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79th Tamiya Pachi Contest winning work

The AFV model photo contest “Pacchi” has reached 79 times. This year’s application was received from a wide range of age groups, from the youngest 10 to 78 years old. In addition to regular customers, there are many new applicants, and in recent years there has been an increase in the number of participants in their teens and 20s. This time, the junior prize in the work category has become three winners. In addition to reliable production techniques, it is also necessary to have expressive power through photography. The finish as a photograph is particularly important, and the photograph that accurately conveys the goodness of the model work has won the top prize. In addition to the classic German tanks and Allied vehicles, there were solid entries for new products such as the M551 Sheridan and M3A1 Scout Car. The deadline for the contest is September 1 every year. Once you have completed the model, first click with the camera, regardless of the shooting equipment. Please take a photo of your masterpiece and apply.

Winners of the 78th contest

Scene photograph section winning work

Gold medal
[Author] Hiroshi Kajishima (57) Tokyo [Title] Battle of the Bulge [Scale] 1/35
The work itself is a small oval base. How do you hold the camera from a low angle, and how do you show it as a powerful and powerful work? ! That was the first point of this time. I put the background image on the board, set it on the table in the garden, and then took a picture with the camera. The joy of shooting a lot of photos from different angles and taking a confident shot is really great!

Silver Award
[Author] Naruhiro Yoshida (61) Aichi [Title] M551 in South Vietnam [Scale] 1/35
“Sheridan” with the feeling that I made when I was in elementary school. This may be a memorable kit for the 50th anniversary of MM, and this time, with this as the leading role, a Buddhist image peculiar to this region and subtropical plants made in this area are placed in the jungle of Vietnam, and the situation is broken down and reproduced. did. Also, I took a picture under natural light while paying attention to the background plants and vehicle scales taken from the net

Silver Award
[Author] Satoshi Konno (58) Saitama [Title] Frac Tower in Vienna [Scale] 1/35
Although it is a high-firing turret that actually existed in Vienna, the design is original. The crest of the tower was Vienna, so I wrote the emblem of the Habsburg family. The tower feeling is emphasized with the Aori composition, but the amount of information about the artillery and soldiers is limited, and vice versa. The photo was taken outdoors on a sunny day and a Canon compact digital camera was used.

Work photo category

Gold medal
[Author] Ling Yingming (45) China [Title] CARRO ARMATO M13 / 40 [Scale] 1/35
This work is a 13/40 tank of the Italian army Caro Almart developed in North Africa during World War II. In order to express the state of operations in the desert, a flag and raincoat were made with a two-component epoxy putty. The body is packed with various bags, sandbags and crawler belts. The painting is a desert situation, and we used weathering techniques to express the realism of tanks overworked on the battlefield.

Silver Award
[Author] Yosuke Yamada (55) Hyogo [Title] Heavy self-propelled howitzer Hummel Late type [Scale] 1/35
In addition to detailing the details with metal wires, an additional armor cover is added to the characteristic side grille. The painting was made with a disc pattern camouflage to create the final image. Weathering is performed with a sense of use and a three-dimensional feel of mud dirt. I used a digital single lens reflex camera to shoot the neutral color and natural perspective.

Silver Award
[Author] Shinya Sato (51) Fukuoka [Title] U M551 Sheridan (Vietnam War) [Scale] 1/35
Sheridan in Vietnam looks blackish, but considering the scale, the olive drab is lightened with basic paint, and highlights are added to the turret and the top of the hull to enhance the three-dimensional effect. In order to create a Vietnamese atmosphere, the red-brown mud stain is expressed with a splash paint around the legs. Regarding dolls, the commander’s helmet is a little disappointing.

TRF Suzuki Kiyokazu Suzuki and Satoshi Maezumi running M-08 chassis at MAZDA Challenge Cup at the Tamiya All Japan Championships Nagano

Paisen RC Vol.15 Tamigra Nagano Tournament TRF Paisen (M-08 vs. M-08)

This is a running video of the MAZDA Challenge Cup, an M sports championship run at the Tamiya All Japan Championships Nagano. I’m paying attention to TRF Suzuki Kiyokazu, TRF Maezumi Satoshi (Paisen) and TRF.
Source: Paisen RC channel

A very different full sized Tamiya Grasshopper at the Red Bull Box Cart Race 2019 in Japan

Team NONmotorize
This is a gravitation mountain bike team “NONmotorize” that has been in business for 16 years. 4 selected members will participate. I remembered the buggy that I loved when I was a child when I thought that it was a vehicle that raised the feelings of the audience as well as the participants themselves. This cart is made from unnecessary parts of mountain bikes collected from team members. Can you run through the course lightly and show off your brilliant jumps!?

Sources: Soapboxrace Red Bull & smp/SH@NONmotorize @ Twitter

2019 Tobu Tamiya Modelers Contest Winners Announced

Speaking of summer contests other than summer Koshien, the Tamiya Modelers Contest is held every year at the Tobu Department Store in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. A lot of works gathered in Modelers Gallery this year. The number of entries is 176, which is larger than the previous application. All the works were difficult to make, and the judges were pleasantly troubled. There was also a happy work that younger fans invited together with their friends and exhibited together. There are many ways to enjoy the model and to participate in the festival with a feeling of festivities. Not all works can be published, but here are the award-winning works. Next time, please visit the venue and enjoy all the works. The state of the contest is also introduced with the work in Tamiya News October issue (Vol.605) and November issue (Vol.606). Please have a look.

Back To The Future – The Tamiya Comical Grasshopper

We, the TamiyaBlog Team, love the Tamiya Fun Cars. And so also the genius Comical models. What a wonderful idea to revive the famous RC classics of the 80s with the Comical models. This year, after the Grasshopper and Hornet, with the Tamiya Comical Frog already the third model from this series will appear. We all like them, but our favorite is clearly the Grasshopper. These models are great fun “out of the box”, with nice oil filled CVA shocks as standard which we appreciate a lot, but are actually predestined for customizing. And Tamiya helps with a large number of optical as well as technical Hop Up Parts. When the yellow / green L / N and M parts were announced, we had the idea for our little silver / green comical rocket. The WR-02 chassis, further developed for the Comical models, is now called WR-02CB and is a real pleasure to build. We particularly liked the slightly wider wishbones, which give the chassis in connection with the great new wheels and tires a fantastic roadholding for this kind of models. But we pimped our little funny Grasshopper even further technically.

Here is a small list of the used genuine Tamiya parts:

47407 L/N Parts Yellow Parts

47408 M Parts Bumper Yellow Green

47416 WR02CB S-Parts  Spokes (Green Plated)

47411 WR02CB T-Parts Wheel Rims (Chrome Plated)

54867 One Piece Aluminium Skid Guard

54865 Ribbed Front Bubble Tires Soft

54866 Round Block RR Bubble Tires Soft

54587 Aluminium Servo Stay

54695 Stainless Steel Suspension Shaft Aluminium Support Bridge

53847 TA05 46mm Assembly Universal Shaft

54817 Aluminium Motor Guard for WR-02 and GF-01

54473 Aluminium Wheelie Roller Set for WR-02

54670 Aluminium Oil Damper

53974 TRF 501X Front Spring Set

51000 High Torque Servo Saver (Black)

54358 RS-540 Torque Tuned Motor

54579 1150 Bearing


As this car will probably participate in Fun Races, we´ve installed a Torque Tuned motor in combination with 20T pinion for this little bit of “extra power”. We love this litte pocket racer. It turned out amazing. Using the wide range of Tamiya special coloured chassis parts and wheels, you can individualize your WR-02CB perfectly as you want. So colourful starting grids in fun races are guaranted.

Now we will wait for our next FUN project to arrive. The Tamiya SW-01 Mini Lunch Box.

Stay Tuned !!



Customized Tamiya Mini 4WD Tyrrell P34 Six-Wheeler

2015 Official Competition Competition Delugans Participation Machine
Source: Tamiya Mini 4WD Twitter

Tamiya R/C Parts Matching List 2019

Contains following chassis types:

XV-01 ● XV-01T ● XV-01 PRO
TA07 PRO ● TA07R ● TA07 MS
TA06 ● TA06 PRO ● TA06 MS
FF-04 EVO ● FF-03 ● FF-03 PRO
TB-04 ● TB-04 PRO
TB-05 PRO ● TB Evo.7 ● TA05 ver.Ⅱ
TRF419 ● TRF419X ● TRF419XR
TT-02 ● TT-02D ● TT-02 TYPE-S
M-05 ● M-05 PRO ● M-05 ver.Ⅱ PRO
M-06 ● M-06 PRO ● M-08 CONCEPT ● M-07 CONCEPT
RM-01 ● TRF102 ● TRF103
F104VerⅡ ● TRF101 ● F104 ● F104 PROⅡ
DT-02 ● DT-03 ● DF-02 ● DF-03 ● TT-02B
TRF503 ● DB01 ● TRF201 ● DN-01
CR-01 ● MF-01X

Tamiya Mini 4WD Chassis Select Guide

Check the compatible parts and machines for each chassis!
We will introduce in detail each type of mini 4WD chassis that can participate in the Mini 4WD official competition. You can check the information of the corresponding upgrade parts and which chassis is used for which kit. Please help find your new machine and consider your machine settings.
※ Number of published specifications may change by kind of roller or tire.
※ The upgraded parts displayed in “Supported parts” may be limited in usable parts depending on the combination with the chassis (Example: Only pinion gears can be used among gear sets). Please also check the item of “Supported chassis” listed on the explanation page of each upgraded part.

Midship layout chassis with double shaft motor

  • MA chassis
    MS chassis monocoque aero type. In addition to low center of gravity, we adopt chassis design conscious of air flow. High performance chassis equipped with six rollers as standard and with improved side expandability. 

    Total length: 156mm / total width: 97mm / wheel base: 80mm / tread: 59.5mm / weight: 125.9g / ground height: 2.2mm / gear ratio: 3.5 1 
    ※ When low height tire · alkaline battery mounted

  • MS chassis
    A triple nose / center / tail chassis with direct drive by a double shaft motor. The box structure is strong against twisting and boasts high rigidity. Favorable 80mm wheelbase at the corner. 

    [Specs (example of N-02 unit)] 
    Total length: 152mm / total width: 92mm / wheel base: 80mm / tread: front 67 / back 69mm / weight: 124.7g / ground height: 4mm / gear ratio: 4: 1 
    ※ Large When diameter tires and alkaline batteries are installed

Stable driving at the center of gravity forward, front motor chassis

  • FM-A chassis

    FM-A chassis A chassis
    with a front motor layout that incorporates an aero design. Since the center of gravity is located on the front of the vehicle body, it is possible to run with a sense of stability even on a course with many ups and downs. 

    total length: 150mm / full width: 97mm / Wheelbase: 83mm / tread: 60mm / Weight: 117 g / ground clearance: 2.5mm / gear ratio: 3.5: 1 
    ※ small diameter low-height tire (26mm) · alkaline batteries when worn

  • Super FM chassis

    Evolution of the super FM chassis FM chassis. In addition to the improved bumper strength, the bottom of the chassis is designed with the aero effect in mind, and it also has a motor cooling duct. Rear roller stay first adopted. 

    Total length: 144mm / total width: 90mm / wheel base: 83mm / tread: 64mm / weight: 117.2g / ground height: 5.5mm / gear ratio: 5: 1, 4: 1 
    ※ When large diameter tire · alkaline battery mounted

  • FM chassis

    FM chassis
    A chassis created from the new concept of mounting a motor on the front. Center of gravity balance from the front demonstrates running stability in the technical course that continues up and down. 

    total length: 132mm / full width: 86mm / Wheelbase: 83mm / tread: 64mm / Weight: 113 g / ground clearance: 7mm / gear ratio: 5: 1,4.2: 1 
    ※ large-diameter tires, alkaline battery is installed

Mini 4WD standard style, rear motor chassis

  • AR chassis A
    highly rigid chassis with excellent serviceability. Adopted 6 rollers for the first time, and the battery is also low. 82mm wheelbase machine with extensive side expandability. 

    Total length: 155mm / total width: 97mm / wheel base: 82mm / tread: 67mm / weight: 123.5g / ground height: 5mm / gear ratio: 4.2: 1 
    ※ When large diameter barrel tire · alkaline battery installed

  • VS Chassis
    A matured high-performance chassis of 80 mm short wheelbase type that is lightweight and compact with a small turn. Excellent maintainability with hinged gear cover and battery holder. 

    Total length: 145mm / total width: 90mm / wheel base: 80mm / tread: 64mm / weight: 113.8g / ground height: 5mm / gear ratio: 5: 1, 4.2: 1, 4: 1 
    ※ large diameter tire · alkaline When the battery is attached

  • Super TZ-X chassis

    Super TZ-X Chassis
    An expanded version of the Super TZ. We adopt screw hole addition of front bumper and 2 point stop type rear stay. Medium wheel-based high-speed stable type. 

    Total length: 148mm / total width: 90mm / wheel base: 82mm / tread: 68mm / weight: 115.4g / ground height: 5mm / gear ratio: 5: 1, 4: 1 
    ※ When large diameter tire · alkaline battery mounted

  • Super TZ chassis

    Super TZ chassis
    82 mm medium wheel base chassis with excellent stability at high speeds. It features a flat chassis underside that lays out the battery at a low position. 

    Total length: 147mm / total width: 90mm / wheel base: 82mm / tread: 68mm / weight: 117.6g / ground height: 5mm / gear ratio: 5: 1, 4: 1 
    ※ When large diameter tire · alkaline battery installed

  • Super XX chassis

    Super XX chassis
    Super X enhanced and expanded. It features a nose guard that enables a wide range of roller settings. It boasts outstanding stability such as further strengthening of rigidity and functional enhancement of side stays. 

    Total length: 153mm / total width: 98mm / wheel base: 84mm / tread: 70mm / weight: 119g / height above the ground: 1.9mm / gear ratio: 3.51 
    ※ When equipped with a small diameter wide tire alkaline battery

  • Super X chassis

    Super X chassis
    A wide tread and long wheel base chassis with a 72 mm shaft. Body rigidity is also high and stability is high. The motor can be attached and removed from the lower surface of the chassis, and the rear stay has two points. 

    Total length: 156mm / total width: 92mm / wheel base: 84mm / tread: 70mm / weight 111.8g / ground height: 5.2mm / gear ratio: 5: 1.4: 1  
    ※ When small diameter wide tire · alkaline battery installed

  • Super 2 chassis

    Super 2 chassis
    Evolution of the super 1 chassis. A chassis with enhanced bumper rigidity and enhanced expandability. Full-featured battle equipment such as turn-type switches, 2-point fixed rear stays, and screw-type covers. 

    Total length: 150mm / total width: 97mm / wheel base: 80mm / tread: 64mm / weight: 115g / ground height: 5.3mm / gear ratio: 4.2: 1 
    ※ When large diameter tire · alkaline battery mounted

  • Super 1 chassis

    Evolution of Super 1 chassis Zero chassis. Stiffness is improved according to speeding up, and the side stay can be detached. The full cowl type is combined with a small diameter tire to form a low center of gravity chassis with a height of about 3 mm. 

    Total length: 131 mm / total width: 90 mm / wheel base: 80 mm / tread: 64 mm / weight: 111.5 g / ground height: 5 mm / gear ratio: 5: 1, 4: 1 
    ※ When large diameter tire · alkaline battery mounted

  • Zero chassis

    Zero chassis
    A low center of gravity chassis that uses a helical crown gear to lower the mounting position of the motor or battery. As the wheel base is short, cornering performance is high. 

    Total length: 131 mm / total width: 86 mm / wheel base: 80 mm / tread: 64 mm / weight: 109 grams / ground height: 5 mm / gear ratio: 5: 1, 4.2: 1 ※ When large diameter tire · alkaline battery mounted

  • Type 5 chassis

    Type 5 chassis The
    bottom of the chassis is finished to be flat and the aerodynamic effect is high, and the thickness of the main body is reduced to achieve both strength and weight reduction. Long wheel base specification with excellent running stability. 

    Total length: 132 mm / total width: 86 mm / wheel base: 82 mm / tread: 64 mm / weight: 113 g / ground height: 6 mm / gear ratio: 5: 1, 4.2: 1

  • Type 4 chassis

    Type 4 chassis
    Based on the type 2 chassis, the battery mounting position is lowered by 2 mm to lower the center of gravity. As the wheelbase is long and the center of gravity is also backward, it is excellent in high-speed stability on straight. 

    Total length: 128mm / total width: 86mm / wheel base: 82mm / tread: 64mm / weight: 112g / ground height: 7mm / gear ratio: 5: 1, 4.2: 1 ※ When large diameter tire · alkaline battery installed

  • Type 3 chassis

    Type 3 chassis
    Type 1 on-road specification chassis. The height of the ground is high, so the range of setting is wide and it can be driven regardless of the road surface. Drilling is added to the motor cover etc. 

    Overall length: 127 mm / Overall width: 86 mm / Wheel base: 80 mm / Tread: 64 mm / Weight: 115 grams / Ground height: 9 mm / Gear ratio: 6.4: 1, 5: 1 * When large diameter tires and alkaline batteries are installed

  • Type 2 chassis

    Type 2 Chassis The
    first chassis developed for on-road competition. Large diameter slick tires and guide rollers are standard equipment. The length of the wheel base is straight and advantageous. 

    Total length: 128mm / total width: 86mm / wheel base: 82mm / tread: 64mm / weight: 113g / ground height: 8mm / gear ratio: 5: 1, 4.2: 1 ※ When large diameter tire · alkaline battery installed

  • Type 1 chassis

    modeled as a junior version of the Type 1 Chassis RC Off Road Buggy. Tires and gear ratio settings are also suitable for off-road driving. 

    Total length: 127 mm / total width: 80.5 mm / wheel base: 80 mm / tread: 64 mm / weight: 109 grams / ground height: 10 mm / gear ratio: 11.2: 1, 6.4: 1 
    ※ When large diameter tire · alkaline battery mounted