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Tamiya 58637 1/10 RC Honda Civic SiR (EG6) – TT02D Drift Spec details & photo

This exciting drift spec TT-02 assembly kit recreates the Honda Civic SiR (EG6). The EG was known as the “Sport Civic” in Japan, and was the fifth generation of the famous car. It had a vibrant look, said-to-be inspired by the famous Brazilian carnival atmosphere. The Civic had a 170hp inline-4 DOHC VTEC engine under the bonnet of the top-spec SiR hatchback, which made for plenty of power at the time. The car was a regular sight in Japanese and international racing competitions.

The TT-02 chassis on which this Honda Civic is mounted on is an amazing machine. The TT-02 chassis is an entry-level 4WD full independent suspension assembly kit that offers ease of assembly and easy maintenance. The TT-02D is the Drift Spec variant that includes special parts to make it a fun to drive drifting machine.

Tamiya 58634 1/10 RC NSX – TT-02 details & photos

This Radio Control assembly kit model recreates the NEXT GENERATION NSX supercar. The full-size car is a highly technical and utterly thrilling supercar. With weight-saving construction, a hybrid powertrain that has three electric motors and a mid-mounted twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6 making a combined output of 573 HP, the NSX offers pulse-pounding performance paired with everyday usability. The power plant is mated to a nine-speed dual-clutch automatic, which moves an all-wheel drive train.

Tamiya has faithfully reproduced this sleek racing machine in 1/10 scale on the TT-02 entry-level on-road chassis. The TT-02 chassis is the successor to the TT-01 as it incorporates many new features to make it even easier for the new R/C kit builder to assemble and learn from. The TT-02 chassis performs well as cornering and overall speed has been enhanced to take advantage of new electronics available on the market. In addition to the TT-02 being an ideal platform to start from, R/C hobbyists can expand its potential by adding many of the Hop-Up Options available to increase the cars speed and performance.

Tamiya 63637 Colo Aniki No. 6

Item No: 63637 7 May 15, 2016 (gold) Release 620 yen (base price of 574 yen)
A5 size  issue: Shogakukan [large adult Colo comic! Colo Aniki No. 6] In addition to the comic newly written by the waist Tetsuhiro teacher “Bakuso Brothers Let’s & Go !! return Racers”, the latest work drawn by the cartoonist Hiroyuki Takei teacher of up-and-coming “Hyper Dash! Yonkuro” Ask me. In addition, four wheel drive mini team “TMFL Nitsu star driving dynamics laboratory” is also included. From the series end of 1994 to the beginning of a book, that popular manga to be a whopping revival of 22 years “Obotchamakun” (Yoshinori Kobayashi) has appeared in full New! ! Completely new work also posted further Beyblade “. ⇒ “Colo Aniki” official site is here.

Cartoon published title
★ “Hyper Dash! Yonkuro” (Hiroyuki Takei original / Tokuda Zaurus)
★ “Bakuso Brothers Let’s & Go !! return Racers” (palanquin was Tetsuhiro)
★ “TMFL / Nitsu star driving dynamics Institute “(Kentaro Hayashi)
★” Obotchamakun “(Yoshinori Kobayashi)
★” Beyblade Rising “(Takao Aoki)
★ new series” Go Go Godzilla Tsu !! Matsui kun “(Junji Kawai)
★ Colo launched legend (Nomura Jimbo )
★ Kazuo 198X Memories (Inoue)
★ black Knight story (Motofumi Kobayashi of rabbit)
★ Colo era (Shibuya right angle)
★ death .tv (Kanedakazuya)
★ Tranquilo! Naito-kun (Oda door)
★’ll sweet! man Shingo (Moo . Nentaira)
★ Y of the ark (original / Tenju Seimaru animation / crested leopard HS)
★ Duel Masters Overlord Den Gachi !! (Seijin Fujisaki)
★ Future card Buddyfight dark game Iden (Masaki Yoshida)
★ Den Jiyara to Lehman wicked (Kazutoshi Soyama)
other, four wheel drive mini & Takahashi Meijin & Bikkuriman & Zoids color article on page 67! in addition to fulfilling

Aniki Special Appendix
★ Obotchamakun 160 page Supplement
super masterpiece 5 episodes + both the A-side specifications! Of large tea magic word dictionary
is to tea magic word dictionary also recorded celebrities 31 people tribute tea magic words!
★ Aniki limited burst Bay Doraiga S Gold Ver.
100 people present silver peel
★ Puzzle & Dragons serial code “high pre-Dora”
and “high pre-Dora” is to sell, will be 10,000 monster point.
(※ Android is a user-friendly benefits)
★ specter watch Punipuni Aniki limited “Robo G”
★ Duel Masters limited card “Heaven’s gate”
Obotchamakun Ver.
★ buddy Fight limited card “Daredevil” return “”
※ expiration date of the serial code of the appendix at 2016 December 14 23 59 to the minute

Previous Colo Aniki parts 1-5 here

19mm aluminum bearing rollers (Colo Special)
Colo logo and limited of blue anodized aluminum roller that Tamiya mark has entered the Bishitsu!? !! Absolute that tried to run while noticeable wearing a mini four-wheel drive

Colo Aniki Special Parts Set J-CUP2015
fully qualified special collaboration items set with three of four wheel drive mini grade up parts of Colo Aniki bespoke!

Mail order handling at

Tamiya Kumamoto earthquake disaster relief funds report

Tamiya Japan source

To everyone that has been affected by the Kumamoto earthquake I would like to sincerely sympathy.

Well, at our company, mini four-wheel drive of special specifications in order to cheer the Kumamoto Prefecture, “Kumamoto mini four-wheel drive (kumamon version) released”, announced to donate the full amount of the benefit in Kumamoto Prefecture beneath it, the total amount is, we will report that to ¥ 7,100,000 (Japanese Yen). This benefit was in 2016 July 15, as a donation remitted to the Kumamoto Prefecture designated account.

Thank you for your kind feelings of everyone. Thank you for your cooperation. We pray from the bottom of my heart the earliest possible restoration and reconstruction of the affected areas.

Tamiya Ltd.

Tamiya Kumamoto earthquake disaster relief funds report

The Racer – TAMIYA Mini 4WD Short Film

Official site

Each of life. Each encounter.
Put the feelings, strong start running.

Everyone but everyone Racer.


People are living day-to-day while holding a variety of feelings.
Trouble in life, while conflict,
still to live toward tomorrow.
Keep running toward the front only, in like a mini four-wheel drive.

Age also different five four wheel drive mini racer also position.
Each of life. Each encounter.
Put the feelings, strong start running.

Everyone but everyone Racer.


Transfer student alone

The boy has been change schools on the outskirts of the elementary school away from the city.
We met model shop in the city of full of it do not know.
Where the encounter is going to change the boy.

Tomomi Matsuda

Born in August 2006
NHK “stopover” Haishima tree auditors
NHK BS premium “forbidden horror mystery grotesque TV”


Schoolgirl was heartbreak

Hula a schoolgirl in boyfriend loved. Email just be saying goodbye, rock bottom mood. At such times, the saved me was a fellow with the same hobby.

Yoshida 凜音

A high school student singer in 2000 was born.
In addition, he worked as a vocal band “MAGI © PEPA”.
Official HP Http://Rinneyoshida.Jp/


Youth of automobile mechanic

Childhood youth dream was a F1 racer.
On one occasion, rather than had to give up the dream, realize that in the process of being fulfilled.

Ken Sugawara

July 15, 1995 from Hokkaido.
Performers such as in the movie “Assassination Classroom,” “Chihayafuru” TV drama “stone of the cocoon,” “reprint can”.
Official HP Http://Dongyu.Co.Jp/profile/kensugawara/


Working people the first year of OL

OL had been full of hope of joining the first year.But just when had spent every day to be busy in work, I went changed by chance I met in that there.

Megu (Negicco)

Formed in 2003, the Niigata resident 3 we have used a couple of idle unit members. Also active as a DJ Megu!
Official HP Http://Negicco.Net/


Father of the son leaving the house

Bereaved wife, the day his son was brought up in one Otokode to the move in order to live alone. What was left in the room after leaving a son.

To Ideru Tatsuo

Born in Chiba Prefecture. Current office affiliation through the zero number museum mystic. As an actor, TV, active, such as on the stage.
The main appearance work, television “There is no mountain does not rain,” “Last mail 2 figs White Paper” movie “dogwood”, “Confessions,” “Beyond Outrage”, etc.




Tomomi Matsuda Yoshida 凜音 Megu (Negicco) Ken Sugawara Heideru Tatsuo
Sasaki Ikawa YuSusumu (special appearance) Yasuhito Naito (special appearance) Naoto Kawachi (special appearance)
Daiyume Ishikawa Tsuchiya Minamito Terui Yushi Takeda Hanakoi Koyama MaiYu Hando 耀 Kikuchi Sakisato Yamazaki Lin Ran Honda
Planning and production
Ltd. Tamiya
Dentsu East / AOI Pro.
Creative Director Sejima Yuta Account Executive Okada Kazumaru Copywriter TomiTsuyoshi
Producer Takeuchi Applied Field Art director Takeshi Ito
Director Kei Sato Shooting Isao Sato Shooting assistant Shunichiro Yamamoto / Watanuki AkiraFutoshi Lighting Koji Oishi / Masaki Kaji person / Makoto Saito Music Sato Now
Production assistant Shota Kaneko / Teshiba Nozomimi / Komiya ten thousand seasons Steel assistant Kuzukan僚 Record Yoshikawa nobleman / Okumura HiroshiTakashi / Hiroaki Ishiguro
Costume Kazuhiro Irie (BEAMS) To Ameiku Mashino Miho / Hirata Narutaka Casting Junko Adachi
Vehicle Masahiro Yokogawa / Takanori Murata Colorist Ito Sota Online Yokoi Ayumu / Takayama Ryosuke
Web Production
Namiki Naoya (hisoka)
Tamiya plastic model factory Shimbashi Takiguchi model Fuchinobe elementary school Ishii builders

Tamiya Jr. News Vol. 191 with 1986-2016 30 years special

Tamiya Jr. News Vol

Tamiya Jr. News Vol_01

The racer mini four-wheel drive, which was born as a little brother of the RC car in 1986 of 30 years ago, the series of four wheel drive mini manga “Dash! Yonkuro” begins the following year,
It became a popular hobby. So this time, gonna introduce a unique style of former racer mini four-wheel drive to representing those days! Now, racers mini four-wheel drive
And premium specifications popular machine has performance up, the model also appeared which adopted the new design. Also a fun of mini four-wheel drive to race on a machine that was timeless.

Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix Vol.13 Video Report

Been loved more than a year, Tamiya RC model that is showing your excitement for now. The Tamiya RC hobby of experience events of “Tamiya RC car Festival” was held at the car of a theme park in Odaiba, Tokyo “MEGA WEB (Mega Web)”.
Experience running of the electric RC cars and “Try !! Tamiya RC”, assembled classroom “Try !! Tamiya RC School” of RC car, “rock crawling experience” traveling on the rocky mountain in the RC car, can ride to RC trailer “trailer ride It held an event to enjoy and experience the Tamiya RC model, such as experience. ” It was also carried out spectacular preeminent RC car race “Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix” in 21 days.
Look, to experience, to participate, can enjoy the RC hobby of Tamiya “Tamiya RC Car Festival” is scheduled to be held in the future. Please your visit by all means!