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Assembling the Tamiya Mini 4WD MA Chassis video

~ Preparation before assembly ~
00:00 Removing parts
00:51 Check parts
01:21 Read the note
01:35 Put the parts in the box
02:25 See instructions
02:40 What you need for assembly
03:10 How to use nipper
04:06 How to use the driver
04:34 How to find parts to use

~ Mini 4WD assembly started! ~
05:58 [1] Assembling the body
07:12 [2] Paste body sticker
07:50 [3] Chassis assembly (roller & skid)
10:15 [4] Assembly of the chassis (tires and wheels)
13:10 [5] Installing the battery bracket (front side)
14:27 [6] Mounting of switch bracket (rear side)
15:55 [7] Installation of pinion gear
16:46 [8] Motor mounting
18:23 [9] Installation of counter gear
19:51 [10] Installing the battery
20:50 [11] Mounting the body

Midship layout (MS chassis) with a motor mounted in the center of the car body, (AR chassis) designed with consideration for airflow (aero) while running, this is a summary of each characteristic in one chassis MA chassis. (MA is an abbreviation for MidshipAERO). The integrated monocoque structure further enhances ease of assembly and maintenance, making it a chassis that can be enjoyed by both beginners and experienced racers.
Mini 4WD MA chassis machine lineup

Video review of Tamiya 35372 1/35 Russian Heavy Tank KV-1N Model 1941 Early Production

This model kit recreates a WWII Soviet subject. It’s considered an important design in the history of armor, as it was developed concurrently with the T-34 medium tank. Armed with a powerful 76.2mm ZIS-5 gun and continually updated to improve its survivability, it served through to the end of WWII.

• 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit.
• Early 1941 model is depicted.
• Completely new design, with no parts brought over from previous kits.
• Early 1941 features such as welded turret and early production road wheels are accurately rendered.
• Surface textures such as the rough Soviet steel plate and cast areas reproduced with weld lines also depicted.
• Driver and gearbox hatches, plus fender-top stowage cases can be assembled open or closed.
• Simple turret ring construction.
• Assembly type tracks feature one-piece straight sections and recreate upper run “sag”.
• Comes with two marking options and a single commander torso figure.

Source of the video review: Andy’s Hobby Headquarters

Tamiya RC LIVE video stream – Live delivery of the latest information on Tamiya RC cars!

From the new RC product information of April, the setting method that beginner must see,
Practical when participating in races such as the Tamiya Grand Prix
Useful information, even advice
Don’t miss the Tamiya staff!

As we accept questions at any time with the chat function,
If you have any questions, please give them to me!

New product information for Tamiya RC Spring

Tamiya RC car setting information (for beginners)

Tamiya Grand Prix capture course

Tamiya RC live broadcast on March 29 & Toyota RC School on March 28

Detail page (in Japanese language)
From new product information in spring to setting method that must-see for beginners, practical advice on participating in races such as Tamiya Grand Prix, etc.
The latest information of Tamiya RC car is delivered live. It will be delivered from March 29 (Sun) @ 10:00. Do not miss it!

Detail page (in Japanese language)
The world’s first! Toyota RC Club staff delivers RC car assembly classes live. Under the theme of a touring car, it introduces how to use tools, the mechanism of the car, and the points of assembly in an easy-to-understand manner.
It will be distributed from March 28 (Sat) @ 10:00. Enjoy your RC school experience on the web!

Pure Fun 4WD RC Car Kit! Tamiya Comical Avante GF-01CB Off-Road Buggy video review by RC Driver

Need a new kit to build? One that is just for pure fun? Perhaps something 4WD and electric? This could be your next kit right here Tamiya Fans! This is the new Tamiya Comical Avante RC Buggy and it’s different from the Tamiya Comical kits we’ve seen before. This Tamiya RC car kit is the first 4WD in the Comical Buggy line which is of course fitting for the Avante name, but it is most certainly going to bump up the fun factor of the drive. The Comical Avante sits on the new chassis variant the GF-01CB. This is Tamiya’s 4wd driveline chassis with oil damped shocks, independent suspension, top mount battery for fun wheelie action and signature spring loaded front bumper. Beyond the new prepainted Avante body, it also has new Bubble Step Block tires! Once you build this kit up on the bench, you’re guaranteed to have a ton of fun driving it! Our review captures all the details and of course features plenty of action too!
Source: RC Driver YouTube channel

Over 1.5 million downloads in about one month! “Mini 4WD Super Speed ​​Grand Prix” has started broadcasting a new TV commercial

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. will announce the broadcast of a TVCM featuring a jungle pocket belonging to Yoshimoto Kogyo on the game app “Mini 4WD Super Speed ​​Grand Prix” distributed on the App Store and GooglePlay. In addition, the jungle pocket in the middle of the Mini 4WD generation also released a control created exclusively for “Mini 4WD Super Speed ​​Grand Prix”! Please check it by all means.

Jungle pocket appearance “What is this?”
A new TV commercial will be broadcast on March 7 (Sat) in some areas!
In this CM, trio entertainer “Jungle Pocket” has appeared as a classmate.

Three people gather after a long time at the alumni reunion Three people who can’t easily remember the
familiar parts
“What is it?”
If you are a mini 4WD experienced person, it is a commercial that will involuntarily get caught.

Shooting scenery
This CM was shot at a pub in Tokyo.
The three people in the middle of the Mini 4WD generation were excited by Mini 4WD talks during the shooting.

Hidden elements
Something related to the Mini 4WD is in the CM.
By all means, please watch and find many times!
* The answer will be released on the official Twitter at a later date.

“Mini 4WD Super Speed ​​Grand Prix” TVCM-What is this? 15 seconds

“Mini 4WD Super Speed ​​Grand Prix” TVCM-What is this? 30 seconds

Jungle pocket creates original cont only for “Mini 4WD Super Speed ​​Grand Prix”!
The title is “Classmate”.
After the reunion at the elementary school, the three people drink again as a second party, but there is a problem with the jungle pocket “ Mini 4WD generation ” and the center “ Mini 4WD ” It is a content that shows the knowledge and affection of mini 4WD like 3 people who spent with 4WD.

Also available on a special site!

Jungle pocket
Belongs to Yoshimoto Kogyo.
Comedy trio by Shinji Saito, Takeshi and Hirohisa Ota.
Formed in April 2006. NSC 12th grader.

Get gorgeous items that can be used in the game! TVCM & contest release commemorative Twitter campaign!

A retweet campaign is being held to commemorate the release of the new TV commercial!
Every time the number of RTs increases, you will receive luxurious in-app items!

Target Tweet

Ongoing-Until 23:59 on March 16, 2020

Source in Japanese language: AppMedia – Largest in Japan! Game capture information media