Plastic model courses for the basics of Tamiya drilling, cutting and masking tools by professional modeller Shinji Hasegawa

We will explain the types and usage of “piercing” tools used for various model work. From a handy pin vise to a convenient electric drill and a punch that can be used in various ways, you can expand the range of remodeling and detailing.
00:00 Please note
00:39 Lineup introduction of drilling tools
02:41 How to use pin vise
06:43 How to use modeling drill chuck
07:13 How to use an electric handy drill
08:37 How to use modeler’s punch
10:11 How to use a tapered file Click here for detailed information on the products introduced in the video Tamiya Craft Tools Pin Vise Drill Blades
● Commentary: Shinji Hasegawa (Professional modeler / Lecturer at Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Tressa Yokohama)

We will explain the types and characteristics of “scissors” used in various model making tasks. Use scissors that are suitable for different purposes, such as cutting plastic vans, decals, stickers, and masking tape.
00:00 Please note
00:57 How to use craft scissors
01:46 How to use curved scissors 
02:23 How to use decal scissors
03:54 How to use etching scissors
04:28 How to use precision tweezers and mini 4WD curved scissors Click here for detailed information on the products introduced in the video Tamiya Craft Tools Craft Scissors (for plastic/soft metal)
● Commentary: Shinji Hasegawa (Professional modeler / Lecturer at Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Tressa Yokohama)

This is an explanation of “masking”, which is indispensable for model painting work. We will introduce points such as the types of masking tape, how to apply it well, and how to remove it.
00:00 Please note
01:10 Masking tape lineup introduction
03:31 Dedicated mask sticker included with the kit
04:28 Precautions for masking work
06:30 Sharpen the cross section of the tape
07:58 Airplane canopy masking
09:08 Watch out for gaps!
11:13 Pay attention to the direction of painting!
12:11 Surface masking
13:07 Masking tape for curves 
14:03 Introduction of extra-fine tape tricks
14:40 How to use large masking stickers
16:16 Important! How to remove masking tape
18:20 What if it sticks out? Click here for detailed information on the products introduced in the video. Tamiya Makeup Materials Various Masking Tapes
● Commentary: Shinji Hasegawa (Professional modeler / Lecturer at Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Tressa Yokohama)

Tamiya 63749 Mini 4WD Calendar 2023

Mini 4WD, which is enjoyed by a wide range of fans from children to adults, has become a desk calendar in 2023. The images taken for the new calendar include the latest models such as Super Avante Jr and Road Knight, as well as popular machines such as Aero Avante and Festa Jaune. 12 different configurations per month.

Main contents
★12 types of desktop calendars for each month
★Size: 220mm x 110mm

Tamiya 63750 Official Guidebook Mini 4WD Super Speed ​​Guide 2022-2023

An annual super-speed mook book that condenses the fun of Mini 4WD
This year’s must-have “Mini 4WD Super Speed ​​Guide” is on sale! Introducing the section commentary and strategy of “DX ROLLING CURCUIT 2022” used in the Mini 4WD Japan Cup 2022 where a heated battle is taking place. In addition, we will introduce upgrade parts that are indispensable for machine tune-up and explain the tune-up technique that has become a trend. In addition, it is full of know-how to make the Mini 4WD machine “fast” and “cool”, including the painting technique of the polycarbonate body, the production record of the Condele machine, and the “logic of the difficult section capture” talked by the masters.

・ Powered by FDK Mini 4WD Japan Cup 2022 Drive on Yokohama Tire DX ROLLING CURCUIT 2022!
・Interview with Super Avante Jr. designer Kota Nezu
・Upgraded parts data library
・AT bumper, body lantern, rear catcher damper … how to make trend tunes
and shine!
Let’s go to the polycarbonate body painting technique and race! Guide to running the Japan Cup
・ Mini 4WD station 28 in Japan
・ Produced by Condelemaster! Ignition Great Transformation Reality ・Powered by FDK Mini 4WD Japan Cup 2021 Champion Machine Gallery
・Ask 4 Top Racers! Section wise “The Logic of Ultra-Fast Machine Setup”
○ Format / number of pages: A4 wide 102 pages
○ Appendix: Special dress-up sticker
○ Issued by: One Publishing
○ Author: Get Navi Editorial Department

Appendix: Special sticker

Tamiya official international release list September 2022

R/C Models
 58711  1/10 R/C McLaren Senna (TT-02)
 48217  1/35 R/C U.S. Medium Tank M4A3 Sherman (w/Control Unit)
 22055  XV-02 Aluminum Adjustable Suspension Mount (XH)
 22056  XV-02 Aluminum Damper Stay Mount
 22057  XV-02 Carbon Damper Stay (Front)
 22058  XV-02 Carbon Damper Stay (Rear)

Static Models
 12054  1/12 Tyrrell 003 1971 Monaco GP
 21175  1/24 Nissan Fairlady 240ZG Street Custom (Finished Model)

 18658  Chevalier (MA)
 95155  HG Carbon Rear Brake Stay (1.5mm) J-Cup 2022
 95639  Mini 4WD 40th Anniversary Super Hard Large Dia. Low-Profile Tire & Wheel Set (6-Spoke)
 95643  Mini 4WD 40th Anniversary HG 19mm Aluminum Ball-Race Rollers (Ringless)

Tools & Paints
 69942  Modeler’s Side Cutter α (Rose Pink)

High resolution official product photos of Tamiya 47489 Egress Black Edition & 42383 Chassis Kit TB Evo.8

47489 Egress Black Edition
The Egress is a big name in the Tamiya pantheon of R/C models, and now comes in a Black Edition! With new color stickers, special anodized finishes for uprights and damper parts, it is sure to catch the eye, as will the specially-designed packaging.

About the Model
★Body, wing and underguard are lightweight and durable polycarbonate. ★New sticker colors have been chosen to fit with a black-centered color scheme. ★Damper and upright parts have a stylish dark titanium color anodized finish, while wheels are molded in silver color plastic. ★Motor is sold separately.

42383 Chassis Kit TB Evo.8
The TB Evo. series has gained numerous fans since its inception in 2000, and now welcomes a new entry: the TB Evo.8! With numerous advances from the previous generation including TA08 design A-type arms, it promises even further evolution of the series.

About the Model
★Switch between two chassis layouts (Front-mid and Rear-mid) to get your setup just right. ★Carbon fiber lower deck and minimalistic upper decks ensure the chassis has optimal pitch flex. ★Features one-piece bulkhead/damper stay components. ★One-piece designs incorporate king pin and suspension ball function, minimalizing suspension play and improving handling feel. ★A-arm suspension comes with Super Short Big Bore dampers as standard. ★Steering linkage is attached directly to the bulkhead, to mollify effect on chassis roll. ★The front uses a direct coupling with WO universal drive shafts, and the rear has a gear differential with aluminum drive shafts. ★A carbon fiber R/C equipment deck features an optional aluminum center stiffener.

More details and photos about Tamiya future releases under development

New release of 3 new products that are in development. The new Fairlady Z that attracts attention has already appeared in the 1/24 sports car series. The latest RC model of the TB Evo series “TB EVO.8” and “Egress Black Edition” will appear.
We will inform you as soon as the product release date and detailed information are decided.

24363 1/24 NISSAN FAIRLADY Z (RZ34)
Nissan’s sports car, Fairlady Z, whose North American specification was announced in August 2021 and Japanese specification in January 2022. The 7th generation features a design that pays homage to successive models with the main theme of “fusion of tradition and state-of-the-art technology”. Equipped with a 405-horsepower 3-liter V6 twin-turbo engine at the front, it combines a 6-speed MT or 9-speed AT transmission to drive the rear wheels. As a pure engine model, it attracted the attention of fans around the world.
《About the model》
★1/24 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length 183mm, Width 84mm, Height 55mm. ★The sharp form of the 2-door fastback coupe has been faithfully reproduced. The outer panel of the body and roof is composed of separate parts. ★Separate parts such as the lower part of the transmission and front and rear suspension arms give the underside of the chassis a three-dimensional finish. ★The seat is divided into 4 sections for ease of painting. ★Comes with masking stickers for coloring transparent parts. ★You can choose to assemble either Japanese or North American specifications. ★Emblems and logos are recreated with inlet marks. ★Tires are made of solid rubber.
Under supervision of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

The latest in the TB Evo series that has continued since 2000. The chassis layout that was popular with EVO.7 has been brushed up. The suspension adopts the A-arm type popular with TA08 and appears as an aggressive vehicle.
《About the model》
●Motor mounting position can be selected from 2 locations (front mid/rear mid). ●Optimum pitching rigidity is ensured by combining the carbon lower deck with the smallest upper deck. ●The damper stay extending from the bulkhead is an aluminum integrated type. ●The kingpin ball is integrated with the flange pipe to minimize suspension clearance and achieve high maneuverability. -Equipped with SSBB (Super Short Big Bore) damper for A arm suspension. ●The steering wiper is attached to the bulkhead like EVO.7 to reduce the impact on the chassis roll. ●The drive system uses a combination of a direct shaft and WO universal drive shaft on the front, and a gear differential and aluminum drive shaft on the rear. ●A carbon mechanical plate that can be attached to the aluminum center stiffener is used to equalize the left and right balance of the main chassis.

This is the black edition of the Egress that debuted as a high-end Avante model with the aim of competing in world races. The black tone body, new coloring stickers, dark titanium alumite dampers and uprights further enhance the original Egress luxury. The package is also a special specification based on black similar to “47390 Avante (2011) Black Special”.
《About the model》
●The body (0.7mm thick) and wing under guard (1.0mm thick) are made of polycarbonate. -Changed the coloring of the body and wings to black, and changed the sticker to a new coloring accordingly. ●The alumite color of the front/rear dampers and front uprights has been changed to dark titanium to match the body color. The molding color of the wheels has also been changed to silver to coordinate with the body color. ●Motor sold separately.

See also more models under development previously listed

Tamiya RC Live with detailed information on the new Tamiya TB EVO.8

Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix Kakegawa Tournament Introduction and Tamiya RC History & New Product Details Announcement Special 2
・ The final race of the “Tamiya Grand Prix RC Car Grand Prix Kakegawa Tournament” held at Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit on Sunday, July 17th will deliver. ・Information on the latest shaft drive 4WD chassis “TB EVO.8”, which will be a new product after this fall of 2022, will be released for the first time in the world! Please enjoy detailed commentary by TRF Kono. ・Tamiya RC history introduces items released in 1996. The Audi A4 STW, which played an active role in the German Super Touring, the square-style Volvo 850 BTCC, and the entry-level 2WD buggy, the Fighter Buggy RX.
Featuring Tamiya Satoshi Maezumi, Riku Sunahara, Takayuki Kono

Tamiya RC Live with detailed information on the new Tamiya Egress Black Edition

Tamiya Grand Prix All Japan Championship Kakegawa Tournament Introduction and Tamiya RC History & New Product Details Announcement Special 1
・ The final race of the “Tamiya Grand Prix All Japan Championship Kakegawa Tournament” held at Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit on Saturday, July 16th We will deliver. ・ Detailed information on the new product “Egress Black Edition”, which will be released after this fall of 2022, will be released for the first time in the world! ・We will continue to introduce the items released in 1996 in Tamiya RC History. You can see the “Honda CR-V” reproduced with a realistic resin body, “Williams’ Renault FW18” that built the strongest era of Williams, and the pioneer of lightweight sports “Eunos Roadster”.