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RC WORLD No. 258 (June issue) featuring several classic Tamiya cars

The cover page is TAMIYA ‘s Mercedes Benz 190E “Divers s Art”.

Besides that, there is also content that tastes a little old Tamiya tooling car to a drift car.

It’s a popular serial series “Satoshi with TRF Setting Advice”, but the machine that Mr. Sumi Sumi picked up this month is … … THE BIGWIG (2017) !!!

Introduction of Tamiya’s old model which was very popular with oversized issue 256.
Will introduce it by age from this month.
This month is the edition of 1970!

RC WORLD 258 full of planning content (June issue)
880 yen (tax included), May 2 national bookstore is released at once!
Source and more: RC World Blog

Incredible Full-Size Tamiya Bruiser Video

We see RC cars modeled after full-size vehicles all the time. But a full-size vehicle modeled after an RC car? That’s something you DON’T see too often! Case in point, this beautiful “Tamiya Bruiser” that was on display at RCX. we’d say it’s “full size,” but it’s more accurate to say it’s “10:1 scale,” since it’s ten times bigger than the Tamiya model!
Source: Air AgeMedia Youtube Channel

Tamiya 18646 Mini 4WD DCR-01 (MA Chassis) Promotional Video

★ The new concept machine DCR-01 appears in Mini 4WD PRO.
★ The biggest feature is that the body is divided into three parts. You can enjoy the open and closed body shape and color combination can be easily done by combining optional body set.
★ The MA chassis is fitted with a new wheel for large-diameter low-height tires finished with extremely thin spokes.

This is the first Mini 4WD kit which features a new concept for the series ! The Cross System This is a 3-part body design that allows mixing and matching of different color components, letting you make your own unique combination of colors and styles.