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TAMIYA Best Models 2008 Results Voted by Visitors of the Japanese Tamiya Homepage

TOP5 Scale Model division
[1] 1 / 24 NISSAN GT-R
[2] No. 1 / 24 XANAVI NISMO GT-R (R35)
[3] 1 / 48 Mitsubishi Zero Type 52 carrier-borne fighter-style
[4] 1 / 35 German Panzer II-A ~ C (France Front)
[5] 1 / 12 Ferrari 288 GTO (Semiassembled)

TOP5 RC model division

[1] Toyota Land Cruiser 40
[2] XANAVI NISMO GT-R (R35) (TB-03)
[3] Monte Carlo Subaru Impreza WRC’07 (DF-03Ra)
[4] Lamborghini Countach LP500S (TT-01 TYPE-E)
[5] Boomerang (2008)

TOP5 Mini four-wheel drive division

[1] Dash Emperor (MS Chassis)
[2] Hot Shot Special Ver.2 Momoi Halko Jr. (MS Chassis)
[3] Hot Shot Jr. (MS Chassis)
[4] Cyclone Magnum
[5] White Special Neo Falcon

It is once again interesting to see that the top ranking models are models that many people outside Japan claim to be “unwanted”, “without a market”, “wrong choices” and so on, which proves that Tamiya’s choices are spot on for their biggest market, which is the Japanese one. Also the best placed RC model is as low as 4th place in the total votes ranking underlining also the importance and size of Tamiya’s static section, which is the one that made Tamiya as big and successful as it is.

Tamiya HAL Mode Festival 2008

HAL schools in Osaka and Osaka, Japan MODO school graduation exhibition produced “HAL-MODE FESTIVAL2008” events of 2008 On September 23, was held in Osaka-jo Hall. This year’s theme is “to the world! Made in Japan”. Japan’s flagship products and technology, students with innovative and unique ideas to the world of diplomacy, about 9,000 people a day with visitors, from children to adults who have a lot of events SHIMIMASHI Or.

Among of HAL Osaka, the Department of Music student chosen as the theme of the “four-wheel drive mini-Scale Models.” Using surround sound effects blaring music and a powerful finish the work, visitors stand in the spotlight.

The Osaka MODO designer fashion design department at the Department of miscellaneous group of “Scale Models” taken up the theme of the works Nagi said. Wonder of the elements “to create fun, fun to use” the word [bag] produce assemble and expression. Tamiya logo and better utilize the characteristics of plastic models, beautiful, two students were awarded prizes!

Source: Tamiya, INC.