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Tamiya figure remodeling contest 50th prize-winning work announcement

In 2021, there were many topics such as the Tokyo Olympics and the success of Major League Baseball players that made us feel radiant even in the corona, and thanks to you, the “Pachi Remodeling Contest” has reached its 50th anniversary. I am deeply grateful to all the fans for their support over the years. This time, there were many works that expressed the excitement of the Tokyo Olympics from various perspectives, and I think many of them were worried about the conflict with the deadline.

By the way, the memorable 50th gold medal award is a collaboration between Yuji Aoyama ‘s Olympic competition and Sengoku warlords. Not only the unique idea, but also the high reproducibility of the details of the armor helmet and the production of the pedestal that tightens the work shines. The theme of the work of Norio Mushiaki of the Silver Award is the encounter between two legendary major leaguers. Being able to express ideas in 3D instead of 2D is the fun of figure remodeling. And the bronze medal is the work of Naoto Okada , who also conveys the spirit of the gold and silver medalist of the Tokyo Olympics . It is a work that looks exactly like a single body, which can be said to be the basis of figure remodeling that beautifully reproduces the skeleton and movement of the body that can not be deceived. Furthermore, this time, Kunihiko Sato of Iwate, who has been exhibiting continuously since the start of the contest in 1973, was awarded the 50th Anniversary Special Award. Produced 45 pictogram performances representing each competition, which became a hot topic at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics. Take off your hat for the vitality that doesn’t make you feel the age of 75 years old in terms of conception, production speed, and craftsmanship! We are expecting more and more success to further improve the exhibition record.
For the Topic Award and Idea Award, I chose the works that greatly excited the 50th contest. Maruno Yoshiaki’s parade andHidetoshi Shuto ‘s “Human Character” is the origin of the 1 / 35MM series, a fun group of soldiers from all over the world. Mr. Kunihiko Sato, a major figure in the contest, appears in Mr. Shojiro Morio ‘s work. Did Mr. Sato expect that he would be the subject of his work? The above three works won the topic award, and Ms. Minoru Nagayoshi won the idea award for a timely collaboration in which the pictogram performers of the Olympics celebrated the 50th contest. The MM prize is Hiroyuki Kimura . At first glance, it is humorous to see US soldiers inspecting German Goliath tracks. This scene, which you can see in battlefield photos, is well-balanced in a vignette style. The rookie award is for Hidekazu Nomura , a nostalgic idea work for “camel battery” . The pose of the base figure is skillfully used and combined well with Wild Willis. Isn’t it an interesting approach to imagine the subject matter from the pose of the figure? Takakazu Miyagi (15 years old) of the Junior Award is based on a historical graphic novel set in his hometown of Okinawa. It is a heartfelt work that tells the misery of war.

A figure remodeling contest that has reached a memorable milestone. We will take a new step with our fans, hoping that the current heavy days will end. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Winning works * Honorable Mention (in alphabetical order)

■ Pamphlet for works participating in the 50th doll remodeling contest If you wish to have a pamphlet for the 50th doll remodeling work, enclose a stamp worth 140 yen in an envelope, and specify your address, name, and the pamphlet for the 50th doll remodeling work. Please apply to the following. (Please contact Customer Service for back numbers) Tamiya Co., Ltd. Customer Service “Puppet Remodeling Brochure 50” Section, 3-7 Ondabara, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka 422-8610
⇒ 50th Doll Remodeling Contest Participating Work Brochure (PDF)
⇒ Click here for details on the “Doll Remodeling Contest (in Japanese language)”

Paisen RC (Satoshi Maezumi) vol.20 – Super Avante and Dragon are united ☆ ★ Super Drante (TAMIYA Super Avante × Super Storm Dragon body)

Thank you for watching ☆ ★ I’m sorry I couldn’t upload the video for a long time, 😢 We will be uploading more and more, so we are waiting for your request ☆ ★ This time, Super Storm Dragon’s It is a video of Super Drante with a body ✨ What is Drante at first? I thought, but Avante and Dragon seem to like Drante … Paisen (laughs) Everyone feels good with this body too! Please let me know if you find something like that !! 👂 It was a lot of fun to drive in the park for the first time in a long time, and it was cute to see small children 🥰 Please try driving in the nearby park! ( ⚠️ Please note that RC cars are prohibited in some parks.) I would like to continue shooting in various places, so if you have any recommended parks or spots, please comment ☆ ★ We are also looking for requests. So I’d like to see this video ~, I want you to go here ~, etc. We are waiting for comments 🔥 Thank you for watching ☆ ★ super AVANTE ↓

Source: Paisen RC Mini

Toyota Mini Mirai based on Tamiya chassis – UK’s first hydrogen-fuelled RC car

Meet the Mini Mirai, the UK’s first hydrogen-fuelled remote-controlled (RC) car, based on the hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai bigger brother. But why, and more importantly, how, you might ask?

Before we answer those questions for you, take a look for yourself at our Mini Mirai in action as we went for a spin around Old New Inn Model Village in Bourton-on-the-Water, Gloucestershire. Could there be a more appropriate setting to showcase this UK first?

Why miniaturise the Mirai?

Being at the forefront of hydrogen technology, Toyota wanted to showcase the potential for hydrogen to be used in multiple, slightly more novel ways. Toyota has already made a name for itself in terms of hydrogen power, with more than 20 years of hydrogen research and development which led to the launch of its first production fuel-cell car in 2015, the first generation Mirai. Continuing to pioneer fuel cell technology and following this year’s launch of the all-new Mirai, Toyota is increasing its fuel cell production ten-fold to 30,000 units a year. This will enable the expansion of fuel cell technology into broader forms of transport and haulage, as well as industrial energy applications.

How did we create it?

In order to create our one-off Mini Mirai, we enlisted help from Bramble Energy, a company specialising in miniature hydrogen applications, and the Tamiya model company. For the body, Tamiya used their expertise to create a 1/10 scale replica of the new Mirai hydrogen saloon with one of Tamiya’s popular TT-02 RC cars used as the starting point. In order to achieve a striking resemblance to the full-sized Mirai saloon, every inch of the vehicle was surveyed, with even the colour of the Mini Mirai (Scarlet Flare) being an exact replica of the real car.

1. Hydrogen manifold, 2. Hydrogen inlet pipe, 3. Electronics control board, 4. Hydrogen regulator, 5. Hydrogen gas storage, 6. Fuel cell power terminal, 7. Battery pack, 8. PCBFC fuel cell range extender, 9. Voltage regulator, 10. Rear shock absorber, 11. Bespoke body-shell

For the hydrogen fuel cell system, Bramble Energy fitted a miniaturised version of its printed circuit board fuel cell (PCBFC) system, a control system and hydrogen storage, into the standard four-wheel drive RC chassis – the exact same one that is readily available in model shops before the Tamiya Mirai body shell was fitted on top. The Mini Mirai is fitted with two hydrogen fuel canisters that are switchable, allowing for quick replacement when fuel runs out. The Bramble Energy system provides around 20 Watts of power, with double the running time capacity compared to a conventional battery-powered RC car.

Just like its full-size sibling, the RC model excels when it comes to driving range. The new Mirai can cover up to 400 miles on a tank of hydrogen. The Mini Mirai can cover twice the distance of an equivalent, conventional battery-powered RC car.

Source: Toyota UK

Tamiya RC Advice Vol.19 – TamTech Gear Grasshopper Mini Optional Parts – Intermediate and Advanced

The Tamtech-Gear Grasshopper Mini is a pre-built R/C car packed with high performance mechanisms in A4 size. This time we will introduce optional parts that will dramatically increase the driving performance.
Products featured in the video:
RC Tamtech-Gear Grasshopper Mini (GB-01S Chassis)
00:46 OP.2017 Tum Tech Gear GB-01S 2.6x29mm Aluminum Turnbuckle Shafts (Blue, 6pcs)
01:35 OP.2011 Tamtech-Gear GB-01S CVA Damper Set (4pcs)
02:25 OP.2012 Tum Tech Gear GB-01S Setting Spring Set
02:38 OP.1860 370 Sport Tuning Motor for T3-01
02:58 Tamiya LF1100-6.6V Racing Pack (M)
03:03 Tamiya LF-6.6V Battery AC Charger
03:15 OP.2010 Tamtech Gear GB-01S Full Bearing Set

Announcement of the 81th Tamiya Pachi Contest winning work

A contest “click” with photos of AFV models. This time, the 81st time, the new Panzer IV won the gold medal in both categories. Mr. Yoshida’s work in the scene photography section is a combination of the Panzer IV F type and the German infantry set. A neat and clean paint finish while being assembled straight. The screen composition that considers the height difference and perspective naturally blends in with the background. Mr. Minami in the work photography category won the award for the Panzer IV G type. The slightly bluish German gray body is produced with realistic dirty paint. It is beautifully organized as a photo. This year’s applicants are 140 people aged 7 to 70. In recent years, not only regulars but also new participants are increasing. The deadline for applications for the click contest is September 1st every year. When the model work is completed, the next step is to click with the camera. Please finish it as a photographic work. We look forward to your masterpiece.

【gold medal】 [Author] Shigehiro Yoshida (63) Aichi [Title] Standby [Scale] 1/35 This time, I made a diorama with the image of the 14th tank division waiting in front of the bridge when invading Russia. Infantry are installed using the height difference in front of the pier, and the layout is designed to give a sense of unity with the Panzer IV. The shooting was outdoors, and I focused on the infantry with a sense of perspective. The bridge was made of balsa wood and the vehicle was painted in straight bluish German gray.

Scene photography category prize-winning works

[Silver Award]
[Author] Kunihiro Mitsuishi (55) Oita [Title] Suppressing bases [Scale] 1/48
It was the US military that controlled the German supply facility, but it is said that it had already been taken out of supplies. I think that I was able to take an image in which the background and diorama matched more than I expected in the scene work with the building that makes me feel the history of this place in the background. I imagined a scene where conversations such as “Be careful! There are tigers and leopards that fill their stomachs and sharpen their fangs!”

[Silver Award] [Author] Masakazu Arayashiki (60) Aomori [Title] FRANCE 1944 “Sky Alert” [Scale] 1/35 In the grove on the shoulder, the main wing of the Spitfire, a British aircraft that was shot down. By the side, the crew of Murder I are wary of the sky. One leaf of the recorded photograph that I saw in the magazine is the original story, but I think that I managed to express it in terms of the fun and impact of the contrast. Murder I was finished with only some additional work on the details. Shooting is done indoors with few restrictions.

Work Photograph category Winning work

【gold medal】
[Author] Kentaro Minami (30) Shizuoka [Title] Panzer IV G type [Scale] 1/35
I wanted to create a rugged atmosphere, so I replaced it with a commercially available winter track and removed the fender at the back so that my eyes could face the track. Also, although it was assembled with North African specifications, German gray was selected for painting so that the weathering would shine. The dust adhering to the car body was made to look faint by using a peeling liquid, and rubble, bricks, dead grass, etc. were placed on the fender.

[Silver Award]
[Author] Yuta Muroi (33) Tokyo [Title] AMX-56 LECLERC [Scale] 1/35
I made it with the idea of ​​finishing Leclerc more coolly. Particle material was applied to the anti-slip parts in various places to give it a texture, and dust and dirt accumulated there were applied to make it the highlight of the work. The painting is entirely brush painting. The camouflage area uses a rubbing brush to rub a small amount of paint on a thin surface to create a smooth border. I took a picture with a single focus lens.

[Silver Award]
[Author] Junya Sato (53) Fukuoka [Title] German Marder III M [Scale] 1/35
I made it because I wanted to paint it like a box picture. The camouflage color is adjusted with reference to the painting drawing. The modification is that the clamp handle of the equipment was added using etched parts and the upper seat of the car body was machined with epoxy putty. In addition, the camouflage uses Dutch flowers, and I tried to place it in the center of the front of the car body with the image of ambushing in the forest of Normandy.

Past years prize-winning works

Winning works of the Tamiya Mini 4WD Japan Cup 2021 Concours d’Elegance ONLINE

Mini 4WD Japan Cup 2021 “Concours d’Elegance ONLINE” – Here are the winners of each prize!
The “Concours d’Elegance ONLINE” is currently being held online to compete for the best Mini 4WD dress-up ideas. We’ll be showing you the winners of the “NEW ERA Award”, “XLARGE Award”, “Yokohama Tire Award” and the other prizes in the Concours d’Elegance 1 held from 26th July to 16th August and Concours d’Elegance 2 held from 23rd August to 13th September. From realistic machines to machines full of interesting ideas, please take a look at the many passionate and powerful works!

NEW ERA Award 

  • [Condele 1 NEW ERA Award]

    [Author] Mottsun @TIDALWAVE
    [Title] Mantaray Jr MSP

    The orange and red colors on the sand-colored body are cool! The black wheels are also cool. Add a black mesh to make it even more stylish!

  • [Condele 1 NEW ERA Award]

    [Author] ok
    [Title] Backblader 2045

    The setting of the near-future Mini 4WD that runs automatically by AI is exactly the backblader! Also pay attention to the design of the deer horns and legs expressed in paint.

  • [Condele 1 NEW ERA Award]

    [Author] Daiya @TRIVALS
    [Title] Poseidon X BAD SP Poseidon X with a

    solemn atmosphere is exactly “dark but beautiful”. The camera work that brings out a certain presence is also cool!

  • [Condele 1 NEW ERA Award]

    [Author] Kojikoji
    [Title] Wild Saurus REX This

    is an off-road race specification Wild Saurus that incorporates parts of various ages. It’s a fun machine whose facial expression changes depending on the viewing direction!

  • [Condele 2 NEW ERA Award]

    [Author] Muka D

    Roadstorm Dragon The spirit of Showa is fused with the new machine of Reiwa! The point is that the laser parts are likened to the beard of a dragon. It is the beginning of a new mini 4WD remodeling legend!

  • [Condele 2 NEW ERA Award]

    [Author] Shige-kun ☆
    [Title] Max Emperor The

    machine designed 30 years ago has been revived over time! The body that combines various car bodies is the history of Mini 4WD itself. The design drawings at that time are also a must-see.

  • [Condele 2 NEW ERA Award]

    [Author] RAVEN
    [Title] ELEGLITTER Arcana

    A simple and cyber super super COOL machine based on ELEGLITTER . The front face is also perfect!

  • [Condele 2 NEW ERA Award]

    [Author] Pen
    [Title] Find the Eleglitter!

    Optical camouflage ultra-futuristic machine version of the Eleglitter. If you find a machine in the photo, you will experience aha !? Check it out with your eyes!


  • [Condele 1 XLARGE Award]

    [Author] Kochiki @ ConCry
    [Title] Avante old school

  • [Condele 2 XLARGE Award]

    [Author] AZANINA
    [Title] Ifrit

Yokohama Tire Award 

  • [Condele 1]
    [Yokohama Tire Award]

    [Author] Makappe
    [Title] SPS-6 Fullspec

  • [Condele 2]
    [Yokohama Tire Award]

    [Author] Yosuke
    [Title] ADVAN GR Supra (Condele specification)

MC Guts Award 

  • [Condele 1 MC Guts Award]

    [Author] mstk_mini4WD
    [Title] MS-03 Lin

  • [Condele 2 MC Guts Award]

    [Author] Captain Kimiji © TOS
    [Title] LORD RAVEN

Mini 4WD Doctor Award 

  • [Condele 1]
    [Mini 4WD Doctor Award]

    Yamamachi [Title] DYIPNE MOKE

  • [Condele 2]
    [Mini 4WD Doctor Award]

    [Author] DuN 4WD
    [Title] Tom Godi AR Speed

Sakurai Award 

  • [Condele 1 Sakurai Award]

    [Author] ruru4wd (* ^ _ ^ *)
    [Title] Hummer H-1 Racing Track

  • [Condele 2 Sakurai Naru Award]

    [Author] Apon
    [Title] Snow camouflage version Wild Zaurus

MC GUY Award 

  • [Condele 1 MC GUY Award]

    [Author] Battle Road
    [Title] Amphibious Mobile Aquarium White Whale

  • [Condele 2 MC GUY Award]

    [Author] Mr.P
    [Title] Egg μ

Other awards 

  • [Condele 1 Undersea Bombing Award]

    [Author] Utakancho
    [Title] Fish-kun ( Puffers, Tetraodontiformes )

  • [Condele 1 Water Crest Award]

    [Author] tkfm_hobby
    [Title] Spinax_repaint

  • [Condele 1]
    [Wild Scene Award]

    [Author] 19 (one-nine)
    [Title] Challenge nature! Razor Gil ver.Wild

  • [Condele 1]
    [Best Beak Award]

    [Author] hiraspp
    [Title] Iron Sharp Beak

  • [Condele 1]
    [Prize for wanting to run outside]

    [Author] Suzuki Conta Punch
    [Title] Gamemaster Z90 ’s

  • [Condele 1 Idea Award]

    [Author] Machanori
    [Title] MAD CRAWLER

  • [Condele 1]
    [It’s like a tree prize]

    [Author] Ama k @ Wooden Grandpa
    [Title] Parquet XTO

  • [Condele 1 Detailed Depiction Award]

    [Author] Omame
    [Title] DCR Zentangle Edition

  • [Condele 1 Hexa / Orange Best Match Award]

    [Author] kentaLOW

  • [Condele 1 Best Cat Open Top Award]

    [Author] SAT @ Pravo
    [Title] HOT SHOT Jr. Emperor color (FR ver)

  • [Condele 1]
    [Coloring Award]

    [Author] IKE // TOYDEALER // ☈
    [Title] Street- style arranged neoclassical setting

  • [Condele 2]
    [XLARGE Special Award]

    [Author] Shimo
    [Title ] Wildback

  • [Condele 2]
    [XLARGE Special Award]

    [Author] Ryu
    [Title] DASH-02XRR / XL “BLACK SUN Rev.1.2”

  • [Condele 2]
    [XLARGE Special Award]

    [Author] iSOP

  • [Condele 2]
    [XLARGE Special Award]

    [Author] Power @ team.COC / D’eR
    [Title] Iron Beak-e

  • [Condele 2]
    [flower decoration award]

    [Author] Ride Chaser @ Chimuri Ibo
    [Title] Kakou

  • [Condele 2]
    [Coloring Award]

    [Author] Maakichi m4wd
    [Title] Penguins Beak 🐧 gen 2.05

  • [Condele 2]
    [COOL- LOW DOWN Award]

    [Author] General-purpose rabbit
    [Title] Razorback-R

  • [Condele 2]

    [Author] Zuracho
    [Title] Dream Bullet Train

  • [Condele 2 Modeling Award]

    [Author] Daichi @ Kashiramoji D @ Team COC
    [Title] Bergkaiser Elstaunen

  • [Condele 2 Tropical Award]

    [Author] NK
    [Title] Nautilus

  • [Condele 2]
    [BEST MIXING Award]

    [Author] TKMT ★ ☆
    [Title] CROCO-D-FANG

  • [Condele 2]
    [NEW OLD SCHOOL Award]

    [Author] Loki
    [Title] Rising Bird

  • [Condele 2]
    [COOOOL BISON Award]

    [Author] Hiropapa @Team COC
    [Title] Bison Magnum EVO

  • [Condele 2]

    [Author] Miyabi @MISTY -Misty-
    [Title] Saihate -Oceanus- Ver.JC2021

  • [Condele 2]
    [GOD OROCHI Award]

    [Author] Suzu

  • [Condele 2]
    [BEST World View & Best Cinematography]

    [Author] Tsubasa (faa)
    [Title] Animal Caravan -BREMEN-

  • [Condele 2]

    [Author] Damaken (IKEDA)
    [Title] Liberty Emperor Black Max

  • [Condele 2 BEST Suction Award]

    [Author] ATOMIC DROP

  • [Condele 2]
    [CYBER LASER Award]

    [Author] Nikoichi Nippon
    [Title] Blue Wolf

  • [Condele 2]
    [Award for decoration and shooting]

    [Author] Miyo
    [Title] Angel car that makes love come true

  • [Condele 2]
    [KING LASER Award]

    [Author] Nobori
    [Title] Proto L No.13

  • [Condele 2 Idea Award]

    [Author] Yoshino (・ ∞ ・) = ͟͟͞͞🚘
    [Title] UNI-pillar

  • [Condele 2 RACER Award]

    [Author] zaki-melo15
    [Title] Lamborghini Huracàn STO

  • [Condele 2]
    [WILD LASER Award]

    [Author] TAKAYA
    [Title] Super walk

  • [Condele 2]
    [Best Character Award]

    [Author] Tomori Inomura
    [Title] Laser Ninja Nuts! !!

  • [Condele 2]
    [BEST STUDY Award]

    [Author] Kauruko Furutani @ ROUTE404
    [Title] Explanation and consideration of Grace Stinger (904 characters)

  • [Condele 2]
    [BLACK MIXING Award]

    Itoki Ichi [Title] PROVIDENCE EMPEROR -Temperor-

  • [Condele 2]
    [CUSTOM LASER Award]

    [Author] hiraspp
    [Title] Competitive Spirit

Previous year winning works