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Tamiya Plamodel Factory Shimbashi 11th Modelling Contest Prize-winning Works

Tamiya Chairman’s Award Hiroaki Seki “Tilly Field Kitchen Car”

Source: Tamiya Plamodel Factory – Shimbashi

Hobby shop Gannet Tamiya Mini 4WD Dream Car

On the afternoon of June 1 (Saturday), the “Mini 4WD Dream Car” was unveiled at the Nets Terrace Akutagawa store. The license plate is 3249.
The activity of making a model and mini 4 wheel drive of the hobby shop ・ Gannet Oki store manager seems to be spreading more and more.

The plastic model shop which has completely decreased recently.
Under such circumstances, Mr. Oki, who has taken off a hobby shop and launched a Gannet and has been dealing with models, has a sense of crisis that the model generation is aging and the number of children who have never touched them has increased. , “One of the activities to expand the fun of the model” has developed a mini 4WD classroom.

The wheels of Tamiya and Toyota Nets Kobe have expanded to formally support such Oki-san’s activities, and the “Mini 4WD Dream Car” was born as a collaborative project of the three companies.

The venue for the show was the Toyota Nets Terrace Akebono branch, which is a car dealer and is also actively engaged as a forum for people who are active in the area.
A lot of people such as the family coming to the Mini 4WD classroom, media people, etc. protected, and a wrapping car came in, and the inside of the hall peeped.

After that, a mini 4WD classroom was held on the second floor, but there was also a scene that the children who participated there would get in on the Mini 4WD Dream Car.
A lapping car raises tension just by looking at it.
Surely, the memories of this day will be treasures.

Among the guests who came to the venue on this day were mini 4WD fans (President Hokuto Electronics & President Nakano) who brought their own collection, and they were making models with the sales manager of Tamiya who had come to the venue. The flower also bloomed in the talk about the role that Mini 4WD plays in the growth of children.

Source in Japanese language: Nishinomiya Style

The 18th Tamiya World Modelers Contest Winners

Super Kids Land Award Touring Shuji Tatsuya

The 18th Tamiya World Modelers Contest was held. This time the day of bringing in works overlapped with the local event, and despite the crowded area around the Super Kids Land Main Store in Osaka Nihonbashi, which was the venue, a very large number of works of 137 points were gathered. Shuji Ashiya’s “Touring” was awarded the Super Kids Land Award. This is a big work with 1/6 motorcycles, African twins and lights. The Tamiya Prize-General Division, who caught the eye in vivid colors, “Mizutama” of Satoshi Nakata. As its name suggests, it is not only eye-catching to the emerald-colored paint, it is a work full of attractions such as piping and accessories detail-up that have been added to the engine room. Tamiya Prize-Military category is Masaaki Mizobe’s “F-4EJ Kai Mitsubishi Special”. In addition to the reproduction of the rare paint shown after IRAN (regular maintenance), the painting and the work were also wonderful works that were remodeled from the EJ product to the EJ Kai according to the actual machine. I tend to look at big works, but there were also small but interesting works. At first glance, Tani Noriyuki’s work “YZF-R1 mini” looks like a normal motorcycle work, but do you feel uncomfortable? This work, labeled “mini,” cuts down on various parts of the base YZF-R1. The wheel is balanced and made by itself, and the cowl is molded with a light-curing putty. The finish was so natural that there were a lot of inquiries about small bike products. In addition, delightful works such as challenge works and scene works to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the MM have won awards this year.

Triple Wheel Fun – The Tamiya T3-01 Dancing Rider

When Tamiya presented the new T3-01 platform, with it´s first model of the series, the Dancing Rider, we almost couldn´t believe, that there´s still a company, who has still the courage to bring such a nice and well designed fun model into the sometimes more and more boring world of RC-Cars. But Tamiya did it. The T3-01 seems to be very successful, especially in Japan, which you can also see on the wide range of Hop Ups which are available now from Tamiya and other well known aftermarket parts manufacturers.

The T3-01 is such a cool and innovative vehicle. One, who is also able to bring more people of allo ages again to this beautiful hobby. The “Dancing Rider” replicates a delivery trike, widely seen, making deliveries in Japan.

Another version of the “Dancing Rider” is also on the market for a while. The “Dual Rider”, which comes with a very nice, more futuristic body, beautifully designed by the well known “pdc designworks” studio. In the past, they also did the Tamiya “Dual Ridge” and “Dynahead” body.

A great new feature of the new “Dual Rider”, is the completely new designed driver figure (also designed by “pdc designworks”), which we appreciate a lot. We love the “Wild Willy” style driver very much. But over the years, something new is very welcome here. This figure can be built in 3 very cool Helmet versions, and looks very “japanese”. It can also be found in the “Comical Hornet” WR-02CB kit, and is also available as a separate kit. We choose this new figure for our little “Dancing Rider”. We also modified the chassis with some new available Hop Up Parts. The chrome plated B-Parts, from which we only use the front fork, or the new “caramel block” front tire, which we combined with the M-chassis rally block tires. A full set of ball bearings, and a rear FRP sway arm.

The body is painted, using a bright “copper” tone, which looks incredible in the sun. Grab yourself a T3-01. It´s more fun, than you can imagine. Especially, when racing with your friends. We will wait now for the newly presented Tamiya SW-01 Mini Lunch Box. Another nice and new innovative concept.


Tamiya Plamodel Factory 20th Modeler’s & Sweets Decoration Contest Winning Works

Source in Japanese language: Tamiya plastic model factory Tressa Yokohama store

Tamiya Plamodel Factory Shimbashi 10th RC Modelers Contest Winning Works

Was selected from among 39 works.

Prize is listed in the order of entry.
Source in Japanese language: Tamiya Plamodel Factory – Shimbashi

Tamiya 56360 Volvo Globetrotter FH16 6×4 Timber Truck Papercraft Log Materials uploaded

Our 1/14 scale R/C model of the Volvo Globetrotter FH16 6×4 Timber Truck is the talk of the R/C truck world, and we are pleased to support your trucking with the provision of templates for the creation of papercraft logs to give your model that extra realistic look!

Papercraft Log Materials
Tamiya is pleased to provide templates for the creation of papercraft logs – there are 2 types, and an instruction sheet for download at the links below:
Instruction Sheet
Papercraft Log Sheet A (240mm)
Papercraft Log Sheet B (225mm)

Tamiya Plamodel Factory Shimbashi 10th RC Modelers Contest Work

As always fantastic modelling and creativity.

Source in Japanese language: Tamiya Plamodel Factory – Shimbashi