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Tamiya Mini 4WD Con-d’Ele Festival 2018 Awarded Winning Works

Tamiya Plamodel Factory – Shimbashi
Tamiya Plamodel Factory – Torresa Yokohama

Tamiya Plamodel Factory Announcement of 19th Modellers & Suites Decoration Contest Awards

The 19th Modellers & Suites Decoration Contest held 73 works.
This time the theme is “a small world”, so many small and lovely works assembled cute.

Source and more details Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Tresa Yokohama store

More photos of the limited plated Avante and Hot Shot body sets available through Tamiya RC Perfect Guide 2018

Only now it is possible to obtain a shining limited body set!

“Hot Shot Red Metallic & Avante Blue Metallic Body Set” on sale now on sale on September 30, 2018 (Sunday, September 30, 2018) soon will reach the prescribed number as it is on sale as a magazine limited mail order item of “Tamiya RC Perfect Guide 2018” The order was closed due to it.

This product was prepared as a magazine limited item of the official guide book “Tamiya RC Perfect Guide 2018” that covers the currently available Tamiya RC (radio control) model, and currently Tamiya lineup as a reprint model 4WD Buggy It is a set of spare body parts that are attached to old cars “Hot Shot” and “Avante”.

Hot shot was a buggy model equipped with Tamiya ‘s first 4 WD = 4 wheel drive system released in 1985. A full-fledged mechanism such as the suspension of four wheel double wishbone equipped with front and rear monocoque is given to the monocoque frame made of ABS, and the differential gear is built in the drive system of the shaft drive full time 4WD. A number of advanced mechanisms and stylish forms were longing for boys of those days.

Avante who appeared in 1988 is a pure racing model in which all of Tamiya’s technologies at the time were poured. The planetary type ultra-compact differential is mounted on the innovative shaft 4WD drive system which laid out a vertical power motor “Techni gold” in FRP double deck frame vertically, achieving both high driving efficiency and smooth cornering. A wide range of settings was made possible by adopting aluminum front and rear oil dampers and adjustable type undercarriage that can correspond to every road surface, and it made a good result in the many races held at that time.

The body set that can be attached to these two legendary famous cars has been painted with metallic colors of red (hot shot) and blue (avante) which are the image colors of each of them. Its beauty is its beauty that can not be expressed with ordinary painting, and it is offered as cut so that neither scratch is attached at the time of assembly. Easy to complete by just sticking the included sticker is also attractive.

As mentioned above, the opportunity that this limited body can be obtained is until September 30, 2018 (Sun) ! If you are a fan of Tamiya RC cars, please purchase the limited body you would like to purchase on the limited special site posted on “Tamiya RC Perfect Guide 2018” (page 161)!

※ The set of photos will be the item to deliver (Set Contents Hot Shot · Body & Wing × 1, Sticker × 1 / Avante · Body & Wing × 1, Sticker × 1).


Tamiya NSU TT – the little rocket from Neckarsulm


Time for another TamiyaBlog build. We love the Tamiya M-Chassis series a lot. And over the years, I´ve collected myself nearly all of them. From M-01/02 to the actual M-05/06 and M-07. Especially the classic Tamiya M-chassis bodies are close to my heart. The NSU TT suits perfectly into the range like the Abarth 1000 TCR, Alfa Giulia GTA, Mini Cooper, Alpine A110, and Honda S800. Tamiya´s NSU TT “Jägermeister” Version is the one used by ” Willi Bergmeister” from 1974, the winning car of the 1974 “Bergmeister” Championship. Unfortunately, Willi´s name is not placed on the car, maybe due to licensing issues. The NSU was very succesfull in “Bergrennen”, during the 60´s und 70´s, and fought against Fiat Abarth, Alfas, and Alpine A110, only to name a few. And the scene is still alive. Some enthusiasts kept their cars, and you can still see them on smaller “Bergrennen” today.

The Tamiya body is, as always, a very well reproduction of the original car, but it sits on the M-05 chassis, which is front wheel drive. The original NSU Prinz and his TT and TTS versions where RWD cars. So we thought it would be much better to place the body on a nice M-06 Pro chassis, i had for a while. The body sits well on the M-06. There is enough space under the TT body for the M-06 rear motor. The wheels of the Tamiya NSU kit are “borrowed” from the Abarth 1000 TCR. They suit the car well, but i wished Tamiya would have made some new wheels for the NSU. The original “Spiess” wheels from the 1970´s, which were used on the original car, looked so cool.

Anyway, we took what we had, and put some nice “Pit Shimizu” racing tires on our Abarth wheels. They are of great quality, and i hope, with their soft compound, they will help to give the little NSU some great grip on the rear.

To add some more details to our cute little racer, we had the chance to build the body with the prototype of the new light bucket kit from well know german Tamiya dealer TAMICO, which is available from now on. In this kit, a front and rear LED holder is included. This will give the body the final touch, and looks really great.

We hope Tamiya will bring some more classic racing car bodies for the M-Chassis series in the future. We still hope for the classic Lotus Europe, which was available from Tamiya as an 1/24 static kit.

But for now on, enjoy the NSU TT !


2018 Tobu Tamiya modelers contest awarded work announcement

The model is also hot in the hot summer! Many works gathered at the venue of Tobuto Tamiya Modelers Gallery this year. 157 pieces gathered. Judges who selected works by themselves only with masterpieces that are hard to put on anything suffered very much. Because there were so many wonderful works so this time there are two special prizes newly appointed by Toshiaki Tamiya, chairman Tamaki Tamiya this time, furthermore, in recent years it has been difficult to see young people to participate in the contest, all 6 juniors who sent to the contest I was honored as a junior prize. Unfortunately this time the Mini 4WD Prize is no longer applicable, but next time I will be waiting for the work which started like the competition Deregans of the Mini 4WD Tournament. The state of the contest is scheduled to be published for the second issue of Tamiya News October issue (Vol.593), November issue (Vol.594). Please also see Tamiya news together.

Tamiya Mini 4WD Con-d’Ele Festival 2018

A mini 4WD dressup festival is held nationwide!

Mini 4WD ‘s dressup contest “Contest Deregans (common name Condale)” is held at shops nationwide! Participation prize stickers and luxury such as “Mini Four Garage” where winners can store two plated bodies and mini 4WDs Premiums are also ants. You are also challenging to “condire” which is a different way to enjoy the mini 4WD from the race! We are waiting for entries from everyone!

Entry machines are accepted at shops nationwide. Duration and rules vary from shop to shop!

Participating machines of Condale Festival are accepted at shops nationwide listed in the following list. Since the rules such as the recruitment period and the size of acceptable machines are different for each shop, let’s ask the shop staff in advance!

Souvenirs and prizes are presented for each store! There are also commemorative stickers!

In the condelé festival, prize-winning works will be decided for each shop nationwide! In addition to the commemorative stickers being presented to participants in the condale festival, the winners (the contents of the prize differs for each store) are mini 4WD Luxury prizes such as “Mini Four Garage” which can store two cars and mini 4WD plated body etc will be offered. Please join us! Please

do not include Mini 4WD in the “mini 4 garage” of the prize !
※ The patterns and machines of this event are taken with still images, movies, etc., and may be published on various media related to Tamiya, such as prints and Web sites. Please acknowledge your participation.

List and deadline of Mini 4WD Condale Festival organizers (in japanese language)

Tamiya RC Grasshopper AIR JAM 2018 Edition

Tamiya 1/10 Electric RC Car Grasshopper Prop Set (with AIR JAM 2018 Special Sticker Sheet)

Tamiya’s popular RC car “Grasshopper” assembly kit, a special RC car set with a set of propo (transmitter), running battery & charger, and AIR JAM2018 spec special sticker seat set on sale! By attaching a special sticker at the time of assembly, it is possible to assemble a glass hopper of AIR JAM 2018 specification!

Set contents
· Tamiya 1/10 Electric RC car grass hopper (assembly kit)
· fine spec 2.4 G electric RC drive set (transmitter, receiver, servo, speed controller, running 7.2 V battery, dedicated charger)
· AIR JAM 2018 Special sticker sheet

* As a power supply for the transmitter, 4 AA batteries (sold separately) are required.
※ The image is painted after assembly.
※ AIR JAM 2018 Special sticker sheets are not sold on a standalone basis.
※ This item will be shipped in special packaging, so shipping costs will be separately 1080 yen. Please note.

Source: AIR JAM Store