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Full official product details of Tamiya 58707 XV-02 Pro Chassis Kit

Chassis length = 368mm

Full-scale rally chassis that expands the driving field
The motor is placed vertically on the front mid, and power is transmitted from the spur gear in the center of the car body via the front and rear equal length propeller shafts. It is a shaft drive 4WD chassis that expands the driving field, where you can enjoy not only on-road but also flat dirt and dynamic rally driving. Equipped with 39T gear differentials on the front and rear, and a set of 40T gears for setting. It is also possible to change the front and rear drive distribution by changing the combination. In addition, heavy objects are mounted closer to the center, and the width of the chassis is narrowed. A long oil damper made of aluminum cylinder is attached to the double wishbone 4-wheel independent suspension.

Main equipment parts
Drive system: Full bearing specifications, front and rear aluminum propeller shafts, front and rear oil-filled gear differentials (set of 2 39T and 1 40T), front and rear universal drive shafts

Suspension: Front and rear aluminum long Damper (blue cap specification), caster block with caster angle of 6 degrees, turnback upper arm

Chassis circumference: front urethane bumper with skid angle, polycarbonate chassis cover, aluminum servo mount, high torque servo saver

Basic specifications
● Chassis length 368mm (excluding body etc.) ● Chassis width 180mm ● Wheel base 257mm ● Frame = bathtub type ● Drive system = front midship motor / shaft drive 4WD ● Diff gear = oil-filled gear differential for both front and rear ● Steering = 3-split tie rod type ● Suspension = 4-wheel double wishbone ● Damper = Aluminum cylinder long oil damper (blue cap specification) ● Gear ratio = 9.58: 1 when using the 19T pinion included in the kit (10.71: 1 to 6.28: 1 in combination with the separately sold pinion Up to 14 types of gear ratios can be selected) ● Speed ​​controller = ESC specifications (sold separately)

Items to be purchased separately
● Body ● 540 type motor ● RC mechanism: 2-channel radio set (transmitter, receiver, ESC, Low profile servo recommended) ● Battery for driving ● Charger ● Power supply for transmitter

Paisen RC (Satoshi Maezumi) explosion at rally?! Tamiya Subaru Impreza WRX STI Team Arai XV-01 Chassis

☆ ★ I brought the rally car again this time ☆ ★ After all the rally car is insanely cool 🤤 It is good that Paisen is always innocent and fun 😌 This was taken in winter, so It’s cold or snot, but don’t worry because it’s not a corona 🤣🤣 There are cold and hot days these days, so please be careful about your physical condition 🌸 I’d like to shoot in various places, so I recommend it If you have any parks or spots, please comment ☆ ★ (Please note that some parks are prohibited from running RC cars) Also, we are looking for requests so I would like to see this video ~ , I want you to go here ~, etc. We are waiting for comments 🔥 Thank you for watching ☆ ★
Source: Paisen RC Mini

Tamiya RC Live – Tamiya RC Condele 2 announcement of winning works part 2 and Tamiya RC History 39

Announcement of excellent works of Tamiya RC Condele 2 << 2 >> and Tamiya RC History 39!
・ Continuing from the morning session, we will introduce the excellent works of the Twitter posting project “Tamiya RC Condele 2”. Please see the many masterpieces posted while explaining the evaluation points. And the announcement of the excellence award! ・ Tamiya RC History << 39 >> introduces the RC car released in 1994. “Jeep Wrangler”, “Ferrari 412T1”, “Ford Mondeo BTCC” will be released.
Cast: Tamiya Satoshi Maezumi, Riku Sunahara, Akihiro Ohata

Tamiya Mini 4WD Live Vol.14 – Spring 2022 New Items & Tiger 4×4 Condele

This Mini 4WD LIVE will feature the featured Mini 4WD limited kit “Mini 4WD REV Aero Thunder Shot 2022 Fresh Green Special” to be released on March 18th! In addition, new products and limited-edition items that are about to be released, and SNS posting projects near the deadline “#Tiger 4×4 CondeleIntroducing the featured works posted in! Also, commentary on the remodeled machine of the popular Mini 4WD Ganbo and information on the latest events.
Cast: MC Guts Master Ueda

Tamiya RC Live – Tamiya RC Condele 2 announcement of winning works part 1 and Tamiya RC History 38

Tamiya RC Condele 2 Announcement of excellent works << 1 >> and Tamiya RC History 38!
・ Introducing the excellent works of the Twitter posting project “Tamiya RC Condele 2” held from January 2022. We will pick up the award-winning works from more than 380 posts. – In Tamiya RC History “38”, items released in 1994 appeared. FF machine “Renault Clio Williams” which adopted short wheelbase, “AMG Mercedes-Benz C class DTM D2”, “HKS Nissan Skyline GT-R Gr.A” which became a hot topic with characteristic coloring to introduce.
Cast: Tamiya Satoshi Maezumi, Riku Sunahara, Akihiro Ohata

Tamiya RC Live – Tamiya RC Rally Car Special and Tamiya RC History 37

Tamiya RC Rally Car Special and Tamiya RC History 37!
-As a special feature of Tamiya RC rally car, in addition to the setting of “TT-02 chassis” and “XV-01 chassis”, we will introduce the chassis with “TC-01 chassis” as a rally specification. -You can also see the details of the chassis of the “XV-02 PRO chassis” announced as a new product and the optional parts under development. ・ In Tamiya RC History “37”, we will introduce the items released in 1994. Introducing the 1993 All Japan Touring Car Championship Champion Machine “Calsonic Skyline GT-R Gr.A”, “Toyota Prerunner” that reproduces the track race machine, “Blitz His Toyota Supra Gr.N” and more!
Cast: Tamiya Satoshi Maezumi, Riku Sunahara, Takayuki Kono

Tamiya RC Live – Tamiya Circuit Off-Road Course Renewal Special and Tamiya RC History 36

Tamiya Circuit Off-Road Course Renewal Special and Tamiya RC History 36!
・ In commemoration of the renewal of the Tamiya Circuit Off-Road Course, we will introduce the driving videos and capture points of the popular RC buggy car. ・ You can see the driving scenes of “Wild One Offloader BLOCKHEAD MOTORS”, “Midnight Pumpkin Black Edition”, “Blackfoot (2016)”, “Astute 2022”, and “Super Avante” on the off-road course with the changed layout. .. ・ Tamiya RC History “36” introduces the items released in 1993 and 1994. Please see the CC-01 chassis “Mitsubishi Pajero Metal Top Wide”, “Jax Civic”, and “Newman Haas K Mart Texaco Lola T93 / 00 Ford” that modeled IndyCar, which adopted a chassis structure close to the actual vehicle. increase.
Cast: Tamiya Satoshi Maezumi, Riku Sunahara, Takayuki Kono

Original drawings by Shigeru Komatsuzaki, the illustrator who created Tamiya’s box art, are on art exhibition display

Special Exhibition
Sci-fi / Adventure / Retrofuturism x Remake – The World of Katsuichi Kabashima and Shigeru Komatsuzaki –

Purpose of the event
A special exhibition reconstructed from the special exhibition “SF / Adventure / Retrofuturism-Our Dreams and Longing-“, which was canceled in March 2nd year of Reiwa due to the prevention of the spread of the new coronavirus infection will be held now. In this special exhibition, Katsuichi Kabashima, an illustrator who was active mainly in the magazine “Shonen Club” and was called “God of Pen Painting”. Shigeru Komatsuzaki aspired to be an illustrator, admiring the beautiful illustrations drawn by Kabashima, and later became a illustrator of science fiction (SF). Focusing on these two illustrators, we will introduce the culture of boys during and after the war and their transitions through their painting work.

Topic Exhibition Box art
The presence of Shigeru Komatsuzaki is indispensable as a spark for the plastic model boom that occurred in the early 1955’s.
Shunsaku Tamiya of Tamiya Model (currently Tamiya Co., Ltd.) writes a long letter to Komatsuzaki, relying on the reader column of “Ships of the World”, and asks him to produce box art. His first work was the wooden model “Aircraft Carrier Taiho” in 1961, followed by the famous “German Medium Tank Panther” as a box art of a plastic model. By adopting Komatsuzaki, which was popular with children, and by inspiring the imagination and purchasing motivation when assembling, many hit products were born from the Tamiya model.

Tamiya model “Aircraft carrier Taiho” original picture (wooden ship model small million series) Picture: Shigeru  Komatsuzaki Komatsuzaki’s first drawing of Tamiya model ship box art. Wooden models are called solid models and were the mainstream of models until the spread of plastic models. Taiho was Japan’s first heavily armored aircraft carrier completed in March 1945, but only three months after her completion, she sank in the Battle of the Philippine Sea. 1961 Tamiya Kura Co. , Ltd.

Topic Exhibition Kodansha “Complete Work of Boys and Girls World Science Adventures
In the 30’s of the Showa era, when the mainstay of boys’ magazines changed from picture stories to manga, Shigeru Komatsuzaki began to work on many cover paintings and frontispieces for science fiction, which he is good at. One of the masterpieces is Kodansha’s “Complete Works of Boys and Girls World Science Adventures”. Komatsuzaki was in charge of the cover and frontispieces for 34 volumes, except for one of the 35 volumes, and many children were fascinated by the beautiful works. This complete collection was popular with children as a science fiction book that can be read in school libraries.

Source and more information in Japanese language: Showa-Kan National Showa Memorial Museum

Mr. Takahashi Kunimitsu

Kunimitsu Takahashi, who shone in the world of Japanese motorsport as a 2- and 4-wheel racer and manager of Team Kunimitsu, has passed away. The Team Kunimitsu machines are one of the most popular models among the many models available. Many of you may have picked up the kits because you admired the dynamic “Kunimitsu logo”. Tamiya would like to express their sincere condolences.

Special sale of Japan Cup 2021 event sale limited items at Tamiya Mini 4WD stations in Japan

“Fujitsu Dry Battery Provided Mini 4WD Japan Cup 2021” Event Sales Limited Items Sold at Mini 4WD Stations Nationwide
Due to the situation where Japan Cup 2021 cannot be held in various places, special event sales limited items will be sold nationwide. I decided to sell it at the station.
* Items that are not available for sale and the quantity is limited, so please forgive us if they are out of stock.

⇒ Click here for information on Mini 4WD stations nationwide.

Release: Around March 31, 2022 (Thursday) * Varies depending on the store.

Mini 4WD kit
◇ 95588 Mini 4WD Dog Kuroshiba Special (VS Chassis)
◇ 95604 1/32 DCR-02 (Decross-02) Clear Black Special (MA Chassis)
◇ 95633 1/32 Neo VQS Polycarbonate Body Special (VS Chassis)

Upgraded parts, etc.
◇ 95147 Mini 4WD Catcher (J-CUP2021 / Light Blue)
◇ 95631 Super Hard Low Height Tire & Reinforced Dish Wheel (Dual Ridge Jr.)
◇ 95632 Jeepney Body Parts Set (Clear Orange)