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Tamiya future releases to be presented at 2009 Nuremberg fair, last update 07.02.09

Lists will be permanently updated as soon as we get more new releases or photos. Seems some guesses of Tamiyablog readers were spot on!

30.01.09 update
31.01.09 update
01.02.09 update Scania photo
02.02.09 update Subaru and Porsche photos
06.02.09 update and corrections
07.02.09 update
09.02.09 update


21214 1/24 Enzo Ferrari Red Parts Panel
21215 1/24 Enzo Ferrari Yellow Parts Panel
21216 1/24 Enzo Ferrari Black Parts Panel
21217 1/24 Ferrari FXX Red Parts Panel
21218 1/24 Ferrari FXX Yellow Parts Panel
21219 1/24 Ferrari FXX Black Parts Panel
24313 1/24 Porsche 962C Repsol
24314 1/24 Porsche 956 Kenwood
26534 1/48 Type 95 Kurogane (Finished Model)
26537 1/48 U.S. M20 Armored Utility Car (Finished Model)
26538 1/48 German Steyr Type 1500A/01 (Finished Model)
26543 1/48 British Small Army Car 10HP Tilly (Finished Model)
35298 1/35 German Field Commander
35299 1/35 German Panzerkampfwagen II Ausf.C Poland
89783 1/35 Italian Light Tank L6/40

Radio Control:

42139 TRF511 Chassis Kit
48208 1/35 Russian Tank T-34/85 (w/4-channel RC)
56323 Scania R620 6×4
56603 1/25 British Chieftain Tank
57784 XB Porsche 911 GT3 Team KTR (XB of 58422)
57786 XB Subaru Impreza WRC08 (TT-01E) (XB of 58426)
57786 XB Fiat 500 (XB of 58427)
57789 XB Levant Brushless
58425 ORC Amemiya SCG-7 (TB-03)
58426 Subaru Impreza WRC08 (TT-01E)
58427 Fiat 500 (M03M)
58428 Nissan Skyline GT-R (R32) Drift-Spec (TT-01D)
58430 Subaru Impreza WRC08 (DF-03RA)
58432 Lexus GS400 Drift-Spec (TT-01DE)
84060 XB VW Golf (V) GTI (Red) (TT-01E)
84061 XB VW Golf (V) GTI (Black) (TT-01E)
84062 XB Lamborghini Countach LP500S (White)(TT-01E)
84063 XB Lamborghini Countach LP500S (Yellow)(TT-01E)
84069 Nissan GT-R Lightweight Body Parts Set
84070 F103 Type C Body Parts Set
84067 TRF801X (1/8 buggy)
84071 Jeep Wrangler (CC-01) (re-release of 58141)
51361 Porsche 911 GT3 Team KTR Body Parts Set
51362 18-Spoke Wheels M-Chassis (4 Pcs.)
51363 Fiat 500 Body Parts Set
51364 Subaru Impreza WRC08 Body Parts Set
51365 Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 Body Parts Set

74085 RC Tool Set
74086 Modelling Drill Chuck
87102 Tamiya Mark Fit

71124 Mechanical Mammoth
89914 3-Speed Crank Axle Gearbox (Clear)
89915 Twin-Motor Gearbox (Clear)
89916 4-Speed Crank Axle Gearbox (Clear)
89917 Single Gear Box (4-Speed) (Clear)
89918 Double Gearbox (Left/Right Independent 4-Speed) (Clear)
94683 Savanna Leo Black Special
94684 Bison Magnum G-Special

Guesses and wishes for Tamiya 2009 releases

Which products do you think Tamiya could release this year (static, RC, mini, anything) and which products would you personally like to be released (regardless of if their chances are realistic)?

Feel free to use the comments link at the end of this entry (comments are shown after checking which can take some hours).

Marc Rheinhard wins DHI Cup Champions 2009 with Tamiya TRF416WE

He’s a two time World Champion, twice European Champion and now he is a two time champion of the race which kicks of each new season of international touring car action – the DHI Cup. Holder of the title in 2006, the Tamiya Racing Factory driver took the win over Top Qualifier Alexander Hagberg with Teemu Leino completing the podium at the 9th edition of the famous Danish race.

Happy New Year – Tamiyablog’s “de-blinged” Toyota Tundra

First of all happy new year, may 2009 bring everyone what they desire, not only modelwise (an article about that will come soon), but in every aspect.

The Tamiya Toyota Tundra is a very controversially discussed model between the editors of Tamiyablog. On one hand we like it since it has a quite nice and detailed body and especially since it is in our humble opinion the first real new 3 speed where not an older body was used. On the other hand we are critical about it because its an impractical and “bling-chrome” SUV which has not much in common with a practical and moderate cost pickup like the Hilux and is a gas-guzzling life-style car of a, fortunately even in the USA, dying breed. This motivated me to get one and try to “un-bling” it and bring it closer to the simplicity/practicality principle of the old lovely Tamiya/Toyota Hilux. The dampers and most of the chrome parts were stripped and painted black, the suspension was lowered, other wheels and tires were used, several “extras” weren’t used at all and the car was painted with a special automotive colour. Hope I succeeded at least a bit.