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Blockhead Motors Tamiya RC Car Custom Exhibition

A huge gathering of Tamiya RC cars as “Art Works”

The location is Tokyo-Harajuku’s ” Tokyo culture by beams “. the contents of the tamiya rc car are a 14-group writer with a free idea. ” Blockhead Motors RC CAR CUSTOM EXHIBITION ” This is an exhibition.

“Blockhead motors” hosted by this exhibition, which has been published in the public, is the one who enjoys the Model Hobby Garage DIY from the sale of original goods such as apparel and goods in the background of the 1980’S BOOM. A brand that is widely flooded around the RC area, which is done until the proposal of the lifestyle of the people.

This event has come true, as a creative director / Graphic Designer, who is a great member of the big rc freak, who is a creative director / graphic designer who works in fashion. .

If you check out the exhibition, you’ll be surprised by the different art of the RC car that you can enjoy and enjoy! There is no doubt that everything will be reflected fresh to those who enjoyed the RC car in childhood. Also surprised that these exhibition works are on sale! The Price you care about…… it’s a secret here.

At the venue, we sell the original goods of the blockhead motors, which were made in accordance with this exhibition. The exhibition will be held until July 29th (Wed), so if you are interested, please try to luck your feet.

The book book has a limit that the person who booked the store for the weekend and the last day as a prevention to expand the corona virus has been set up (even on weekdays, there may be entry regulations in the middle of the day) so I’m going to go to the For those who want to try, we recommend pre-order on tel.

The event situation is also available on social media, so for more information, please check the account of

● event name
● opening period
July 17th, 2020 (Fri) 29 (Wed) 11 am-20 pm
* open at 12 after the 27th
* last day (29th) ends at 18
● place to be held
Tokyo culture by beams
(Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 3-24-7 3 F)
● Pre-order phone number
03-3470-3251 (reception time: 11 am-20 pm)

Source of photos and text: Mono Online
Blockhead Motors Online Store

Tamiya RC Live – Story of electric touring car & TC-01 formula E capture story

Story of electric RC touring car capture
・TRF Kono first appeared in Tamiya RC live!! We will introduce electric RC touring car capture along with TRF Kono’s favorite car, TRF420, TA07RR, TB05!!


TC-01 capture story
・Comparing TRF Kono and Maesu Paisen’s favorite car, I will talk about TC-01 capture.

Satoshi Mamiya, Takayuki Kono

Extremely impressive RC Mini 4WD 1/32 scale Tamiya Avante, Egress and Vanquish

Unbelievable modelling skills and level!

Source: 98.00mm @ Twitter

More details and images of Tamiya 63715 Official Guidebook Mini 4WD Super Speed ​​Guide 2020-2021

Tamiya 63715 Official Guide Mini 4WD ​​Guide 2020-2021
Released on Monday, July 6, 2020, 990 yen

Annual book that covers the fun of Mini 4WD
“Tamiya Official Guidebook Mini 4WD Super Speed ​​Guide 2020-2021” for beginners to advanced users will be released! Japan Cup 2020 official circuit “MAX Surprise Circuit 2020” measures setting and course detailed explanations, as well as basics of machine making, a wide range of techniques such as the production method of trend modification methods such as the attention “MS Flexi”, dress-up method of pro modeler. In addition, thorough dissection of the new chassis “VZ chassis”, explosive machine manufacturing technique of the mini 4WD game application “mini 4WD super speed grand prix”, interview with voice actor “Aozora Tokui”, “all mini 4WD” kit catalog etc. There are plenty. The special appendix is ​​a special sticker for various purposes.

○ Format/Number of pages: A4 wide 100 pages
○ Appendix: Special dress-up sticker
○ Publisher: One publishing
○ Author: Getnavi editorial department
⇒ Click here for the “Mini 4WD Japan Cup 2020” event information

Appendix: Special sticker

Tamiya RC Live – Running characteristics of various touring car bodies & new TA07RR, TC-01 settings and optional parts by Maezumi


Story of various body of RC touring car
・We introduce the running characteristics of various bodies and recommended bodies for the Tamiya Grand Prix. “Special video/screening schedule”

New products TA07RR & TC-01 stories
・Introducing the settings and optional parts of the machine manufactured by Maezumi. “Special video/screening schedule”