Some future Tamiya releases

10316 1/72 Mitsubishi A6M5 (ZEKE) – Zero Fighter Silver Plated

69573 Circuit Curve Section – Japan Cup Blue/Red 2pcs
69574 Circuit Straight Section – Japan Cup White 4pcs
69575 Circuit Wave Section – Japan Cup White 2pcs
94501 Lg Dia Stabilizer Head Set – 11mm/15mm (Red)
95402 Lg Dia Stabilizer Head Set – 17mm (Red)
95405 Thunder Dragon – Clear Polycoarbonate Body Set
95407 DCR-01 – Clear Red Body Set

70231 Centipede Robot Body Sections – 4pcs

74559 Spray-Work Air Compressor Adv.
87195 18 Well Palette (5pcs)

Modified Tamiya 24342 Mazda MX-5 Roadster to RF version with automatic opening roof

Impressive creativity and modelling skills again from Japan!

Customised Tamiya RC models at 57th Shizuoka Hobby Show 2018

Kindly provided report from Toshio Tanaka tossanteamtaku

At the public release date of Shizuoka Hobby Show, more than 270 amateur clubs were exhibited from all over the country.

One of them, Paint Meisters is the only club exhibiting only RC.Let’s introduce the work.

Hatsune Miku Mercedes AMG – GT 3. This is both a car that is participating in Japan Cypriots. This is all writing brush.

NSX. The engine and interior are also reproduced. Of course This can run.

Red Bull RB 14, 2017body, HALO is handmade

Dancing rider. There are motoGP and GP 500 etc.

It is a remodel of Wild Willy. The body is made of Styrofoam. The screw behind will move, it is an addition.

Tamiya 70230 Centipede Robot Product Video

Coming Soon!
Here is a new Educational Construction series model with a bit of a twist (and a slither)! It creates a big centipede consisting of separate body sections and a central motor unit, with flexible leg parts helping propel the model as they rotate. Universal joints between the sections allow the model to negotiate obstacles and hug the terrain. Its motion can be altered by changing the number of body sections, or the leg direction.