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Tamiya 64409 RC guidebook Vol.9

Tamiya RC guidebook Vol.9 (in Japanese language)

ITEM 64409 Sale on June 10, 2017 (Saturday) 410 yen (main unit price 380 yen)

The Tamiya RC guidebook Vol.9 which published carefully selected main RC models of Tamiya is issued. Touring cars and formula cars with high speed running, buggies that do not choose a place to run, comical models that are overflowing with action, compact RC cars with big sized power tanks and trailer trucks, batteries “star unit series”, boxes The main RC model of Tamiya, such as XB of a completed model that you can enjoy running immediately after taking out, is released at once. Also featured a noteworthy new product announced at the hobby show in May 2017. If you print a popular QR code and jump to the Tamiya homepage using a smartphone or mobile phone, you can also enjoy RC movies. In addition, at the RC start guide, we introduced “Change in running with tire choice!” Of course, the page which becomes the reference of fans who start RC from now on such as chassis separate parts list for performance up, race participation guidance, introduction of popular “Try !! Tamiya RC school” is enriched. At the end of the book I also took a guide to the nationwide hobby shop and Tamiya ‘s RC circuit. All color A4 size, 38 pages with plenty of volume.

Some creative Tamiya Tumbling Bull customised creations

Look at Tamiya’s tumbling bull, if you think “a bit different …”
let’s make it yourself.
In this corner, we will recruit such self-made tumbling bulls (for short).

Tan 01 Issue Manpei 370Z (Chiba)
Scratch the body based on Ogoro.
The neck of the doll is spring mount and reduces the damage when falling.
A hole in the front is an aerodynamic device that uses the suction effect by internal negative pressure.
Hmm! It is unanimous and big fool certified.

Tan 02 Isakin (Chiba)
manager himself w I tried making it because it is interesting . The title is “GeeBee Wheel” body based on Coca – Cola 2.0 scratch interwoven with Pepsi NEX etc. Its original coke bottle shape optimizes the air flow to the aero device (rear fender?). W type 3 cylinder 4000 cc engine demonstrates intense low speed torque

Tan 03 Issue Pikachu @ majorbangp (Ibaraki Prefecture)
It was pretty nice to be hikurini ! The title is “Grand Prix” Wheel “Racer”
Motif is a pre-war Grand Prix racer “Bugatti T 35”
Body is based on Shochu PET 4.0, a front grill reproduced with a knitted pattern on a black styrene board bought at a 100 yen shop Installation.
It is said that it shows merciless cornering because of light weight & super low center of gravity.
Something that is something body mountless is also squid!

Tan 04 Ponchi Ario (Yamanashi Prefecture)
Poncini received a self-directed submission from Professor ! It’s been a while ago!
I put a plastic bottle on the tumbling bull and tried it like a towing tractor.
In addition, I also tried up a cargo trailer, but
when turning, the front wheel of the front car and the front wheel of the car hits and it will not bend well (LOL)
Congratulations on the Tamigra Condée prize!
Premonition ♪ I think the self-made body will be popular ♪

Tan 05 BAKA # 283 Ao Piyo (Gunma)
With a propeller. It is a long post.
I tried to make such a body using a soy sauce plastic bottle.
The propeller turns in the wind ~ ♪
Happy Tamigra Condale!
It is an unexpected material with soy sauce pet. The pilot doll is also nice.

Source and more: Wild Willy 2 Maniax