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Tatsuya Kaneko’s “brush painting” figure & accessory technique lecture vol.2 at Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Shimbashi Store

0:00:00 Accessory Parts Starting
00:02:50 How to Use In-Vehicle Accessories
00:17:28 Great Activities! Kaneko-san recommended “Precision tweezers”
00:19:00 Tips to use pouring glue
00:23:00 Parts placement tips and points
00:29:00 Detail up small bucket! (How to choose a very fine drill blade) 
00:40:30 Substrate paint is “XF 9 flat hull red”. Acrylic paint Brush painting tips
00:46:30 Make your own canvas sheet with clay for sweets!

1:08:00 PVC painting edition start
1:11:28 Package is the most familiar and precious material
1:13:00 Substrate painted with acrylic paint. Doll = skin color? . How to think of shade and color scheme of objects.
1:31:00 Painting of uniform. “Gray” is also various. 
1:39:00 Color overlap with enamel paint.
1:51:00 The tools and paints that I am easy to control are the best.
1:56:30 First public release in Japan! Kaneko’s favorite for blending (blurring) · · ·
2:05:30 light → dark? , Dark → Ming? , There are various ways of blending.
2:14:40 Completion!

Crazy Fun Monster RC School Bus! – Tamiya King Yellow 6×6 G6-01 with Options Video Review by RC Driver

We were never a fan of taking the bus to school when we were a kid. But if our school bus looked like the Tamiya King Yellow 6×6, things may have been different. The King Yellow is a cool looking school bus body on Tamiya’s G6-01 six wheel drive electric platform which is a full build up kit. We’ve already did and unboxing and review of the G6-01 as the Konghead 6×6 so we were looking to do a little something different in this video. That’s when the idea hit us to show you all the upgrades you can do to this fun RC Machine. Plus we decided to bump up the power too and install the 4-wheel steering set-up. Did the hop-ups help? We’ll show you our experience with the Tamiya King Yellow 6×6 and break down the performance with the option parts installed.
Source: RC Driver

Tamiya @ Me and Honda

“Tamiya RC Car Festival” held from 3/3 (Sat) to 3/4 (Sunday). Through the assembly experience of “Dancing Rider Real Control” and “1/10 RC NSX”, it was two days that many children felt the charm of motorcycles and cars.

Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix Vol.22 Video Report

“Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix” was held at Okadenda sightseeing spot “MEGA WEB Toyota City Showcase”. [Junior Grand Prix] and [Junior Buggy Grand Prix] for elementary and junior high school students. “Kae Hiromi” director of the RC women’s department also participated [girls Grand Prix] who attracted much attention. Also as a special project this time, [parent-child RC football] class is also held. Mr. Sumiyoshi before TRF, Takayuki Kono “MEGA WEB Toyota City Showcase” female staff “Mrrell” also participated and excited the venue.