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Tamiya Shooting Proud Star

Beyond the time a new “meteor (shooting star)” is born


The new machine “shooting Proud Star”, was the trigger for the birth, “Shooting Star”. It is interesting even than seeing the two with a deep connection. Behind its shape, it has been put a lot of thought inherited a long history.

★ start from the four wheel drive mini comic legendary

four wheel drive mini comics became popular about 30 years ago, “Dash! Yonkuro” machines that appeared in the “Shooting Star”. This machine, the work which was winning in four wheel drive mini design contest of Colo comic has become a draft. That what at that time of the winners, this time, he was Hiroyuki Takei teacher your identity of popular cartoonist in which the design of the new machine!

★ newly designed as a modern machine

Takei teacher himself has attracted support from many fans in the manga and anime work so far is, to again revived in modern times was thought to boyhood “Shooting Star” and a new thought The ride was started to run. It’s attention to its commitment survived design.

hyper! Dash four wheel drive wax “is serialized in an Colo Aniki
has become a “hyper! Dash! Yonkuro” sequel, start serialized in Colo Aniki. This author also re-emerged Hiroyuki Takei sensei! Five sets of four wheel drive mini team “Dash corps”, a new story, which took over the previous work starts running at last. Also we’re looking forward to future development. Also try to check!

Colo Aniki No. 3 is released in bookstores nationwide around July 15.Appendix Emperor of orange clear body.Currently also the second issue of the photo above sale !! ⇒ Colo Aniki Homepage

★ details of each machine, please click here

Shooting Proud Star (MA chassis)
Dash No. 3-Meteor (Shooting Star) (MS chassis)

Flashback Friday – Tamiya at 41st Tokyo Hobby Show 2001

tamiya_41st_tokyo_hobby_show_2001 (1)

New RC Releases
58278 1/10 RC LANCIA 037 rally (TA03R-S)
58274 1/10 RC TA04-S CHASSIS KIT
58273 1/10 RC Subaru IMPREZA WRC 2001 (TL-01)
58275 1/10 RC MAD FIGHTER
58272 1/10 RC CORVETTE C5-R (TA04-S)
57702 1/10 EXPERT BUILT FORD SVT F-150 Lightning (TL-01)

Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix Vol.8 Video

Celebrated its 40th anniversary last year, Tamiya RC model that is showing even more of climax. Was held in Tamiya RC hobby of experience event “Tamiya RC Car Festival” is the car in Tokyo Odaiba theme park “MEGA WEB (Mega Web)”.
Electric RC car of experience running “Tri !! Tamiya RC” and RC car assembly classroom “Tri !! Tamiya RC School”, traveling a rocky mountain in the RC car “rock crawling experience”, it is possible to ride in RC trailer “trailer ride experience “and the like will be held an event that can be enjoyed to experience the Tamiya RC model. Spectacular outstanding RC car race “Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix” on Sunday also took place.
Look, to experience, to participate, you can enjoy the Tamiya RC Hobby “Tamiya RC Car Festival” will be held at the following dates in the future.

Tamiya Tools & Paints Illustrations, Brochures & Instruction manuals


Tamiya Color & makeup material (2015 edition)
Craft tool series (2014 edition)
Craft tool series (2015 edition)
Airbrush system (2014 edition)
Airbrush system (2015 edition)

Etching parts dedicated craft tool
Tech Tips! [paint and finishing]

Instruction manual

Spar Max airbrush SX0.5D
Spar Max airbrush SX0.3D
Spray work · HG trigger air brush (Super Fine)
Spray-Work · HG trigger air brush (cup-integrated)
Spray-Work Painting Booth II (single fan)
Spray-Work · HG air brush (cup-integrated)
Spray-Work Painting Booth II (Twin Fan)
Spray Work HG Airbrush III
Spray-Work Painting Booth
Spray Work HG Airbrush wide (trigger type)
Spray Work Basic Compressor set (with air brush)
Spray-Work HG Single Airbrush
Spray Work HG Compressor Revo
Spray Work HG Super Fine Airbrush
Spray-Work · AC dedicated compressor set SW-653
Spray Work HG Trigger Airbrush
Spray Work HG Airbrush
Tamiya Badger 350II air brush set
Tamiya Badger 250II air brush set

1:10 RC Hyundai Veloster TT-02 Tamiya South Korea Special

Tamiya RC Hyundai Veloster TT-02
———-Veloster RC set component———-
★ Precise reproductions of Hyundai veloster body
★ New TT-02 chassis semi-assembly-kit
★ Remote for Fujitsu alkaline battery 2 sets
★ Tamiya Fine Spec 2.4 G remote
★ Tamiya shoulder bag (large)
★ PS can Spray one can choose according to your taste
★ Tamiya NiMH 7,2V 1800mAh battery
★ Charger
★ Servo

Flashback Friday – 1969 Tamiya Ads


Tamiya Grand Prix Motor RPM Limits

Thank you very much indeed attended to Tamiya Grand Prix. Tamiya GP All Japan Championship 2015 whether to start soon
Et al., As described below, we will set the upper limit KV value of the upper speed and the brushless motor of the brush motor. The running after the vehicle inspection, etc.,
Upper limit rotational speed and, it will be time canceled if it exceeds the upper limit KV value, well above the Note, please participate in the event.

☆ the upper limit rotational speed of the brush motor

During the competition, in the inspection field after traveling the end of qualifying, finals, Tamiya has prepared the “Tamiya VG Motor Checker,” “step test
Application: measures the use motor at 7.2V “, it will be considered as time peripheral If you have exceeded the maximum number of revolutions of the following. During the measurement
So we will ask the removal of the motor to the player himself is in, thank you enough for your cooperation.

OP.930 Superstock BZ motor upper limit rotation speed: 30,000rpm
OP.1391 UGT tune motor upper limit rotation speed: 20,500rpm
OP.1358 RS-540 torque-Tuned Motor upper limit rotation speed: 20,500rpm
OP.779 GT Tuned Motor upper limit rotation speed: 19,500rpm
OP.689 540-J motor upper limit rotation speed: 18,000rpm
OP.983 light Tune motor upper limit rotation speed: 17,800rpm
OP.1392 FL tune motor upper limit rotation speed: 16,500rpm
OP.1176 Formula tune motor upper limit rotation speed: 15,500rpm
OP.1393 380 Sport Tuned Motor upper limit rotation speed: 29,500rpm

※ The above figures do not exceed a box out state. There is a possibility that more than if it was excessive to break act.

☆ upper limit KV value of the brushless motor

During the competition, in the inspection field after traveling the end of qualifying, final, and to measure the use motor in Tamiya has prepared “KV value checker”, under
We will consider it as time peripheral If you have exceeded the upper limit KV value of Ki. The motor removal of the players yourself at the time of measurement
So let me please, thank you enough for your cooperation.

OP.1611 with Tamiya brushless motor 02 sensor 10.5T upper limit KV value: 3730KV
OP.1612 with Tamiya brushless motor 02 sensor 15.5T upper limit KV value: 2600KV
OP.1272 with Tamiya brushless motor 01 sensor 10.5T upper limit KV value: 3730KV
OP.1275 with Tamiya brushless motor 01 sensor 16T upper limit KV value: 2600KV
OP.1132 Tamiya Brushless Motor 01 12T upper limit KV value: 3730KV

About KV value checker … In Tamiya sponsored RC race event to use the brushless motor, the following image to the venue
“KV value Checker” will offer (during the event in each player yourself, you can freely measurement). Tamiya brush
Since less motor 02 (TBLM-02S) is possible advance adjustment at the end bell, it is also possible to adjust the KV value in the vicinity of the upper limit
But, because after traveling etc .. that the KV value increases 1-2%, please note. The stack at the venue for the measurement method, etc.
Please contact off.

☆ reference ☆
If you combined a number in the vicinity of the upper limit
Position of the scale.
Left: 15.5T, right: 10.5T (both TBLE-02S)
※ Because there are individual differences by the motor, be sure to
Please check in advance at the venue. )

Tamiya 12053 1/12 Big Scale Series No.53 Team Lotus Type 49B 1968 with Photo-Etched Parts Official Details

Champion wearing a sponsor color
The Cosworth DFV engine adopts the layout and structure material of the chassis, team Lotus type 49 has brought innovation to the F1 machine. Is the type 49B was thrown from the third round of the 1968 as the improved version. To ensure downforce such as wearing the wing to nose left and right, mounting the engine cowl of wedge shape shape. Equipped with a high-mounted wing to the rear further from the sixth round to remove the engine cowl. Combines the wing stays in the rear upright, it devised to communicate efficiently to the rear wheel downforce generated by the rear wing have been made. This year, G. Hill won the championship by raising three wins, type 49B which resulted in the constructors’ title in the Lotus. Along with its success, reversal from the national colors of up to it, it is also known as a pioneering machine wearing a sponsor color.

About the Model
★ 1968 year F1 champion machine, to reproduce the team Lotus type 49B. Enjoy the finish with texture further by the addition of etching parts and metal parts. ★ 1/12 scale. Overall length 360mm, overall width 165mm, height 122mm. ★ Reproduce the slim form in the real. ★ before and after suspension operates in vehicle similar mechanism. ★ 3-liter V-type 8-cylinder DFV engine also precise finish. ★ In addition to the rear high-mounted wing of the front of the high-mount wing parts were found in South Africa GP of 1969 is also available. ★ hollow rubber tires have a texture. ★ with a mask sealing painted. ★ with driver figure.