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74 year old painter, why draw more elaborately than a camera

Author: Shinpei Wakamatsu

A special vehicle poster created by the Tokyo Metropolitan Transportation Bureau. At first glance it looks like a photo, but it is actually a hand-drawn illustration. The author is Atsumi Onishi (74), a leader in plastic model box art. We asked Mr. Onishi, who told us, “I thought about the meaning of being asked” not with photos or CG but with illustrations “.

A poster of an “electrical inspection vehicle” that checks the overhead wires that supply electricity. Mr. Onishi drew
Source: Tokyo Metropolitan Transportation Bureau provided

The real thing of “electric inspection vehicle”
Source: Tokyo Metropolitan Transportation Bureau provided

All three posters

A poster of “PROJECT TOEI” published in the Toei subway station etc. It is a part of the plan to send out the city’s transportation system. Three posters numbered as “022” representing the 22nd bullet have been posted since March 18th. What is drawn are all special vehicles operating mainly in the middle of the night. A “rail trimmer” that grinds the head of a rail with a grinding wheel that rotates at high speed. “Electric locomotive E5000” for towing vehicles on the Oedo Line. “Electric inspection vehicle” that checks the overhead wire that supplies electricity. These vehicles drawn in detail. Just looking at the package seems to be a photo.

Poster of “Electric locomotive E5000” for towing Oedo Line vehicles. Mr. Onishi drew
Source: Tokyo Metropolitan Transportation Bureau provided

The real thing of “Electric locomotive E5000”
Source: Tokyo Metropolitan Transportation Bureau provided

Mr. Atsumi Onishi

The artist who drew these vehicles is Atsumi Onishi.
After joining Tamiya, he worked as the company’s first illustrator. Even now, I am working on many box arts.
In addition to the military genre, he also worked on packages such as the popular “Miller 4” “Emperer” (the first generation), which made a big hit, as well as working on the “White Package” that drew precise illustrations of tanks and planes on a white background.
The person in charge of the Tokyo Metropolitan Transportation Bureau explains the reason why I asked Mr. Onishi for illustrations of special vehicles.
“I came to Mr. Onishi on the condition that he was actually drawing a lot of plastic model illustrations and technical illustrations, and still an illustrator who is still drawing with hand drawing.”

Box art of the Mini 4WD “Emperor” (the first generation). Mr. Onishi drew

Box art of plastic model drawn by Onishi

Why “work vehicle”?

I would like people of all ages to look at “work vehicles” that you do not normally see.  For that purpose, he chose not to take photographs but to select illustrations that can make the object appear more symbolically through elaborate illustrations.
Request illustrations by specifying 3 vehicles selected by the difference in function from the Transportation Bureau side.
Onishi asked Mr. Onishi to show “not just drawing a vehicle, but an illustration like a scene where a vehicle is working”, and was carefully interviewed to see the actual vehicle and interview the site staff. It seems so.

A poster for a rail-removing car that cuts the head of the rail with a high-speed rotating grindstone. Mr. Onishi drew
Source: Tokyo Metropolitan Transportation Bureau provided

The real thing of “rail cutting car”
Source: Tokyo Metropolitan Transportation Bureau provided

Interviewing in advance

Mr. Onishi looks back on what happened during the interview.
“I actually took a picture by having the pantograph moved, etc. I am drawing and knowing that” I am troubled here “in advance, so it’s about an hour,” Onishi thought It was such a thing.
“Photos do not take much time, CGs are more detailed. What is the meaning requested in the illustrations? What do I need?”

Even though it is real like a photo, it is drawn to the part which is not reflected in the photo
Source: Tokyo Metropolitan Transportation Bureau provided

Even though it is real like a photo, it is drawn to the part which is not reflected in the photo
Source: Tokyo Metropolitan Transportation Bureau provided

More than usual

The answer that Mr. Onishi gave was “Don’t be smart, draw more honestly than usual, and have them see where they can not be seen”.
Even the part which becomes a shadow even if it takes a picture with a photograph or is crushed is elaborately.
The switches on the back of the driver’s seat, the cables around the wheels, and the letters written on the parts were also reproduced.
Even though it is real like a photograph, it draws to the part which is not reflected in a photograph. These three posters were completed in this way.
“I feel that it’s hard to draw by hand, but I felt that people involved in the railway were taking a lot of time running through coverage of the subway. I’m happy. ”

Source in Japanese language: withnews

New Mini 4WD Smartphone Game by Tamiya x CoroCoro Aniki x Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco Entertainment Co., Ltd. (April 9, 2019) today announced the production of a smartphone game application based on the racing hobby “Mini 4WD” released by Tamiya.

This was revealed today at the “Mini 4WD Media Meeting 2019” held in Tokyo . Under the supervision of Tamiya and “Colo Koro Aniki” editorial department , it is said that it is under active development aiming at “the fastest mini 4 wheel drive application to give to all mini 4 racers” .
The part of the Mini 4WD that appears in the game is that the real thing is being read as the real thing is read by the 3D scanner and the SE (sound effect) such as the running sound has the actual sound recorded Is listed as a focus point. Specifically, please check the slides listed below.

Also, a gameplay movie has been released.
You can check the machine settings and race patterns, so don’t miss it.


State at the time of 3D scan and SE recording

Parts images

Hereafter, the contents of the maker announcement are posted as it is

Bandai Namco Entertainment announces production of “Mini 4WD” game application
at “Mini 4WD Media Meeting 2019”!

Bandai Namco Entertainment Co., Ltd. is a racing hobby “Mini 4WD” with a total length of about 15 cm currently on sale from Tamiya Co., Ltd. at “Mini 4WD Media Meeting 2019” held at the Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Shinbashi store on April 9 Announced the creation of a new game application for App Store / Google play.

The state of production announcement at “Mini 4WD Media Meeting 2019” is here!

Scene presented at “Mini 4WD Media Meeting 2019”.
This work is currently under intense development, aiming for the fastest mini 4WD application to be given to all mini 4 racers in this powerful team under the full supervision of Tamiya Kokoro Koro Aniki editorial department.

Attention points of the announced app!

In the announcement, we introduced the attention points of the app under development.
Mini 4WD parts scan the real thing with 3D scanner, SE such as running sound is recording the actual sound and pursues the realism!
Both race and machine setting aim for a realistic mini 4WD experience!

The latest app video under development is also released!

In addition, we also released the latest app video under development.
In the video, from the machine setting to the race, part of the app play is released! This is still open so please take a look!

Source in Japanese language:

Tamiya 56360 Volvo Globetrotter FH16 6×4 Timber Truck Papercraft Log Materials uploaded

Our 1/14 scale R/C model of the Volvo Globetrotter FH16 6×4 Timber Truck is the talk of the R/C truck world, and we are pleased to support your trucking with the provision of templates for the creation of papercraft logs to give your model that extra realistic look!

Papercraft Log Materials
Tamiya is pleased to provide templates for the creation of papercraft logs – there are 2 types, and an instruction sheet for download at the links below:
Instruction Sheet
Papercraft Log Sheet A (240mm)
Papercraft Log Sheet B (225mm)

Fun Buggy Blitz! Tamiya WR-02CB Comical Hornet & Grasshopper with options video review by RC Driver

Tamiya has introduced so many people to the world of radio control and they do so with build up kits that stand out and are pure fun to drive. The Tamiya WR-02CB Comical Hornet & Grasshopper are among some of their latest releases and are a fresh take on some classics we’ve loved over the years. In this video we take a close look at the new Tamiy Comical Hornet and show off all of its features. Then we turn our attention to the Comical Grasshopper which was the first WR-02CB to be released and we show you some of the Option parts Tamiya offers for this chassis. We of course take the Comical Hornet & Grasshopper out for a drive so you can see these fun RC buggies in action. Want something fun? Want something different in your stable of RC cars? Tamiya is the perfect company to turn to.

Intro 0:17
Comical Hornet Features 1:03
Hop-Up Options 10:04
Action 14:06
Performance Discussion 17:19

Soure: RC Driver YouTube channel

Tamiya 63696 The History of Armor 100 Years book

Released March 18th, 2019 4860 yen

One volume to look back on the history of the Department of Athletics of the Ground Self Defense Force 100 years
We introduce the history that spans many years from Taisho to Heisei, with detailed materials and photographs. In addition, there are also many columns that make the tank unit feel more familiar. The activities of the Ground Self Defense Force can be understood well from a different point of view. In addition to the mark and origin of all tanks and reconnaissance units, a QR code that allows you to listen to the company song is also included. A4 size, 160 pages, issued by Defense Home Newspaper, 4,500 yen (excluding tax). It can not be purchased at general bookstores. Please contact Tamiya Shop Online or Defense Home Newspaper.

Number of pages: A4 size 160 pages all color
Publication: Corporation Defense home newspaper company