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Tamiya GP Masters 2017

Electric RC car race “Tamigra Masters 2017” Tamiya RC Freaks throughout the country gather!
Twin Messe Shizuoka Kita-kan develops a hot battle!

We will hold a special race targeting the top players of the Tamiya Grand Prix points ranking at Twin Messe Shizuoka Kita-kan Special Circuit. Please take a look at the image of Tamiya RC freak gathered from all over the country. A big race at a large special circuit is a must-see!

Always thank you very much for your participation in the Tamiya Grand Prix.
We will hold a special race “Tamigra Masters 2017” targeting the top players of the Tamiya Grand Prix points ranking. Entry capital
We will announce the case soon, we will announce the final result of Tamiya Grand Prix point ranking. Rank by self rating
Those who say that there is no top mistake, even though the main B and below continued despite all the expedition, read the following regulations thoroughly
We would be pleased if you could have prepared for the race. The number of recruits will be based on the number of top 24 points who ranked among participants who entered
Fixed Because it is a race event where only very limited players can participate, basically all participants are requested to participate.

● Tournament schedule
November 18 (Saturday): Automobile inspection / reception, practice running, track racing qualifying ①, Conghead qualifying ①
November 19 (Sun): Track Racing Preliminary Qualification ②, Conghead Preliminary ②, Track Racing Final, Conghead Final
● Venue: Twin Messe Shizuoka North Building Special Circuit (Punch Carpet Road) (Blue)
● Number of recruits: 24 (planned)

About the regulation of each class

Track racing class
★ Used chassis … TT-02, TT-01TYPE-E designation (TT-02TYPE-S impossible)
★ BODY … TEAM HARN (REINART) RACING MAN TGS (Please attach all parts described in the body explanation diagram)
★ OP wings … unavailable
★ Body color ring … coloring that is conscious of actual car style or real car feeling.
In order to differentiate it from the simultaneous world champion decision fight participating vehicle, a fire pattern peculiar to so-called RC car is impossible.
(It mainly refers to the coloring pattern used as a personal color by an expert driver etc.)
Single color painting is not allowed (single color painting is also allowed if the window frame, grill etc. are reproduced).
★ Gear ratio … TT – 02: 70 T / 22 T designation, TT – 01: 61 T / 19 T designation
★ Tire: Only control tires (standard tire 51589 for selling at the venue · wheel 51588) can be used
★ Motor … TBLM – 02S (15.5 T) ★ Upper limit KV value … 2500 KV ★ Amplifier … TBLE – 02 S / 03
★ Battery … only made by Tamiya LF-6.6V (2300/2200/1600) ★ minimum weight … no limit ★ minimum car height … 5 ㎜
★ TGU – 01 … Unusable. ★ Direct servo horn … Can not be used. ★ LED light … around 4 lights on and off recommended.
★ Others … The control tire has already been glued. Please be careful not to disassemble the body due to contact or falling during running.

Konghead class
★ Used chassis … G6-01
★ Body … Cong head 6 × 6 (Please attach all parts described in the body explanation diagram)
★ Body color ring … coloring that is conscious of actual car style or real car feeling.
In order to differentiate it from the simultaneous world champion decision fight participating vehicle, a fire pattern peculiar to so-called RC car is impossible.
(It mainly refers to the coloring pattern used as a personal color by an expert driver etc.)
Single color painting is not allowed (single color painting is also allowed if the window frame, grill etc. are reproduced).
★ Gear ratio: Pinion 20T specified.
★ Tire: Only control tires (bonded kit standard tire · wheel to sell at the venue) can be used.
★ Motor … GT tune motor (please prepare by yourself) ★ Upper limit speed … 19500 rpm
★ Battery … Tamiya made LF-6.6V (2300/2200/1600) only
★ minimum weight … no limit ★ minimum car height … 5 ㎜
★ TGU – 01 … Unusable. ★ Direct servo horn … Can not be used. ★ LED light … not specified.
★ Other …: Use of corresponding OP parts is allowed. Adhesion of control tires is prohibited. 4WS specifications possible.

About sales of control tires
★ Tamiya Masters 2017 will be held at the control tire to sell at the venue. Only one set of one person can be purchased.
● Control tire set … price undecided (We will guide you in the drivers’ file)
Conghead tire / wheel … 1 (6 wheels)
Track racing tire / wheel … 1 (4 wheels)

Tamiya at the 2nd Osaka Hobby Festival

Kansai maximum! Celebration of model hobby! An event that you can watch, make, and enjoy shopping!
Tamiya will exhibit this year following last year!

You can see the exhibition corner including the new product announced at the All Japan Model Hobby Show and demonstration run of the topic RC dancing rider.
Mini 4WD workshop also held!

The 2nd Osaka Hobby Fest
November 3, 2017 (Fri · congratulation)
9:00 ~ 16:00 ※ The last entry is until 15:30

Organized by: Kansai model wholesaler, Kansai engine model wholesaler
Association: Japan Plastic Model Cooperative Association, Shizuoka Model Teaching Material Cooperative Association, Japan Radio Control Model Association
Sponsor: Tokyo Metropolitan Science Model Teaching Material Cooperative Association, Nagoya Model Distribution Council, Nishi Nippon Yusuiki Gun Security crime conference participants
Exhibitors: 59 companies

Event date
November 3, 2017

Osaka, Osaka, Chuo-ku, Honcho-bashi 2-5
My Dome Osaka 1F · 2F

Entry fee
supplemental comment: Admission free / Mini 4WD workshop fee 900 yen (tax included)

Organizer name
Kansai model wholesale society, Kansai engine model wholesale society

Related information and inquiries
TEL: Osaka Hobby Fest Office (within broadcast publishing planning center) TEL: 06-6762-8075

Google Map link

6 minutes on foot from “Osaka Municipal Subway Sakaisuji Line and Chuo Line” Sakaisuji Honcho “Station
Osaka Municipal Subway Tanimachi Line” Tanimachi 4-Chome “Station 7 min. Walk
※ To avoid congestion, please use public transportation as much as possible .

Let’s make it with parents! Four wheel drive mini
■ Venue: 2F lobby workshop venue
■ Holding time: about 90 minutes (exchanged system) Start distributing participation numbered tickets after opening
【1st time】 10:00 ~ 11:30
【2nd time】 12:00 ~ 13:30  
【3rd time】 14:00 ~ 15:30
■ Participation fee: 1 pair of parent and child 900 yen (tax included) FDK Alkaline AA battery included (Cooperation: FDK Corporation)
■ Capacity: 15 Up to group (30 seats)
■ Use kit: Mini 4WD PRO (MA chassis)
■ Target age: Children over 3rd grade elementary school students and their parents ※ Please be sure to attend with your child and parents together.
■ How to participate: We will distribute the 1st, 2nd and 3rd numbered tickets at the 2F Tamiya booth in order of arrival after opening. When it’s time to hold, please bring the numbered ticket you distributed and make it “Make it with parent and child! Mini 4WD” corner. ※ We will finish distributing the numbered tickets at the time when the maximum number of passengers has been reached each time. Please note.

In the shopping corner we also sell Tamiya’s event limited items and original goods.
■ Information on Tamiya event sales products

1) Tamiya 95338 Mini 4WD Special product Raydorf Yellow Special (MA chassis) ¥ 1,290 (tax included)

2) Tamiya 95339 Mini 4WD Special product EXFLOWLY RED SPECIAL (MA chassis) ¥ 1,290 (tax included)

3) Scale model Specialty products 1/50 Sea of Japan warships on a reconnaissance aircraft Saiunkoku (reprint) ¥ 1,510 (including tax)

■ Tamiya new original goods
1) Tamiya Sports cap (camouflage) ¥ 1,620 (tax included) image: right
2) Tamiya Military cap (camouflage) ¥ 1,720 (tax included) Image: Left

※ Since there are limitations on the number, it will be discontinued as soon as it disappears. Please note.
There may be restrictions on the number of purchases per person per ※.

Announcement of the 77th Tamiya Pachi Contest winning work

This year’s contest received the most applicants in the last 10 years. Scene photography department Gold prize is “HUNTER” of Keisuke Tanaka. It is a work that seems to have cut off a moment of the battlefield, with spectacularly blending the line of sight of the soldier looking forward from the Panther D type vehicle and the grassland spreading beyond. Akihiro Seki’s Gold Prize in the work photography division is “UE tractor + 3.7 cm antitank gun”. As the title of the work is a little unique work with a 3.7 cm antitank gun on the UE tractor. Both work and painting are balanced well. It is also characteristic that the number of entries from young people in their teens is increasing this time. There are many high-level works that I can not think of as elementary and junior high school students, both special awards were selected from junior class in both departments. A patch contest that not only produces a model but also photographs that work and enjoy it, I will be waiting for your efforts next time.

The 78th Pachi application method (Deadline: September 1, 2018)
76th Pachi Contest winning work

78th Tamiya Pachi application (Deadline: September 1, 2018)

Pachi Contest

What is a pachi contest?
The world “Patch” by model matching and video expression matching. It is an AFV model photo contest held once a year, where not only Japanese domestics, but also international forces are gathered. Particularly welcomed works with new products as their main characters. Please blow new breeze with your idea full masterpieces, power capability.

[Scene photography division]
Please photograph the scenery work like real battlefield photos and apply. Military miniature series, world figure series, other Tamiya scale model combined photo is OK.

[Work photography department]
Please appeal the painting technology of vehicles and dolls with photographs. It can be a work made according to the instruction manual of the kit, or a work with remodeling added. You can also use it as a photograph taken in the scene stage.

Scene Photography Section 76th Gold Prize Work

2018 Application Procedure for 78th Work

■ Applicable products
Please apply in things that mainly use 1/35 military miniature series, 1/48 military miniature series, 1/16 world figure series, 1/25 tank series.
In the scene photography department, even if it is a Tamiya product, it can be used in combination with military miniature products, world figure products, even for other scale models.
Works that are mainly made by other companies’ vehicles and accessories, and in which Tamiya products are only partially visible are not accepted.

■ Photo Types
Photos can be color or black and white. Please apply for color in 2 L size (about 130 × 180 mm), black and white in cabinet size.
We accept works shot with digital camera. Please print with 2L size and apply. In this case, image processing other than adjustment of color tone and contrast of the entire screen is prohibited.

■ Type of
photos Please stick the work cards with tape one by one to the back of the photo.
Be sure to write the title, scale, vehicle name.
When sending photos, please do not break by attaching a mount.
It is fine even for remodeled works with photographs in the process of making the remodeling places easy to understand.
The work is limited to unpublished works.
We will not return the photo, so please be forewarned.
Work card download: ★ PDF format 

■ Deadline
September 1, 2018 (postmarked effective on the day)

■ To
whom the work is sent 〒422-8610 3-7 Shinagawa-ku Suruga-ku, Shimaoka “Tachiya” Pachi Contest “staff

■ Review
Tamiya news editing room

■ Entry announcement
Tamiya news November issue, Tamiya website, Monthly model art magazine.
We will notify winners by letter.
Winning works will be posted in the patch contest pamphlet.

For inquiries
about inquiries , please contact the Tamiya news editorial office “Pachi Contest Officer”. TEL 054-286-5105

Bonuses * These are selected from among the scene photography department, work photography division.

Gold Medal 1 each 50,000 yen prize
Silver Award 2 each Prize 30,000 yen
Bronze 2 each Prize 20,000 yen
Model Art Prize 2 each Prize 20,000 yen
Honorable mention Each 6 people Prize 10,000 yen
Junior Prize 2 each Prize 10,000 yen From girls, silver, copper, those who did not enter the honorable mention under the age of 15
Special prize 1 each Prize 10,000 yen From unique works, particularly elaborate works, unique works etc
We will send a pachinko of “Pachi Contest” to all those who posted the work.
Gold medal ■: 1 person each  prize 50,000 yen
■ Silver Award: 2 each  prize 30,000 yen
■ Bronze Award: 2 each  prize 20,000 yen
■ Model Art Prize: 2 each  prize 20,000 yen
■ Honorable mention: 6 each  winning prize 10,000 yen
■ Junior Prize: 2 each  winning prize 10,000 yen / From among those who did not enter gold, silver, copper, honorable mention under 15 years old
■ Special Prize: From each of 1 person  prize 10,000 yen / unique work, particularly elaborate work, unique work etc.

We will send a pachinko of “Pachi Contest” to all those who posted the work.

Past winning works

2017 (77th) | 2016 (76th)

Tamiya Plamodel Factory 17th Modeler’s Contest Work · Award Ceremony

This time, we will present works at the award ceremony of the modelers contest on October 9th.
At the announcement of each prize, there is a total evaluation of Hasegawa master, a certificate of commendation, a trophy (shield) and a supplementary prize,
It was promoted in a peaceful atmosphere. (Kogori is also proceeding with support while moving forward)
After each prize announcement, each person takes a commemorative photo with the work.
And attendees All the group photos are here! Everyone, it is a bright smile!

In the awards ceremony, arrange all the winning works on the desk of the studio.
At a congratulatory time after the award ceremony, customers working at the atelier also often skipped work,
I will talk with the creators while seeing the works.
When it is being exhibited, it is sometimes in the work case, so you can not see the details thoroughly
It is possible to see it in close proximity here.
Especially diorama works etc. which are built up to the back side of the work, by seeing from a different angle
The depth of the work is transmitted more.
The work of sweets decoration etc. “It looks yummy!” “It sounds like a genuine article” It also raises a voice.
It is a pleasant thing to let many people say the impression of the work directly.
I am also looking forward to seeing lots of wonderful works in the next contest!
Everyone who participated, thank you very much!

Well, here is the introduction of winning works:

The Hasegawa Master Prize was awarded by Mr. Takahide Kanagawa’s “Ninja Come on!”
Kawasaki Ninja H2R painted in white is sharp and very cool.
It seems to be an image of a ninja who stepped into the castle.

Mr. Kanagawa who was awarded.
Congratulations ☆

Noriko Nakamura who won the Tresa Yokohama award “What a delicious three days old and cheerfully”

Haa-kun is 3 years old ☆ The first plastic model! (※ Cure Tama is not a Tamiya product)
Made favorite dinosaur with parents mother in the atelier of Tresa.

Nikkori Kun! Love dinosaurs, decorate with your house!

Source in Japanese Language: Tamiya Plastic Model Factory

The long-awaited new product Tamiya Color Lacquer Paint (LP-1 ~ LP-30) in bottles appears!

Tamiya color lacquer paint
■ 1st 15 colors
152 yen (main unit price 160 yen) released around Saturday, December 2, 2017
■ 2nd 15 colors, 3rd and beyond will be released one after another

· Strong coating film that is most suitable for basic painting
· Shorter dry time, higher working efficiency
· Safe for finishing with beautiful glossy enamel paint etc
· Best for air brush painting
· Capacity: 10 ml * Acrylic paint mini The size and capacity of the glass bottle are the same.

Photos from Tamiya Mini 4WD History 2017 event at Izumi Park Town Tapio (Sendai City)

Information about the event

■ Tamiya Mini 4th Dimension History 2017
■ Venue: Izumi Parktown Tapio (Sendai City)
■ Duration: October 13 (Friday) to October 29 (Sun) in 2017
■ Organized by: Kawakami Shimpo, Sendai Broadcasting
■ Planning Production : Tamiyami 4th History Executive Committee
※ Free viewing

“This year” Mini 4WD “celebrating its 35th anniversary since birth.
We will exhibit Tamiya’s “history and now” that has created “fun to make” on the concept, easy to understand for beginners.
A corner introducing the history of 30 years of the nationwide convention of the largest certified competition “Mini 4WD Japan Cup” and a powerful full-scale exhibition with 220 successive Mini 4WDs, a development confidential story of Tamiya · Tamiya chairman who must be a fan , 1/1 size real car version “Aero Avante” also appeared!
Besides, it is a venue for adults to children to enjoy, such as a photo spot where pictures can be taken on the podium at the “Draw a Dream Mini 4WD!” Corner drawing an ideal mini 4WD.
Please enjoy the world of Mini 4WD which continues to be loved beyond the times by your family.