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Tamiya RC Advice Vol.11- Introducing useful goods and usage for setting RC cars

RC car setting that is indispensable for maintaining and improving driving performance. This time, the setting points and effects of the touring car model. We will explain in detail useful goods and how to use them.

Products introduced in the video
00:44 54635 Aluminum camber gauge (stick type)
00:54 53602 Turnbuckle wrench
01:10 53862 Touring Car Height & Droop Gauge

Fun RC Car With 5 Options Installed – Tamiya Comical Hotshot Buggy Kit video review

We have another fun RC Car from Tamiya for you to check out, it’s the Comical Hotshot. This is a cool addition to Tamiya’s comical RC car line-up that plays off of some memorable vintage cars. This fun version of the Hotshot body fits on top of the GF-01 CB platform which we reviewed before as the Comical Avante. So rather than gear up for a full review of a car we’ve seen, Greg decided to throw a twist into this review and bolt on five option parts available for the car. He sifted though the Tamiya website to find what he thought were 5 worhty options for you to see. Were his picks good? Or were they duds? Let us know what you would have chose if you were building this RC yourself!
Source: RC Driver YouTube channel

Tamiya 58693 TA08 PRO overview video part 2 – initial driving impressions

After a fun-filled day at our local track (Cal Raceway), we sit down and chat a little about our initial driving impressions with the new Tamiya TA08 PRO touring car chassis.

We also touch on the new active-rear-toe adjustment as well as the anti-roll bars. There’s even some on-track run footage from both Fred’s TCS-Spec TA08 and Tony’s Expert 17.5T ride! Both cars look amazing on track!

Source: Tamiya USA

Setting up the new Tamiya 45069 Tamiya Brushless Electronic Speed ​​Controller 04S with Sensor

The TBLE-04S ESC is replacing our older model, the TBLE-02S. The new 04S has been updated to handle sensored motors in the 15.5T range (for Tamiya motors) or 21.5T range (for aftermarket brands). It features individually adjustable high point, neutral point and brake points as well as having reverse.
Two separate battery cut-off modes are included as well – LOW battery voltage protection (cuts off at approximately 5.6v) and HIGH battery voltage protection (cuts off at approximately 6.2v).
This ESC will be available separately as well as a running change in kits that come with ESCs.
In this video, we discuss the set up of your TBLE-04S ESC, if it even requires it.

Source: Tamiya USA

Tamiya 58689 2020 Ford GT Mk II overview video

The 2020 Ford GT Mk II is an amazing machine modeled after the legendary 1966 GT40 MKII. Only 45 of the hand-built rides will be produced, making them a very sought after vehicle.
In this video, we take a look at what comes in our 2020 kit. We also discuss the features of the body, the wing sets, what cars the new GT body will fit and a little more about the new TBLE-04S ESC that comes standard in this kit.

Source: Tamiya USA