Second race (20 minutes)
0:44:50 3rd race (20 minutes)
1:06:06 Award ceremony
Tamiya Challenge Cup Final race “Tamichare Climax 2018 “. “Tami Cha Climax” which can be said as the total race of the “Tamiya Challenge Cup” that was held over 580 tournaments throughout the country was held. With the “Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit”, the world’s largest all-weather RC circuit fit for the big race, we will aim for the project shop in Japan. We used the topic “Comical Grass Hopper” at the semi-endurance race against the popular shop every time.

Photos of Tamiya at Honda Racing Thanks Day 2018

Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Vol.3 plastic model course special edition – Tatsuya Kaneko’s scene view modelling technique

September 24, 2018 (congratulation) Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Published at Shimbashi Store
00:02:00 Let’s think about the image of the scene!
00:04:30 Easy to use with a good size “Display base”
00:06:55 Let’s draw sketches!
00:10:30 Prabang determine the height of the terrain at
00:16:20 think about the “way of showing the ground”
00:20:50 tips of frame-making by Prabang
00:30:50 styrene board in making the basis of the ground
00:40:40 Leave the texture of the soil to “scene texture paint”!
00:50:40 vehicle and fit the ground
00:53:30 vehicle layout point of considering the “highlight”
00:58:30 ★ important ★ control the psychology of “viewer” in eye-catching
01:02:03 Let’s grow “grass” with static glasses!
01:07:45 One way to use bonds for woodworking
01:15:35 When the grass grows the road can be created
01:18:30 How to sprinkle static glasses
01:20:30 secret? Kaneko flow “How to stand up the grass”
01:33:57 “The weathering master” also raises the ground reality!
01:40:00 Let’s use tools that are easy to control by myself
01:46:00 Excellent usability ” trolley set”
01:48:30 a device of “utility pole”
01:51:50 “cutter saw “Easy grain expression
02:01:35 “Runner” is a simple material of wood
02:05:45 Fixing method of tank
02:08:30 How to make a title plate
02:11:30 How to put on crawler tracks and tire marks
02:14:18 completion!

Table of contents and some more details and photos of Tamiya Vintage RC Car Museum 1976-1992 Book

Porsche Turbo RSR 934 Racing which appeared in 1976. Everything started from here. This book appeared between 1976 and March 1992, 100 machines carefully selected out of 104 machines. Each machine details and box art is posted. At that time, if you are interested in RC, there are always a number of machines remaining in a corner of memory. The charm of the vintage RC car, which can not fade even now, if you can fully enjoy this book with your heart, there is no end of joy in this.
Release date: December 18, 2018
Price: 2980 yen + Tax
※ All the cars listed in this manual were taken by Tamiya currently owned.
As a result, some fades of the body and lack of parts can be seen.
Also, the parts installed may not be original.
※ The box art of Grasshoppers, Hornet, Fox, Boomerang, Bullhead will be of reprint model.


P008 …… Porsche Turbo RSR 934 Racing
P014 …… Buggy Champ
P020 …… Wild Willy (Willis M38 Jeep)
P026 …… Mighty Frog
P032 …… Grasshopper
P038 …… Hornet
P044 …… Hot shot 4WD
P050 …… Avante 4WD
P056 …… Nissan Skyline GT-R Nismo
P062 …… McLaren MP4 / 6 Honda
P070 …… Martini Porsche 935 Turbo
P072 …… Tyrell P34 Six Wheeler (six wheeled vehicle)
P074 …… XR311 Combat buggy
P076 …… Lamborghini Countach LP 500 S
P078 …… Martini Porsche 936 Turbo
P080 …… Lamborghini Cheetah
P082 …… Black Lamborghini Countach (Competition Special)
P084 …… Toyota Celica LB Turbo Gr.5
P086 …… Ferrari 312 T 3
P088 …… Ligier JS 9 Matra Special for competition)
P090 …… Martini Mk.22 Renault F2
P092 …… March 782 BMW F-2
P094 …… Sand Scorcher
P096 …… B2B racing sidecar
P100 …… RALT RT2 HART 420R
P101 …… Williams FW – 07
P102 …… JPS Lotus 79 (Special for competition)
P104 …… Can Am Lola (Racing Master Mk.1)
P106 …… Fairlady 280ZX · Racing Master Mk.2
P108 …… Holiday Buggy
P110 …… Sand Rover Dune Buggy
P112 …… VW Golf Racing Gr.2 (Competition Special)
P114 …… Renault 5 (Thunk) Turbo
P115 …… Ford F-150 Ranger XLT
P116 …… Toyota Hilux 4WD
P118 …… Honda F-2 Competition Special
P120 …… Braham BT50BMW Turbo (Competition Special)
P122 …… Tornado Racing Master Mk.3
P124 …… Ford C100 Racing Master Mk.4
P126 …… Super Champ Fighting Buggy
P128 …… Audi Quattro Rally type
P130 …… Opel Ascona 400 Rally
P131 …… Ford F-150 Ranger XLT
P132 …… Subaru Brat
P136 …… Willys Wheeler racer
P138 …… Lancia Rally
P140 …… Porsche 956 racing master Mk.5
P142 …… Fast Attack Buggy
P144 …… Toyota Hilux 4WD
P146 …… Toyota Toms 84c Racing Master Mk.6
P148 …… Newman Porsche 956 Racing Master.Mk.7
P149 …… Wild One
P150 …… Fox
P152 …… Road Wizard F-1
P154 …… Super Shot 4WD
P156 …… Boomerang 4WD
P158 …… Falcon
P160 …… Big Wig 4WD
P162 …… Black Foot
P164 …… Porsche 959 Paris – Dakar Rally Winner
P166 …… Monster Beetle
P168 …… Striker
P172 …… Hot Shot II 4 WD
P174 …… Lunch Box · Dodge Van
P176 …… Toyota Celica Gr. B
P178 …… Clod Buster
P180 …… Super Sabre
P182 …… Thunder Shot
P184 …… Lotus Honda 99T
P186 …… Williams FW-11B Honda F1
P187 …… Sonic Fighter
P188 …… Midnight Pumpkin
P190 …… Thunder Dragon 4WD
P192 …… Grasshopper II
P194 …… Terra Scorcher 4WD
P196 …… Vanquish 4WD
P198 …… Mud blaster
P200 …… Fire dragon
P204 …… Egress 4WD
P206 …… Astute 2WD
P208 …… Mad cap 2WD
P210 …… Saint Dragon 2WD
P212 …… Ferrari F189 latter term type
P214 …… Avante 2001 4WD
P216 …… Toyota Hilux Monster Racer
P218 …… Manta ray 4WD
P220 …… Mercedes Benz C-11
P222 …… Bullhead
P224 …… Tyrell 019 Ford
P226 …… Nissan 300ZX IMSA · GTO
P227 …… Jaguar XJR-12 (Daytona specifications)
P228 …… Bear Hawk 2WD
P230 …… Lotus 102B Judd
P232 …… Toyota Celica GT FOUR RAC Rally winner
P234 …… Super Astute 2WD
P236 …… Honda NSX
P237 …… Ferrari F40
P238 …… Top Force 4WD
P240 …… Mazda 787B `91 Le Mans Winner

P098 …… TOPIC 1 RC Battery Digest
P134 …… TOPIC 2 RC Motor P Ticket
P170 …… TOPIC 3 Tamiya History Hall
P202 …… TOPIC 4 Tamiya RC guidebook
P246 …… TAMIYA reprint RC car lineup
Source in Japanese language: RC World Magazine

Tamiya Mini 4WD beach run video

Source: masaki @ twitter

Tamiya News No. 596 with Bruiser Hog Heaven design cover

Tamiya 65596 January 2019 News Vol. 596

Tamiya news January issue full of various information for model making is issued. Well, this month’s Tamiya news first, Mr. Masayoshi Mino reported on the pattern of ARMY 2018, which was held at Patriot Park in the outskirts of Moscow in August (PATRIOT PARK). We have picked up vehicles that were rarely known in Japan, from among the fighting vehicles with more than 100 open to the public. Mr. Saki Kikuchi’s “Battle History for Modeler” focuses on two Ace Pilots of the German Night War Force who disappeared overnight in the battle of Berlin which intensifies, considering the last action . In addition, we delivered the pattern of the 1/12 Yamaha YZF-R1M release event, which was held at Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Shimbashi store in September. It is the attention to the thought to the motorcycle which the staff who handled the actual car development and design and the designer in Tamiya speak from their respective standpoints. The page of the facing scene is “Raindrops Keep Fallin ‘On My Head November 1944 Belgium” by Mr. Junichi Nishijima. An ambitious work that decorated cigarettes smoked by 1/35 scale soldiers. The expression of falling rain is also a favorite place. In addition, we introduce the winning works of the 19th Modeler Contest & Suites Decoration Contest held at Tamiya Plastic model Factory Tresa Yokohama store. I am looking forward to seeing my own world view, which is cute and compiled according to this theme, “small world”. In the introduction of the new product, I posted the 2nd programming robot, the chain program robot working set and the 1/48 super marine spitfire that appeared newly, with 2 pages each.

● Asking for model fans Yuta
Egama (General Manager, Second Design Headquarters, Executive Officer, Ricoh Technologies, Inc.)

● ARMY 2018 International Military Technology Forum
(Photo: Written by Masayoshi Mino)

● War History for Modeler 329
“Death Battle in the Night Sky” -119 RAF Bomber Command vs. LW Nacht Jaeger’s Battle)
XXIV. Battle of Berlin: II-5 (Ken Kosuke & Ueda Nobu)

● Italian Army Equipment Commentary Vol.94
MAS boat -1 in the Front War 1 (Commentary, Illustration · Italian Army Researcher Yoshikawa Yoshiaki)

● Ship Yoyoumi talk 9th
bow story · Part 3 (photo · sentence Yoshihide)

● 1/12 Yamaha YZF-R1M release commemoration event
real car & model development staff talk show
September 22, 2018 Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Shimbashi Shop ● My masterpiece Mr.  Hideaki Ura (Tokyo, Manga Assistant · 51 years old) ● Mini 4WD Japan Cup 2018 Champion Decision Battle October 14th Tokyo · MEGA WEB ● Introduction of new products 1/48 Super- Marine Spitfire Mk.I Chain Program Robot Working Set Nishijima Junichi’s Scene “Raindrops Keep Fallin ‘On My Head Novenber 1944, Belgium” 2018 The 29th Modeler’s Club Joint Work Exhibition Exhibition

2018 Tobu Modeler Contest Tobu Award Scenery Work
“Beetles” Toshihisa Sato

● 10th Mini Keikyaku Prize-winning Work
“1/35 Stuart, Make Vespet ” Taku Goto

5th 2nd Wheel Design Open Lecture
August 23 Niigata / Nagaoka Institute
of Design Nagoya University of the Arts Professor of Design Area Nobuya Higami

● Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Torresa Yokohama Store
19th Modeler Competition & Suites Decoration Contest Winning Work

● Waxing Cup Cup 2018
October 14 Plaza Hall by iTSCOM ( Kanagawa Yokohama) Sekiguchi KenIsamu

● Race report
RC car competitions of the report

● Back cover
78th snapping contest announcement

Photos published in this issue

Details and photos of Tamiya 64418 Catalog 2019 Scale Model Edition

Tamiya catalog (scale model version) is also issued with many fans collecting fun every year. The cover of the 2019 edition is a high sense organization that laid out the completed photographs and the Tamiya logo on a white back with scale model runners. New products such as 1/35 M551 Sheridan, 1/48 Super Marine Spitfire Mk.I, 1/24 Ford GT, 1/12 Yamaha YZF – R1M, etc. were posted in large format photos. Of course, there are also items such as pleasant tools and tools, paint, airbrush and compressor in addition to this. In addition, we posted mini 4WD, 1/16/1/35/1/25 RC tank, 1 / 14RC trailer track. In addition, the excellent work of the patch contest 78 is introduced. Choosing the next model while watching carefully from corner to corner is a way to spend happy time unique to model fans. It is a book that is fully immersed in a charming model world. Size 26 × 25.5 cm, all 101 pages.

Inspired by Tamiya, SMKN students build electric cars

Author: Bandung Raya

Starting from his anxiety about vehicle pollution, Anggi Ramdani and five students from SMK 1 Lemahsugih, Majalengka Regency innovated to create an electric-fueled Car. The car named “Parikesit Electric Road Vechile (ERV) is inspired by a tamiya toy car that has a power source from the battery.

The assembled car stole the attention of visitors who attended the EPITECH XII West Java Vocational Education Exhibition held at Kerkof Field, Garut Regency, November 13-15 2018.

Anggi said the project was motivated by concerns about pollution caused by motorized vehicle use. “We were inspired to make environmentally friendly cars, which go green and do not cause pollution,” said Students of Light Vehicle Engineering majors, Wednesday (11/14/2018).

Whereas in the assembly, Anggi said that he was inspired by the toy car he played since childhood, namely Tamiya, whose source of energy was from the battery.

This Parikesit project has been prepared since four months ago to be exhibited in the EPITECH event. “The processing time is approximately four months and is deliberately prepared for the EPITECH exhibition,” he said.

He explained, Parikesit ERV is capable of driving at speeds of 25 kilometers per hour and is able to withstand loads of up to 200 kilograms. Brushless DC motor type vehicles have a maximum power of 1000 Watt with a maximum current of 20 amperes.

In addition to using the battery as a driver, the material used for the body of the car is a mixture of Polyourethane and coated with resin (fiber). “We deliberately use these materials because they are easily formed,” he said.

Anggi said that Parikesit ERV is still in the stage of development and improvement. Later when it is perfect, there will be opportunities for schools to start marketing to the community. “We still need to improve to improve this car, the plan is to add energy sources using solar panels and other innovations. If it’s ready, maybe the school can start marketing,” said the class XII student.

With this innovation, Anggi hopes to be able to change people’s views about schools that stand in the countryside no better than schools in cities. “Why do you have to choose a far-reaching school if there are also good schools in (near) villages that are ready for the facilities and infrastructure,” Anggi added.

The name Parikesit itself is taken from the name puppet. Parikesit is a child of Abimanyu and grandson of Arjuna.

Editor: Dadang Setiawan
Source in Indonesian language: GALAMEDIANEWS.COM