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Tamiya Center List

Tamiya Corporation

Department structure
Administration Headquarters General Affairs Department / General Affairs Section, Human Resources Section
Accounting department
Information System Department
Planning Division Planning & Development Department / Section 1, Section 2, Section 3, Section 4, Exploration Diagram Production Division,
Planning Promotion Division
Design Department / Graphic Design Division
Mold section / Mold production section, Mold control section
Sales Division Sales Department / Sales Division, Customer Service Division, Fairs Division, Tamiya Tokyo Office
International Affairs Department
location 3-7 Ingawa-hara, Suruga Ward, Shizuoka-shi 422-8610
phone 054-286-5105 (Representative)

Oka First Plant First Distribution Center

Department structure
Production Headquarters Production department
Purchasing department / purchasing department, parts management department
Quality control department
Logistics Department / First Logistics Center (Sales Headquarters)
General Affairs Department / General Affairs Section (Administration Headquarters)
location 〒 422 – 8021 Shizuoka city Shizuoka 1 – chome, Oka 63 – 20
phone 054-285-0155 (Representative)

Ikeda factory

Department structure Manufacturing Department (Production Division)
location 144-1 Ikeda Suruga ku Shizuoka-shi 422 – 8005
phone 054-262-4155

Second Distribution Center

location 915 Oshika, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi 422-8021
phone 054-281-6611

Overseas corporation

Establishment May 10, 1989
location 36 Discovery, Suite 200, Irvine, CA 92618-3765 USA
Business content Sales and promotion in the United States
Establishment June 28, 1989
location Werkstr.1, 90765 Furth (Bay.), Germany
Business content Sales support and promotion of dealers in European region countries
Establishment December 9, 1993
location Room 908 B, Albion Plaza, 2-6 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Business content Cooperation company management in Asia region, procurement of materials
Establishment September 13, 1994
location Mepz ll, Basak, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines
Business content Mold manufacturing, production

Tamiya Global Distribution Network

New Tamiya Plamodel Factory Video

Stocking every Tamiya plastic model out there, the Tamiya Plamodel Factory is a pilgrimage site for fans.
You’ll find around 1,400 scale models on the ground floor, including cars, motorcycles and military vehicles, while the basement floor holds around 2,500 RC models and up to 800 mini-cars.
The place also sells tools, paint, books and a variety of original merchandise.
The Modeler’s Square on the second floor is an event space for new product announcements, races, workshops and much more.

Opening hours
Weekdays 12noon-10pm
Sat, Sun & hols 10am-6pm

4-7-2 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Toyo Kaiji Bldg 6


Produced by Splash Film

Updated Tamiya History 1946-2017

May 1946 Established Tamiya Shoji joint stock company in Shizuoka City Shizuka for the purpose of processing and selling of general building materials.
April 1948 A woodworking department is newly established focusing on the promising wooden model. Work on manufacturing and selling model teaching materials is also provided.
June 1953 Eliminate the manufacturing and sales division of general building materials. Started as a wooden model specialized manufacturer.
May 1960 As the first all plastic model assembly kit, 1/800 Battleship Yamato is released.
January 1962 Launched the first No. 1/35 Panther Tank of the motorized plastic model tank.
December 1962 Established Tamiya Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. to make the plastic molding division independent.
January 1967 Published model information magazine Tamiya News No. 1.
January 1968 First exhibition at the world’s largest toy fair, Nuremberg International Toy Fair in Germany (now Spielewalen Messe). By raising 1/12 Honda F – 1, we will raise the evaluation as Tamiya of precision scale and plastic model.
August 1969 Changed the company name to Tamiya model as Tamiya Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. Enhance mold section and molding section.
August 1973 Tamamiya Shoji (Shiga) headquarters building and set factory in Shizuoka City Oshika 628 are completed with 4 stories of reinforced concrete, with a scale of 4500 m².
November 1976 Founder chairman · late era Yoshio Tamimiya Isao 5th etc. It is made into Ruiho.
November 1976 1/12 electric radio control car · Porsche 934 turbo released.
May 1977 Shunsui Tamiya is appointed President and CEO Tamiya Model Co., Ltd.
November 1977 Tamamiya Shoji (Fund) Three-story building and 5,460 m² distribution center are completed in the premises.
October 1978 Tamiya circuit is completed in the adjoining Tamiya Shoji.
October 1978 Established Tamiya Plastic Co., Ltd. with expansion of plastic molding sector.
May 1980 The first exhibition of Tamiya · Modellers Gallery held by Tamiya was held at Tokyo · Tokyu Hands Shibuya store.
December 1980 The Tamiya model new building (headquarter main building) Co., Ltd. is completed in the scale of 6 stories, 7,000 m² on the 3-7 in the shrine of Shizuoka city.
July 1982 The mini 4WD that will be a big hit series later began with Ford Ranger 4 x 4 as the first work.
March 1984 Tamiya Corporation was established with the expansion of business by Tamiya Shoji Co., Ltd. Toshiaki Tamiya is appointed President and Representative Director.
Tamiya Co., Ltd. will inherit all the work of Tamiya Shoji until then.
November 1985 Tamiya Plastics Co., Ltd. Ikeda plant started operation.
November 1988 Tamiya Group Founder / Chairman, Yoshio Tamiya, Yozo. (Age of 83 years old)
April 1989 The headquarter building 2 (East Building) headquartered in the Tamiya model headquarters building is completed on the scale of 8 floors above ground and 8,500 m 2 above the basement level.
May 1989 Established Tamiya America in Los Angeles as a local office to expand sales in the USA.
September 1989 Establishment of Tamiya Europe GMBH in Germany · Neuss as sales base ahead of EC integration.
April 1990 The Tamiya second distribution center was completed in Shizuoka City Oshika 915, completed on the scale of 4 stories, 5,317 square meters.
July 1990 Tamiya Hall opens at the Bobington tank museum in England.
December 1990 Integration of Tamiya Co., Ltd. business of Tajima model planning and development etc.
July 1992 Tamiya America’s head office building completed in Orange County, California, Aliso Viejo.
December 1993 Established Tamiya Hong Kong.
September 1994 Established Tamiya Philippines in Cebu Mactan Island special export processing zone in the Philippines.
June 1995 Tamiya scholarship association founded foundation, succeeding Yoshio Tamiya’s wish.
December 1995 The cumulative number of production of mini 4WD series has reached 100 million.
May 1996 Tamiya R & D Center in Kakegawa City in Shizuoka Prefecture Tamiya R & D Center Kakegawa and the Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit is the world’s largest scale with a site area of ​​about 7,000 m² and a total course length of 320 m.
December 1996 Tamiya Europe GMBH moved to Fürth, Germany.
April 1997 In the Philippines, a scholarship system was established for students enrolled at both the University of San Carlos and the University of the Philippines.
November 2000 The 1st Tamiya fair was held at Twin Messe Shizuoka / South Building.
March 2005 Received the 1st Design · Excellent Companies Award from the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization.
June 2006 Tamiya Tokyo office opened in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
June 2007 Tamiya America moved from Aliso Viejo, California, to Irvine, California.
June 2008 Tamiya Masayuki Senior Managing Executive Officer is appointed President and Representative Director of Tamiya Corporation. Toshiaki Tamiya President is Chairman and Representative Director.
September 2008 “Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Shimbashi Store” of the official shop opens in Tokyo · Shimbashi.
Moved the Tamiya Tokyo office to the same place.
October 2008 Constructed off-road course for RC car and authentic rock crawling field within Tamiya Kakegawa circuit.
April 2012 The Tamiya Scholarship Society has moved from a foundation corporation to a public benefit foundation corporation.
April 2015 “1/1 mini 4WD actual vehicle development project” started. “1/1 Mini 4WD Aero Avante” is released for the first time in October.
June 2016 Tamiya Kakegawa circuit renewed as an all weather circuit.
June 2016 Following the Kumamoto earthquake “Ganbare! Sell Kumamoto Mini 4WD (Kumamon version)”. Donation the entire profit to Kumamoto Prefecture.
February 2017 The world’s largest toy fair, the 68th Spielwalen Messe held in Germany. Tamiya is 50th anniversary of exhibition.
May 2017 Representative Director and President, Masayuki Tamiya, Yozora. (Age of 59)
August 2017 Tamiya Representative Director Chairman Toshiaki Tamiya concurrently serves as President.

Tamiya 70227 Cam Program Robot received the “2017 Good Design Award”

Good design, the only comprehensive design award in Japan that design is given to good things every year. Tamiya’s “Cam Program Robot Working Set” was selected for this award in 2017. Even if you are not good at programming, just plug in a cam on its own plate, you can move it as you set it, and move it according to the course you set. A small cam that is visible is a man-machine interface that mediates between people and machines, so it was evaluated as a fun material for learning programs while playing.

Good Design Award
The Good Design Award is the only comprehensive design evaluation and recommendation exercise in Japan, starting from the Good Design Product Selection System established in 1957. Today it is a worldwide design award that many companies and organizations from around the world participate in and the “G mark” which is a symbol of the Good Design Award winning is widely popular as a symbol of excellent design.
⇒ Good Design Award Web Page

Future Exhibition Information
■ Tokyo Midtown · Design Hub The 69th Exhibition Exhibition Selected – Good Design Award for 2017 Selection Selection
[Date and Time] Wednesday , October 4 – Friday 27th 11 : 00-19: 00 during the exhibition Open every day · Admission free
[Venue] Tokyo Midtown · Design Hub (Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
Introduction of personal favorites and an award-winning design that will be selected by the 2017 Good Design Award Jury.
We will display the latest Good Design Award-winning design gathered by 83 judging members of domestic and overseas actively working in each field, along with comments from the judging committee in advance of the award-winning exhibition.
■ 2017 Good Design Award Winning Exhibition
[Date] November 1 (Wednesday) – 5 (Sunday)
[Venue] Tokyo Midtown (Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo)

Mr. Shunsaku Tamiya fan meeting and autograph session in Bangkok, Thailand

Many happy faces of Tamiya fans and nice signed kits. 🙂

Source and more photos: Tamiya Thailand Facebook Fanpage

Tamiya Japan Recruitment of the 77th Pachi Contest work

The world “Patch” by model matching and video expression matching. It is an AFV model photo contest held once a year, where not only Japanese domestics, but also international forces will gather. Particularly greatly appreciated works with new products. Please blow new breeze with your idea full of ideas, click hard. The application deadline is effective on the day of September 1, 2017 (Friday) . We look forward to your application.

Please choose from two departments
Scene photography department

Please photograph the scenery work like a real battlefield picture and apply. Military miniature series, world figure series, other Tamiya scale model combined photo is OK.
Work Photo Category

Appeal photos and make painting techniques for vehicles and dolls. It can be a work made according to the instruction manual of the kit, or a work with remodeling added. You can also use the work photographs incorporated in the scenic table.

Bonuses (planned)   * Each will be chosen from the scene photography department, work photography department.

Gold Award 50,000 yen prize 1 each
Silver Award Prize 30,000 yen 2 each
Copper Award Prize 20,000 yen 2 each
Model Art Prize Prize 20,000 yen 2 each
Good work Prize 10,000 yen Each 6 people
Junior Prize Prize 10,000 yen 2 each
Special prize Prize 10,000 yen 1 each

  • The Junior Prize is selected from those who are under 15 years of age and have not joined gold, silver, copper, honorable mention.
  • Special awards are chosen from among unique works, especially elaborate works, unique works.
  • We will send a pamphlet of “Pachi Contest 77” to everyone who posted the work.

Application Requirements
■ Applicable products

  • Please apply by using mainly 1/35 military miniature series, 1/48 military miniature series, 1/16 world figure series, 1/25 tank series mainly.
  • In the scene photography department, even if it is a Tamiya product, it can be used in combination with military miniature products, world figure products, even for other scale models.
  • Products made by other companies’ vehicles and accessories are mainly used, and works in which Tamiya products are only partially visible are not accepted.
■ Types of pictures

  • Pictures can be color or black and white. Please apply for color in 2L size (about 130 × 180 mm), black and white in cabinet size.
  • We accept works shot with digital camera. Please print with 2L size and apply. In this case, image processing other than adjustment of color tone and contrast of the entire screen is prohibited.
■ Application method

  • Please tape each piece of work cards on the back of the photo one by one .
  • Be sure to write the title, scale, vehicle name.
  • When sending photos, please do not break by attaching a mount.
  • It is fine even for remodeled works with photographs in the process of making it easy to remodel.
  • Works are limited to unpublished works.
  • We will not return the photo, so please be forewarned.
    ⇒ Work card (PDF)
■ Review

  • Tamiya news editing room
■ Announcement of winning

  • Tamiya News November issue magazine, Tamiya website, monthly model art magazine.
  • We will notify winners by letter.
  • Winning works will be posted in the patch contest pamphlet.
Application deadline

  • September 1, 2017 (Friday) ※ postmarked effective
■ Destination of the work

  • Tamiya “Pachi Contest” staff, Co., Ltd. 3-7, Onegahara Suruga-ku, Shizuoka City Shizuoka Prefecture 422-8610
  • For inquiries about entry, please go to Tamiya news editing room. TEL 054-286-5105
  • ※ Personal information you applied for the purpose of using in a patch contest.
  • We will not provide it to third part without prior consent except under laws and regulations.

Tamiya Corporation company profile updated

The fun of hobby is common to the world, Tamiya is familiar to many fans in the world as well as Japan, as a model top brand, we deliver rich time. In addition, Tamiya Group is expanding its activities worldwide, including new product development, production and event development.

Tamiya Corporation
Foundation May 8, 1946
Establishment March 24, 1984
Representative Director and Chairman and Representative Director Shunsaku Tamiya
Representative Director Vice President Nozomi Kunihiro
Managing Director Sone Satoshi
Capital 50 million yen
Number of employees 333 (January 2017)
Settlement period March 31
Bank Shizuku Shinkin Bank Ikeda Branch, Suruga Bank Shizuoka East Branch, Resona Bank Hamamatsu Branch,
Shizuoka Shinkin Bank Oshuka Branch, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Shizuoka Branch, Shizuoka Bank Ikeda Branch
Business content Plastic Model, Radio Control Model, Craft Kit,
Related Products Manufacture and Sales
Head office location  Shizuoka City Suruga Ward 3-7 Inguawara
〒 422 – 8610 Telephone 054-286-5105 (Representative)

Tamiya Co., Ltd. Chairman and Chairman, Representative Director Shunsaku Tamiya
December 1934 Birth
Waseda University Graduated from law school
April 1958 Joined Tamiya Shoji Joint Stock Company
May 1977 Inaugural CEO Tamiya Model President and Representative Director
March 1984 Tamiya Representative Director and President assumed office
June 1995 Inauguration of Tamiya Scholarship Committee Chairperson
June 2008 Tamiya Representative Director and Chairman
August 2017 Tamiya Representative Director Chairman and Representative Director and President assumed office
His book “Tamiya model work” (Nesco / Bungei)

Interview with Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Shimbashi Store Manager Mr. Hidemiya Takamichi

Hobby Industry Inside 25th: Tamiya Plastic Model Factory “Shimbashi Store’s Current Model of Model Hobby”

Japanese source: Akiba Research Institute

What kind of image will come to mind when listening to Tokyo · Shimbashi? Shiodome city center of a skyscraper office building, New Shinbashi building which leaves the scent of Showa …… It is the city of business, a town of a businessman, whether facing to the left or facing left.
“Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Shimbashi Store” a few minutes walk from Shimbashi Station is a calm and stylish shop facing the red brick street with little traffic volume. The first floor is a plastic model, the ground floor is an RC car and a mini 4WD, and the second floor is a multipurpose event space.
I think that there are many middle-aged and elderly people in the customer base, and I also see the elementary school students who were taken by their mothers. Anyway, why is there a model shop in Shimbashi? I talked to the store manager Mr. Hidemiya Takamichi.

Places where you can “see again” with models you could not buy when you were a child

── Is “Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Shimbashi Store” directly owned by Tamiya?

Takamichi is not it, it is not directly owned store, it is operated by a subsidiary of Tamiya. As a Tamiya employee, I am on a side trip to our shop. “Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Torresa Yokohama Store” also operates with another merchant who borrowed a shop name from our shop. Of course, we exchanged information with each other, and we cooperated and boosted the shop.

── Who decided to bring out a model specialty shop to Shimbashi?

Takamichi It is president Masayuki Tamiya who passed away in May this year. I also worked at some model shops, but when I heard that Shinbashi will bring a shop, I was surprised as “What? After all, it was because there was an image of a town office worker. However, president Masaaki intends that “It is meaningless to have an antenna shop at a place where Tamiya is recognized, where model culture is already rooted”. Tamiya is reminded of those who used to make a model of Tamiya once again. Or, I have heard the name of Tamiya, but I would like to approach those who do not recognize clearly. That was the concept. On the opening day the first day, I immediately understood the intention of the president. The customer who entered said “Wow, nostalgic!” It was a word I heard for the first time when I worked at a model shop.
Because those who come to model shops are those who are making models as they are progressing and will come to the store with the aim of “I came to buy ○ ○ today.” However, those who came on our open day say “Nostalgic”. Masayuki Shimbun’s aim was “Shimbashi was the place where you can catch the model’s return group again,” again.

── Interior of the store is also chic for adults.

Takamichi That’s right, we focus more on getting the model to be seen sooner than to have it bought. I would like to open the box for my hand and feel the goods including the smell. So, we are exhibiting dioramas produced by famous modeler, and displaying the actual car in the shop and “watching” before launching the motorcycle plastic model. If you come here, Tamiya products are lined up all along, but it is a stance that you do not mind if you check and see, then you can buy it at a different store or mail order ……

── The customers who said “nostalgic” after entering the store were those who used to make plastic models, right?

Takamichi That’s right. The product groups of Tamiya were divided tightly according to age, mini 4WD is around the late 20s and 30s. RC (radio control) car from 30’s to the mid-40’s mid-range. People in their 40s ~ 70s and 80s are those who are making scale kits and plastic models. What you say when you come to the Shimbashi store is “old-fashioned”, it is a 30 to 70 generation.
Another factor that derives the word “nostalgic” is that the Tamiya product at that time is still being sold in active service. There are subtle mold modifications and prices are going up a little, but box art at the time (box painting) remains as it is sold as the current product. “I could not buy it in the past but now I can buy it if I have a bit of drinking” – It may not be the location of Shimbashi that I notice it.

“Mother’s understanding” will change the model environment?

── I want to narrow down the story to the plastic model, but are the scale models such as tanks, fighter planes, ships, cars and motorbikes sold now?

Takamichi Yes, it is on sale. There was a time when it was said that “Scale models can not be sold” for a while, but in fact the scale model has few “waves”. There is no “mountain” that it started to sell at a stretch, but there is no “valley” that sales have dropped sharply. It has been gradually rising for the last ten years.

── Does the same person keep on making it all the time?

Takamichi Scale model has a strong tendency, but the direction of the wind has changed slightly in the past 3 years. That’s because the young generation is returning to the scale model. When I listen to the students who come to the shop in uniform shape, I am interested in the scale model as a character object through animation such as “Girls & Panzer”.

── The influence of “Girls & Panzer” is still strong.

Takamichi Yes, it is very strong. “Girls & Panzer” does not mean that the tank deforms to become a robot. The setting is not real but it seems to be a secret of popularity, maintaining the shape of a real tank as it is boring. Regarding the scale model, though it is the main 40 to 70 generations, it gradually gets permeated to the younger generation gradually.
As another big change, the mother’s understanding power is spreading very much. For the mother generation, the mini 4WD, RC car “is small, the elder brother was doing”, “There was popular at school”, more to say, “Someone who was playing by myself” came. As an environment to enjoy the model, the point that “Mother understands” is greatly different. It seems that you can not say so loudly, “About clearing after playing.”

── Regarding Mini 4WD, we are organizing events for people over the age of 18 from 19:30 on weekdays.

Takamichi It is, so to speak, it is “a place of club activities” where people going to the company can play before drinking. There is also a mini 4WD event on Saturdays and Sundays, but from a salaried worker, some people say “I do not want to appear on Shinbashi until Saturday and Sunday” (laugh). It is popular enough to wait for cancellation, so we plan to increase the number of events for Mini 4WD on weekdays night.

Where model fans can talk about dreams

── Is that the scale model and the mini 4WD are the two pillars?  Another

Takamichi The RC car is very exciting. It may seem surprising, but girls often play with their fathers on RC cars.

── Does the girl play with the RC car?

Takamichi Yeah, girls in elementary school age are very good at controlling the RC car. Even in the plastic model, women can paint well, do not they? The shimbashi store actually has many female visitors. To that background, Sho Kurono of Visual Band · Golden Bomber actively wears Tamiya ‘s T – shirt and the recognition has spread to the women’ s group. Johnny ‘s male idols also seem to be talking about on radio, etc, with many people of Mini 4WD and RC car generation.

── The idea of ​​”a model is a man’s hobby” is getting old.

Takamichi Lady comes, it will be gorgeous, the image will also be good, and as our shop is a welcome.

── Do you have all the tools and materials released from Tamiya at the store?

Takamichi Yes, Tamiya products are all 6000 items, all gathered. Besides that, we are selling repair parts as customer parts. Originally it is a part that customers have to order individually, but if our shop, we can buy it without waiting. Plastic model, mini 4WD, RC car, not all say, but since you are ordering fragile parts in advance, you can buy it on the way home from the company. Besides that, air brush parts etc are prepared.

── Do you sell decals for plastic models as well?

Takamichi Yes, the decal is a selling item product. Military fans who want a mark of another unit that can not be reproduced by the decal that is included in the kit will be bought.

── Are there any requests from customers?

Takamichi Yes, we have received a lot of requests. For example, I want a permanent circuit for the RC car, I want a workshop that can make a plastic model, I want you to drink alcohol here (laugh).

── It is a unique request of a place called Shinbashi (laugh).

Takamichi ”You want a space to drink while looking at the finished product of the plastic model,” you seriously told me. There seems to be a mini 4WD bar in the vicinity of Kanto, but the plastic model is probably less. Finishing the work, doing a drink with a group, it is a dream time for model fans to talk about various things in front of a plastic model. Even if it is an impossible task, you are enjoying it as a place to tell a dream.

(Coverage / sentence / Keisuke Hirota)