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Some creative Tamiya Tumbling Bull customised creations

Look at Tamiya’s tumbling bull, if you think “a bit different …”
let’s make it yourself.
In this corner, we will recruit such self-made tumbling bulls (for short).

Tan 01 Issue Manpei 370Z (Chiba)
Scratch the body based on Ogoro.
The neck of the doll is spring mount and reduces the damage when falling.
A hole in the front is an aerodynamic device that uses the suction effect by internal negative pressure.
Hmm! It is unanimous and big fool certified.

Tan 02 Isakin (Chiba)
manager himself w I tried making it because it is interesting . The title is “GeeBee Wheel” body based on Coca – Cola 2.0 scratch interwoven with Pepsi NEX etc. Its original coke bottle shape optimizes the air flow to the aero device (rear fender?). W type 3 cylinder 4000 cc engine demonstrates intense low speed torque

Tan 03 Issue Pikachu @ majorbangp (Ibaraki Prefecture)
It was pretty nice to be hikurini ! The title is “Grand Prix” Wheel “Racer”
Motif is a pre-war Grand Prix racer “Bugatti T 35”
Body is based on Shochu PET 4.0, a front grill reproduced with a knitted pattern on a black styrene board bought at a 100 yen shop Installation.
It is said that it shows merciless cornering because of light weight & super low center of gravity.
Something that is something body mountless is also squid!

Tan 04 Ponchi Ario (Yamanashi Prefecture)
Poncini received a self-directed submission from Professor ! It’s been a while ago!
I put a plastic bottle on the tumbling bull and tried it like a towing tractor.
In addition, I also tried up a cargo trailer, but
when turning, the front wheel of the front car and the front wheel of the car hits and it will not bend well (LOL)
Congratulations on the Tamigra Condée prize!
Premonition ♪ I think the self-made body will be popular ♪

Tan 05 BAKA # 283 Ao Piyo (Gunma)
With a propeller. It is a long post.
I tried to make such a body using a soy sauce plastic bottle.
The propeller turns in the wind ~ ♪
Happy Tamigra Condale!
It is an unexpected material with soy sauce pet. The pilot doll is also nice.

Source and more: Wild Willy 2 Maniax

RC WORLD No. 258 (June issue) featuring several classic Tamiya cars

The cover page is TAMIYA ‘s Mercedes Benz 190E “Divers s Art”.

Besides that, there is also content that tastes a little old Tamiya tooling car to a drift car.

It’s a popular serial series “Satoshi with TRF Setting Advice”, but the machine that Mr. Sumi Sumi picked up this month is … … THE BIGWIG (2017) !!!

Introduction of Tamiya’s old model which was very popular with oversized issue 256.
Will introduce it by age from this month.
This month is the edition of 1970!

RC WORLD 258 full of planning content (June issue)
880 yen (tax included), May 2 national bookstore is released at once!
Source and more: RC World Blog

Incredible Full-Size Tamiya Bruiser Video

We see RC cars modeled after full-size vehicles all the time. But a full-size vehicle modeled after an RC car? That’s something you DON’T see too often! Case in point, this beautiful “Tamiya Bruiser” that was on display at RCX. we’d say it’s “full size,” but it’s more accurate to say it’s “10:1 scale,” since it’s ten times bigger than the Tamiya model!
Source: Air AgeMedia Youtube Channel

History repeating – Building the Tamiya Bigwig 2017

It´s 1986, the worldwide RC-Car Boom is near on the top. To commemorate 10 years of Tamiya R/C Models, Tamiya releases a very special offroad buggy, the Bigwig. Not a normal car for it´s time. One the technical side, it wasn´t a very revolutionary buggy, like the later released Avante. The car was based on the common Hotshot, Boomerang like drivetrain, but was equipped with the legendary Tamiya Mabuchi RX-540VZ Technigold Motor, well known from the Tamiya Porsche 959 Paris Dakar, which was powered by a special 8,4V Gold Power Pack.

Anyway the Bigwig is a very special buggy in Tamiya´s R/C Car history. Because of it´s unique “one big wing” design by famed japanese designer Mr. Takuya Yura, president of the Mooncraft Company, well known for his racing car designs.

The very unique “Wing” look of the Bigwig is based on special high powered buggies which were custom made for the legendary “Pikes Peak” race in America.

After 30 years, the Bigwig is back again. What are the differences on the new Bigwig 2017 ? Not very much. The stickers were changed a little bit, as on most of the Tamiya classic re-release cars. Which can also be an advantage. The “Mooncraft” Logo on the rear wing of the Bigwig 2017 looks way better than the one on the original release in our opinion.The “new” model comes with full ball bearings, the original 80´s kit wasn´t completely ballraced. The RX-540VZ Technigold motor was changed for a special labeled Tamiya GT-Tuned Motor (like it was used for the Avante and Super Hotshot re-releases too). That´s it.

Let´s build the new Bigwig !

Car and body completed !


The result !

It was a pleasure working one the Bigwig 2017. It´s such a cool thing to build a classic Tamiya buggy. For most of the Tamiya re-releases we really like to do alternative paint-schemes on these cars. A real challenge in case of the Bigwig. Because most of the cars were built in boxart scheme. In the past and also today. The boxart scheme is great and really iconic. And it´s not really easy to find colours which suits the red, orange, yellow Bigwig stripes well. But we tried it. And we are very happy with the result. Enjoy !


The 16th Tamiya World Modelers Works, Competition Results and Ceremony

The Super Kids Land Headquarters Tamiya World Modelers’ Contest where fun works gather every year was held in Osaka. Entry works are much higher than the previous one, 130 points! It became an impressive contest where works are lined up narrowly, and the unique work group of more than usual annoyed a lot of judging staff. One of the reasons for the increase in the number of works this time, I think that there were many people who sent with friends acquaintance. Please enjoy the contest with your colleagues next time as well.

Sources (in Japanese language) and more: Tamiya, INC Homepage and Tamiya Plamodel Factoy Blog

Flashback Friday – Tamiya × Jun Watanabe Present 2015 RC Car Custom Design Exhibition

Source and more: Jun Watanabe work website & blog
Period: March 1 – 31, 2015
Room: Shibuya Liller
Tamiya’s radio controlled cars customized by 16 artists active in the front lines such as musicians, product designers, graphic designers, illustrators, cartoonists are displayed together. The radio controlled cars used for the exhibition include lineups of more famous cars such as Hornet, Grasshopper, Mighty Frog, Hot Shots, and other famous cars that have made a big boom in the 1980s. We exhibited radio-controlled cars full of individuality that was made with the theme of “unique, creative and fun” by gorgeous artists.

Participating artists BOSE / PES (RIP SLYME) / Wakana (Shonannokaze) / Takagi Ko (DJ · Producer) / CHOCOMOO (Illustrator) / JUN WATANABE (Creative Director) / Nezu Kota (Creative Communicator) / Yakazaki Takayuki (Product Designer) / Hiroaki Doi (Art Director) with Takafumi Yonezuka (Special Molding Art Designer) / Saki Rikiishi (Hyper Knitting Creator) / Takumi Yamamoto (Car Creator) / Yusuke Hanai (Illustrator) / hi-dutch (Artist) / TAKASHIMA DESIGN (RC color design & paint) / Ryuji Maehara (manga artist) Organizer

Dream Again – The First Film Of Mini4wd Cars

Director: Ye Zhengheng / screenwriter Huang Anpei / Photography Zhou Junmin
Starring: Bob Lam / Lo Tsz Lung / Li Yingyi / She Zhuoying / Chen Jialiang
Actor: Li Linen / Zhang Jiaqi / Town Yuan Industry / Huang Anpei / Fenghai Rui / micro aunt / Song Zhuoxi / Zhang Yanbo / Terry Chan / Li Jian Long / Wei㷨/ Cheung Yin Pok / Liujun Rong / Xiao Zhenfeng Ye Zhengheng / Zhang Henghao / Zhou Jian Yi / Li SIR / Ye Junting / Linzhuo Long

Special thanks to:
Wei-high model Hobby Waigo
M4 Club
Yu international bullion Group
Giraffe model house
Camera car will Foto4wd
MaskSpeed Mini4WD Racing Team
Sheng eight shops in Tsim Sha Tsui
Dance doll father of Louis ovo man
Mo Junjie
Fabio Lee

Source: Waigo Model Hobbies LTD Youtube channel

Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix Vol. 17 Video
■ Venue: Toyota City Showcase MEGA WEB special circuit
Tamiya RC car festival On the second day, held !! Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix
[Junior Grand Prix] , [Women’s Grand Prix], [parent-child classic buggy], four classes of [Junior buggy Grand Prix] have been made!
Also after the first qualifying session ended, have been made have also been held in October, “American Picnic Day 2016” in the had planned to held in (the day canceled in case of rain), “Setagaya rally Grasshopper class”.