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Tamiya RC Live – Introduction of Tamiya RC useful goods and Tamiya RC high-tech course & TB-05R release commemoration, introduction of TB series history

Introduction of Tamiya RC convenient goods and Tamiya RC high-tech course
・ Introduction of useful goods of Tamiya RC
・ Introduction of oil damper assembly technique in new project Tamiya RC high-tech course

TB-05R release commemoration, introduction of TB series history
・ Introducing Tamiya TB series history to commemorate the release of TB-05R
-Looking back on the history and evolution of Tamiya Shaft Drive 4WD Touring, which has continued from the “TB-01” developed based on the drive train of the engine car in 1999.

Tamiya Satoshi Maezumi, Riku Sunahara, Takayuki Kono

Tamiya RC Advice Vol.7 – Let’s start an RC car with an assembled model! Introducing how to install an aluminum damper

Attach the aluminum oil damper to the XB dual ridge (TT-02B chassis). We will introduce in detail how to assemble the aluminum damper and how to attach it to the completed model.
OP.1993 Clamp type aluminum wheel hub (6mm thickness)
01:35 OP.1152 Damper Oil Air Remover (Super Long)
02:02 Radio pliers
02:14 Damper pliers
02:45 OP.585 φ3mm shim set (3 types, 10 sheets each)
03:01 Maintenance stand (blue)
● Please see this video for more detailed explanation.
10:25 How to bleed air from the air removerTamiya RC Car Grand Prix Vol.26 (YouTube) from around 31:00
15:58 About vehicle height adjustmentTamiya RC Car Grand Prix Vol.26 (YouTube) from around 41:00

Tamiya RC Live – RC event concours d’Elegance winner machine introduction and Tamiya RC history part 2

Introduction of 2020 Tamiya RC event Condele winning machines and Tamiya RC history ②
・ Introducing the RC car that won the Concours d’Elegance Award at the 2020 Tamiya RC event
・ Tamiya RC History ② Introducing the RC cars that Tamiya has released so far
・ Introduction of Maezumi’s M-07 CONCEPT
Starring Tamiya Satoshi Maezumi, Riku Sunahara

Tamiya Mini 4WD Setup Guides updated

Mini 4WD is a fun sport that allows you to practice model-building and gives the thrill of high-speed competition. Learning the ropes is an important step in becoming a successful Mini 4WD racer, and Tamiya is on hand to give you some advice. This page will feature tips and advice to point you in the right direction in your Mini 4WD racing career!

Advice on tuning your chassis and using Grade-Up parts:
MA Chassis (Part 1) | MA Chassis (Part 2) | AR Chassis | MS ChassisGrade-Up Parts Matching List: gear ratios (October 2017)
Setup Guide (February 2018)Mini 4WD Setup Guide videos (January 2021)

Individual pages for Mini 4WD chassis

AR Chassis

FM Chassis

FM-A Chassis

MA Chassis

MS Chassis

Super-1 Chassis

Super FM Chassis

Super-II Chassis

Super TZ Chassis

Super TZ-X Chassis

Super X Chassis

Super XX Chassis

Type 1

Type 2

Type 3

Type 4

Type 5

TZ-X Chassis

VS Chassis

VZ Chassis

Zero Chassis

Tamiya figure remodeling contest 49th prize-winning work announcement

⇒Pamphlet of works participating in the 49th Doll Remodeling Contest (PDF)
In 2020, the casual daily life changed completely. Every day there are no signs of end, but the 49th Doll Remodeling Contest was filled with masterpieces filled with all of your thoughts. Thank you for participating in the contest while dealing with the current situation.

By the way, in this gold medal, seven gods depart on a treasure ship in the hope that the peaceful daily life will return as soon as possible. We have decided on the colorful Seven Lucky Gods of Kazuki Koide . Multiple motifs are composed in a well-balanced manner, and not only the details are created, but also the harmonious color scheme as one group image work is wonderful. Also pay attention to the auspicious crane turtles and the adorable zodiac animals that boarded the treasure ship as a companion to the Seven Lucky Gods. The silver prize was won by Yuji Aoyama, who participated in the contest for the first time . Nobunaga, Hideyoshi, and Ieyasu are three-way in RC sumo. And Mitsuhide asks for the whereabouts of the game … In addition to the fun of the idea, the RC car at the tip of the little finger is a masterpiece with each family crest drawn. In this contest, works based on the appearance of Ken Shimura, who died in the spring of 2020 while being missed, stood out. Mr. Shimura’s old character is “All-Member Assembly”, and Mr. Kunihiko Sato ‘s work won the Bronze Award. Not to mention the wonderful poses of the dolls that immediately come to mind on TV, the title logos of the programs drawn on the pedestal are all three-dimensional characters! .. Mr. Sato, who exhibited for 49 years in a row and showed a technique that seems to be 74 years old, also said, “It’s really hard work!” Along with Ken Shimura, the mysterious artist “Banksy” was the most popular subject. Akira TanikawaThe work of is highly evaluated for the idea of ​​expressing the girl drawn in the silhouette of Banksy in a three-dimensional image and the good sense of the pedestal as a work. And popular YouTuber Fuwa-chan, who made a remarkable achievement this year and entered the top ten in the buzzword award, and Takuma Sato who won the Indy 500 in August 2020 for the second time and decided the pose of delight. These two people who have brightened the mood that tends to sink in this situation can be said to be the faces of this year. Naoto Okada and Norio Mushiaki, who participated in each of the similar works, won the topic award. Ms. Minoru Nagayoshi won the Idea Award . Famous photos of nurses and sailors taken shortly after the end of the war in the United States, both wearing masks this year. It is a work that also expresses gratitude to the author’s medical staff. Kenichi Hizen of the MM Award remodeled the SDF scout into a tense pose. At the age of 13, Takumi Nakayama, who tried to remodel the doll for the first time , won the Junior Award as a German soldier with an impressive painting of camouflage uniform. Both were works that could be said to be the basis of doll remodeling.

Next time is finally 50 times. I hope that you will be able to welcome this memorable tournament in a sunny mood. We are waiting for masterpieces and masterpieces that will bring a new twist to this half-century historic contest.

Winning works * Honorable Mention (in alphabetical order)

Tamiya Mini 4WD Condele No.1 “New Era Grand Prize” has been decided! Japan Cup “Condele Online” special program

Condele No.1 “NEW ERA Grand Prize” is finally decided! !! Provided by Fujitsu Dry Batteries Mini 4WD Japan Cup 2020 “Concours d’Elegance ONLINE” Special Program

“Concours d’Elegance ONLINE” was held online from August 2020 to compete for ideas for dressing up Mini 4WD. MC Guts and Mini 4WD will thoroughly introduce all 12 works that won the “NEW ERA Award” in 4 periods, including JC2020 Condele 1-3 and EX held additionally from various perspectives! The three works that won the “NEW ERA Award” at the JC2020 Condele EX will be announced, and the “NEW ERA Grand Prize”, which is the No. 1 competition delegance, will be decided from all 12 works.

“Fujitsu Dry Battery Provided Mini 4WD Japan Cup 2020 Concours d’Elegance ONLINE” Introduction Page

00:00 Opening
01:12 About “Concours d’Elegance ONLINE”
04:16 “Concours d’Elegance ONLINE EX” New Era Award, 3 winning works announced
06:14 Introduction of all 12 works that won the New Era Award
06:55 Author: ok —————————————- Title: Hexagonite COMET
08:30 Author: TKMT ★ ☆ ————————— Title: Yaris G1 Racing
11:27 Author: makoneko ————————— Title: Harusora ~ Seiku ~
13:45 Author: kentaLOW —————————- Title: MACH- [T] -BULLET
16:15 Author: Yamamachi ——————————— Title: Koi no Beach Buggy
18:47 Author: CA @ Insai Chairman ————— Title: AR-A SHINING SCORPION “Acid”
21:54 Author: Murasaki @ Murasaki Works —– Title: DRJ concept M28 / C
24:15 Author: Sun ————————————- Title: GR Supra GT3 YS
27:22 Author: Itoken @yorusen ————– Title: MANTA RAY Mk.II yorusen special
30:25 Author: DASH-24A —————————- Title: DRJ LAND VENTURE
32:42 Author: Daichi @ Kashiramoji D @Team C.O.C ———————– Title: TT02B MS Jr. type FORMULA
35:55 ​​Author: Daiya @TRIVALS ——————– Title: DRJ typeX
42:37 Guts & Doctor Other / Introduction of Featured Works
44:46 Mini 4WD new information
46:50 Ending