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When models become archetypes?

Looking as a Tamiya fan at the recently presented Lamborghini Lambo V12 Vision Gran Turismo, some design similarities to a Mini 4WD can’t be denied, what do you think?
In any case it would make a nice Tamiya Mini 4WD model.

Lamborghini Lambo V12 Vision Gran Turismo – source: Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.

Digest video of the “Can you build a radio control?” book release commemoration talk show event

Episode 1 / Manga Cross] Can you build a radio control? ⇒
Information for book ⇒
Akita Shoten’s web comic service “Manga Cross” ⇒
Experience story told by manga artist Shuji Abe who had a radio control car that he had admired as a boy. The popular essay manga published in Akita Shoten’s web magazine “Manga Cross” has finally been made into a book! In commemoration of this, a talk show by the author, Hideshi Abe, was held. We will talk about the live voice of RC fans. In addition, Mr. Kayuki Yamazaki (pdc_designworks representative), who also designs Tamiya RC cars and mini 4WD, welcomed guests and made the talk show lively. This is a summary of the talks by Prof. Hideshi Abe from the talk show event held at the Tamiya Fair special stage on Sunday, November 17, 2019. © Shuji Abe (Akita Shoten)

First photos of the upcoming 2020 Tamiya Mini 4WD

95550 TRF-Racer Jr. Black Special SP (MS Chassis)

18656 Roborace DEVBOT 2.0 (MA Chassis)

This Mini 4WD racer replicates the exciting DevBot 2.0 as seen from the creators of Roborace. Roborace is an exciting new development in the world of motorsports, testing the limits of autonomous driving in electrically powered vehicles. The DevBot 2.0 is an electric powered prototype racecar running on the Nvidia DRIVE platform designed to aid the development process for cars in the Roborace series. The hardware is managed centrally and is the same for each team, meaning that the only differentiator is the AI driver software the teams develop for the competition. Furthermore, it can be driven by a human or AI driver, meaning engineers can explore the relationship between man and machine for assisted and autonomous technologies. This exciting and cutting-edge race car appears on the Mini 4WD PRO model platform, which is based upon the aerodynamically efficient MA Chassis!

95547 Mini 4WD Portable Pit Pink

Some upcoming 2020 Tamiya releases

Image of the Tamiya static model box art

R/C Models
47439 1/10 TT-02 Type-SR Chassis Kit
47443 1/10 Porsche 911 GT1 Street (TA03R-S chassis)
51635 1/10 VW Karmann Ghia Body Parts Set (M-chassis)
54897 Buggy Champ Ball Differential Set II
54932 T3-01 Aluminum Rear Bearing Holders
54933 T3-01 Rear Axle Weight Set
54944 CC-02 Aluminum Arm Pivots (A,B)
54945 CC-02 Low-Friction 6mm Ball Collars (18 Pcs.) LF
54949 TA07 Adjustable Ackerman Set
56554 Reinforced Axle Shaft Set for Tractor Truck
56555 Metal Display Antenna Set for Tractor Truck

Static Models
60328 1/32 North American F-51D Mustang Korean War

95547 Mini 4WD Portable Pit (Pink)
95550 TRF-Racer Jr. Black Special SP (MS Chassis)

Tools & Paints
69927 Spray-Work Air Compressor Advance w/Sparmax Airbrush SX0.5D
87203 Masking Tape/Plastic Sheeting (150mm)

Tamiya New Item Release list for January 2020

R/C Models
 51623  1/10 Scale R/C Mercedes-Benz G 500 Body Parts Set
 51647  TRF420 Aluminum Front Direct Cups (2pcs.)
 51649  TRF420 Gear Differential Unit Set
 42351  TRF420 Center Pulley
 84438  1/10 Scale R/C Citroën 2CV Charleston Lightweight Body Parts Set

 18655  TOYOTA GR Supra (MA Chassis)
 15523  Low-Friction Plastic Bearing Set
 95557  HG Mass Damper Set w/Ball Connectors (Hex Weights/Carbon Plate)
 95523  Hi-Mount Tube Stabilizer Set (Clear Violet)
 95538  HG Aluminum Large Dia. Narrow Wheels II (2pcs.)
 95539  HG Lightweight 19mm Aluminum Ball-Race Rollers (Ringless/Purple)
 95542  Low Friction Large Dia. Slick Tires (Maroon, 4pcs.)
 70235  Rack & Pinion Gear Set
 10322  Basic Mini 4WD Car Box Clear Covers (3pcs.)
 95361  Festa Jaune Black Special (MA Chassis)
 95475  Gunbluster XTO Philippines Special Edition (Lil’s Hobby Center 50th Anniversary)
 95239  Carbon Reinforced Super FM Chassis Set
 95323  Super Hard Low-Profile Tire (Black)

Tools & Paints
 87202  40ml Square Bottle Holder
 74153  Craft Knife II
 82173  LP-73 Khaki
 82174  LP-74 Flat Earth
 82175  LP-75 Buff