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Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix Vol. 17 Video
■ Venue: Toyota City Showcase MEGA WEB special circuit
Tamiya RC car festival On the second day, held !! Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix
[Junior Grand Prix] , [Women’s Grand Prix], [parent-child classic buggy], four classes of [Junior buggy Grand Prix] have been made!
Also after the first qualifying session ended, have been made have also been held in October, “American Picnic Day 2016” in the had planned to held in (the day canceled in case of rain), “Setagaya rally Grasshopper class”.

Tamiya Parts Panel Collection Series

Build-to-order manufacturing goods

Parts panel Collection Series Shop of the product until February 27, 2017, your local model dealer or Tamiya shop online please apply at.

High-quality finish is no longer region of Art

Carefully painted parts of the scale model kit, tastefully layout. It is the parts panel series that we commercialized as a fashionable 3D interior. Of course it is not “just arranged in painted parts without assembling it?” Place parts which are not necessarily flat on the sandpaper laid on a glass plate and bond them to the acrylic board of the base after creating bonded surfaces one by one. We are completing it many times over the assembly. In addition, the parts are repeatedly arranged repeatedly. So it is not too much to say that the finish is called art. Directly produce rooms and garages.

Prepare the full size layout data decided by rearranging dozens of patterns until you agree.

After painting the parts, put sandpaper on the glass plate, scrape the back side one by one to make adhesive surface.

While paying close attention, paste the parts according to the layout data.

Since parts are three-dimensional shapes, further modifications are made from various angles, such as arrangement balance and color tone of each, to determine final specifications.

Dual structure wood frame is designed exclusively.

Use familiar embossed mats in paintings and posters framing. It is an important item that makes product spread and depth.

Embossed mat embossed Tamiya mark under the center. A mark with a three-dimensional feeling exudes a high-class feeling.

Also fix the backing board with exclusive tacker with the same method as paintings and framing of posters, and seal with green tape.

I attached a hanging metal fitting and a hang string convenient for hanging. Product weight is about 5 kg.

On the side of the wooden frame, we carve grooves by NC machining, embed Tamiya metal sticker, and produce a high quality mood.

Characters on the name plate were etched. Metal texture tightens the finish of the whole panel.

Attach a sticker stating the serial number on the back of the frame. Increase premium feeling.

Product Overview
● handmade goods is dressed with careful work.
● Lay out the parts of the scale model with beautiful paint on acrylic board.
● Framed items with the same structure as artworks using high quality wood for the frame. – Tamiya metal sticker was embedded in the frame side after NC processing.
● Etched aluminum with name plate included.
● Embossed mat embossing “Tamiya logo” in the lower center part.
● “Serial number” was pasted on the back side.
● Hanging strings for wall hanging are installed.
● Product Size: Motorcycle Model Parts Panel 570 × 570 × 70 mm, Sports Car Model Parts Panel 570 × 570 × 120 mm Product Weight: Approx. 5 kg

“1/12 Repsol Honda RC 213 V” “1/24 Ferrari FXX K # 10” has appeared!

21239 / 1/24 Ferrari FXX K # 10 73,440 yen (main unit price 68,000 yen)
21238 / 1/12 Repsol Honda RC213V 54,000 yen (main unit price 50,000 yen)
21237 / 1/12 Ducati Panigale S (Red) 54,000 yen (main unit price 50,000 yen)
21236 / 1/12 Ducati Panigale S (flat black) 54,000 yen (main unit price 50,000 yen)
21235 / 1/24 La Ferrari (Red) 73,440 yen (main unit price 68,000 yen)
21234 / 1/24 La Ferrari (Black) 73,440 yen (main unit price 68,000 yen)
21233 / 1/24 La Ferrari (White) 73,440 yen (main unit price 68,000 yen)
21232 / 1/24 Lexus LFA (Pearl Blue) 64,800 yen (main unit price 60,000 yen)
21231 / 1/24 Lexus LFA (matte black) 64,800 yen (main unit price 60,000 yen)
21230 / 1/24 Lexus LFA (Pearl yellow) 64,800 yen (main unit price 60,000 yen)
21229 / 1/24 Lexus LFA (Red) 64,800 yen (main unit price 60,000 yen)
21228 / 1/24 Lexus LFA (metallic silver) 64,800 yen (main unit price 60,000 yen)
21227 / 1/24 Lexus LFA (white test white) 64,800 yen (main unit price 60,000 yen)
21226 / 1/12 Fiat Yamaha YZR-M1’09 # 99 54,000 yen (main unit price 50,000 yen)
21219 / 1/24 Ferrari FXX (black version) 73,440 yen (main unit price 68,000 yen)
21218 / 1/24 Ferrari FXX (yellow version) 73,440 yen (main unit price 68,000 yen)
21217 / 1/24 Ferrari FXX (red version) 73,440 yen (main unit price 68,000 yen)
21216 / 1/24 Enzo Ferrari (black version) 73,440 yen (main unit price 68,000 yen)
21215 / 1/24 Enzo Ferrari (yellow version) 73,440 yen (main unit price 68,000 yen)
21214 / 1/24 Enzo Ferrari (Red version) 73,440 yen (main unit price 68,000 yen)
21213 / 1/24 NISSAN GT-R White Pearl 62,640 yen (main unit price 58,000 yen)
21212 / 1/24 NISSAN GT-R Vibe run tread 62,640 yen (main unit price 58,000 yen)
21211 / 1/24 NISSAN GT-R dark metal gray 62,640 yen (main unit price 58,000 yen)
21210 / 1/24 NISSAN GT-R Ultimate Metal Silver 62,640 yen (main unit price 58,000 yen)
21207 / 1/12 Yamaha YZR-M1 ’05 solid specification 45,360 yen (main unit price 42,000 yen)
21206 / 1/12 Yamaha YZR-M1 50th Anniversary Valencia edition 54,000 yen (main unit price 50,000 yen)
21203 / 1/12 Honda RC211V ’06 solid specification 45,360 yen (main unit price 42,000 yen)

■ All of this product will be made to order, purchase requires customer’s application. Shop of the commodity your local model dealer or Tamiya shop online please apply at.
■ Order reception will be until February 27, 2017.
■ Delivery of your order item is scheduled for June 2017 or later.

KUHFARBEN RC SHOWCASE- Taking Tamiya RC Models to a new level of detail and photography

Source and more: KUHFARBEN RC SHOWCASE Facebook Page

Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Shimbashi Store 8th RC Modeler Contest Winning Work

Source (in Japanese language): Tamiya Plamodel Factory

Tamiya 45th doll remodeling contest winners

Works from various angles gathered – The 45th puppet remodeling contest. In the year 2016 I was excited and excited about the sports such as the Rio Olympics and the Carp’s league title. In politics, the new Tokyo Governor, the birth of the new President of the United States. It also became an endless topic with mixed hardening, such as the appearance of Japanese musicians (?) Who also gathered attention from all over the world. 1
This gold medal is unique character and challenges in the world every time Koide KazuTadashi’s was awarded. The lively animals surrounding the hero are skillfully constructed in the limited space, the drawing skill of the doll and the height of the work technique are remarkable works. Silver is Honoring the, who Shigeru Mizuki was last year entered into a miracle Hidetoshi Shuto’s work. Mr. Mr. Shido, who is good at Miki’s wandering life and the ability to dramatically summarize lovely storytellers who can not hate somewhere, a group image of youkai things. Of Bronze Kenji Nagashima’s work, your Futari familiar “Emiten” the moderator replacement has become a big topic. As well as reproducing the smiling face as a remodel, the podium with the motto of the cushion is tightening the work. Four topics won this topic award. Three of them focused on Japanese athletes. 淺木Shinshiro’s is pitching form loving spirit of dual wielding Otani players Nichihamu. Obata Keiji’s the big success in the English Premier League, artistic shoot scenes of Okazaki players. And the badminton gold Medarupea of Rio Olympics popping smile was impressive Eikichi JitsuTomo’s reproducible. The sports theme work was evaluated not only for topicality but also for the height of the observation eyes of three awardees, just because the exact skeletal expression of the doll is a point that brings out the feeling of dynamic. And another topic Award at the scene of the hit movie Shin Godzilla Sato Junya’s won. It is difficult to bring relationships between dolls or to make air feeling to put together a statue with less movement as a group image. This work gives a sense of unity as a group image by giving individuality to the facial expression of one body. Of the contest’s first challenge one color Tsuyoshi won the Effort Award in the movie Alice in Wonderland. Combining various scenes like patchwork, it is a masterpiece made carefully to small articles. Was exhibited your monkey’s local Takasakiyama is Rie Shuto . Famous food feeding is truly humorous even 1/35 size. This time I gave a special “Humor Award”. As for the base doll 1/35, new poses are increasing one after another. Actually pick it up, inflate imagination, please try to make your own doll by all means.

45th doll remodeling contest participation work brochure (PDF method)
If you would like the 45th of work brochure enclose a stamp of 140 yen in an envelope, address, name, first 45 times puppet remodeling work Brochure Please apply to the following after specifying hope and clarification. (Please contact customer service with regard to back number)
Yubinbango422-8610 Shizuoka Suruga-ku Ondabara 3-7 Corporation Tamiya customer service “doll remodeling brochure 45” engagement

Apology and correction
doll remodeling contest 45 works brochure cover the upper part There was an error in the display of the name of the work and the name of the author in the photo.
[False] Shohei Otani SHINJIRO ASAGI [positive] Shohei Ohtani SHINJIRO ASAKI
will be corrected as well as respectfully apologize.

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The doll remodeling contest?
Let’s remodel
Work Application Guidelines

RCMANe Tamiya DIY RC TrackTruck TLT-01 4WS Suzuki Jimny SJ30

SA052 – Tamiya DIY RC TrackTruck TLT-01 4WS Suzuki Jimny SJ30 Tamiya Educational Construction Series On-road Truck 1/10 EP- Bodyworks by CY Ning (HK)

Source and more

Tamiya 63652 Mini 4WD Super Fast Custom Introductory TMFL Ver.

Gakken Mook GetNavi special editing
Tamiya official guide book
Mini four-wheel drive super-fast custom introductory TMFL Ver.
Item No: 63652 2016 December 15 (Thursday) Release 940 yen (base price of 870 yen)
A5 size 148 issue Page: Gakken plus

“Popular Mini 4WD manga “Nitsuharu Driving Mechanical Research Institute” (also known as TMFL) which is also published in Korokoro Aniki (Shogakkan) and “Monthly GetNavi (Gakken)”. Mini 4WD “Play with full power” Draw real people in real life, I am collecting empathy from many racers. Director Odawara who is led by TMFL publicizes remodeling techniques of machines and dressing up greatly! Add commentary of live-action to manga drawing down all pages, you can master custom art of TMFL flow. In addition, the TMFL special logo sticker is perfect for pasting on a machine. It is a bibble of mini 4 racer that we want to align with “Super fast tuning introduction augmented revised edition”, “super fast dressup introduction”.

All pages draw down! “Nitsu star driving dynamics laboratory” Special Edition
– surprise of gimmick large public! TMFL members machine gallery
representing the-world of your own! Ondawara director custom machine gravure
indispensable to a custom-car! Four wheel drive mini tool large public commitment

Special filing Appendix
TMFL special logo sticker
(optimal TMFL, Tamiyarogo of course, TMFL specification sponsor mark, Tanitarogo, to dress up like Tsubamesanjo tool manufacturer’s logo)