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Video of all the final races of Tamiya Challenge Cup 2019

Final races of Tamiya Challenge Cup 2019
Held at Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit on Saturday, November 30, 2019 and Sunday, December 1
0:00:56 GT Climax 3 (D / C / B / A main)
0:21:20 GT Climax 50 (E / D / C / B / A main)
0:45:39 GT Climax Future (C / B / A main)
1:01:34 GT climax 2 (G / F / E / D / C / B / A main)
1:33:13 GT Climax Women (C / B / A Main)
1:47:33 GT climax 1 (F / E / D / C / B / A main)
2:10:07 GT Climax A (C / B / A main)
2:24:25 Award ceremony

TAMIYA GP Tamiya Challenge Cup 2019 shop semi-endurance race
0:00:55 Race 1 (20 minutes)
0:21:59 Race 2 (20 minutes)
0:42:54 Race 3 (20 minutes)
1:03:36 Award ceremony

When models become archetypes?

Looking as a Tamiya fan at the recently presented Lamborghini Lambo V12 Vision Gran Turismo, some design similarities to a Mini 4WD can’t be denied, what do you think?
In any case it would make a nice Tamiya Mini 4WD model.

Lamborghini Lambo V12 Vision Gran Turismo – source: Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.

Digest video of the “Can you build a radio control?” book release commemoration talk show event

Episode 1 / Manga Cross] Can you build a radio control? ⇒
Information for book ⇒
Akita Shoten’s web comic service “Manga Cross” ⇒
Experience story told by manga artist Shuji Abe who had a radio control car that he had admired as a boy. The popular essay manga published in Akita Shoten’s web magazine “Manga Cross” has finally been made into a book! In commemoration of this, a talk show by the author, Hideshi Abe, was held. We will talk about the live voice of RC fans. In addition, Mr. Kayuki Yamazaki (pdc_designworks representative), who also designs Tamiya RC cars and mini 4WD, welcomed guests and made the talk show lively. This is a summary of the talks by Prof. Hideshi Abe from the talk show event held at the Tamiya Fair special stage on Sunday, November 17, 2019. © Shuji Abe (Akita Shoten)

“TAMIYA World Championship 2019” TAMIYA Grand Prix Official R/C Car Race video report

November 17, 2019 (Sun) Held at Twin Messe Shizuoka, Special Circuit. The final game of “Tamiya GP World Champion Decision Battle 2019”, which will determine Tamiya Electric RC Car World No. 1, was held at the large special circuit of Twin Messe Shizuoka. Tamigra Masters competed with Volkswagen Type 2 and Dancing Rider, and Championship held M-Sports, St, GT, TRF, and MAZDA Jr. classes, all of which were heated races.

00:02:14 M-Sports Championship Finals A-main # 1
00:08:45 St Championship Finals A-main # 1 / Final A Main 1st Heat
00:15:12 GT Championship Finals A-main # 1 / Final A-Main 1st Heat
00:21:34 TRF Championship Finals A-main # 1 / Final A-Main 1st Heat
00:28:01 MAZDA Jr. Championship Finals A-main # 1 / Final A-Main 1st Heat
00:34:33 Extreme Bus Race / Final
00:42:10 M-Sports Championship Finals B-main
00:49:34 St Championship Finals B-main
00:56:34 GT Championship Finals B-main
01:03:38 TRF Championship Finals B-main
01:10:23 MAZDA Jr. Championship Finals B-main
01:17:35 Masters Rider Race / Final
01:24:40 M-Sports Championship Finals A-main # 2 / Final A-Main 2nd Heat
01:33:13 St Championship Finals A-main # 2 / Final A Main 2nd Heat
01:40:38 GT Championship Finals A-main # 2 / Final A Main 2nd Heat
01:48:41 TRF Championship Finals A-main # 2 / Final A Main 2nd Heat
01:56:33 MAZDA Jr. Championship Finals A-main # 2 / Final A Main 2nd Heat
02:04:39 Awards ceremony

“Tamiya’s Mae-chan” Tomoyuki Maeda appears in “The Man of Showa 50” magazine – see the video message

Editorial department Matsuzaki / Editorial member Boyaki

Hello, this is Matsuzaki of the editorial department! A message video from the people who appeared in the magazine of the brother magazine “Showa 50-year-old”, which was launched last month, was released on YouTube again, following Dr. Murashimbo of the other day!

The first mini 4WD boom started in 1987! The Mini 4WD, which was born as a mascot version of an RC car, began with the thought of President Tosaku Tamiya (at that time) to make a kit that could be assembled and enjoyed easily by elementary school students. To talk about the mini 4WD boom that happened around the 1975 male generation, which was about the upper grades of elementary school at that time, it is absolutely indispensable to Mr. Yasuyuki Maeda, “mamiya no mae-chan”. Talking to Mae-chan, who appeared in “Korokoro Comic” magazine and served as a moderator while working for Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix, which was broadcast on TV Tokyo. I was able to ask. There should be many people who were crazy at the time! Let’s think about that time!

It seems that it is said to be the third mini 4WD boom now, but it is probably the 1975 male generation who was an elementary school student at the time of the 80’s boom. After this interview, I received a message from Mae-chan for a man who became an adult in 1975. Please take a look!

Source in Japanese language: Showa 40 years man magazine