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Tamiya Star Unit SU-01 chassis custom parts for 1/14 RC 57401 Lightning Hawk, 57402 Aero Avante & 57404 Aero Avante full set

Customized with the exchange of Tire & Wheel
And RC car tires of Tamiya that wealth of
You can also enjoy customized to replace the wheel.

Lightning Hawk Installation example
This M chassis 11 spoke wheel (white) 4 600 yen (tax not included) ITEM: 51237
M chassis 60D radial tire super grip (2) 900 yen (tax not included) ITEM: 53254

Aero Avante Installation example
GB-01 Fox mini front wheel 380 yen (tax not included) ITEM: 40133
GB-01 Fox mini rear wheel 380 yen (tax not included) ITEM: 40134
GB-01 front rib tire 300 yen (tax not included) ITEM: 40111 / GB-01 rear tire spike 400 yen (tax not included) ITEM: 40112


Aero Avante, Lightning Hawk – “M chassis series” for the tire & wheel

If you want to mount the tires and wheels for M chassis to Lightning Hawk is necessary to replace the hexagonal hub parts (included with the product). SU-01 is in the chassis can be installed is M tires and wheels for chassis sold separately. La Dialkyl and Slick, has a lineup of various types of tires.  Also off-road tires and wheels of TamTech Gear series (sold separately) can be installed. Since traveling feeling differently each can enjoy, it spreads the field of play.

53340 60D fiber mold tire Type A (2 pcs.) M-05 only 1,200 yen (excluding tax)
Aramid fibers mixed to suppress deformation during running for high-grip tires. Wheel mounted Tire diameter of about 60mm of time.

54216 60D fiber mold tire Type B (2 pcs.) M-05 only 1,300 yen (excluding tax)
Stable at a high temperature at the time than the 53,340 High-grip tires to exhibit the ability. Wheel tire diameter of about 60mm at the time of mounting.

53254 M chassis 60D radial Super-grip tires (2) M-05 only 900 yen (excluding tax)
The best grip in the radial pattern. Tire to exert force. Wheel mounted at the time of Tire diameter of about 60mm.

50684 M chassis 60D radial M-grip tires (2) M-05 only 700 yen (excluding tax)
High grip force than 50,683 Radial pattern tire. Wheel mounted Tire diameter of about 60mm of time.

50683 M chassis 60D radial tire (Two) M-05 only 500 yen (excluding tax)
Raj also be used in RC kit often Basic tire of Al pattern. Wheel tire diameter of about 60mm at the time of mounting.

51427 60D rally block tires (2) M-05 only 560 yen (excluding tax)
With a block pattern of left-right asymmetry Tire suitable for off-road. Wheel Le tire diameter of about 60mm at the time of mounting.

53204 M chassis inner sponge Set of 4 Small diameter size 200 yen (excluding tax)
A role similar to that of the actual vehicle tire air plays to the inner sponge. Small diameter size tire used in combination with.

51394 M chassis eleven racing spoke Wheel (4) M-05 only 600 yen (excluding tax)
Racing style of eleven Supokuho. Our combination of a slick tire recommended.

51362 M chassis 18-spoke wheels (Four) M-05 only 600 yen (excluding tax)
18-spoke drifting Europe taste wheel. Vividly foot silver plating. It adorned the original.

51405 C-style spoke wheel (4) M-05 only 600 yen (excluding tax)
Slit spoke shape stylish. Characteristic shape is silver-plated it further brings out.

51237 M chassis 11-spoke Wheel (white) four M-05 only 600 yen (excluding tax)
11-spoke type of sports style wheel. With the body color in white matching also excellent.

51334 M chassis eight flat spokes Wheel (silver) this 4 M-05 only 600 yen (excluding tax)
Eight Supokuho linear shape is characterized by Eel. Hikishima feet in silver color

53222 M chassis super slick tire (Two) Small diameter size 800 yen (excluding tax)
Slick Thailand to the high grip. Tire diameter at the time of the wheel mounting About 55mm is.
※ 1

53215 M chassis slick tire (2) Small diameter size 400 yen (excluding tax)
Racing mood slick type Basic tire. Wheel mounted at the time of Tire diameter of about 55mm.
※ 1

50568 M chassis radial tire (2) Small diameter size 400 yen (excluding tax)
Rajiarupa which is also used in RC kit turn of basic tire. Tire diameter at the time of wearing is about 55mm.
※ 1

54590 M chassis inner sponge Super Hard Set of 4 M-05 only 300 yen (excluding tax)
Hardest increase stability at high speeds Down donor sponge. 60D tire and the combination allowed.
※ 2

50569 M chassis 8-spoke wheels (silver) Two M-05 only 400 yen (excluding tax)
8-spoke of the standard style Design wheel. The color is a basic sheet color.

50676 M chassis 8-spoke wheels (Plating type) 2 M-05 only 500 yen (excluding tax)
SP569 and eight Supokuhoi of the same shape. Dress-up effect in the silver plating also excellent.

53341 M chassis 8-spoke wheels (Strengthening type) 2 M-05 only 550 yen (excluding tax)
8-spoke of the standard style Type of wheel. Carbon mixed resin. Strength also excellent.

54511 Rubber tires for instant adhesive (Low viscosity type 25g) M-05 only 900 yen (excluding tax)
Adhesion of RC car of rubber tires and wheels. 25g
※ 3

53255 For M chassis 60D tire Inner sponge hard Set of 4 M-05 only 250 yen (excluding tax)
Inn harder to increase the grip of the tire Trainer sponge. 60D tire and the combination
※ 2

50686 For M chassis 60D tire Inner sponge Set of 4 M-05 only 200 yen (excluding tax)

A role similar to that of the actual vehicle tire air plays to the inner sponge. 60D tires and set combined use.

※ 2

※ 1 60D is a small-diameter size tire outer diameter is smaller than that of the type. Please use sponge item 53204.

※ 2 Inner sponge is available in each tire. Inner sports will use the ones that match the tire size.

※ 3 It will be used to adhere the tire and wheel.


“TamTech Gear series” for the Tire & Wheel
※ If you want to mount the TamTech Gear series for tires and wheels to Aero Avante is a need to replace the hexagonal hub parts (included with the product).
Lightning Hawk Installation example 660 yen (excluding tax)

40111 GB-01 front rib tire M-05 only 300 yen (excluding tax)

Same off the Lightning Hawk standard tire. As spare partsuse.

40112 GB-01 rear tire spike M-05 only 400 yen (excluding tax)
Same Li and Lightning Hawk standard tire Spike tires for ya. As spare parts use.
40133 GB-01 Fox mini Fronte M-05 only 380 yen (excluding tax)
Design is reminiscent of yesteryear of the finest cars Fox for the gold-plated wheels. Lightning Hawk standard wheel and the same size.

40134 GB-01 Fox mini Rear wheel M-05 only 380 yen (excluding tax)
Design is reminiscent of yesteryear of the finest cars Fox rear for the gold-plated wheels. Lightning Hawk standard wheel and the same size.

40109 GB-01 front wheel M-05 only 300 yen (excluding tax)
Off of Lightning Hawk standard and the same shape. Dress in white-collar

40110 GB-01 rear wheel M-05 only 300 yen (excluding tax)
Lightning Hawk of the standard and the same shape as Li Yahoiru. Doresua’ in white-collar

54687 SU-01 training bumper set
Also “training bumper” the advent of peace of mind for the first time of the person
Star unit series Aero Avante of is standard equipment on the front
And that “training bumper” is appeared as optional parts. Van
Equipped with a roller to Pasaido, also in contact with the wall and obstacles smoothly
Can be run in’s, prevent damage to the machine. Lightning Ho
Also attached to the clock, it is also can be attached to the rear, not the front only.

Flashback Friday – 1966 Vintage Mokei Tamiya American Missile Submarine Thomas A. Edison SSDN610

1966 Vintage Mokei Tamiya American Missile Submarine Thomas A. Edison SSDN610 (2)

Release date 1966/04
Release price 100 Yen

Sorry I made you wait. Is the emergence of “American missile submarine series”. The official series name than you do not know is better for most? So-called is “100 yen submarine series”. The first edition has a long in addition to, (because there is a black dot mark, in the strict classification of in our laboratory medium-term logo is old) old logo era dates back to. Edison, gray back, Halibut, became a 4 Tsugahobo at the same time the launch of Washington. After that, received a subtle refurbishment according to go through the year, there is roughly divided into three types of generation. Is “Auto浮潜” gimmick Common to all generations. When you start to sink under its own weight, but in the water of the resistance is a trick that the direction of the insidious rudder that was linked to the radar instead to fly, or my home waters (bath) is too narrow, it was never finally witness to the gimmick reproduction . Exactly the same thing Fortunately in our laboratory is is there are a plurality of current, but it does not have the courage to make quite. Primary is quite chic bottom of molding color is black, Polaris missile of 2 groups will spring launch. Slide marks in the back baking, is moreover surprised thin moment because the paper is stuck, but it was a relief to understand the special slide mark that does not peel off even when wet with water to put in upside down. However, since it only to re-tension is not allowed, there was a little tension. By the way order to have a buoyancy, hull, but the top is back to make an air-tight chamber 2 places, the children will not wait absolutely that the adhesive of the portion serving as the lid is dry, the ship that would contain the water was one after another . Become a second generation, it will prevent the use of course as at the time of the Renaissance motor “Mabuchi underwater motor S1”. Order to withstand the weight of the water this motor, Tamiya is for us also put three of the float of the more powerful drums type, was not me this also well “Auto浮潜” is to. If you were successful someone, and large recruiting your experiences! ! Also vary greatly binding of the box along with the change of the logo. Box art itself is not changed, but the sailors of the illustration has changed. By the way, articles of this second generation release is launched recently Tamiya news Vol. 3 Since it has appeared in) (issued May issue … March 1967), primary is you can see that that has not been released only a slight one year. This submarine series once entered 70 years will be production stops, but will continue to live as summer limited production kit. You look at the comprehensive catalog and, 70, 71, although at 72 Toshiban Is there a description in the body, it does not have a name at the end of the price list. 73 onwards the text, I get lost at all at the end of both, but I get a list of the price only at the end to suddenly ’75 edition. But since it was not able to see in print again. It became a very deeply insidious the kit. Meanwhile, Tamiya Junior News Vol. Third generation was introduced as a new product in 24 (No. March 1974). Bottom of transparent blue cool, yet the winding condition of the rubber did what good that can be seen at a glance. But missile launch gimmick is omitted, the missile to the hull top I have is integrally molded. This I thought the kana helped be considered from safety, but it was no longer being whopping put underwater motor. Decal also eliminates Innovation what, became one installation also of about sorry size of Perak. Moreover, transparent blue bottom of Uri also come after production stops, it has returned to the black. This is done with the third-generation reformer, but none was the advent of the painful era for the submarine. Everyone I think that it is a kit that may have seen a boy if the current 40-year-old before and after men. Did any of you have touched? By the way, for the other companies of the submarine during the same period, “Mr. Tabitha” so detailed is, there should also have a look. (1999/04/12)

Standing almost two years from the above update new fact (not so much even) was found. But as long as there is one after another it embarrassed has been found that there has been a drop past a variety of written Tamiya news in the editing process of “Tamiya news of the world”. Tamiya News Vol. There was a description of a “rubber power submarine four points the launch of memories” to 111 (1981/08). . . Price increases in each 200 yen does not also. “I knew it. For the 75 year sale stop dividing and I wish I had felt like I saw until recently,” but I thought Nante, but still I’m was twenty years ago. “1981 summer limited kit”. This is It is a truth of the 3 Daimearatame. (2001/06/15)

Once, I thought this in one case closed, McCoy’s Speaking of submarines I received an email from. Thank you! “Because it would have been the third generation 150 yen, and I think in the price increase of as 200 yen 3 Daimearatame of ’81?” Oh? That’s right Speaking. . . When do and again Gosogoso, bits and pieces that have been found a lot was of Tamiya price increases , but there were several times on both sides of the oil shock, the big price increase was in January 1974 (the rush in the fourth period). If the third generation of the sale is 150 yen in the March 1974 immediately after the, common sense amount of money that this 150 yen is considered to have been held until the price increases of November 1979 (5th rush). On the other hand, it is essential for this third generation and consider what has been produced to time around, at the end list of As mentioned earlier 1975 version of the catalog (published October 1974), the fact that the rests of that there is no price notation until the summer of 1975 is common to think that was sold, it will have been sold for at least three generations of two years. And 3 Daimearatame Tamiya news Vol of Kudan hitting the announcement. 111 that the expression “Memories” is used in will be expected to have not been produced at least immediately before the 2-3 years. Because it contains November 1979 5th rush to the period of the two to three years ago, will have a sufficiently convincing of that has been price increases for the first time at 200 yen in the third generation breaks. If you see again diligently 3 Daimearatame of assembly instructions think so, the character of “8105 (May 81)” had been printed small. In addition, the submarine version of the history and the transfer of Tamiya address is has been found to be subtly intertwined. 3 is released mother in May 1981 of Daimearatame, but I’m the address notation despite box side has relocated remains of Kojika 628 to Ondabara the previous year in December. Because in more third-generation if Kodaware has been launched in Fawn 50-1 are moved to Fawn 628 after the six months, strictly to the “third generation” was released in the summer of 1975 is “Fawn 628,150 yen” you should see, but of, should not have been so (if, please let me know who you are yourself owning someone). The Edison is in the third generation in the box side I have a notation “Kantai bottom transparent plastic” In addition, this one line has been removed in the third generation breaks. But what it was a clear Kan bottom in the third generation modified with respect to Halibut it was found. However, this submarine is Edison, and the type to put the power rubber to the ship, such as Washington, halibut that power rubber is exposed at the bottom Kantai, I can be divided into gray back, can check the wound so that it becomes invisible originally from outside Edison, there was a breakthrough benefits that Washington whereas no longer is a transparent ship bottom, do not know the reason for sticking to stubbornly transparent Halibut that do not have much sense. 3 Daimearatame of gray back is the interesting or going on, but can not be confirmed immediately because you have stored in Unfortunately Toyama black hole. When the change in the second generation from primary Speaking of which, in a box of primary as transitional put a seal of “Mabuchi underwater motor can be used,” that there was a thing that corresponds also has been found. It is in the box Exhibit of “If you want to use the water motor” has been added. And depends on the boy plastic model newspaper advertisement, the first place of TKK Mabuchi S-1 has been released it is March 1967. Tamiya Immediately after this is to become that which corresponds, but it will be considered as there is also the fact that after only one year from the first generation to sort box was sealed corresponding to not meet the deadline. Sonaruto second generation of launch is sometime a new package? Although this particular was thought whether quite difficult, lighthouse source life, Tamiya Junior News Vol. We found the description in 3 (1968/05). Just with binding picture of the new package, do not there is a sentence of “new appeared has gained popularity in the package from this year”! Given representation and water things of present perfect progressive form from at the time was released from an early March convention, frankly second generation of the sale is a new package in March 1968! It will expire say that. While I think that inosine after a long time in the exciting (?) Historical research, looking at the “Kke I’ve been What happened to Speaking Tamiya model all work 3?”, Properly “second generation of launch in 1968 3 moon “and it does not is written firmly. . . (-_-;). This book of the kit release date specific, we have supervised all of our laboratory assistant, but will on earth I was looking at what this time? Come to think of it against the hand in a good rather than ~ chest, a faint memory that had been examined at that time Junior news Speaking is. . . Certainly Tamiya release date specific model all work, but it was hard work in the fight against tomes, I I had been examined again forget that I did of myself. . . . We will come together many people who were clearly able to understand in those who have read so far? Finally it was clean when I summarized in Table. In other words I’m submarine are five types roughly. Kit No. That there were three types it has also been confirmed in the notation.

Version Release date Sale hour price Kit No. Address notation Missile launch Remarks
Founder 1966/04 ¥ 100 MS001 Kojika 915 Rubber power
Early breaks 1967/03 ¥ 100 MS001 Kojika 915 Submersible motor available seal
Second generation 1968/03 ¥ 100 MS001 Kojika 915 Submersible motor
Third generation 1974/03 ¥ 150 SS001 Kojika 50-1 × Rubber power only, transparent ship bottom
3 Daimearatame 1981/05 ¥ 200 7401 Kojika 626 × It is no longer a transparent ship bottom


Official Tamiya New Items List March 2016

R/C Models
56348  1/14 R/C Mercedes-Benz Actros 3363 6×4 GigaSpace
58627  1/10 R/C Mitsubishi Pajero Custom Lowrider Black Special (Painted Body) (CC-01)
58628  1/10 R/C Racing Fighter (DT-03)
57402  1/14 R/C Star Unit Aero Avante (Assembly Kit)
45067  FineSpec 2.4GHz Radio Control System w/TRE-01
54679  CC-01 Metal Plated C Parts
54683  TG10-Mk.2 Carbon Upper Deck Set
54684  TG10-Mk.2 Big Bore Damper (4pcs.)
54685  TG10-Mk.2 Carbon Steering Plate Set
54686  TG10-Mk.2 Low Friction 8mm Suspension Ball (4pcs.)
47309  1/10 Scale R/C Eunos Roadster Body Parts Set
47315  1/10 Scale R/C Raybrig NSX Concept-GT Lightweight Body Parts Set

Scale Models
14130  1/12 Repsol Honda RC213V ’14
12667  1/12 Honda RC213V ’14 Front Fork Set
32587  1/48 British 7ton Armored Car Mk.IV
24176  1/24 Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI Martini

19447  Beak Stinger G (AR Chassis)
95224  Shadow Shark Italia Special (AR Chassis)
15496  Avante Clear Body Set (Polycarbonate)
15500  2mm Aluminum Lock Nut (Blue, 5pcs.)
15501  Slimline Mass Damper Set
95254  Hard Arched Tires (Blue) & Carbon Reinforced Large Dia. Narrow Wheels
95255  AR Fluorescent-Color Chassis Set (Green)
95256  Super-II Reinforced Chassis (White)
95258  HG Carbon Multi Roller Setting Stay (3mm)
95259  HG Carbon Rear Stay (3mm)
95265  Motor Cooling Shield (Purple) Mini 4WD Station

Tools & Paints
85096  TS-96 Fluorescent Orange
69904  Modeler’s Side Cutter α (Green)

Model of charm Exhibition Tamiya and Fine Molds

Exhibition to explore the charm of the model culture traces the history of the model is held in Toyohashi. “Model of charm Exhibition Tamiya and Fine Molds” will be held at Toyohashi Art Museum in Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture. After the war, and have been sent off to a model from the age of wooden model “Tamiya”, has been making the product sticking in Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture “Fine Molds”. Products and scene work is a point of the model history, the exhibition and interviews photos and development materials. While touching on the history of the model culture approaches to the charm of the model.
★ Holding period:February 20 (Sat) – March 27 (Sunday) Monday Closed ※ March 21 (Monday holiday) is opening 22 (Tuesday) Closed
★ Admission: general and college students 700 (600 ) yen, elementary, middle and high students 300 (200) yen ※ () is advance, or more than 20 people of group rates

Event being held period
★ Commemorative lecture “History of History and Fine Molds of the model” February 28 (Sun) 14:00 to 15:30 Lecturer: Kunihiro Suzuki ((with) Fine Molds Representative Director) Capacity: 80 people ( the day of acceptance) ※ Free Join
★ Children Workshop “Let’s make the Suites decoration” March 5 (Sat) 10:00 to 10: 30, 10: 30-11: 11:00: 15-11: 45,13: 00-13: 30,13: 30-14: 14:00: 15-14: 45,14: 45-15: 15, 15: 30-16 16:00: 00 ~ 16:30 Capacity: each time 6 people (first-come-first-served basis / day reception) Admission: 500 yen (tax included)
★ “Let’s make a mini four wheel drive,” March 6 (Sun) 10:00 ~ 11: 30,13: 00-14: 30, 15: 00 – 16:30 Capacity: each time 20 persons (first-come-first-served basis / day reception) Fee: 972 yen (material cost including tax)
★ Radio Control Car steering experience March 26 (Sat) 9:30 to 16:30 Venue: Toyohashi City Art Museum before Square (wet-weather venue change)
★ Modeler’s Club Exhibition I will exhibit the work of the model club “meeting of the waterline.” (Ferris Free) Contact Toyohashi Art Museum Yubinbango440-0801 Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture Ima-kyo cho 3-1 (in Toyohashi park) telephone number 0532-51-2882