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Legendary RC car returns with updates! Tamiya VQS 2020 4WD off-road buggy video review by RC Driver

Tamiya continues to bring back some classic kits that old school RC fans really want, the latest the Vanquish, but as the VQS. The Tamiya VQS is very closely based on the Vanquish, but has a few tweaks to bring it up to 2020 specs. Sure you still get that sleek buggy styling, the unique 4wd driveline, the streamline suspension set-up and tires that can tear up a dirt field. But the changes are in the name, electronics, and a few other tweaks. If you remember the Vanquish and always wanted one, you need to check out the VQS. If you’re just into unique RC cars and fun building experiences, then the VQS is right for you too. In this video, Greg goes over the details of the buggy and takes it out for a drive in the dirt. By the end of the video you’ll see this fun all around RC kit perfect for any Tamiya fan!
Source: RC Driver YouTube channel

Dragons never die – Return of the Tamiya Super (Storm) Dragon

We, the TamiyaBlog team have always been big fans of the Japanese comic-inspired Tamiya dragon buggies. The Fire Dragon in particular is one of our favorites.
So the Super Storm Dragon is one for us too.
In the 1980s the Super Dragon was only a body set for the Hornet and Thunder Shot chassis.
Now the dragon is back as a complete kit on a classic Hornet chassis.
As with some of the new kits, the body is also pre-painted and only needs to be decaled.
As you have noticed, the name has also changed. Possibly because of licensing problems.
But Tamiya helps us here with the stickers. You can cut the “Storm” out of the sticker, and so you have a “Storm Dragon”. The number 18 stickers on the side from the original release are also included in the sticker sheet.

Building was a real joy. You feel like a kid again, building your first Tamiya Off Road Racer.
We have installed a classic black Sport Tuned motor, a complete set of ball bearings and classic aluminum rim covers in our Super Dragon for that special custom look.

We really love this car. It brings back so many great memories from the 1980s, the golden era of the Tamiya RC cars.
Enjoy the Super Dragon!
We are really looking forward to the comeback of the Tamiya Fire Dragon.

Many thanks to Dickie Tamiya and Tamico for providing us with the Super Dragon kit.

Tamiya TT02S vs M05RA RALLY – Audi Quattro vs Renault 5 Turbo gravel rally run video

Video description:

Hi there! My friend Rob had just finished his new rally car, the Tamiya Renault 5 Turbo on the M05-RA FWD chassis, so we thought it would be fun to put it through it’s paces with my Tamiya Audi Quattro A2 on the 4WD TT02-S chassis. We went to our favourite gravel rally circuit and gave them a few laps in each direction around the course.

The M05RA struggled to get going on the gravel surface, hampered by it’s un-damped suspension, but once up to speed it was surprisingly nimble in the turns! The TT02 carried an onboard camera for some interesting action shots, and we had a great time running and filming these RC cars.

PLEASE NOTE: This rally run was just for fun, and is not intended to indicate which is the best, we just thought you Tamiya enthusiasts would enjoy seeing two very different RC rally icons running together!

Both Tamiyas are stock, apart from:
M05RA – full ball bearing conversion
TT02-S – Rally Block tyres and a no-cost mod to the lower suspension arms to give increased travel and ride-height. See the mod here.

Many thanks to Rob (of Rob Brennan RC) for making this film with me – visit his fantastic channel here.
Thanks for watching, wishing you all fun RCing! 🙂

Source: Mark Bryan RC YouTube Channel

Video review of Tamiya 58656 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5 EVO.II Team Zakspeed Debis by RC Driver

Looking for a hobby? Something to do while you’re stuck at home? The radio control car hobby is a great thing to get into. Of course we’re going to show you how much fun it can be! Tamiya is an RC car manufacturer that has helped countless people get into the hobby. Recently we added their Mercedes-Benz 190E Debis TT-01 Type-E On-Road Car to the collection and we took a slightly different approach to showing you this kit. This semi-review will tell you about the cars features, details and performance, but more importantly, we hope it serves as inspiration for those looking for a hobby or those in the hobby to try a fun car that might interest them. Let’s get to it RC Drivers!
Error: Please note the shocks are friction shocks. A friend helped me with the build and assembled the shocks. At a quick glance to me, they appeared to be the oil version shocks.

Source: RC Driver YouTube channel

Building a Mystery (Machine) – Customizing the Tamiya Lunch Box 2005

After having so much fun, while building the latest Tamic Comical Models, a long time project was waiting to be completed.

One of the most iconic Tamiya cars ever. The Tamiya Lunch Box. Everyone loves it, and it´s still one of the most popular Vintage Tamiya RC Cars. The LB is also an absolutely perfect base for customizing projects. Years ago, we had the idea to build a replica of the famous “Mystery Machine”, well known from the classic “Scooby Doo” TV show.

For this project, we´ve collected some parts for quite some time.
Here is a list of parts, we used on this car:

  • 84343 Chassis Red Style CW-01
  • 84345 CW-01 D-Parts Under Guard Set Red
  • 84347 CW-01 C.V.A. Short Shock Unit Set II White Style
  • 53068 RS-540 Sport Tuned Motor – Black
  • 19335442 Midnight Pumpkin Metallic – Chrome wheels
  • Full Ball Bearing Set for Grasshopper/ Hornet/Lunch Box
  • Custom Made Mystery Machine Decals
  • R31 House Formula Kart Slick Tire

Tamiya TS-41 Coral Blue matches the orginal “Mystery Machine” Decal perfectly.

All in all, the Lunch Box came out great, and it´s now one of our all time favourites.