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Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix Video Report Vol. 24

Electric RC Car Experience Running Tour “Try !! Tamiya RC”, a “trailer passenger ride experience corner” where you can ride a large RC trailer, and “Tamiya RC Car Festival” in Tokyo, Odaiba’s theme park “Tamiya RC Car Festival”, such as experiences of “Triple Wheel Series Dancing Rider” and driving experiences of “4 WD off road car heavy dump” We held at MEGA WEB (mega web). In addition, we also hold “TRI !! Tamiya RC School in MEGA WEB”, a radio control car production experience. I enjoyed driving with the assembled RC car.

Visiting the Porsche Museum in Zuffenhausen

We had the luck to recently be able to visit the Porsche museum in Zuffenhausen Germany, which belongs to the Dr.-Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG and is a unique experience for any real car, model car and even Tamiya aficionado. The current form of the museum was finalised in 2009 and it has many vehicle as well as part exhibits from the whole history of the company, which this year celebrates already 70 years, 1948-2018. As many Tamiya fans who have read the autobiography of the president of Tamiya, Mr. Shunsaku Tamiya, know, Tamiya has a very special relation to Porsche, starting in the mid 70s, where Tamiya actually purchased a Porsche 911, dismantled it and rebuilt it in order to better understand the car to release a fabulous 1/12 scale static model, on which they soon after even created their first radio control car model which was a huge sale success in Japan but also in export. Therefore, on this article we will only concentrate on museum exhibits which in a more or less similar form and version were released from Tamiya as static or R/C model kits.

Upcoming RCmagazine September issue with Tamiya Hornet cover and special

RC hobby September issue released August 4, the cover has been finished. The topic feature titled “Challenging a new genre”, which is interested but has not been able to easily reach out to the second category of readers, is to recommend the machine of recommendation and the peripheral items, the minimum necessary We will introduce preparation of limit. Of course, we also cover the trends that we can support. In addition, it is a historic famous car, a thorough comparison of Tamiya’s Hornet and Grasshopper II which is a good rival, Yokomo’s new drift diffuser, the latest high-end propo impression impressions and much more! The special appendix is ​​Hornet’s clear file.
Source: RCmagazine

Tamiya 58609 RC Benz Unimog 425 (CC-01) Manual Correction

There was a problem in the explanatory diagram of the product which was released in May 2015 below.

Correction Location

● Item No: 58609 RCC-Benz Unimog 425 (CC-01) (launched in May 2015)

■ Assembly explanation diagram Page 24

Line of part name · price line and part code line were misaligned.

Please refer to the parts list below.

58609 parts list corrected version.pdf

July 6, 2018

CoroCoro Aniki summer issue with limited edition Tamiya Cyclone Magnum Blue Metallic Version

In the summer issue of Korokoro Aniki appeared in limited edition that “Cyclone Magnum Blue Metallic Ver.” Can only be purchased with Aniki at all applicants’ service. In addition, “Bakuso brothers Let’s & Go” popular 6 character large aggregate Clear bookmark, if you take it to the Japan Cup venue, you will also get a voucher to receive Tamiya special limited stickers!

Source: CoroCoro Aniki