Monthly Archives: August 2012

Go Go Wheelie ! The Suzuki Jimny (SJ30)

Here it is, the next beautiful addition to the growing line of  Tamiya Wheelie cars. The new Suzuki Jimny (SJ30). After the fantastic Volkswagen Type2 bus the next release based on the WR-02 chassis.

I´ve always loved those little Suzuki Jeeps, and I´m a big fan of the WR-02 , so this Tamiya release was a must have for me. The build was easy. I did the usual changes on the car like full ball bearings, 20 tooth pinion, the new Tamiya 54394 WR-02 Assembly Universal Shaft Set (we hope for more new WR-02 Hop Ups !)  and CVA Shocks.  Something really new on one of my WR-02´s is a mild sensored brushless setup which should be equal to the Tamiya Sport Tuned motor.  We will see how it works on the first run. I love the cute look of the little Suzuki body sitting on the short WR-02 chassis.  The team of tamiyablog would like to thank the Tamiya Company for another funny little car with another wonderful classic boxart picture after the Volkswagen Type2.  GO GO WHEELIE !!!!!