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More future Tamiya items

40157 TamTech-Gear Buggy Champ Body Parts Set
40158 GT-01 TamTech-Gear Porsche Turbo RSR 934 J├Ągermeister Body Parts Set
40160 TamTech-Gear The Fox-Mini Front Wheels (White)
40161 TamTech-Gear The Fox-Mini Rear Wheels (White)
40542 TamTech-Gear SC Tire (Front) (temporary description)
40543 TamTech-Gear SC Tire (Rear) (temporary description)
40547 Tamtech-Gear LED Light Unit Connector (temporary description)
41081 Fuel filter L
41082 Spare plug N4 (standard type)
51290 TRF501X King Pin (4 Pcs.)
53984 Racing Wing For Buggy
53985 TRF501X Front Dish Wheel (Yellow, 2 Pcs.)
53986 TRF501X Rear Dish Wheel (Yellow, 2 Pcs.)
53987 TRF501X Drive Belt (369mm)
53988 Ball Diff. Pulley (37T)
53989 Center Pulley (18T)
70175 Pla-Plate 1.5mm B4 Size
70176 Pla-Plate 2mm B4 Size
71118 2-Channel Remote Control Rhinoceros Beetle
71119 2-Channel Remote Control Stag Beetle
87095 Tamiya Putty (White)
87096 Tamiya Liquid Surface Primer (White, 40ml)

Source: Tamiya, INC.