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Guesses and Wishes for Tamiya 2018 Releases

TAMIYA 2018 ?

Like at the previous changes of the year

a) which products do you think Tamiya could release this year (static, RC, mini, anything else) and

b) which products would you personally like to be released (regardless of if their chances are realistic)?

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reader base and support and wishes everyone a fantastic 2018!

Motorsport magazine visiting Tamiya UK headquarters

Look out for latest issue of Motorsport magazine featuring an interview with Adrian Newey which took place on his recent visit to our HQ. Adrian has not made it a secret that it was a Tamiya 1/12 Lotus 49B which fired his passion for race car design and engineering. His book How to Build a Car is also out now
Source: Tamiya UK


Tamiya 46th Figure Remodeling Contest prize winning work announcement

Puppet remodeling contest celebrating 46 times. Power products of various genres were gathered this time around mainly works reflecting the epidemic of 2017 years.

Gold medal is Hidetoshi Shudo who gathered impressive scenes of movies that were screened long-run . The doll faithfully reproduces the unique proportions of animated works. Several people are placed naturally in a limited space, and the flow of images can be read. It is an excellent work unique to Mr. Shido who became familiar with the group image work. And in Japan ‘s land world the wish has finally come true. Real Mr. Eguchi who took off the moment of Yoshihide Kiryu’s achievement of 100 meters 9 seconds 98 won a silver prize. The modeling of the muscles of the limbs and the tilt of the road and the body responded well, and although the work of a single body, the feeling of joy and joy are well expressed. The work of Yoshiaki Maruno of the bronze prize is a work in which the colorfulness of the whole color and the expression power of the background are united, and a soft warm atmosphere is felt. Were not careful about the balance between the girl’s body and face, maybe more cuteness was emphasized.

Four topics awards spotted the people who crowded sports, entertainment and political world (?) In 2017. Popular table tennis with further acceleration in the Rio 2016 Olympics. Mr. Norio Mugimi who made plenty of dynamic feeling with the intense smash of the three girls who are active in the world girls in Japan . Mr. Morio Mr. Morio who delicately reproduced the brilliant skating of the figure Hanyu Yuri’s player to the fingertips . 71-year-old Kunihiko Sato participated in an idea work using the word “35” which was a big hit. The naked figure of a human being is not skeletal deception. The height of the modeling power that does not feel age is truly a dignity of 46 times contest per participation. And Mr. Katsuji Enada ‘s “This Yarou!” Made the public uproar and became a buzzword too …. The MM Award is a work of Junichi Nishijima which makes Panther’s car body work well on the pedestal of the work and also feels the story of two soldiers . Naoko Okada who applied at Sunshine Ikezaki that broke up with screaming characters . Opened eyes, streaks of the neck are surprisingly real. The splendid lettering of the costume is exactly “unprecedented ~” finished. Mr. Okada who stood out in modeling technique gave technical prize this time.

The gold prize of the 2nd doll remodeling contest was a work called “Fudori Shogi” (produced by Mr. Yoshiaki Noguchi). In this contest, “Shogi”, which attracted the attention of Fujii Fever, became the most frequent subject. Kenji Nagashima’s story award “Firadai Shogi” is the same situation as Mr. Noguchi’s work 45 years ago, Futoshi Fujii four-tiered and Kato Kazuto Kudamatsu showdown. If you are a fan doll remodeling from ancient days, you should have thought this was! It may be interesting to find out the subject with hints of memories that burned in my mind like this.

More details and photos of 64412 Tamiya catalog 2018 (scale model version)

Tamiya catalog (scale model version) is also issued with many fans collecting fun every year. The cover of the 2018 edition is a stylish composition that puts 8 completed photographs of a model in the center of the magazine with white back. Attention models such as 1/6 Honda CRF 1000 L Africa Twin, 1/24 Mercedes AMG GT 3, 1/35 American Tank M4 A 3 E 8 Sherman Easy Eight (Korean War), 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf 109 G – 6 are large- Posted on. Of course, it also includes Tamiya products such as pleasant tools and tools, paint, air brushes and compressors. In addition, I also posted 1/16 · 1/35 · 1/25 RC tanks and 1/14 RC trailer track full of scale feeling. While watching carefully from corner to corner, choosing the next model is a way to spend more time than ever for model fans. It is a book that is fully immersed in the model world of charm. Size 26 × 25.5 cm, all 97 pages.

More details and photos of 56604 Tamiya 1/25 RC British tank Centurion Mk.III (with control unit) details

Total length = 385 mm Picture is a kit assembled and painted

Piloting the strongest tanks during the Korean War
A 1/25-scale electric radio control tank assembly kit that was evaluated as the strongest tank during the Korean War and reproduced British tank Centurion Mk.III that was later adopted in many countries The set-up gearbox that carries two dedicated 130 type motors is set in the rear part of the car. By adopting the digital proportional type RC mechanism, it is possible to perform subtle operations from a very low speed to a full speed, from a gentle turn to a pivot turn. In addition, around the foot of the Horstman method is movable using a metal coil spring. Combined with the crawler track assembled and assembled, it creates a heavy movement. In addition to the marking of the package, the marking was set in 4 kinds at the time of the Korean War such as the 29th Infantry Brigade No. 8 Kings Royal Ireland Light Cavalry Regiment A Squadron, British Commonwealth Forces No. 5 Royal Dragoon Cars Regiment C Company.

About British tank Centurion Mk.III
In 1942 during World War II, British Centurion was developed as a heavy cruising tank capable of competing against powerful German tanks. Mk.III was equipped with a strong long barrel 66.7 caliber 20 pound tank cannon and was said to be the completion form of Centurion among many improved births that were born as the main tank representing the UK after World War II. For the first time in the Korean War that broke out in 1950, it was put into actual war. He showed his success in rescuing the Allies’ crisis often and was valued as the strongest among the many tanks put into the Korean War, and from 1948 to 1956, about 2800 vehicles, the largest in the series, were produced. After the Korean War it was adopted in European countries, India, Israel, Egypt etc., and demonstrated high fighting ability in many fights.

Basic Specification
● Length 385 mm ● Width 138 mm ● With Special Proportion ● With 2 Motor Motors

Separately Required Items
● 4 AA alkaline batteries for receiving and running ● 4 AAA alkaline batteries for transmitter

Details and even more photos of 63674 Tamiya RC Perfect Guide 2018

Issued 2018 version of Tamiya RC Perfect Guide introducing all products of Tamiya’s RC model, including F1 machine, racing buggy, big tire model, powerful trailer and tank from touring car along with rich color photos. King Yellow 6 x 6 released at the Hobby Show and Tamiya Fair, Landfleader Matte Black Special Painted Body, Porsche Turbo RSR 934 Black Edition and so on are also posted earlier. In addition, popular touring cars are categorized according to actual car categories such as street model, racing model, super GT model, rally & dart, and it is easy to find favorite machines. There are guides of the main chassis and it is convenient for selecting from the chassis. Moreover, you can not miss the tips of assembling the new item “Dancing Rider” of the attention, and “Chassis & Body Full Mente” to make it a solid running machine. In addition, Dr. Taki talks about “Secret of Reprint Model Popularity” plenty of interest. Of course, the abundantly available optional parts covered the color photograph with the product explanation added. In addition, special body set that only readers can purchase is prepared. It is a guidebook full of information indispensable to Tamiya RC fans.

● Dancing Rider · Special Feature ● Tamiya Fair 2017 ● Tamiya RC Model Full Lineup ● Tamiya RC Car Beginner’s Manual ● Dr. Taki speaks! Reprint model popular secret ● Chassis & body fullment! ● M – 07 COMCEPT Gachinko Battle ● Everyone can easily clean it! Body painting technique ● Option parts / catalogs ● Spare parts lists
★ Gakken Mooks edition: Le Bolan separate volume editorial publication: Gakken plus  size: B5 size (257 mm × 182 mm) Page: 162 tribute

Introduction of contents