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Guesses and Wishes for Tamiya 2016 Releases

TAMIYA 2016 ?

As in the previous years

a) which products do you think Tamiya could release this year (static, RC, mini, anything else) and

b) which products would you personally like to be released (regardless of if their chances are realistic)?

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Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix Vol.11 & 3rd 1/48 P-51D Mustang lunch break model course videos

Last year celebrated its 40th anniversary Tamiya RC model that is showing even more of climax. Was held in Tamiya RC hobby of experience event “Tamiya RC car festival” is the car in Tokyo Odaiba theme park “MEGA WEB (Mega Web)”. Electric RC Car experience running “Tri !! Tamiya RC” and RC car assembly classroom “Tri !! Tamiya RC School”, will be traveling on a rocky mountain in the RC car “rock crawling experience”, it is possible to ride in RC trailer “trailer ride experience “and the like will be held the event to be able to enjoy to experience the Tamiya RC model. Spectacular outstanding RC car race “Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix” on Sunday also took place.

This time, Mr. Komori challenge to paint the “silver” of the aircraft. Only silver paint that atmosphere is changed by the finish of the base, it is whether fun become what finish. It was delivered in raw delivery than Tamiya plastic model factory Tressa Yokohama studio.

Tamiya Mini 4WD Dash No. 3 Shooting Star & RC Perfect Guide 2016 details


As a sequel of the popular sparked a four wheel drive mini boom cartoon “Dash! Yonkuro”, it has been serialized in Shogakukan issue Colo Aniki magazine from March 2015 “Hyper Dash! Yonkuro”. Hiroyuki Takei teacher is the author, it had been submitted to winning – adopted in four wheel drive mini design contest when I was a junior high school student was a “Dash No. 3 Shooting Star”. The machine boasts its streamlined form is still popular, as the current “Shooting Star Dragon tail”, will deliver enterprise-only mini four wheel drive and (Planning: Corporation SK Japan).
Body color four colors of red, blue, white, black. Common wheel has adopted a large-diameter blue-plated wheel of prize first appearance. Tires were prepared two colors respectively, to expand four types in combination with the chassis. New canopy part is also available in the sticker.

From late December, it appeared as a crane game prize in amusement arcades nationwide. Handling store, etc., refer to the more details SK Japan of prize information site “take character”. Co., Ltd. SK Japan Prize information site “take Chara”

Inquiries regarding this matter, Ltd. SK Japan TEL 03-5806-2122 AM Division Product Planning Division, addressed to
SK Japan website

ITEM 63628 / B5 size December 19, 2015 (Saturday) around sale
2,160 yen (base price of 2,000 yen)

F1 car, racing buggy from touring car, big tire models, such as the force of the trailer and tanks, is issued by the 2016 version of the introduction was Tamiya RC Perfect Guide with Tamiya RC model all products rich color photograph of. Beginning a hobby shows and Tamiya Fair Star unit series New Developments Aero Avante of which has been published in the (assembly kit), Raikiri GT, Mazda Roadster, MOTUL AUTECH GT-R, Monster Beetle (2015), TG10-Mk.2 FZ racing chassis also posted early New models such as the kit. In addition, the popular touring car Street model, super GT model, are classified for each vehicle category, such as Larry & dirt, easy to find your favorite machine configuration. There is also the guide of the main chassis is also useful to choose from the chassis. In addition, start guide and that pat can master the basics of electric RC car to participate in the event from the assembly, maintenance and cleaning procedure, do not miss the tuning guide of popular chassis. Of course, rich in uniform option parts exhaustive mixes color photos and product description. It is an indispensable guide book to Tamiya RC fan.

[Contents] ★ New model ★ Tamiya RC Car Start Guide ★ Tamiya RC model full lineup ★ electric RC car maintenance surgery! ★ tune with options attached! ★ main RC model chassis guide ★ option parts catalog ★ spare parts list

Tamiya 44th doll remodeling contest winners

Would you like to talk of a person with an emphasis on news of, or do carefully tackle your to make want to subject. Where you worry and Arekore in the hand the base of the doll is also probably the best part of this contest. A number of masterpieces also said such of your sweat and tears crystal doll remodeling contest that celebrated its 44th, tour de force were received.

This Gold Award was reproduced famous caricature drawn on the Heian and Kamakura era Hidetoshi’s Shuto . The three-dimensional pose full of uplifting using anthropomorphic animals dolls skeleton. Natural colors that you image from Sumi-e can ask the trace of the height of the author of imagination and research. Silver was tailoring the fleeting rest of the soldiers in vignette style Junichi Mr. Nishijima . In good and skillful composition power of the details of the finish, it is the work that lively story is transmitted. Of Bronze Kozo Abe reproduce the colorful Dutch ships that are attracted by the eccentric KUNCHI festival. Appearance of loving dragged hand of force is the attraction. Effort Award large first participation in the look-alike of the activities of the group BABY METAL abroad Ohashi Yutaka , and anime world the three-dimensional was the valley Masato wins each. Both pedestal from doll costumes, is the work of work of the entire work feel the high technology and polite up to the background. 2015 second half, at once pushed the big star of the popular sports, and literary community has emerged. Big success of the Japan national rugby union team the world of the giants in the other party, especially the attention gathered Ayumu Goromaru player, is a comedian piece Matayoshi Naoki’s Akutagawa Award. Many people have been challenged in this subject as the current timely person also in the contest. 1st of continuing the continuous exhibition from the contest Sato Kunihiko’s the moment of routine pause and kick of Goromaru players, the contest’s first challenge Midori Kishida was made ​​of feminine point of view, “Fukuyama shock” the three works plus in is winning topic Award respectively. MM Award is impressive soldiers smile, put together the moments that have forgotten the fight Kenji Nagashima in the works of, Akira Mr. Yoshihara (15 years old) Junior Award is the motif of the film was released before his of Born It is.

Tamiya figure model is currently being developed using the latest digital modeling technology, we aim to create more high-precision product. Everyone please blown new life into this contest by all means use a new generation of dolls.

Tamiya 1/24 Mazda Roadster launch event with Mazda designers and modelers

Tamiya is December 19, held a 1/24 Sports Car Series new product launch event of “Mazda Roadster” of. In addition to the chief designer Nakayama Ya Mr. and Mr. Clay modeler ASANO Gyochi of it was involved in the development of the actual vehicle “roadster”, talk show by the three Mr. Shinichi Hirata, which was responsible for the development of the model was implemented.

The event was held in the official shop of Tamiya in Tokyo Shinbashi “Tamiya plastic model factory Shimbashi store” is, the owner also numerous visitors of the new roadster. From the “model” their respective positions as the “vehicle”, among which are talking about, such as commitment to manufacturing, and convinced was filling in the form of a roadster, for every function and aim is revealed, the venue and “you ~!” voice that is sounded.

As we explain the design of the new roadster, Mr. Nakayama, Lamborghini “Countach”, “Miura” and, with the Porsche “911”, explains the design of yesteryear sports car. The arrangement of the engine and transmission, and demonstrated by the position of the driver, while drawing a picture how the styling of the car is going to decided on the whiteboard. Features of the design in the sports car, stressed that it is in the form of any stripped-down waste.

According to Mr. Nakayama proportions of “sports car principles, it is possible to go to create a waste without car, it is a form that all a reason to. Because not wearing something useless, not long time in pure even after forever, It is was invited Countach and Miura is I think not of being told as now even “Inoki and Baba” “and venue of laughter so.

The description while drawing a sketch on the whiteboard also roadster. Nakayama said, “Countach and Miura, but Porsche was also decided shape at the position of the light, this car will have made ignoring the part of the light,” said the new roadster by adopting a thin LED headlights styling of I introduced that has been achieved.

Subsequently, Mr. Nakayama “in order to make a terribly small car, as much as possible the overhang wanted to short” and with talk that reason, the air intake for even size, the size required by the cooling performance in circuit racing and it revealed that it has secured, as “that mouth (air intake) is also not the graphics, I made it anyway boiled down the reason thoroughly”, spoke a commitment of design.

For the work of clay modeler that becomes the world of comma what mm, Asano said I comes through to (the difference is the comma what mm) of the human hand “. While using a line that is envisioned in yourself (cutting the clay) guide , sharpener that there is a catch, the molar If you feel that it is floating (the clay), and going to create a model while exploring the limits, was talking to us the best part of the job. ”

About the design development of the Roadster, and introduces the episode with Mr. Ikuo design Chief Executive Officer Maeda. “Little more is not shaved?” And approaching the “” useless against Mr. Maeda! To say that it is recessed in because look “” After doing “and, you know to to me and that has come to limit” any more, it was talking about, such as how the battle over the design of the roadster.

This time, the model of the roadster by Tamiya is founder “Eunos Roadster” that since ’26 the first time. From Hirata Mr. Tamiya was in charge of this roadster, from the development method of joining at the time that has been designed using a drafter, development technique in the model of the new Roadster, such as use cases of the latest 3D printer, and change with the times such as to go design and development techniques of plastic model has spoken.

Hirata Mr. Among the talk, compared the model of the model and the new roadster of 26 years ago roadster, explain the part that is the evolution of the plastic model. Mention a characteristic part design of the LED headlights as to introduce a mechanism for the transparent parts of the adhesive difficult headlights adhered required, be fixed transparent portion by bonding the parts of the reflector thereon.

Mr. Hirata “There is improvement of working accuracy to make and mold that it has incorporated the design by 3D, processing accuracy of parts to each other also proceed at 20 years, I think where it has become easy to make” and its features talked.

In closing of the event, from dawn Mr. Yamamoto of Tamiya moderated publicity Nakayama who was asked to comment “amid flowing time from the birth of the first generation Roadster, for those that do not the same as an alternative,” “and exaggerated to say, If you are thinking that it must protect the culture of the lightweight sports car, because this is absolutely varied not part. his is the man who has been riding 20 years (primary roadster), there is also such responsibility this car I was talking with is “going to have made it to be alive 25 years.

On the other hand, Hirata’s Tamiya is if there is a period of “drafter, digital equipment and processing accuracy may be up technology will have taken. For the more much consistency from the old days in the model that is made by Tamiya, enjoying to you in I think it get to make a model. Tamiya and at the same time in your collaborative work, such as cutting the tape of the goal, “I wish it was satisfied” “following this for to make you want I wish” “structure of the actual vehicle is like this something I like to do but have “become remains, as such things have been designed to be thought in mind”, was talking about a model making definitive unchanging part of Tamiya.

Source: Car Watch

Some 2016 Tamiya RC releases to be presented at Nuremberg Toy Fair

Like every year we will be presenting live photos and videos of them from the fair.

58629 MERCEDES G 320 CABRIO (MF-01X)

84427 TB EVO 6 VER II



Tamiya Challenge Cup Final Race Climax 2015 Report

★ Venue: Granship Shizuoka
★ weather: sunny
Tamiya Challenge Cup, which was held across the country. Is the conclusion, “Tami Challenger Climax 2015” was held. Representative Holder has large set than the national from Hokkaido to Okinawa, it had been entertaining this year last Tamichare.