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Tamiya Japan Best Models 2009 Voting Results with Voters Comments

No. 1 most popular is “Tamiya Rough Rider (2009)” determined! 2009 Planning website] to determine the annual year-end ranking by a popular vote of the product everyone was released, he ranked overall this year is one of the RC model car “Tamiya Rough Rider (2009)”! Came back more than 30 popular models at least a year and has won the most votes over the world. The two are in lower positions, such as the Fairlady Z RC · Tyrell and ranked at the top of the old and new car models along the scale. The less popular models of warships and military TOP5 car models now dominate the results.

Overall ranking product name
1st Tamiya Rough Rider (2009)
2nd 1 / 20 Tyrell P34 1976 Japanese GP
3rd 1 / 24 NISSAN Fairlady Z (Z34)
4th 1/10RC F104 PRO (with Body)
5th 1/10RC M-05 PRO Chassis
6th 1 / 35 British Infantry Tank Matilda Mk.III / IV
7th 1 / 35 German Heavy Tank Destroyer Yakutotaiga Early Production
8th 1/10RC Ferrari F60
9th 1 / 350 JAL cruiser Mogami
10th 1 / 24 Calsonic IMPUL GT-R (R35)

Division TOP5 ~ ~ RC Model

Tamiya Rough Rider (2009)
★ RC was released I was surprised to things of this age model reprinted model. I’m afraid that the money can not buy casual setting, that longing can get the model right now that I think is very valuable. We hope to develop new products.
★ I first bought the Tamiya Rough Rider RC models. Details while wearing the old faithful reproduction of the improvements is a great product. RC Buggy is modern in the sense that the scale model of the vehicle was lost than just driving performance is much potential for great charm can not talk.
★ Tamiya RC is why do we give such attractive. The home of RC electric buggy that reprinted the Tamiya Rough Rider Parts consisting of metal, XR311 and I wanted to reprint it 次Ida Konbattobagi events.
★ Kadonika, and can not reproduce the Tamiya Rough Rider with a camel with Reshingubatteri to me? Tamiya Rough Rider, but I wanted to reprint a long time, mainly because most reprinted Reshingubatteri Temashita I give up now. The next year will also be reprinted Tamiya Sand Scorcher, I just want to reprint even if the Ford Ranger.
★ Tamiya Rough Rider was the flower of the highest childhood! I bought resale and listen well. Attraction of high-performance ATVs are even many Yappari 勝Temasen Koitsu.
★ reprint itself “miracle”! Aside blister and reproduce, in an earnest admiration for the twin star fans. Tamiya Sand Scorcher, including the planned 2010 launch of the year, 30 manufacturers that resell the product as close to perfect for more than a year ago, the only Tamiya in space! ?

F104 PRO (with Body)
★ Dairekutodoraibutaipu finally again that the car was released to the RC. So nice in that they can reproduce and rear body work and refinement.
★ I’ve been waiting! F1RC new products! First, you have to appreciate that the battery upright! Maybe buy Dattara Temasen landscape. The wheel also seen Def and ingenuity, and I use the F103 is also part of the high points! Body weight and F60 series come with the development kit also looking forward to the future! Year 2009 is the undisputed best model!
★ 16 years remodeling of the new born again by the D · D chassis. F103 is running normally without any anywhere as Piki. Great body cool and contemporary style to it.
Hisashi Tamiya model
★ Formula people! Buy a new car in 15 years, the assembly was completed smoothly, and I would not run again is easy.只今, 15 years ago and remember the “rehabilitation” is inside. F60 coolness so surprising, so I will buy, we can expect a lineup of future expansion.
★ F1 I was thinking I want to start just with the launch of F104 and, partly because 踏Mi切Rimashita to buy good-looking braces. In his big hit with the show! The RC life even more fun now.

M-05 PRO Chassis
★ Minishashi emerged as a new M-05, the finest cars of yesteryear still popular M-01 and M-03 worlds and a good model, let me ease up. For my Minishashifan, because it’s long-awaited model.
★ M03’s previous work is sensing systems for a long time popular best-selling model, the next model of what we’ve wanted and I end up coming out of this. Just when it was announced again that M is a product suddenly want to become stuck to the chassis. 4WD also deliberately did not received a good impression.
★ a long time since I was expecting M Temashita new chassis. Touring car category and can sense light in these categories because it’s gotten tired I was delighted the other. I think a good rest, I’ll expand the lineup of the body.
★ finally tradition chassis M 05 now. “Change” in the choices that increase rather than 03 for one hope they continue going left. The development of the FF 05 as a model I am looking forward to the touring car. Including the M05 such a possibility in the future and hope has been selected.

Ferrari F60
★ Latest F1 and they still embody the style, I think it’s enough quality to run as well as display model.
★ From the moment I saw the website, seems like a fairly high degree of completion of radio-controlled body than ever before. Between the shape of the wing from the side pontoons that way even though the motor was a very good impression of the timeless feel of it.
★ real RC model? I think that surprised of the outcome. Tamiya done! Is superb and reminiscent. RC, in both scale model F1 model and I check out.
★ I am a beginner in RC, assembled, Suge drove the first moment! I had a feeling What looks great on. The underbody and other materials, the standard material is flexible to withstand the crash me, once you’ve used the 416 I can upgrade with good things and could use a driver. Parts are expected to enhance future options. Tamiya best!
★ TA05 liked the evolution of the race. We hope to evolve in the future.
★ Absolute Beginners It’s been a win, thanks to the chassis this year.
★ 10 years of RC is chosen to restart the machine.

– Scale Model Division TOP5 ~

1 / 20 Tyrell P34 1976 Japanese GP
★ 70’s as I was born in Tamiya’s = P34 is still a strong image. Japan GP launch of this specification, is delighted with Mr. Tamiya F1 to strongly appeal to us not forget things. Of course, the reason for this is that the products have not gotten that gem is based on the old kit. Latest F1 is nice, but the most popular vehicles in the future history (019 Tyrrell P34 Personally, my dream is to be released in the protocol of Tamiya brand!) And want to shed some light on the kit think. We hope.
★ the Tamiya 1 / 20 of his P34 Dearutai liked that one, came back from Japan GP and further specifications.
★ 1970’s love. Better precision etched parts, brings out the model.
Only 1 / 20 is so small parts, the first I was a little far too difficult and so much fun.
★ At the time, but was in elementary school I used to love, P34 Tyrell did. The series of children’s magazine P34 RC Temashita they would like it to be found. Unique six-wheel Kakkoyokatta ~. I really wanted to see the race 出来Re.
★ childhood, TV and sail fast was an unforgettable scene in the rain at Fuji Speedway live!
★ If the fabrication is the main car models, racing cars have different specifications for each particular race, the fun extends to modifications. F1 particular model, the Japanese GP has been modified so that the specifications are hard to find parts and materials collected. Japanese GP this specification P34 comes with etching, which is set based on historical research new parts was very nice product. Next time come to thank you Furukauringubajon commercialization.

1 / 24 NISSAN Fairlady Z (Z34)
★ 1 / 24 NISSAN Fairlady Z (Z34) was selected. Dare to continue to sell the sports car, sports car during the winter is NISSAN’s also applauded after TAMIYA kit is quick to applaud Facebook. Joy can be placed in the hands of sports car is the same even at his age. Roadster Ver. It is also expected that the selection of the kit.
★ Fairlady Z is the old model cars of the past have liked, and gave a new Z34 for the Tamiya kit is the first to be grateful. Preceded by moving the steering mechanism of the Z33 is omit, the Z34 I think this is good in closely reproduce. I appreciate the color white plastic body. 1 / 24 in the Z34’s Version NISMO, the first Z 240ZG, ZL, Z432 is also hope that Tamiya released.
★ I think Japan’s world-class car. Parts configuration alone can make reasonably good weekend.
★ Z continues to make only single-mindedly. The latest Z is almost like real, very happy with anything from making the room from the vehicle. You will feel a sense of ownership and that sort of look at the finished watching Keroro’s coverage of catalogs and magazines. The future while dreaming Z continues to own the vehicle making. I thank you works Tamiya’s future.
★ It is a car that has been seen lately in the city have not bought yet. I wanted to make them so cool! Fairlady Z has been so for generations models, such continuity is welcome. Model Celica sports car is so drastically reduced the market recently is the one vehicle I had been no vote!

1 / 35 British Infantry Tank Matilda Mk.III / IV
★ Mold delicate figure of atmosphere, etc., and Matilda is a cry from the previous work (which is of course because the course Speaking of technology in improving the passage of time). After enjoying home, and gradually make the time to use before bedtime.
★ MM Series is a milestone of 300 works, than I am right now and compare it with the technological advances of the early work MM series was eager to remember the times series.
★ African Campaign liked more time in elementary school, are attracted to Variants of the Afrika Korps. Also, like the British army stood before it as well, especially Matilda tank is a heavy favorite style. Produced some older movies, with the stock, also bought two new pieces. Following the grant or renewal, what Valentine’s Day?
★ 300 anniversary of his model! Easy to make split parts, great sense of unity when finished! Making time, feeling the thickness of the plate of a tank was bliss.

1 / 35 German Heavy Tank Destroyer Yakutotaiga Early Production
★ I want to thank the new models have been released and I have never had to hand. Presence may increase the willingness of the cases making models are also a large painting.
★ pearskin finish body surface, for the display tracks, such as subtle expression hatch, just 1 / 35 Yakutotaiga 新Rashii opened up the world’s first. Also expected to increase only its second-generation, fully expecting to meet me to do so. (Which made the King Tiger, of course, left a strong impression that somehow Yakutotaiga.) Say anything if it is reproduced is not internal, it is expected in the future.
★ been released, was produced immediately. Made to smooth the tracks split, is also easily assembled into an extraordinary upper body split. Minutes fast easy assembly and was painted over time. The tanker is, I use the decals for German soldiers were released around the same time. If you have not made yet, please make it come. Certainly satisfied.

1 / 350 JAL cruiser Mogami
★ 1 / 350 when I went out with the best aviation cruiser was the hope of this project. Point that you have fulfilled the stunning, is inspiring. Thank goodness the double figure of the era of you to sell the best and cruisers. The price has been reduced, and a new hope to maintain this price.
★ As a model ship enthusiasts, 1 / 350 that the rich are happy to come to obediently. Please make out the battleship USS competitive class. Something I have not yet put the other hand. Yamashiro battleship, aircraft carrier Hiryu, including but Shinano, is recommended at completion of battleship Yamashiro. This is the acme of principle 大艦 slugger. The modern battleship is not only Japan but not a classic appearance and is evaluated in the world, I think a good sales record.
★ and Hobby Show, the attendant says, “If you come out the day If, WL boxes with pictures that are out of the guidebook” The request was then, and it became a reality, joyous think. I wanted to assemble carefully, and I want to see that is really driving the bottom part of watching a beautiful ship, with the motor ran 塗Razu underwater colors. Watching his flowing, carved out his enviable feeling of past days in the Imperial Japanese Navy.

– 4 wheel drive Mini division TOP5 ~

1st Special Makkusubureika CX09 Black
★ Pre-Carbon Super X was released in that notice before the revival of the chassis. That’s real nice matte texture and not satisfactory performance and good driving! No. I bought one kit this year.
★ Tamiya truly work and wow, I really tasty.
★ involuntarily, causing the order to recall the old Ita事 can play, and now the things we enjoyed was from the warehouse to dust off the JC. 『Now officially』 friends are excited to get away. That thing at the time Okozu Kai could, I could not afford parts, machine. Now as an adult, it is actually more fun than during the previous boom.
★ TRF Makkusubureika reputable carbon was good was the X is equipped with a chassis and wheels. Gearbox was lame X 持Temashita shine off the good feeling and they fit perfectly into the chassis.
★ Very easy to use, still has not broken easily, was exciting from the hand did not enter into the chassis of carbon.
★ While the old chassis, new chassis, put up a win in combat. Best!

X1 · dash Hara Shi Huangdi (Ra Purotoen pages) (VS Chassis)
★ The chassis has been commercialized with the legendary Mashinpurotoenpera is happy. It is this generation units is still 30.
★ Shi Huangdi Hara (Ra Purotoen pages) is a child, 買Ezu only a limited event was one of those things even if you want kit. The other four wheel drive mini still regrets So it was that you should have now graduated.
★ The Emperor and the original 20 children did not enter into the fullness of the heart to get things around the time almost a year after the kit.
You do not have a shop that sells Abantebokkusu anymore but that is shipped with body parts. VS wants to put the three types of images from the chassis of the chassis is the way it was perfect ….
★ for the local residents were in elementary school, four wheel drive mini-tournament to be held in Shizuoka and the metropolitan area, could not get on sale for the event was sold exclusively in Japan, the Purotoenpera, 20 years time Thank goodness finally able to get Ete. Thank you to resell the Jioenpera remain.
★ Machine absolutely could not get a kid (Hara Shi Huangdi) it is a mono Nante be moved over the years to get. I only can say with a special surprise.

Avante Mk.II V Special
★ Avante tradition is often limited, this is like the best of it all. What is it Yappari box. Important kit you’ll want to have a very upscale.
★ cool to the box. Fearless. Full of used parts. Was a good deal.
★ Mini-made four wheel drive and Dad have really enjoyed. Now I tell my brother play together. Now I want to go on a field trip to Tamiya.
★ cool.

Avante Mk.III fourth Red Special
★ I bought a four wheel drive when not stuck in a deep red color is a mini-novel. Supercar generation and so knowing the name of Avante machine, it will be drawn to the cool style rear wing and a lower ride height Yappari car. Teresa Heinz Hamatteimasu daughter.
★ In those amuses Tamiya wide range of products, in the lineup, but worried the four wheel drive mini-scale model, who has fun this past year, It’s been a vote from the four wheel drive mini – .
★ red Avante is also quite nice to actually grasp it. It is Yappari Avante.
★ made was good.

Dash 1 Emperor Ultra-fifth volume (super encoding error pages) (MS Chassis)
★ DASH now been satisfactorily reproduce the part did finally able to reproduce the original illustrations in the volume remake. After the RC from the same material as paper stickers (the four wheel drive mini Iemasu in general, without even dress up like the old sticker, but difficult to use and durable no stickers at all when you want the original color), and If I was out of the wheel design also 伴E.
★ This is a machine from the Zaurus Tokuda teacher appeared in comics. I also have a special kit Supaenpera Supaenpera and four wheel drive version of the mini racers.

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