RCmagazine’s Tamiya WR-02 snowmobile in action

読者の皆さん、こんにちは。編集部のある東京都内は現在降雪で徐々に交通機関に乱れが生じてきております。さらに製作中の3月号の締め切りも近く、カツカツ状態なのですが…雪が積もるなら雪上RCでしょ! ということで屋上でWR-02を走らせてきました(笑)。現在発売中の2月号に掲載されている、OPTION No.1製履帯ユニットとスキーを装着した雪上仕様です。ちょっとステアリングの効きが足りないけど、セッティングで走破性を上げられそう!?あっ編集長に怒られそうなので仕事に戻ります。現場からは以上です。RCマガジンは毎月4日発売。18年2月号(八重洲出版)好評発売中!http://www.yaesu-net.co.jp/rcm/

Posted by RCmagazine on Montag, 22. Januar 2018

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Tamiya sticker for Nissan Cube tailgate

The traditional twin stars to be handed down to cube custom design. If you do, all the way to the circuit. CUBE dedicated sticker ultra-minimum collaboration “cube’s tail” in lottery for 10 people each!
Campaign link (Japanese)

Unique 1/12 Tamiya F1 Wolf WR-1 model car kit entry from Brookhurst Hobbies SprueFest 2018 Model Contest

Unique 1/12 Tamiya F1 Wolf WR-1 model car kit entry Brookhurst Hobbies SprueFest 2018 Model Contest!

Posted by TamiyaUSA on Samstag, 20. Januar 2018

More information about the contest https://www.spruefest.com/

Re-release coming soon – Tamiya 24060 1/24 Mazda Savanna RX-7 GT Limited Kit – C-460

1/24 scale assembly kit of the 2nd generation Mazda RX-7 which debuted in 1985

Special feature 1 Hood is detachable even after assembly to showcase the highly-detailed 13B rotary engine.
Special feature 2 Parts to depict the model as either a left- or right hand drive version are included.
Special feature 3 Steerable front wheels and retractable headlights.
Special feature 4 Tires with realistic tread pattern and metal-plated wheels included.

Will be probably presented at Nuremberg Toy Fair in 10 days, from which we will report live as every year.

Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix Vol.21 video report

Held the annual festival event “MS-Xtreme 2017” at the Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit this year without concern for the weather. “M – Xtreme” which used the popular M chassis is also held, with the “Tamiachure GT” class which chosen the team member of “Tamchire climax 2017” not to be selected. Also, a special guest “Kae Hiromi” visited us and also recorded the Tamiya RC car Grand Prix.

Tamiya color lacquer paint reverse compatibility chart / matching list

Reverse compatibility chart which can check corresponding lacquer paint from acrylic paint, enamel paint, Tamiya spray, air model spray color.

Download in PDF format.

Tamiya color forward lacquer paint compatibility table / matching list

Dayton K-Tora D’ Pick Project at Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 – An idea for a fun future Tamiya GF-01 vehicle?

Designed by Takayaki Takayuki of PDC DESIGNWORKS who also contributed to the design of the Tamiya Mini 4WD DCR-01.