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Tamiya RC Advice Vol.23 – Turning the on-road spec TT-02 into a rally spec machine part 3

The popularity of RC rallies is increasing, where you can enjoy driving with flat dirt. Therefore, this time we will introduce how to change the on-road specification car of the shaft drive 4WD “TT-02 chassis”, which is also the most suitable as an entry model, to the rally specification.
Products introduced in the video
00:37 OP.2023 TT-02 Chassis cover set
04:54 OP.1571 TT-02 Aluminum motor heat sink

Tamiya RC Condele award-winning works

Introducing the award-winning works of the Tamiya RC body contest “Tamiya RC Condele”! The contests “Tamiya RC Condele” and “Tamiya RC Condele”
Held on Twitter in February 2021 and January 2022 to compete for Tamiya RC dress-up ideas. Introducing the award-winning works of “RC Condele 2”! Originally designed RC, unique machines that are particular about body remodeling, etc. A collection of outstanding works. Please have a look!

Full size Tamiya Monster Beetle shown at the 60th Shizuoka Hobby Show 2022

Fox On The Run – Building The Tamiya Novafox

The Tamiya “Fox” was my third Tamiya buggy back in the good old days.
And yes, I loved this car. Compared to my “Falcon” and “Grasshopper” the suspension worked really well. Incidentally, it was the first Tamiya vehicle to feature the “modern” yellow C.V.A. dampers. And the car wasn’t just fast, it looked fast too. The flat and slim design shaped a whole generation of buggies in the 80s and 90s.
And when Tamiya brought out the re-release of “The Fox”, the “Novafox”, I had to get one right away, of course.

Still, it took a while for me to finally finish it.
And that almost annoys me a little, because the “Novafox” looks so damn good now.

Back then, 1985 to be precise, the “Fox” could well be considered the first attempt at a competitive 2WD buggy, which, as we know, it never really was.
But for the ambitious leisure driver, the car was really more than good to use. And I had a lot of fun with my Fox back then when we competed with Hornet, Frog, Falcon, etc.

And with the closed chassis, the car was well protected against dirt, which of course was less good for quick maintenance at races.

But now to the “Novafox”.

As with every Tamiya re-release, building it was tremendous fun. It was like a little throwback to building my first “The Fox” back in the 80’s.
The “Novafox” is already almost completely equipped with ball bearings. We also gave him the 4 standard 1150 bearings for the front wheels, who are not included with the kit.
And of course a Tamiya “Sport Tuned” motor could not be missing. To give it a little individual “touch”, I use the “2WD Front Rib-Spike Tires” No. 54896.
The wonderful golden “Aluminum Nerf Guards” are an old Hop Up part from “Parma” which I had at home for almost 20 years. And goes wonderfully with the golden rims and the metallic green paintscheme.
We are extremely happy with the result and look forward to the soon to be released re-release of the famous “Thunder Shot”, one of our absolute favorite 4WD buggies from the 80s.

But for now, enjoy the “Novafox” !

Tamiya RC Advice Vol.21- Modifying on-road TT-02 to rally spec (Part 1)

The popularity of RC rallies, where you can enjoy driving on flat dirt roads, is increasing. Therefore, this time we will introduce how to change the on-road specification car of the shaft drive 4WD “TT-02 chassis”, which is also the most suitable as an entry model, to the rally specification. TT-02 chassis matching part list can be found here.

Tamiya Mini 4WD Live Vol.14 – Spring 2022 New Items & Tiger 4×4 Condele

This Mini 4WD LIVE will feature the featured Mini 4WD limited kit “Mini 4WD REV Aero Thunder Shot 2022 Fresh Green Special” to be released on March 18th! In addition, new products and limited-edition items that are about to be released, and SNS posting projects near the deadline “#Tiger 4×4 CondeleIntroducing the featured works posted in! Also, commentary on the remodeled machine of the popular Mini 4WD Ganbo and information on the latest events.
Cast: MC Guts Master Ueda

Tamiya RC Live – Tamiya RC Condele 2 announcement of winning works part 1 and Tamiya RC History 38

Tamiya RC Condele 2 Announcement of excellent works << 1 >> and Tamiya RC History 38!
・ Introducing the excellent works of the Twitter posting project “Tamiya RC Condele 2” held from January 2022. We will pick up the award-winning works from more than 380 posts. – In Tamiya RC History “38”, items released in 1994 appeared. FF machine “Renault Clio Williams” which adopted short wheelbase, “AMG Mercedes-Benz C class DTM D2”, “HKS Nissan Skyline GT-R Gr.A” which became a hot topic with characteristic coloring to introduce.
Cast: Tamiya Satoshi Maezumi, Riku Sunahara, Akihiro Ohata