Customised Tamiya Rough Rider inspired by the Funco Buggy

One of our readers, Hector Coronel from the Philippines, sent us some photos of his fantastic customised Tamiya Rough Rider / Buggy Champ which we would like to share with you.
He added 16 new panels, scratchbuilt the engine (no 3D print) and narrowed, lengthened and lowered the RR body shell:

3 Tamiya RC cars have won the “Model Vehicle Award of 2019” by the German model magazine Modell-Fahrzeug

“Modell-Fahrzeug,” a German miniature model magazine specialising in a wide range of scale models, RC, diecasts, slot cars, etc. of cars and motorcycles, selected the 2019 Excellence Model Award “Model Fahrzeug des Jahres 2019”.
Awarded was the 1/10 RC Volkswagen Type 2 (T1), 1/14 RC Volvo FH16 Globetrotter 750 6×4 Timber Truck and the 1/10 RC Citroen 2CV Rally. Furthermore, we won “Premium Brand 2019 (Best Brand of the Year)” as Tamiya.
Modell-Fahrzeug Official Site

Collaborative Monster Truck Collection Tamiya Karfoot from L’Art de l’Automobile

L’Art de l’Automobile preps for Paris Fashion Week with another limited edition vehicular collection. This time, the French label is partnering with Japanese remote control (RC) toy experts Tamiya for a brief monster truck-inspired T-shirt capsule, complete with a matching toy car.
Each of the three special shirts is emblazoned with co-branding and bespoke “KARFOOT” monster truck imagery, dreamed up exclusively for this release. Long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirts are offered in neutral black and white editions, highlighting the prints on the front and rear of each item. The toy KARFOOT truck was created especially for this collection, a natural follow-up to TAMIYA’s 2018 Hornet collaboration with Supreme. Each item is packed inside a special box to drive home the nostalgic nature of the partnership.
Expect L’Art de l’Automobile to launch the exclusive KARFOOT goods will launch via a temporary PFW pop-up shop, though the remote control car will not be for sale.


DT-03 meets Vaillant

With the Neo Fighter on the DT-03 chassis, Tamiya launched a brilliant entry-level buggy a few years ago. The Kit already includes an electronic speed controller TBLE-02 S, a torque-tuned motor and CVA shock absorbers for a suittable price. Many thousands of children and teenager started their RC hobby with a DT-03 buggy or one of the precursor DT-01 and DT-02. Last but not least, the Tamiya Figther Cup is the world’s largest RC car youth racing series.

We only replaced the plastic bearings with ball bearings in our Neo Fighter and exchanged the torque-tuned motor for a Tamiya Sport Tuned motor (the old black one – 53068). A Blue Bird BMS-617 is used as the steering servo. With this set-up, the Neo-Fighter already achieves astonishing driving performance and can still be easily mastered by an RC beginner.

While thinking about how we want to paint our Neo-Fighter, we looked dreamily into our showcase with the old Tamiya buggies and saw the good old “Nylon Parts Coloring Set” by Tamiya (53130). We knew then: the rims had to turn pink! We quickly came up with the “Black Avante” from Tamiya and it was clear that the body should be painted in a combination of silver (Tamiya PS-12) and gun metal (Tamiya PS-23). Looking for suitable pink decals, we looked through our stock and suddenly held the Vaillant Decal-sheet from the 1/10 Porsche 934 Turbo RSR in our hands. The color of the decorative strips was perfect and could easily be adapted to the Neo-Fighter Body.

We are more than satisfied with the result and are excited to see if you also like our Neo-Fighter.

Tamiya 92417 ADVAN Shadow Shark Limited & 92416 ADVAN Super Hard Low-Profile Tire in cooperation with Yokohama Rubber

Source: 堀田_保田 @so__hotter at Twitter

Tamiya Rack & Pinion Gear Set – Ideas for use video
This set can be used to manufacture a rack and pinion mechanism that converts rotational motion into linear motion using gears. The pinion gear attached to a 3mm hexagon shaft such as a gear box has a clutch that protects the motor and gear when a large force is applied. It can be applied to various types of work, such as a forklift-like movement or sliding the gear box itself. By combining this with a fun machine series universal arm, you can further expand the ingenuity of movement.