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Flashback Friday – Fujita Yukihisa – The Model Artist

Source: Ceiling Gallery

Girls und Panzer, Kantai Collection, the upcoming Gate–the current crop of military anime are an ugly reminder of how far the industry has declined. No, I’m not talking about the left wing claim that cartoons are raising a generation of war mongers, or the cynical notion that anything will sell as long as it has cute girls and guns. What’s most disturbing is the lack of animators who can actually draw the hardware being fetishized. Need a tank, fighter jet or battleship? Better call a CG artist, because nearly everyone with the skills to put precision parts to paper has vanished into sakuga history.

Fujita Yukihisa is one such forgotten hero, an unsung great who could handle moe just as well as mecha. Throughout the 80s he was the face of model kit maker Tamiya where his family-friendly mascots, Moko-chan and rabbit companion Rabi-kun, waved to consumers from packages as if to say, “Don’t be afraid, modeling is FUN and EASY. Give it a try!” Build-it-yourself RC cars and Gundam kits were hot with kids–why not also sell them on something with real firepower?

If Moko-chan and Rabi-kun look too cute to be hawking military armament, that’s sort of the point. Their smiles gave a soft edge to hardware that the typical airbrushed box art lacked. They were even wholesome enough for Comic BomBom, a mecha-centric monthly manga anthology, where they indoctrinated their early elementary readers on the basics of the hobby.

I don’t know if Fujita himself could rebuild an engine block but he could certainly draw a diagram that told you how. His illustrations show a technical understanding of how things work, what parts move and why–the soul of modeling. So it’s no surprise to see him credited as a mechanical designer on classic films and OVAs like Char’s Counterattack, Riding Bean and…Relic Armor Legaciam? Well, they can’t all be blockbusters.

His most important contribution to fan culture is also his most obscure–1984’s Awake, a four-minute short that welcomed visitors to sci-fi convention Tokusatsu Taikai with animation from Asari Yoshitoo (Space Family Carlvinson), Morino Usagi, Toyoshima U-saku and other artists like himself who dominated the dojinshi scene only to vanish along with the VHS market.

It’s not clear what happened to Fujita. Both he and his aesthetics were left behind when the OVA business packed up and anime migrated to the late-night broadcast model in the mid-90s. Soon after Pokemon exploded onto the scene and kids became too busy trying to catch ‘em all than to bother building kits. With models no longer selling, anime needed a new product to advertise and bishojo scale figures fit the bill. The audience that bought into pre-assembled collectibles grew into the current generation of animators who couldn’t draw their way out an armed conflict if their lives depended on it.

I’ve managed to track down some of Fujita’s work from a time before CG graphics or consumption tax. The following pages showcase that mix of cartoony cuteness, cold steel and slapstick humor that makes 80s anime fascinating years after the fact. According to Japanese bloggers Fujita still runs a booth at Wonder Festival, the bi-annual figure trade show. If you run into him amidst the garage kit faithful and soft vinyl hustlers do me a favor and ask, “Where the hell are you now that we need you the most?”

67293 ~ 67296 Tamiya Racing Factory Stripe Logo Quick-Drying T-Shirt A Type (Black)

Tamiya 67293-67296
Body of polyester material has excellent quick-drying, touch of silky even sweat is the perfect T-shirts and the like also good sports wear. Design is subjected to bright red and blue stripes on the logo of the TRF, back of Tamiya mark is printed in chic black and white. It finished in one outfit to shine in the race scene. Body color will be black. Size was available in four types. ※ body color: black Material: Polyester

Sizing chart S M L XL
Length (cm) 65 68 71 74
Width (cm) 47 50 53 56
Shoulder width (cm) 44 46 48 50
Sleeve length (cm) 20 21 22 23

1/16 R/C Actros 3363 6×4 GigaSpace model receives Truckmodell-Star 2016 award

tamiya 56548 award
Tamiya is proud to be able to offer a number of high quality product lines, including our popular 1/14 scale R/C Truck Series. It gives us great pleasure to announce that our 1/14 scale R/C model of the Mercedes-Benz Actros 3363 6×4 GigaSpace (Item 56548) has received the prestigious Truckmodell-Star award for 2016. The award is given by major German hobby industry publisher VTH (which celebrates its 70th anniversary this year), and bears the name of its popular Truckmodell magazine, a prestigious German language publication on all things R/C truck-related. The award, which is pictured beside, is the latest accolade for the Series, and we look forward to announcing many more in the future.

Tamiya 95281 Kumamon MINI 4WD – Supporting Kumamoto

Tamiya 95281 (2)

Four wheel drive mini Special specifications that support the Kumamoto Prefecture] Japan in response to the earthquake, of course, have been reaching out a lot of hands from all over the world, but Tamiya will cheer the Kumamoto Prefecture in mini four-wheel drive. Do your best! Kumamoto mini four-wheel drive (kumamon version), special specifications driver doll kumamon was riding. The body is using the popularity of Raikiri in the four wheel drive mini race, it was made clear that the bear Mont drivers precompiled assembly and paint look better. Of course, marking is also a dedicated metallic type. Chassis is equipped with a double-shaft motor in the center of the vehicle body, adopted the MA of midship layout. Chassis body is black color made of ABS resin, rollers and rear skid bar A component is black color made of low-friction resin, such as. Set the 5-spoke black low-height tire of the wheel of the yellow, it was equipped with a high-rotation type double shaft motor that is suitable for many high-speed course of the straight. [Drive efficiency adopted MA chassis in pursuit of] the “MA” is, Midship stands for AERO (midship Aero). The double shaft motor mounted on the center of the vehicle body, “MS chassis” midship layout, the airflow during running (Aero) has been specifically designed to be aware “AR chassis”. Was put together each of the excellent features in one of the chassis is the “MA chassis”. Of course, until now taking advantage of the accumulated racing know-how to, such as standard equipped with six low-friction resin rollers and rear skid bars, driving performance was also polished thoroughly. In addition, the adoption of monocoque construction of integrated, also further improve ease of assembly and maintenance. In addition, from street corners race that takes place in the small of course, until the official competition of the large-scale special 5-lane circuit, is a wide range can be chassis. Body is black made of ABS resin, the gear cover and A parts black made of low-friction resin, such as a skid bar. Yellow color is equipped with a 26mm low height tire of the brilliant 5-spoke wheel, 3.5: 1 ultra-fast gear and a high-performance Rebuchun 2 motor PRO was standard equipment. ⇒ MA detailed information of the chassis, refer to the page of the blast Arrow (18635).

Tamiya 95281 (1)Basic Specifications 
★ at completion of the full-length 156mm, overall width 97mm, height 43mm ★ Rebuchun 2 motor PRO with double shaft motor ★ kumamon doll is the assembly of the assembly and paint Zumi ★ body telescoping of unnecessary adhesive purchase
Needed extras
★ two AA-size batteries

※ profit full amount of this product, we will be donated from Tamiya in Kumamoto Prefecture.

Details and photos of some new Tamiya RC releases

47321 1/10 Tamiya RC Porsche 911GT2 Racing TA02SW

Tamiya 47321

This classic model now gets a further limited edition release with a new number – Item 47321. Please note that the contents are the same as Item 84399; only the number is different. Porsche’s 1995 racing powerhouse 911 GT2 was driven by a rear-mounted 3,600cc flat-6 twin turbocharged engine that generated 430hp and 55.1kg-m of torque. When compared to the original 911, the body featured larger over fenders and air ducts built into the stay of the higher-mounted rear spoiler. This lightweight and powerful car featured in races across the globe.

★ This is a 1/10 scale R/C model assembly kit.
★ The classic, glamorous form of the 911 GT2 racing is recreated accurately in polycarbonate, including depictions of the bolt-on over fenders.
★ Separate parts are included to recreate the rear wing/engine hood unit, plus door mirrors.
★ The TA02SW chassis was previously only used on the original Item 58172 (and 84399). It offers a short (236mm) wheelbase and wide tread setup; similar to that so often employed by Porsche.
★ 4-wheel double wishbone suspension is fitted with CVA oil dampers.
★ Enclosed front and rear gear cases have built-in diff gears. The rear is fitted with a ball differential.
★ Comes with 2-piece wheels, tires and inner sponges. The rear of the model uses wide wheels.

23800 1/14 Tamiya RC XB Grand Hauler Metallic Blue Full Option

Tamiya 23800

The 1/14 R/C Grand Hauler, star of the show at Spielwarenmesse 2015 in Nuremberg, is now being made available as a factory finished model.

★ This is a 1/14 scale ready-to-run R/C model.
★ Length: 692mm, Width: 192mm, Height: 330mm, Wheelbase: 433+103mm.
★ The distinctive long nosed cab is pre-finished in the distinctive dark blue color with markings applied.
★ Multi Function Control Unit (MFC-01) is pre-installed to provide various sound effects.
★ LEDs are pre-installed to offer various light effects.
★ The 3-speed transmission enables authentic gear changes while driving.
★ Metal leaf springs and friction dampers enable realistic suspension movement.
★ The included coupler enables connection with any currently available Tamiya 1/14 scale trailer.
★ 4-channel R/C system is pre-installed.
★ Battery pack & charger and batteries for transmitter are separately required.

1/14 Tamiya RC XB MB Actros 3363 Green Full Option

Tamiya 23801

The 1/14 R/C Mercedes Actros 3363, star at Spielwarenmesse 2016 in Nuremberg, is now being made available as a factory finished model with an eye-catching paint job!

★ This is a 1/14 scale ready-to-run R/C model.
★ Length: 538mm, Width: 195mm, Height: 305mm, Wheelbase: 237+103mm.
★ The distinctive Actros cab is pre-finished in vivid TS-52 Candy lime green with markings applied.
★ Multi Function Control Unit (MFC-03) is pre-installed to provide various sound effects.
★ LEDs are pre-installed, including in roof and bumper auxiliary light pods.
★ The 3-speed transmission enables authentic gear changes while driving.
★ Metal leaf springs and friction dampers enable realistic suspension movement.
★ The included coupler enables connection with any currently available Tamiya 1/14 scale trailer.
★ 4-channel R/C system is pre-installed.
★ Battery pack & charger and batteries for transmitter are separately required.
★ Type 540 motor included.

58634 1/10 Tamiya RC HONDA NSX 2016 (TT-02)


Tamiya’s extensive line-up of touring car models has a welcome addition with the NSX (NC1)! This supercar is the second generation of the famed NSX model and was unleashed on an expectant public in 2015. Its lightweight body featuring aluminum and ultra-high tensile plate components is paired with the Sport Hybrid SH-AWD 4WD system, which teams up a longitudinally mounted midship 3.5-liter V6 twin turbo, and three electric motors. The result: next-generation performance with outstanding cornering.

★ This is a 1/10 scale R/C model assembly kit.
★ The sleek form of the NSX (NC1) is accurately captured in durable polycarbonate, with separate molded side mirror and front light case (please note that light cases are not compatible with LEDs) parts.
★ The TT-02 chassis features a shaft-driven 4WD system to offer easy handling and great customizability.
★ Stickers are included to recreate both Acura (U.S.) and Honda (Japan) spec car exteriors, as are masking stickers for use when painting.
★ Utilizes gun metal color mesh wheels (those used on Item 58510 Ferrari 599XX).
★ A wide range of option parts is available to tune the TT-02 chassis.

56039 1/16 Tamiya RC Jagdpanzer IV/70(V)Lang Full Option


The latest model in the thrilling big scale 1/16 R/C Tank Series depicts the Jagdpanzer IV /70(V) Lang tank destroyer. This German AFV which proved formidable following its introduction late in WWII, was a popular release in our 1/35 Military Miniature series of static models in 2014 (Item 35340). The “Lang” (German for “long”) in its name was added to distinguish it from its predecessor with a shorter L/48 7.5cm gun; the design featuring a wedge-shaped glacis plate and utilizing the Pz.Kpfw. IV chassis was largely shared by the L/48 and L/70 varieties. 930 Jadgpanzer IV /70(V) Langs were produced between August 1944 and March 1945, and fought bravely in last-gasp actions such as along the Ardennes front from December 1944.

★ This is a 1/16 scale R/C model assembly kit.
★ The chassis is powered by a pre-assembled gearbox with two Type 380 motors and features metal parts such as the chassis, suspension arms, drive sprockets and more, for excellent durability.
★ Features a realistically weighty aluminum gun barrel.
★ Included DMD Control Unit T-03 has two FET speed controllers for operating two running motors and allows control of various tank functions.
★ DMD Multi Function Unit MF-05 connects to DMD control unit T-03 to provide many realistic effects such as main/machine gun firing sounds, muzzle flash and recoil movement.
★ Compatible with the Battle System (Item 53447) for fun and interactive battles with friends!
★ Requires a 4-channel transmitter with self-neutral function, battery pack and transmitter batteries.

63633 The Complete Works of Tamiya Expanded Edition 3 1946-2015 Ship, Aircraft Models

Published in 2000, it attracted enthusiastic support from plastic model fan “Tamiya model all work visual version”. Enlarged edition to me was must for fans of the series, all with box picture in a color photograph of the existing scale model is published. This year of 2016 to be a founding 70 years, the most recent version of this enlarged edition plus the sold model in the previous version after 15 years. Impressiveness of the finished product is published in color, in addition to the description of each model, and pick up some of the products, product introduction page of “Tamiya news” of the sale at that time was also recorded. Volume 3 is a ship and airplane models Hen. Japanese fighter, Zero Fighter and Shiden, night fighter moonlight, from such hundred equation headquarters reconnaissance aircraft, Spitfire, Mustang, Corsair, mosquito, the countries of the masterpiece machine also mustering such Shutorumobiku. 1/48 propeller action series propeller turns a built-in small motors was also introduced. Ship model battleship Yamato, aviation cruiser best, from Japan ship, such as a special type submarines Italy -400, British battleship Nelson, the United States battleship New Jersey, such as the German battleship Bismarck, big size is 1/350 scale of force, and in sailing was reproduced in the state, “water line” series, including the users had to introduce. Also, significantly revamped the contents page of the wooden model, which became the cornerstone of Tamiya establishment. The end of a book was also recorded special interview article of Shunsaku Tamiya chairman. Size: B5-size 257 × 182mm From item number about 600 points all 254 pages

63631 The Complete Works of Tamiya Expanded Edition 1 1946-2015 Military Models

63632 The Complete Works of Tamiya Expanded Edition 2 1946-2015 Car, Motorcycle Models

64403 Tamiya RC Guidebook Vol.7

64403 Tamiya RC Guidebook Vol.7

It is issued by Tamiya RC guidebook Vol.7 was posted with carefully selected major RC model of Tamiya. Buggy not anywhere to run, action full of running is fun comical model, high-speed running is attractive touring car and formula car, of the finished model trailer trucks and tank of big size is impressive, and ran right out of the box to enjoy XB such as, once published a major RC model of Tamiya. New product of attention that has been presented at the 2016 May of Hobby Show was also posted. QR code also popular print. If the jump in Tamiya home page using a smart phone or mobile phone, you can also enjoy the RC of the moving image. Others, in addition to introduce the compact RC car “Star unit series” running on batteries on the second page, explained in detail the running technique of RC buggy dynamic driving performance can enjoy the RC Start guide. Of course, the introduction of chassis-specific parts for the performance up, such as the guidance of the participants race, even pages that now serves as a reference of the fans to start the RC enhancement. At the end of the whole country and hobby shops, it was also guided Tamiya RC circuit. All color A4 size, hearty all 38