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Tamiya 95588 Dog Kuroshiba Special (VS Chassis) & more Mini 4WD Japan Cup 2020 event limited items

Mini 4WD Japan Cup 2020 event limited items

Tamiya 95588 Dog Kuroshiba Special (VS Chassis)

The popular mini 4WD dog is now available in a special kit as Kuroshiba. The body adopts the first yellow color Mach buret, and the driver figure of Kuroshiba to put on the driver’s seat is already assembled and painted. A cute marking sticker is also included. The pastel blue color chassis is a small and lightweight VS with a short wheelbase. A large diameter low-height tire with white print is attached to the large diameter 6-spoke wheel of fluorescent orange. It is a kit that can be easily assembled by fitting and screwing without using adhesive.
〇 Body = Mach burette (yellow), dedicated sticker
〇 Chassis = ABS (pastel blue)
〇 A parts = ABS (black)
〇 Wheel = 6 large diameter spokes (fluorescent orange)
〇 Tire = super hard large diameter low height (black)
・SUPER HARD, TAMIYA MINI 4WD white print on the side surface
〇 Gear ratio = 5:1 with motor
*Please note that the number is limited, so it will be sold out.

Tamiya 95135 HG Carbon Multi Wide Rear Stay (1.5mm) J-CUP2020 Gold Print

Two types of lightweight, high-rigidity limited 1.5 mm thick carbon plates with Tamiya mark and J-CUP2020 logo printed in gold of a special color. The multi-wide stay and multi-wide rear stay are equipped with 9mm, 13mm, and 19mm parts mounting holes, and the roller can be set wide to accommodate various modifications.
*Do not use cleaners, etc., because the prints can be obtained.
○ Multi-wide stay: Mini 4WD PRO, Mini 4WD vehicles
○ Multi-wide rear stay: MA, MS, VZ, FM-A, AR, VS, Super II Available for Super X, Super XX, Super TZ-X chassis.
*Some chassis or body needs to be processed.
*Please note that the number is limited and will be sold out.

Tamiya 95593 Cabinet for Mini 4WD Basic Box (Navy)

Cabinet for Mini 4WD Basic Box (Navy)
Up to 3 Mini 4WD can be stored in a cardboard cabinet. In addition, it is also sized to store the optional Mini 4WD Basic Box.
This product does not include a basic box.
○ Cabinet is dark blue, Tamiya mark on the top of the cabinet, 4×4 logo is printed on the side in white.
○Assembled size: 188 x 192 x 117 mm
*Please note that the number is limited and sold out.

Jun Watanabe Tamiya Logo Polo Shirts

■ Burgundy
(Item 67454-67458)
■ Blue
(Item 67459-67462)
■ White
(Item 67463-67467)
■ Black
(Item 67468-67472)

A polo shirt born from the collaboration of TAMIYA × JUN WATANABE. The Tamiya Mark Polo Shirt uses a highly breathable Kanoko fabric, which is comfortable to wear even in the sweaty season. The monotone white Tamiya mark, which is a symbol of the collaboration series, is printed on the front. The four-hole button is engraved with Tamiya’s star mark and TAMIYA BY JUN WATANABE EDITION. The name tag is sewn on the bottom left, and the details are carefully designed. A polo shirt that can be worn not only in the short-sleeved summer season but also in spring and autumn. I am looking forward to the coordination that is a bit different from T-shirts. Available in 4 colors: burgundy, blue, white, and black. Sizes are XL, L, M, S, and XS (Note: Blue does not have XS size). Don’t miss this opportunity, as it is a limited number of special items! !
★ Unisex
★ Cotton: 100%

Click here for TAMIYA×JUN WATANABE collaboration items

Blockhead Motors Tamiya RC Car Custom Exhibition

A huge gathering of Tamiya RC cars as “Art Works”

The location is Tokyo-Harajuku’s ” Tokyo culture by beams “. the contents of the tamiya rc car are a 14-group writer with a free idea. ” Blockhead Motors RC CAR CUSTOM EXHIBITION ” This is an exhibition.

“Blockhead motors” hosted by this exhibition, which has been published in the public, is the one who enjoys the Model Hobby Garage DIY from the sale of original goods such as apparel and goods in the background of the 1980’S BOOM. A brand that is widely flooded around the RC area, which is done until the proposal of the lifestyle of the people.

This event has come true, as a creative director / Graphic Designer, who is a great member of the big rc freak, who is a creative director / graphic designer who works in fashion. .

If you check out the exhibition, you’ll be surprised by the different art of the RC car that you can enjoy and enjoy! There is no doubt that everything will be reflected fresh to those who enjoyed the RC car in childhood. Also surprised that these exhibition works are on sale! The Price you care about…… it’s a secret here.

At the venue, we sell the original goods of the blockhead motors, which were made in accordance with this exhibition. The exhibition will be held until July 29th (Wed), so if you are interested, please try to luck your feet.

The book book has a limit that the person who booked the store for the weekend and the last day as a prevention to expand the corona virus has been set up (even on weekdays, there may be entry regulations in the middle of the day) so I’m going to go to the For those who want to try, we recommend pre-order on tel.

The event situation is also available on social media, so for more information, please check the account of

● event name
● opening period
July 17th, 2020 (Fri) 29 (Wed) 11 am-20 pm
* open at 12 after the 27th
* last day (29th) ends at 18
● place to be held
Tokyo culture by beams
(Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 3-24-7 3 F)
● Pre-order phone number
03-3470-3251 (reception time: 11 am-20 pm)

Source of photos and text: Mono Online
Blockhead Motors Online Store

Tamiya X-SA Kits, Expert Semi-Assembled Series

46701 1/12 X-SA Lunch Box
46703 1/10 X-SA Hornet

New from Tamiya, X-SA Kits. These replace the XB RTR Kits.

Kits are a big part of what we do at Tamiya, but we also understand that some people may not have the time or confidence for the assembly of an R/C model – that is why we have come up with the X-SA series of models. Each product features a fully-assembled and setup chassis with TEU-105BK ESC included, plus a fully painted body with the marking stickers already applied. All you need to do is provide the R/C equipment and battery pack & charger, and you’re ready to drive.

Benefits of X-SA series models

• No need to buy sprays and find a safe place to paint your model in – it’s already been painted by our experts!
• No need to put the time aside for an assembly process, with this finished chassis.
• No worry about miss-attached or mixed up parts!
• Use your own R/C equipment – no duplication of transmitters and receivers from multiple finished models.
• The series kicks off with classic names – don’t miss this chance to get ‘ready-for-radio’ Tamiya legends!
• A stylish dedicated package will really catch the eye.
• Assembly instruction manual is included for use in maintenance of the model.
• Backup from the extensive range of Tamiya Spare and Hop-Up Option parts.

Some upcoming Tamiya RC releases

47453 1/10 RC Volkswagen Type 2 (T1) Flower Power (M-05)
56364 1/14 RC Scania R470 (Silver Edition)
58489 1/10 RC Avante (2011) (new batch)

54962 TC-01 Carbon Front Stiffeners
54963 TC-01 Aluminum Rocker Arm Posts (4pcs.)
54974 Clear Colored Stickers (Red, Orange, Yellow)
54978 CC-02 Reinforced Rear Drive Shafts
54980 Ball Caster for SW-01 Wheelie Bar
54981 06 Module Hard Coated Aluminum Pinion Gear (27T)

No images or more information yet, will be posted as soon as available.

Tamiya New Product Exhibition Summer 2020 video

Trade show for model industry actors(July 1-2, 2020)
00:00 Video start
00:55 Educational Construction Series/工作新製品
01:19 Mini 4WD/ミニ四駆新製品
02:36 Full-size TOYOTA GR Yaris on display/トヨタ GR ヤリス実車展示
03:01 R/C Models/RCモデル新製品
04:31 Scale Models/スケールモデル新製品
10:55 R/C product test drive area/RC新製品試走コーナー
11:30 Shizuoka tourism information/静岡観光コーナー
12:00 Box art exhibition/島村英二原画作品展
13:47 Tamiya hobby history archives/田宮歴史館
15:14 Other companies also exhibited/他社の展示コーナー
Woody JOE, twilight model, EBBRO, FineMolds, PLATZ