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Tokyo Hobby Show 2013 announced new product list – Egress re-release!!!

R / C Models
★ TRF418 [tentative]
★ 58583 1/10 RC Egress 4WD [tentative]
As evolution of great car Avante, and dominated the topic of high-end off-road scene at the time!
Racing buggy user long-awaited “Egress 4WD” is reprinted finally! !
★ Motor shaft vertically crossed the flow of the finest cars Avante appeared in 1989 “Egress 4WD” adopted drive 4WD. Carbon double deck chassis, which is long wheel base of the foot and around, became a resin large capacity high cap aluminum damper, equipped with cent over torque splitter differential to the drive system, and as Avante development team at the time in JMRCA All Japan Championship, which was held the same year was formed, such as winning four of the (Tamiya Racing Factory) TRF just, showing off the high ability directly below.
★ Said to have been the pinnacle of racing 4WD Buggy Tamiya starting from Avante “Egress 4WD” will finally resurrection. Long wheelbase carbon chassis to lower deck based on the Avante as well as at the time low center of gravity by mounting the servo. Upper adopting the carbon plate trying to cut out all, Roadekki, the center hybrid studded tires, high-capacity torque splitter def, in light weight wheel was also equipped with high cap damper, it is the model that Avante has evolved ultimate exactly.
The hit to the re-appearance of the time, I was equipped with the new ball differential, a universal joint.

★ RC Porsche 911 Carrera RSR (TT-02/XB)
★ 1/35RC Ground Self-Defense Force 10 Tank (2.4GHz Transmitter with) [tentative]
★ TB-04 PRO Chassis Kit
★ TB-04 PRO titanium screw set
★ TB-04 Front One-Way (40T) set
★ TB-04 Aluminum Ball Differential (40T) set
★ TB-04 Carbon Damper Stay (Front)
★ TB-04 Carbon Damper Stay (Rear)
★ TB-04 Aluminum Steering Bridge [tentative]
★ TB-04 Aluminum Racing Steering Set [tentative]
★ TB-04 aluminum motor adapter
★ TB-04 Giyadefu for cross shaft [tentative]
★ TB-04 Giyadefu for steel bevel gear set [tentative]
★ TB-04 Giyadefu for aluminum cup + Y joint parts [tentative]
★ DB01 RR chassis kit
★ DB01 RR Lower Deck
★ DF-03 MS
★ RC GAZOO Racing TRD 86 (XV-01)
★ XV01 for B parts (bumper molded article) [tentative]
★ rally car cockpit set
★ trailer truck torque Tuned Motor (33T)
★ trailer truck aluminum shift servo mount
★ trailer truck Rumi steering servo mount and high torque servo saver set
★ WR-02 chassis Radio with complete chassis set
★ CC-01 aluminum oil damper (four)
★ stroke extension link (CC-01)
★ RC Zakspeed Capri Gr.5 Würth (TT-02/XB)
★ RC GAZOO Racing TRD 86 (TT-02/XB)
★ RC La Ferrari (TB-04/TT-02/XB) [tentative]
★ XB Ferrari F2012 [tentative]
★ RC GoPro Monster Sport Super Swift (M-05/XB)
★ M05 Aluminum Rear Suspension Mount (1 °)
★ M05 aluminum counterweight
★ M05 setting Suspension Arm Set (F Upper)
★ M chassis carbon body mount member
★ Body reamer (cap) [tentative]
★ TA06 Carbon Damper Stay Front (Short) [tentative]
★ TA06 Carbon Damper Stay Rear (Short) [tentative]
★ TA06 Giyadefu Aluminum cup joint + Y parts [tentative]
★ TA06 lightweight front direct-coupled [tentative]
★ 04 hard coat pinion gear 31T ~ 39T
★ FF-03 Aluminum Front Upper Arm Mount
Scale Models
★ 1/6 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Lo [tentative]
★ 1/24 La Ferrari
★ 1/35 U.S. M151A2 “Grenada Invasion”
★ 1/35 U.S. M151A1 “Vietnam War”
★ 1/35 British Army Airborne soldiers bicycle set
★ 1/35 British LRDG Command Car North African Campaign (doll body with 7)
★ 1/35 U.S. Army M60A1 Tank
★ 1/35 U.S. Army M60A2 Tank
★ 1/35 U.S. Army M60A3 Tank
★ 1/48 Soviet armored car BA-64B
★ 1/48 mini tank M60 Patton super Running [finished product]
★ 1/48 M60A1E1 Victor mini tank to run [finished product]
★ 1/48 mini tank Type 74 tanks to run [finished product]
★ 1/48 mini tank canon Running [finished product]
★ 1/72 thirty-two type fighter zero battleship on a  Mitsubishi
★ 1/18 McLaren M8A 1968
★ 1/20 McLaren M23 1976
★ 1/20 McLaren Mercedes MP4-13
★ 1/20 McLaren MP4/5B Honda
★ 1/20 McLaren Honda MP4 / 4
★ 1/12 McLaren MP4 / 6 Honda
★ 1/12 Honda NSR500’84 No.3T/No.1 [finished product]
★ 1/20 Honda RA272 # 12 / # 11 [finished product]
Mini 4wd & For Kids
★ Mini 4WD Heat edge (MA chassis)
★ Mini 4WD shadow shark (AR chassis)
★ Aero Manta Ray White Special (AR chassis)
★ Nissan Be-1
★ Jolly Joker Premium (AR chassis)
★ Sunny shuttle premium (AR chassis)
★ Maddoburu Jr.
★ Dyna Hawk GX Black Special (Super XX Chassis)
★ (with four wheel drive mini kit) Oval Home Circuit
★ lightweight aluminum two-stage roller set (13-12mm) (Blue)
★ lightweight aluminum two-stage roller set (13-12mm) (Red)
★ 19mm Puraringu with aluminum roller bearing (5-spoke) (Orange) [tentative]
★ 19mm Puraringu with aluminum roller bearing (5-spoke) (Red) [tentative]
★ 19mm Puraringu with aluminum roller bearing (5-spoke) (light blue) [tentative]
★ mass damper set (cylinder four Black)
★ mass damper set (bowl four Black)
★ Werder moth Spare Body (carbon pattern) [tentative]
★ AR fluorescence color chassis (green) [tentative]
★ oil pen four wheel drive mini
★ Mini 4WD maintenance mat (180 × 280mm)
★ side body catch attachment [tentative]
★ front wide slide damper
★ Wide rear slide damper
★ HG slide damper grease set
★ arm crawler tool set (check the video on ⇒ YouTube!)
★ Cross Universal Arm Set
Tool & Paints
★ finish coatings for [tentative]
★ precision pin vise D-R (0.1 ~ 3.2mm)
★ precision drill-4 seed 0.2 ~ 0.5mm (shaft diameter 1.0mm)
★ SPARMAX – made air brush [tentative]
★ HG Compressor Revo II Blue (HG Airbrush III with)
★ flame coating material for primer spray [tentative]
★ Modelers knife (light blue)
★ master of topping “lam source” all 10 colors

Please note that all information is tentative until officially confirmed from Tamiya, INC. and no responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information.

Future Tamiya releases to be presented at Tokyo Hobby Show 2013

18636 Mini 4WD PRO September Heat edge (MA chassis)
Advanced from the new user to have received wide support, a heck of a double shaft motor deployment second bullet of the type MA chassis comes up soon. Volume with the motif of a prototype racing car very popular And canard tip of the front fender both sides, big shark through from the rear cockpit fin features. A canopy and aerodynamic and compact around fender with intonation, and blast arrow I adopted a form that changed the Procida.

18704 Mini 4WD REV Shadow Shark drive (AR chassis)
New machine that incorporates thoroughly highest peak of the racing machine, the design of the formula car, Shadow Shark fourth bullet REV series four wheel drive two. Shark fin and Hainozu characteristic intake both Aerodynamic process was Lend. Also open air intake induction pod and side pontoons nose and to prepare the air intake to below and better use more air in conjunction with AR chassis. It is a machine to spread the world of a new run.

16041 1/6 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Lo
Completely reproduce the type of 2013 Best of the Best Harley 1/6 Big Scale to be first time in 17 years! Vehicle by thorough research to purchase, and algae Softail family proud of the overwhelming popularity the “Fat Boy Lo”. V-twin engine of Harley tradition, put the cylinder block to the crankcase pay attention to the structure of the vehicle as well. Form of the force, of course, the movable lever and suspension, pedal other enjoyable, high texture metal plating and parts, such as soft resin is attractive.

84339 1/10 RC TB-04 PRO Chassis Kit September [limited]
While making the merit of the driving efficiency of shaft 4WD, it has been improved further handling TB-04PRO Chassis Kit appeared. Gear diff you have modular back and forth, new development TRF damper cars (short) full contents such as equipment back and forth Bonn damper stay. Long tie rod steering system, achieve handling a linear equipped with a newly designed 6 degrees C hub. It is the perfect machine for Tamiya Grand Prix

42270 1/10 RC TRF418 [tentative name]
All brand new TRF418 chassis is registered towards the IFMAR World Championships to be held in 2014 field. Machine a whole new main parts all test tires and power source of latest. Main chassis section course in minutes, to link the servo mount and suspension arms, stabilizer also has become a new design. Aluminum motor mount and also bulk adjustments, such as weight and front/rear balance. It is a machine that has been developed in for the victory of the race.

Please note that all information is tentative until officially confirmed from Tamiya, INC. and no responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information.

September 2013 Tamiya RC & Mini4WD release list & photos

RC Models

58571 Porsche 911 Carrera RSR (TT-02)
58578 Ford Zakspeed Capri Gr.5 Wurth (TT-02)
58581 1/10 RC Car GoPro Monster Sport Super Swift
57985 SA (semi assembled) Electric RC Car chassis complete set (WR-02 chassis)
57868 XB GoPro Monster Sport Super Swift
84339 TB-04 PRO Chassis Kit (RC limited)
84356 XB Ferrari F2012 (RC limited)
84363 1/10 RC Honda Ballade Sports Mugen
84364 1/10 RC Mini JCW Coupe
84369 DB-01 PR Chassis Kit (RC Limited)
84370 DF-03 MS (RC Limited)

RC Parts

84361 FF03 aluminum front upper arm mount RC [limited]
84365 CW-01 CVA damper short (yellow style)
84366 WR-02 CVA damper mini (yellow style)
84367 Aluminum wheelie roller set (Red) (RC limited)
54491 OP.1491 1/10RC rally car cockpit set
54531 OP.1531 WR-02 driver figure set (upper body type)
54539 OP.1539 TT-02B turnbuckle All set
54519 OP.1519 Stroke extension link (CC-01)
54537 OP.1537 DB01 RR Lower Deck
51546 SP.1546 TB-04 For Ball Ring Gear Set (40T)
51547 SP.1547 TB-04 Ring gear For One Way / Gear Diff Set (40T)
51548 SP.1548 TB-04 06 Spur Gear (66T)
51549 SP.1549 TB-04 Bevel gear For Gear Diff Set
51550 SP.1550 TB-04 K parts (stiffener)
51551 SP.1551 TB-04 T parts (gear case)
51552 SP.1552 TB-04 lower deck
51553 SP.1553 TB-04 Diss gasket (4 pcs.)
51554 SP.1554 TB-04 Gear Diff Joint Cup Set
56526 TROP.26 TR Torque Tuned Motor (33T)
56527 TROP.27 Trailer truck tire (hard 22mm width)
56528 TROP.28 trailer truck tire (hard 30mm width)
56529 TROP.29 strengthening joint cup and bevel gear set
56530 TROP.30 strengthening joint cup and bevel gear set
56531 TROP.31 aluminum shift servo mount
56532 TROP.32 Aluminum Steering Servo Mount & High Torque Servo Saver


18514 Liberty Emperor Black Special
18636 Heat Edge (MA Chassis) (Mini 4WD)
19437 Berg Kaiser Premium (Super II Chassis)
94972 Aero Manta Ray White Special (AR Chassis) (Mini 4WD Limited) (Mini 4WD)
94981 AR Reinforced Chassis (White) (Mini 4WD Limited) (Mini 4WD)
94977 Torr cruiser Spear Body Set (Carbon Pattern) (Mini 4WD Limited)
94989 Light Two-stage Aluminum Roller (13-12mm) (Blue) [Mini 4WD Limited]
94980 Light Two-stage Aluminum Roller (13-12mm) (Red) [Mini 4WD Limited]

Please note that all information is tentative until officially confirmed from Tamiya, INC. and no responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information.