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Details of Tamiya 64417 R/C Guide Book Volume 12 (2018 Autumn-Winter)

Released around Saturday, October 27, 2018 432 yen (main unit price 400 yen)

Tamiya RC guidebook Vol.12 published carefully selected Tamiya’s main RC model is issued. Touring cars and formula cars with high-speed driving charm, buggies that do not choose a place to run, comical models that are overflowing with action, 3-wheel RC with a new sense that the big size turns by tilting the car body and a powerful tank and trailer truck Dancing rider “, XB of completed model which you can enjoy running right out of the box, Tamiya’s main RC model is released at once. Also featured a noteworthy new product “Comical Glass Hopper” announced at the hobby show in October 2018. If you also print a popular QR code and jump to the Tamiya homepage using smartphones and mobile phones, you can enjoy RC videos. In addition, the RC start guide introduced the basis of the gear ratio setting which is the key of the machine’s tune-up. Of course, the page which becomes a reference of fans who start RC from now on such as race participation guide, introduction of popular “Try !! Tamiya RC school” is enriched. At the end of the book I also took a guide to the nationwide hobby shop and Tamiya ‘s RC circuit. All-color A4 size, 38 pages with plenty of volume.

First videos of the new Tamiya 70232 Chain-Program Robot & Mini 4WD design contest result announcement at the 58th All Japan Model Hobby Show 2018

本日発表の新製品「チェーンプログラムロボット工作セット」です。前、右、左のコマをチェーンのようにつなぎ合わせて「繰り返す」動作を実現。今度は首も振りますよ。12月発表予定。3,400円(税別)■第58回 全日本模型ホビーショー 2018のご案内

Gepostet von タミヤの工作Lab am Donnerstag, 27. September 2018

New product “chain program robot working set” announced today.
Realizing the “repeat” operation by connecting the front, right, and left frames like a chain. I will also shake my head this time.
It will be announced in December 3,400 yen (excluding tax)

ミニ四駆デザインコンテスト 5作品の製品化が決定!

ミニ四駆デザインコンテスト、製品化が決定したマシンはこの5台です! 9/29(土)30(日)に一般公開日される「全日本模型ホビーショー」会場ではこのほかの入賞作や応募作もパネル展示中。もちろん注目の新製品展示もたっぷり。ぜひぜひご来場ください! #ミニ四駆 #mini4wd

Gepostet von TAMIYA(タミヤ) am Freitag, 28. September 2018

The Mini 4WD Design Contest, the machines decided to be commercialized are these 5 machines! At the “All Japan Model Hobby Show” which will be open to the public on Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, 30th (Sunday), other prize-winning works and entries Also exhibiting the panel. Of course, plenty of interesting new product exhibits. Please come by all means! # Mini 4WD # mini 4wd

First videos and interviews of new Tamiya RC releases shown at the 58th All Japan Model Hobby Show 2018

おはようございます! 「第58回全日本模型ホビーショー」の動画レポートをこれより開始します! 第一弾はタミヤさん、もちろん話題の新作コミカルグラスホッパー、そしてTT-02RRの紹介です。#ラジコンマガジン #全日本模型ホビーショー

Gepostet von ラジコンマガジン(RCmagazine) am Donnerstag, 27. September 2018

Video report of “58th All Japan Model Hobby Show” will start from this! The first bullet is Ms. Tamiya, of course the new comical glass hopper of the topic, and the introduction of TT – 02RR.

「第58回全日本模型ホビーショー」の動画レポート第二弾、タミヤさんのハイエンドモデル、TA07MSです!#ラジコンマガジン #全日本模型ホビーショー

Gepostet von ラジコンマガジン(RCmagazine) am Donnerstag, 27. September 2018

The 2nd video report of “58th All Japan Model Hobby Show”, Tamiya’s high-end model, TA 07 MS!

再びタミヤさんに戻ってきました。滝博士にご紹介いただくのは、1/35スケールのRCタンク・10式戦車です。なんと速度調節ができるんですね。#ラジコンマガジン #全日本模型ホビーショー

Gepostet von ラジコンマガジン(RCmagazine) am Donnerstag, 27. September 2018

It is 1/35 scale RC tank · 10 type tank introduced to Dr. Taki. How fast can you adjust the speed?

Source: RCmagazine

RCmagazine November issue with a Tamiya RC comical vehicles special

The editing work of radio control magazine November issue has ended! The special feature is Tamiya’s comical big tire boasting universal popularity! We introduce a rich line-up including the Comical Grasshopper of the latest model, Lunch Box and Volkswagen bus, furthermore 6 wheel drive King Yellow, each setting and option parts! Other special features of Dancing Rider’s custom parts and travelling battery safety recommendation, new product feature to debut at All Japan Model Hobby Show etc will be delivered with super special content this time too. Furthermore, the special appendix is ​​a luncheon mat with illustration of a Lunch Box of a large reputation mistake for those who do not know RC! On sale on October 4, please purchase at bookshops and Amazon in the whole country!
The second bullet of the 40th anniversary project of this magazine and “Is that radio – controlled cartoon” revived? Articles are also posted…

Source: RCmagazine