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Tamiya Plamodel Factory opens at March 27 in Yokohama

Hobby manufacturing products such as plastic model conduct sales, Tamiya, Inc. (NASDAQ: Suruga-ku, Shizuoka President: Shiyunsaku Tamiya), the modeling studio to enjoy the plastic model shop in the TAMIYA PLAMODEL FACTORY will be produced by the March 27, 2008, South Building to the first floor of Yokohama TORESSA (Yokohama Kohoku Ward), Japan’s first stalls.
SEGA (Headquarters: Tokyo, President and CEO Ota CEO and COO: Osamu Satomi) cooperation project under the firm Ltd. (Headquarters: Kawasaki Kawasaki Ward President: Yasuhiro Imazeki) store management development .
Homemade plastic models 50th anniversary this year, a plastic model of modern culture that brought children from the baby-boom generation to generation beyond the manufacturing of YOROKOBI to this location from the caller.

Overview [stores]
“Shop Zone”
Tamiya, the scale model (car, motorcycle, military, vessels, aircraft, etc.) in addition to the four wheel drive mini, the spy series, and fun widely goods, and create a suitable model, tools, paints, books also enough. In addition, unique products and the sale of merchandise such as planned.

“Studio zone”

Actually enjoy making studio model parallel establishment. Modeller Tatsuya Kaneko, who will oversee the writing modeling to achieve optimal work space. Desk work is a total of 20 seats, making model alone sit down and immersed in ITAKERU. It is, of course, also allows for a large table, and the use of group events such as planned. The finished product photography and painting room luxury room.

Tatsuya Kaneko was born in 1953. Has made diorama model and worked as a writer for magazines, television, advertising, and a lot of work to be announced. Also, TV Tokyo’s popular show “TV CHAMPION PURE MODELLING Championship” at the 2-year-peat from 1996 to’97. Currently, the quarterly magazine model “PANTSAGURAFU!” (Art model) is also active as editor.

[Features] Fun to make a plastic model is the master support.
Shops face a “master” is almost resides on the first side to consult the advice of full-scale modeling to your support.

Various programs held manufacturing experience.

Modelling lecturer in the studio to be greeted “baby boomers model for the classroom” to the parents and children in elementary school and you can feel free to participate in “the first four-wheel drive mini Workshop” and various other events scheduled.

Produced: Tamiya, Inc. / Planning and Cooperation: SEGA / management development firm, Inc.
TORESSA TOYOTAOTOMORUKURIEITO Yokohama Ltd. will operate large commercial complex.
2007 North Building opened on December 5. South Building will be opened on March 27, 2008.

222-0002 Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama Kohoku Ward Street Morooka town 700

Shop Zone
Studio Zone
Source: Tamiya, INC.

Tamiya Modified Motor History Part 2

Mid-1980s: Tamiya and motor-wave decomposition

Now, after several years, I was not very far away from the RC is detail, as might be expected, BLACK MOTOR specifications about the escalation of the year obsessed with 1 / 12 in the visitor’s Racing also reached that limit the height of the December 1984 finally, MABUCHI and joint development of the race only 8 minutes of high-efficiency “RX-540SD TECHNIPOWER” (sp.225 the 4500 yen) will be released. Both support shaft bearing, complete decomposition formula can be adjusted in advance of the first model. Next March 1985, the number of characteristics that turn a mild “RX-540SD TECHNITUNED” (sp.230 the 4500 yen) will also be released. This is the epidemic showed signs of the buggy, especially WD 2 machines in mind to use as a motor was released. The TECHNIPOWER TECHNITUNED and is the same type as MABUCHI, Tamiya and differ only in the part number so suspicious. Turn catalog number is not listed, but after some “TECHNIGOLD” T 21 single winding, and that the 21 TECHNIPOWER T, T TECHNITUNED at 23 degrees it was in (Single Roll it is verified). Diameter of the wire, but the appearance is about 0.70 mm.
But that time is still of RC motor parts, I like the versatility of most of the parts are no longer exists. Each manufacturer has been common in the procurement of parts I, and the rotor magnet around parts of the bearing, which was not only much. Bell and motor end, brush, brush spring, and each maker has been designed to own fancy. Naturally the high cost of production, 20 years from now at around 5,000 yen before, it is now reduced to a value of 10,000 yen to 15,000 yen worth of goods at the time the user is not purchased. . Then I, like jewelry.

Indeed, Bell and end around the middle of the magnet in part to build up long-bis motors, it is hard to note a mechanical mechanism, and is now fond memories. Now, any manufacturer the “visible parts” only to change the color and design of the fine parts of the generic parts are just a combination of a lot. And the price is pretty cheap now not to complain, but also the split-high-end model is also completely gone, press a piece of them, “boring” I think the only writer?

Late 1980s: motor age

Times have changed, the world is 1 / 12 Racing ON ROAD center is out of the buggy whip to start selling. “The four-wheel drive mini” boom coupled eginning. Era, the so-called “bubble economy” in the middle. In the middle to late 1980s, after the roof of the city’s department stores buggies there is a TV, “RC Tamiya Car Grand Prix” and other TV programs are aired, leading to a boom. There was an atrium of a building in Shinjuku NS (vaulted Square) to create special courses held and magazines for children and RC model is the tie-in TV advertising CM which was, I tell, who believe that now? But there are certainly times that. Definitely a “radio-controlled era” and also likely to put the money to use as a luxury product planning.

Tamiya in March 1988 “AVANTE” machine TRF release form (avex four years ago from the TRF), this year’s eighth JMRCA A in Japan and to enter into serious action activities Works This also started on time (TRF then “DYNASTORM” released after age 93 with a lull, but since 1996, 1 / 8 GP BMT fought race in the series and TRF404-414 development activities you know is resumed.)
The unprecedented four-wheel drive mini-boom, Power is expected to intensify competition. However, the battery capacity is still “1200 mAh” remain. SC cell types (General Standard cell) only. Early 80s qualifying time 45 seconds (!) Was battling JMRCA1/12 nightmare Racing is competitive with power came again. Blindly raise the motor power and runtime only only three minutes away from making a dilemma.

This approach quickly resolve for a period of time as the mid-1980s, has spotlighted the “V 7 cell pack 8.4” battery. Tamiya, too, “released 10 Planning Tamiya RC car,” Kraft’s moon buggy by Yura design, “BIG WIG (Item 58057, 25,800 yen),” released in July 1986, while “V 8.4 TAMIYA NI CD Power Gold (55025,6400 Item yen) “to release them. In addition, the motor is also included with the new V 8.4 as compliant HIGH POWER MOTOR “RX-540VZ TECHNIGOLD (sp.290, 5,000 yen)” to develop. The following year, in August 1986 from spare parts sold separately as also started. The rotor of TECHNIGOLD is 21-turn, 0.8-mm single.

Been released so far made a series of MABUCHI motor is essentially all of the parts are compatible. The final model, and 8.4-V battery “TECHNIGOLD” exchange theory, “TECHNIPOWER / TECHNITUNDED performance of brush” notices have been, and earlier TECHNIGOLD Two models of the brush is different materials (for TECHNIGOLD Perhaps it is more soft), the hardware is compatible with the same shape. Rotor, the wire diameter and the number is of course different from the wound, but was diverted because of the same size. This is around, but I also make custom MABUCHI model.

While all of this was going on, in 1987, Japan’s F-1GP back from Tamiya according to the “ROAD WIZARD” T-99 chassis and the new Lotus dipped Williams FW11B body kit released. F1 was boiling of a sudden boom.

R DYNATECH 01 F-1 model at the time, released at the end of the seventies, “Tyrell P34” “JS9 Ligier” to the first and second generation of F1 chassis compared to the lighter side, too, in terms of driving performance lot nicer, and even beginners Power 540 is a bit much uncontrollable, fast enough to have fun. Still, more power and high-speed has been increasing demand from users, which came out in response to that, “DYNATECH 01 R (op.1, 5,500 yen).” This is also the custom of MABUCHI goods in the name of the company MABUCHI “RX-540VS” now.

Oh, op.1? Yeah, the memorable “HOP UP OPTION” This is the first issue of Motor me know. Opt hop’s history is also up, with a motor, you know?

By the way, “DYNATECH 01 R,” rotor “configuration option” is the first thing that is striking out. 01 R DYNATECH standard diameter of 0.90 mm T-19 was a single roll of the options as 1.00 T 17 mm diameter are provided by a single winding.
Until then, the Member Works (TRF) and JMRCA participants to support the rotor at the scene bespoke specifications to be supplied as was the case, but such cases are generally not marketed. These “The race unless” special motor distribution or distributed at the scene, the enthusiasm, excitement and buggy boom, rather than now become more radical as it was (and already history back to late 1970s Works only “Special Motor Japan” does not exist were it). The RX-540 series, the name was different, “TECHNIPOWER” “TECHNITUNED”, the rotor is incompatible because this is essentially to opt around super rotor was like setting But from the beginning, as the opt out had not.

This time, the batteries finally wave of technology innovation. Generic years has been used for long-SC type of cell was released after 10 years after finally abandoned by the new large-capacity cell SCE appeared in 1700. Tamiya, “EX 1700,” released in November 1987 as being (Item55038, 6,000 yen).

However, the SCE has repeatedly recharge cell weak and discharge characteristics as a second half loaf, which becomes not necessarily suitable for RC. Therefore, large current discharge voltage can be sustainable in the end “type SCR” has been developed, “SCR 1400” (Item55051, 4,400 yen) as. 1990. As you know from the convention space, capacity at the expense of the discharge voltage drop suppress cell structure shook her direction in design. However, the actual usable space travel at the last minute pile-up celebrity, SCE 1700 and changed so much.

On that occasion, NI CAD BATTERY market, Matsushita Sanyo batteries to challenge the monopoly to begin, RC racing, “Panasonic” is gradually began attracting attention. “1400SCR” an end to this dispute, were sanyo Weapon is killer. Consequently, “SCE 1700” and “1400 SCR” appearance brought the NI CAD BATTERY “competitive capacity / characteristics competition” is the beginning of a new battle, every two years since “SCR 1700” “1700SCRC” “2000RC (Tamiya Pack is rejected), “” RC 2400 “” 3000MH “such as how new products come out,1990s and the development of competition will not plunge.

02 H DYNATECH Now, these large-capacity battery to the full benefits are received, after all motor. After all, turn to reduce the number of more powerful runtime is not able to maintain, over the years more and more extreme motor came out. It symbolized an era of monumental model, in November 1989 have been released as HOP UP OPTION “DYNATECH 02 H (op.44, 6,000 yen).” This is after, “2 WD SUPER ASTUTE (August 1991, Item 58097)” and “Evolution TOP FORCE (released in June 1992, Item 58107,3 18,000 yen)”

“DYNATECH 02 H” is more than 1400 large-capacity battery is premised on the use of the cobalt-containing rare earth magnet at the time of the highest level of luxury to be adopted, 0.65mm diameter of the rotor winding 13 Double T, still fully accepted in specifications emerged. What is 0.70 mm diameter wire OPTION ROTOR 10 Double-T! NI CD BATTERY was the highest level for the specs, the motor including “unlimited rotor (outside articles are OK!)” Fought over the rules of Tamiya GP Gr.A Touring Car class in the summer to become the battery Connector has dissolved! It is also sometimes seen as an accident. In those days, the PL (product liability law) was not because of the accident should be the responsibility of users, manufacturers and the percentage of your stance on this hot carefree motors could release it. Could nostalgic era of peace.
DYNATECH spare brush DYNATECH 02 H 02 H 02 H-opt DYNATECH The motor rotor is a strong sense of its own off-road driving to the end of Bell & Design adopted thanks to the brush, the brush is how 1,000 yen spare! On the enormously expensive goods. Akira Hiroshi just came at the end of the era of “Battleship Yamato” state. MOTAKAN, still making luxurious three-piece structure. Consequently, the last three as TAMIYA MOTOR piece motor structure. This excessive cost can go up to the user with no Haz, buggy boom will soon decline. Separately DYNATECH Tamiya and H-02 is not due. . .

“DYNATECH 02 H” Another particularly notable is the first motor Tamiya, except MABUCHI MODIFIED provided by the manufacturer of the motor. Johnson’s company in Hong Kong manufacturers. Johnson, speaking of the now-compatible 540 so-called “motor Johnson” will be known in the 1980s for 540 types of buggy boom race is not used because it is not, and then it is either “DYNATECH 02 H” Johnson, the company discovered by that many people?

But Johnson also is a world-MABUCHI after leading maker of small motors, and 540 types of motors since stabilized supply to the secondary source (alternate source) has been trading as it is you know below. “Johnson motor” will be included with the kit to become the first place? NOKI did, “Blackfoot” Big tire system as a kit included with the motor, 540 S want is a bit more powerful motor for the “special motor “ostensibly in the game like it was the beginning.

By the way, this is like a high-end motor it will continue year after year, the basic specifications of the 540 motor was basically the same, the gap between the power on the other hand is open. 80s line-up kits at the end of that time, especially at the time buggy motor to mainstream it, which include 540 for the introductory model, the motor system DYNATECH include a net after two minutes in extreme racing model been. However, many users to buy a car Tamiya introductory who just bought a net race model, the spare hand it is a high-performance, and quite a few cases. A little bit, meek performance in the 540 from the high-power motor MODIFIED want has been.
Meet these demands is born, “SPORT TUNED RS-540” (op.68, ¥ 1500, October 1990). This kit is included with the motor as “AVANTE 2001” (Item58085, released in June 1990, 26,800 yen) first appeared, followed by the first bullet C Series car chassis “Mercedes-Benz C11” (Item58088, released in November 1990, 13,000 yen) was also adopted. Original “AVANTE” “TECHNIGOLD” in the price of equipment three 2001. Also, “Group C” series is a gross weight of 1,200 g F1 model and heavier than the 540 offers power performance is somewhat dissatisfied. “SPORT TUNED” Tamiya assortment of motor MODIFIED indispensable product has been a long seller. Probably already MODIFIED Tamiya’s largest motor has been a bestseller in it. Life is short brush, Darre Magnet is easy to heat, and a lot of criticism might also say, a few decades before 5000 1500 yen available now, the impact is substantial, it’s big.

It is superfluous, “SPORT TUNED” is a diameter of 0.80 mm T-23 single winding. DYNATECH 19T just 0.90 mm of a single roll of 01 and R 540 S / SH 0.65mm 27T single roll of the intermediate and specifications. This, “a reasonable person in a high-performance primer” which was obtained or how barnacle to the specification later this basis, Japan’s distinctive “T stock 23” was born in JMRCA Touring Car class sports and other provisions also been adopted. As a result theory is just, lasting masterpiece TAMIYA MOTOR history, and they would say.

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Tamiya Modified Motor History Part 1

It started with Black Motor

Tamiya modified the surprising history of the oldest motor, the car’s history and almost Tamiya RC say. Of the actual vehicle so as to the performance of a short cut up the power of the past still more powerful. Tamiya electric RC cars started in only two years, as a series of three books, “Tyrell P34” is not out between December 1, 1977, as an option as early as MABUCHI appeared RS-540S. This is strictly modified motor is not just opt parts, but since TAMIYA modified motor “origin” as ignored. Incidentally, the less surprising it is not known, 540 S / SH 27 is a single-turn 0.65-mm wire (MABUCHI house, “6527”), the spec motors.

“MABUCHI RS-540” in the first place is for RC kind, but a general purpose multi-purpose motor. Therefore, the noise killer custom specifications for the capacitor as “external” had been. It’s also the first white plastic end when the bell is the largest single ceramic capacitor, + – with bipolar form of a direct connection. The method is also seated, from now if Surprisingly, hand soldered (!) Was (S 380 photos of the 540 S is the same example).
However, third-party products, including electric RC continue to hit in, as might be expected in the March 1980 to April release “Williams FW07 / Special Lotus 79 competition” been included in the standard kit believed to be the second generation of black bell-end specification was revised sharply noise killer. In the same ceramic capacitors, high-frequency response can be further small two types of specifications and the motor is initially cans soldered to the ground as the spot welding and in later years become a bipolar system and can connect to the change.
By the way, 540 1970 days of the late, but also consider the impact brush not been the normal rotation reversed either because of the possibility of using the 540S Well, “advancer zero” is used in Bell’s end. Therefore, the brush is, reduced advanced with a more powerful, because someone dropped a piece of the direction of advance for “National Si inversion” is as much motor HAYASA tuning, in that era.

Incidentally, after a 7.2 V SH 540 specification change by the end bell metal, brush-angle regressive
540SH is with the brush of rise as the rotation of the output is not balanced and fall slightly as being redesigned. Automotive windshield wiper and dryer are also used as a generic design for parts, consumables and brush “powerful” What if “a defective product” does these specifications, but it will be desirable, for the same set RC is being diverted (option can be changed to the manufacturer) about why the story from Tamiya, because it is not unknown. It appears most, “standard kit” from the definition of the “performance embezzle up as” no better story, and the judge.
Noise and the recent measures have become commonplace because of the noise killer standard equipment, and equipment to be built in the way so that the end-to move inside the bell. 540SH (SH 540 Bell divert end) have the noise capacizor invisible from the outside for such a reason.

RC 540 for the S, V 6 initially on the premise that power, which NiCd cells 5 (generic cell SC 1200), or four batteries realized. However, the hollow rubber tires were standard, but it had enough power. At the time, 1 / 12 scale in the center of the machine is a gross weight of 1,200 g around. Some electricity users are strong, RC take power from the battery power for a single three-cell RC 4 (1) 1100 g until it was much lighter. Therefore, the “V-6 Power 540” But the speed of 25 kilometers per hour to 30 km / h is much that time. Of course, bearing the machine is in the ball bearing firm Yeo anybody!

(Note 1) This later became “BEC system” in the form of voltage feedback, and generalized.

Now, the time has progressed and came in the 1980s, manufacturers have increasingly non Tamiya model was started at the All Japan Championship JMRCA also sponsored a youth hot gradually, as Tamiya trend of the times, namely indefatigable White Power pulled wave of competition.

CAN AM LOLA this kit, and the peak of Japan JMRCA “Works confrontation” in 1980 was the heyday of the long-awaited Tamiya is sent to the legendary “RACING MASTER Mk.1″ Yes, that ” CAN AM LOLA (Item 58021). ” The machine came with the motor is the first modified Tamiya (Note 2) as a motor MABUCHI specially designed for the “BLACK MOTOR.” Officially, the original “Black MABUCHI RS-540SD” (sp.136, 3,800 yen) called. Output side, but only just bearing ball bearing parts, 12 degrees brush advance is given the direction of rotation is given by Tamiya’s first pure motor racing. In addition, the motor is set, KAUNTAKKU / Porsche 936 (380 chassis specifications S) can be attached to the post with the gear case.
CAN AM LOLA BLACK MOTOR included in the initial form. BLACK mOTOR “sprint” convention is not to have or know? Also, prior to July 1979 CAN AM LOLA the COUNTACH such as “Special competition,” a popular series owing to the strengthening of the battery as a form of the first six Tamiya cell pack “TAMIYA NI-CAD 7.2 V battery (Item55008, 5800 yen), “the so-called” camel packs “have been released. This is still around, Tamiya cell GP 6 = 5 V, 6 V JMRCA five cells from 7.2 V to 6 cell migration into the United States overseas ROAR (IFMAR), the effects of the rule are already six cell 7.2V fixing the chaos. Look back on 1980 and look around, even the local races are still a lot of 5 V 6 cell. Remember to pack a camel race is not used. Camel pack at the time, to get the most YASUKATTA 6 cell pack, but in the IKANSEN “Tamiya only” packaging, and other manufacturers are using ZURAKATTA chassis. Lead to the current “straight-pack” of the 6-cell pack began to spread, Tamiya “RACING PACK (Item55015, 5,800 yen)” in November 1982 called for the release from the beginning.

(Note 2) At the time, “modified” is a high-performance motors imported from abroad, is strongly nuance of the public. At the time, and basically MABUCHI IGARASHI size of 540 Kang each rotor to teach special tuner that, in many cases, therefore BLACK MOTOR bell-end like that which has been fixed and no less. At Noli “decomposable motor modified =” in the sense of understanding and misunderstood part of it may please note.

BLACK MOTOR sprint. End feature red bell then JMRCA, at the top of the international organization IFMAR World Championship affected by 1 / 12 of the race Racing “Race 8 minutes” in the transition. Only 2 to 3 minutes in travel time to wrestle power had been chasing the red bell end “BLACK MOTOR” This is obviously not respond, “The new rule is not supported Yeo,” It’s clear to a “black Sprint “(sp.189, 3,000 yen) and renamed. COUNTACH for conventional gear came with the case is omitted, and the part number of new packages are also now on sale from August 1983. Specifications remain unchanged motor itself two different types of packages have been sold. That era also there. Anyway, at the time the country’s most RC maniacs get easier for a common topic also been CHUNDOmotor. In fact, thanks for Tamiya products was not hit?

BLACK MOTOR Endurance. This is a blue bell-end. “Sprint Black,” followed by “8 minutes motor corresponding rules” in November 1983 have been released “Black MABUCHI RS-540SD Endurance (sp.200, 3,000 yen)”. This is a year after the May 1984 race for 8 minutes chassis “RACING MASTER Mk.5 / Porsche 956” bundled used as a motor.

The following is included with the 1985 motor MABUCHI RS-540S to the RACING MASTER Mk.6 “Toms 84 C,” and Mk.7 “Newman Porsche 956” have been released, but in fact, these kit The 540 is included by the people in the know, “S 540 visceral bearing” white goods. This photo shows the spot. Yes, the original zero advancer 540 S (black bell-end second generation specification V 6) “BLACK MOTOR” a combination of the bearing. Toms SUPIKON terminal with 84 C / Porsche Newman exclusive goods, and (at that time) only service available only in the very rare items.
The S 540, April 2006 “Porsche 956 / C 84 Tom’s” After the introductory page up, and customer service inquiries among former No miraculously “only two” left, because it was so quick purchase it. But unfortunately, the motor is obtained by changing specifications and the specifications of 7.2 V Le regressive angle with the metal end-all “SH 540.” Model SH 540 at the end of the motor had been changed and that’s it. Sample added to the number “540 S-bearing” high-precision test data like to take the initial KANAWAZU purpose is regrettable, but in the SH 540 and 540S to switch time is valuable to know the facts and to understand MASHITA.

“BLACK MOTOR” series is the first modified Tamiya was as revolutionary, as MABUCHI, RC motor dedicated custom made for the first time in the sense of historic motor was worthwhile, but the contents – , frankly, then look at it from the level of potatoes was very SHOBO. Only the output side of the ball bearing bearing on the end pure metal bell left side, Kang, rotor, the end of the basic parts of Bell 540 and S were common. But, “I sold Tamiya is” more than just the value was enough. This is also still the same old dear. In that sense, “Tamiya” is a brand power SUGO say meekly.

As Tamiya, 20 2 6000 yen! (Inflation-adjusted value is now around 70,000 yen will be) very expensive “CAN AM LOLA” I would not sell that much, but I do not take the risk of product planning may have failed . Certainly CAN AM LOLA itself, nationally it, flattery and “sold” as is the sound banal. “Expensive.” Rather than “too heavy mechanical stiffness to the chassis-design but also operationally, game machines and other manufacturers to be” reasons. At the time, “Tamiya Class” What without the manufacturer’s race is a precondition without restriction, but in the face of such at the time already 1000 1200 g of “King Tiger class” Weight machines, which was CAN AM LOLA. Extras is a unique one-piece chassis MEKANIKARUGURIPPU absolute terms is less than rivals. Japan was also expected JMRCA A main BOTSU Kazu is filled, Tamiya Grand Prix is only active in the field. “Look” of the impact was very fresh (still!), But I run and the time to get the car made impractical proposition. This trend is the 1980s all the way until Tamiya car full of “promised” followed me like the 1990s and TOP FORCE EVO DYNASTORM also “bad tradition” was. A TRF414 in the main JMRCA finally arrived and settled in 2000, the sports class A main goal of the top (Heat 1 only) also realize, and ISTC (Touring Car world war) to produce two champions Champion second term four years to protect the seat manufacturer’s point of this tradition is a thorny completely, but it exploded.

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Happy New Year! / Most Popular New Items of 2007

First of all, I would like to wish all our loyal visitors a happy new year and thank you for your interest in our blog during 2007. I feel confident that Tamiya has a lot of interesting new items in store for us in 2008, and we will do our best to provide information about new items as soon as possible throughout the year. This site is dedicated to Tamiya items of all kinds, but we generally don’t present information about new items that are considered to be of very low interest to the majority of our visitors.

Anyway, this leads me to the topic of today; Tamiya’s recent announcement of the result of a customer survey conducted in Japan. Actual number of participants is unknown to us, but Tamiya has expressed their gratitude for the vast participation, and knowing that Japan is by far Tamiya’s largest market, there are good reasons to believe that the resulting ranking of new items is representative for their actual popularity in Japan. As many of you will know, Tamiya enthusiasts outside Japan have a tendency to criticise Tamiya for often making “bad and unpopular choices” when choosing new items to manufacture. Considering that Tamiya has marketed their products worldwide for decades and is one of the largest and most successful companies within the business, we (the Tamiyablog contributors) have felt confident for many years now that the market researchers at Tamiya know exactly what they are doing, and that Tamiya’s choices for new items reflect actual demand and popularity extremely well, especially in Japan. So, it’s not really a surprise to us to see the ranking of the most popular new items in 2007, although it surely to a large extent deviates from the typical preferences outside Japan. So, the next time you might be annoyed because Tamiya releases a new item that is unattractive to you personally, rest assured that the market demand more than justifies the release and that many of the releases that might seem a bit odd to enthusiasts outside Japan are what keeps Tamiya profitable and successful, which again ensures a continued flow of releases of new items that also suit your taste!

1. place:
58391 1/10 scale Hotshot 2007
2. place: 78019 1/350 scale Japanese Navy Submarine I-400

3. place: 61098 1/48 scale F-16CJ (Block 50) Fighting Falcon
4. place: 14109 1/12 scale Kawasaki Ninja ZX-RR

5. place: 12036 1/12 scale Tyrrell P34 Six Wheeler w/Photo Etched Parts
6. place: 24305 1/24 scale Lamborghini Countach LP400
7. place: 49400 1/10 scale Porsche 934 Turbo RSR
8. place: 58397 1/10 scale Toyota Hilux High Lift
9. place: 61100 1/48 scale Fieseler Fi 156C Storch
10. place: 31617 1/700 scale British Battle Cruiser Repulse
Runner ups:

32550 1/48 scale German Sd.Kfz.250/3 Greif
57101 1/12 scale TamTech-Gear Porsche 934 Turbo RSR
89761 1/48 scale Japanese Fighters w/Maintenance Crew
35285 1/35 scale German Tank Destroyer Hetzer Mid Production
18621 1/32 scale Bison Magnum Mini 4WD PRO
20057 1/20 scale Lotus 99T Honda
31349 1/700 scale Light Cruiser Abukuma
42106 1/10 scale TRF416 Chassis Kit
43532 1/8 scale 4×4 Racing Truck Nitrage 5.2
35284 1/35 scale French Armored Carrier UE