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Official details and product video of Tamiya 56362 Volvo FH16 Globetrotter 750 8×4 Tow Truck

Tamiya 56362 1/14 RC Volvo FH16 Globetrotter 750 8×4 Tow Truck

Total length = 732 mm Picture shows assembled and painted kit

Four-axle eight-wheel heavy wrecker used for towing large vehicles
The Volvo truck flagship FH series, which debuted in 2012. Equipped with the strongest 750 horsepower engine in a 4-axis 8×4 chassis, and equipped with wrecker equipment. This is an electric radio control car assembly kit that models a tow truck towing a large truck or bus. The realistically reproduced cabin uses etched parts made of stainless steel on the front grille to tighten the expression and reproduce the interior partly. Each door on the rear body opens and closes. In addition, the wrecker equipment that attracts attention uses a lot of metal parts. You can manually extend and retract the winch boom, underlift, outrigger, etc. The chassis is a ladder frame type that uses aluminum channel material for the side rails. The TR Mighty Tune Motor (35T) is mounted on the front, and an assembled 3-speed transmission is standard equipment. You can change gears while driving by RC operation, and you can enjoy driving with the 1/14 RC trailer head pulled.

Optional parts that add even more realism
● 1/14 RC Wrecker Truck Electric Actuator Set (Sold Separately): This is an assembled parts set for raising and lowering the winch boom / underlift by RC operation. It consists of a spindle cylinder that expands and contracts with a high-precision geared motor and an ACU-02 unit that controls the motor. A manual switch is also included. Click here for more information
● Euro-style multi-function unit (MFC-03) (sold separately): The multi-function control unit with built-in ESC that enables extremely low-speed driving as well as normal driving synchronizes realistic sounds with various actions unique to trucks. The body vibration is linked to create a presence. In particular, the engine sound is the pulsation of an actual vehicle equipped with a large displacement diesel engine. From idling to full opening, the engine sound changes according to the speed. In addition, it reproduces almost all sounds emitted by the actual vehicle, such as air dryer sound, air exhaust sound, and brake sound. In addition, the stop lamp, turn signal, and back lamp can be controlled according to the operation, and the lighting of headlights, fog lights, hazards, etc. can be controlled on / off by the transmitter. For more information, click here

Basic specifications
Overall length = 732mm, Overall width = 199mm, Overall height = 309mm, Body weight = Approx. mm ● Chassis shape = (aluminum + polycarbonate resin) ladder frame ● Suspension = front and rear leaf rigid ● Caster angle / front / rear = 0 ° / 0 ° ● Camber angle = front / rear 0 ° ● Toe angle = front / rear 0 ° ● Damper = Aluminum dummy damper ● Drive system = 2-axis rear wheel drive ● Transmission = Constant meshing 3-speed (shift by propo operation) ● Gear ratio = 1st 32.49: 1, 2nd 17.76: 1, 3rd 10.66: 1 ● Differential gear system = 3 bevel differentials ● Motor = TR Mighty Tune Motor (35T) ● Tire width / diameter = Front: 30mm / 85mm, Rear: 22mm / 84mm

Separately required
● RC mechanism used: Self-neutral stick type 4-channel R / C system with slide lever trim “Finespec 2.4G 4-channel R / C system (transmitter / receiver set) recommended”, 2 servos “Tamiya TP-S3003 or TSU-” 03 Servo recommended “, ESC” Tamiya TBLE-02S “or MFC recommended, transmitter power supply (4 AA batteries) ● Running battery, charger

Volvo FH16 Globetrotter 750 8×4 Check the video of driving and towing the tow truck!

Tamiya 47438 Super Storm Dragon, 47445 Tamiya TA07RR and more future RC, Static, Mini 4WD and other releases

Tamiya 47438 1/10 RC Super Storm Dragon

Active in the RC manga “RC Boy” legendary origin of the Dragon series appeared! First with a body kit !! as a “Super Storm Dragon”
To the popular serialized in Shogakukan flop comic “RC Boy”, hero The super dragon that appeared in 1986 as a machine has appeared as the “Super Storm Dragon” 34 years later. The phantom machine that was released as a spare body at the time was made into a kit. For the chassis, we chose the Hornet chassis that was adopted when the manga first appeared. It was the model that became the origin of the dragon series that followed Fire, Thunder, and Saint. The body is pre-painted and cut, and the combination with a simple and easy-to-assemble chassis is recommended for a wide range of people.

Tamiya 47445 1/10 RC TA07RR Chassis Kit

Improved grip and improved cornering performance by optimizing chassis rigidity
Adopting a composite chassis combining a narrow type lower deck with an upper frame, the drive system is single belt 4WD. In addition, the TA07 PRO touring car chassis supports three different motor layouts and various course layouts and settings. This chassis is packed with optional parts carefully selected by TRF members, and the TA07RR is designed to win the race. Dedicated carbon front stiffener improves pitching rigidity while maintaining roll flexibility. It improves the grip on the front and creates stable cornering performance. In addition, the drive system has a double cardan drive shaft, TRF420 front axle, aluminum center pulley, etc. to improve efficiency. The suspension can be set more delicately with the TRF419 suspension upgrade set and aluminum adjustable suspension mount. A dedicated servo mount and front and rear soft type stabilizer are also set.

Main equipment parts
● Carbon front middle stiffener ● Aluminum stiffener mount ● Aluminum servo mount ● Carbon reinforced A parts (bulkhead) ○ Aluminum adjustable suspension mount ○ TRF419 suspension upgrade set ○ TRF420 front direct pulley (37T) ○ TRF420 gear differential set ○ TRF420 front axle ○ Double Drive shaft for cardan (42 sizes, 2) ○ TRF super short big bore damper (4) ○ TRF420 steel front direct cup set ○ Stabil end integrated 5mm adjuster (4 pieces) ○ TRF420 steel front direct cup set ○ TA07 carbon damper bracket set (for TRF-SSBB) ○ TA07 aluminum steering arm set ○ TA07 adjustable Ackerman set ○ TRF-SSBB upgrade for damper set

Tamiya 58681 1/10 RC Formula E GEN2 Official Color (TC-01 Chassis)

Big attention to the body and chassis that tell a new era!
Formula E, also known as “F1 for electric vehicles”. It has been held since 2014, mainly in urban courses such as famous resort areas, not in general closed circuits. This is an electric radio control car assembly kit that reproduces the Formula E GEN2, a second-generation machine developed for this race and introduced in 2018. The low and unique form of the front and rear tires covered with a body cowl is realistically reproduced with polycarbonate. Separate parts are included for the cockpit protective device “Hello”, rearview mirror, and large rear diffuser that also acts as a bumper. Also, markings are divided into black and silver, and a set of stickers for the championship (official) color with a light blue line. For the chassis, we adopted TC-01, a shaft drive 4WD with in-board suspension specifications.

Adopting shaft drive 4WD chassis with inboard suspension, TC-01
The chassis uses shaft drive 4WD TC-01 with inboard suspension in order to match the low vehicle height. A motor is mounted on the center of a monocoque frame with high rigidity and the propeller shaft transmits power back and forth. Equipped with an oil-filled gear diff. 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension with long arm specifications. An inboard type that operates a horizontal oil damper vertically with a push rod and rocker arm. By adjusting the amount of spacers, you can set the camber angle, caster angle, and toe angle. In addition, the suspension arms / uprights use common parts on the front, back, left, and right to provide high maintainability.

Basic specifications
● Length 430mm, Width 188mm, Height 99mm ● Wheelbase 257mm ● Tire width / diameter = front and rear 24 / 64mm ● Frame = integrally molded monocoque ● Drive system = vertical motor / shaft drive 4WD ● Differential gear = oil-filled gear diff ● Steering = 3-split tie rod type ● Suspension = inboard type 4-wheel double wishbone ● Damper = CVA oil damper both front and rear ● Gear ratio = Kit standard 24T 6.56: 1 ● Motor = 540 type (sold separately) ● Speed ​​controller = ESC specification (sold separately)

[separately purchased ] ● 2.4G R / C / ESC (for brushless motor) / low profile servo ● Power supply for transmitter ● Tamiya battery


RC Models
47438 1/10 RC Super Storm Dragon
47445 1/10 RC TA07RR Chassis Kit
47446 1/10 RC Plasma Edge II Gunmetal (TT-02B chassis)
56362 1/14 RC Volvo FH16 Glove Trotter 750 8×4 Wrecker Truck
58678 1/10 RC Comical Avante (GF-01CB chassis)
58679 1/10 RC Suzuki Swift Sport (M-05 chassis)
58681 1/10 RC Formula E GEN2 Official Color (TC-01 Chassis)
57412 1/24 Comical Wheelie Mad Mud (Unassembled Kit) (SW-01 Chassis)
57413 1/24 Comical Wheelie Mad Mad (Completed Model) (SW-01 Chassis)
57920 1/10 RC XB Suzuki Swift Sport (M-05 chassis)
57922 1/10 RC XB Comical Avante (GF-01CB chassis)
47449 TC-01 Titanium screw
51655 1/10 RC Comical Avante Spare Body Set
54946 1/24 RC Mad Mad Clear Body Parts Set
54950 SW-01 Reinforced B Parts (Bumper)
54951 SW-01 Reinforced C parts (joint)
54953 ST block bubble tire front wheel (soft) 2
54954 ST block bubble tire rear wheels (soft) 2
56553 1/14 RC Tow Truck Electric Actuator Set


Scale Models
12056 1/12 Porsche 934 Vailant (with etching parts
12690 1/12 Honda CBR1000RR-R front fork set
14138 1/12 Honda CBR1000RR-R FIREBLADE SP
24354 1/24 Ford Mustang GT4
35372 1/35 Soviet heavy tank KV-1 1941 early production vehicle
37028 1/35 German Tank M47 Patton


Mini 4WD
18096 Dual Ridge Jr. (VZ chassis)
18656 Robo Race Devot 2.0 (MA chassis)
95564 Geoglider Black Special (FM-A Chassis)
95565 Hexagonite Black Special (MA Chassis)
95585 Spin Viper
95586 Diomars Nero
15526 VZ chassis first try parts set
95128 Hyper Dash 3 Motor J-CUP 2020
95129 Hyper Dash Motor PRO J-CUP 2020
95130 1/32 Neo VQS Japan Cup 2020 (Polycarbonate body / VZ chassis)
95131 HG Carbon Multi Wide Stay (1.5mm) J-CUP2020
95132 HG Carbon multi wide rear stay (1.5mm) J-CUP2020
95133 HG Carbon rear brake stay (1.5mm) J-CUP2020
95563 HG Lightweight 17mm all aluminum bearing roller


69936 Gondola work set
70238 Canoe work set
74156 Modeling Template (Square 1-10mm)
85102 TS-102 Cobalt Green
87205 Mark Fit (Super Hard)

More detail photos and videos of upcoming Tamiya TC-01 chassis and (re-)release of the RC version of the Tamiya Super Dragon !!!

The RC version of the Tamiya Super Dragon will come this time as kit with a Grasshopper chassis and not like in it’s original release just as a bodyset.

Rough translation of top points from TC-01 video by Tamiyabuilder:

Details: 3rd generation T type chassis.
They wanted to make a new style of chassis, to produce a new type of RC for fans. Comparisons of EF1 and RC cars.
Body points: Open suspension arms, you don’t have to cut the body, just leave it unpainted over the suspension arms. There is space for brake lights on the back.
Chassis points: Center mount motor, front camber, toe settings, oil dampers, monocoque frame chassis, rear lower suspension mount is from M07, rear steering knuckles for toe adjustment. uses TB04, TB05 gear diff, so can use ball diff from those. M07 aluminium suspension mount can be used. It is the new T chassis, TA – TB – TC 3rd generation chassis. Can use this chassis in Japan for TS050 Lemans class and Touring car body, The mounts for touring bodies will be in the kit. One chassis for three different race classes. Formula E, Lemans, Touring. ***Have to use Low height servo. Can fit Tamiya brushless system.
Comments on driving: New guy said it is fun to drive, not difficult to drive.

Some more details and upcoming RC hop up and spare parts of the new Tamiya TC-01 chassis

Tamiya 58681 1/10 RC Formula E Gen2 Car TC-01 Chassis

In times of climate change, the automotive industry is constantly pushing the development of electric vehicles. The manufacturers gain many important insights into this from motor sports. Formula E has now established itself as a major global racing series and from 2020 has achieved official FIA world champion status. The series exclusively uses electric cars and is therefore an ideal topic for Tamiya, which as a well-known manufacturer has been relying almost exclusively on electric R/C models for decades.
We are happy to present the championship version of the Gen2 car design as used in this series this and last season. The basis for this model is the exciting, all-new TC-01 chassis, which features an extremely flat design to achieve the maximum effect of this and other formula car bodies.

Information about the model

This is a kit for a 1/10 scale R/C model, length: 430 mm, width: 188 mm, height: 99 mm.
The stylish, slim Formula E Gen2 body with covered wheels is precisely and elegantly reproduced in Polycarbonate. Separate add-on components reproduce further details such as rear wings and side panels.
Halo and mirror components are cast in white ABS. Decals are included to replicate the paint scheme of the championship car.
The new TC-01 chassis is an extremely adaptable, flat design.

Detailed information about the TC-01 chassis

In addition to the unique Formula E Gen2 body, this chassis is compatible with standard touring car bodies. The wheelbase is 257 mm.
A hybrid combination of monocoque and upper frame reminds of the TA07 and other modern Tamiya chassis. It offers superior stiffness and the potential for a whole range of bodywork.
The completely new front and rear internal suspension uses identical long left and right wishbones and spars for optimum leverage and efficient maintenance.
Embedded centrally in the monocoque area is the drive engine with internal front and rear suspension.
The oil-pressure dampers are operated by push rods and rocker arms. The use of different spacers allows the camber, caster and toe angles to be changed for maximum adjustment freedom.
Change the bumper and body mounts to choose between formula and touring car layouts.
The shaft-driven 4WD layout uses oil-filled TB-05 design transmission differentials for smooth, efficient drive.
Compatible with IFMAR battery packs with standard dimensions.
Many hop-up parts are planned in the near future to spice up the chassis even more!

Some upcoming hop up and spare parts

42357 Cross Joints LF Assembly Universal Shafts
47449 TC-01 Titanium Screw Set
51659 C-Shaped 10-Spoke Wheel, black (4)
51661 TC-01 A-Parts (Body Mounts) (2)
51662 TC-01 B-Parts (Bumper)
51663 TC-01 C/D-Parts (Suspension)(2)
54955 TC-01 Aluminum Rocker Arms (2)
54956 TC-01 Stabilizer Set
54967 TT-02S Steel Adj.Suspension Mount (rear)
54975 TC-01 Universal Propeller Shaft (1Set)

Detail photos and video of new Tamiya 58681 Formula E GEN2 Car Championship Livery TC-01 Chassis

This is a R/C model assembly kit depicting the GEN2 car raced in the 2019-20 season of the Formula E championship, the pinnacle of electric car racing. The sleek, high-tech body with cowled wheels is recreated in polycarbonate. Halo, mirrors and rear diffuser/bumper are separately molded components. Markings are included to recreate the Championship Livery car. The model is based upon the shaft-driven 4WD of the TC-01 chassis.

  • Formula E, which is also called “F1 for electric vehicles”. The machine with its characteristic style “Gen2” is now available in the electric RC car.
  • The low and individual form of the front and rear tires covered with a body cowl is realistically reproduced with polycarbonate.
  • Set of championship (official) color stickers.
  • The chassis uses shaft drive 4WD, TC-01 equipped with an inboard type four-wheel double wishbone suspension.
  • More details will be added soon

Official indoor trial video of Tamiya 57409 1/24 R/C Lunch Box Mini SW-01 chassis

★Say hello to a brand new highly compact, versatile 4WD superstar – the Lunch Box Mini! ★The SW-01 chassis’ 4WD drivetrain features the motor in the chassis center with gears distributing power to the front and rear gear differentials. ★Offers a tight turning circle and thrilling wheelie action. ★The body is a 1/24 scale polycarbonate version of the classic Lunch Box, and attached by magnetized mounts.

Cross Country Cruising! Go Off-Road With The Tamiya Land Rover Defender 90 CC-01

When you’re looking for something fun to do, turning to a Tamiya model is a great way to spend your time, building, being creative and really enjoying a hobby. There are certainly plenty of RC models to choose from in the Tamiya line-up and although there are plenty of new kits, we wanted to show you a kit that has been around for a bit and is still a great model to have fun with. The Tamiya Land Rover Defender 90 is based on their CC-01 chassis and this 4×4 off-road capable truck is just perfect for looking scale and exploring those dirt paths at your local park. It’s a build up kit that includes a speed control, motor and even LED lights. You’ll need a few more items to finish it up, and you’ll need plenty of free time to build the chassis and detail the body. But when you’re done, you’re left with a simple RC truck that will be a lot of fun to drive around.
Source: RC Driver YouTube channel

Akihabara: Infatuated with Electronics – A NHK World documentary

Broadcast on April 7, 2020 – available until April 21, 2020. Click on above image link to get to the external video page

Akihabara: Infatuated with Electronics
Document 72 Hours

A store in Akihabara, Japan’s biggest electronics town, sells over 100,000 electronics parts, including resistors, capacitors and circuit boards. Around 1,000 people come to the store every day, from professional engineers to people who like to build their own electronics for fun. Among the people we meet are a musician who makes his own effects units; a graduate student who makes drones to take a break from job hunting; and a man whose hobby of fixing car audio systems has turned into a job. For 3 days, we peeked inside the store to find out what it is people come to buy and what they hope to create with it.