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Takayuki Yamazaki of PDC Designworks talk – Tokyo Communication Art College

A message from hyper designer Kayuki Yamazaki to everyone who aims at this industry. A graduate of our school. Our school teacher. Former Honda Technical Research Institute designer.
Established pdc_designworks in 2012, leveraging the experience of working on hit products such as Ape / zoomer / GROM. A wide field of view and various hobbies are used not only for industrial design centered on car design but also for fashion, models, DJs, consultants, magazine serialization, design education activities for companies, students, etc. Carry out activities. In recent years, we are expanding the range of activities such as customized production, ambassador activities and corporate consulting.
Source: TCACRE YouTube channel

Tamiya 95587 Mach Frame Black Special

This is a Black Special version of the futuristic Mach Frame Mini 4WD kit. The original release kit uses a body design which was originally chosen among entries submitted to the 2018 Mini 4WD design competition. The body/frame combination in this release has a stylish new color scheme and is paired once again with the front motor FM-A chassis.

FM-A: Aerodynamic Front Motor Chassis
The FM-A chassis is a front motor unit with advanced aerodynamic themes that – thanks to its center of gravity toward the front – is at home on a whole variety of track types including those with frequent elevation changes. It comes equipped with a low-friction front skid bar, while the chassis underside allows easy access to the motor and quick setup changes. Aircraft-inspired aero side stays allow attachment of a range of Grade-Up parts. The chassis is molded in durable ABS, with low friction A parts such as under panel, all in matching black. Smoke color metal-plated A-spoke wheels are combined with low-profile tires, and the model includes 3.5:1 gears.

• Mini 4WD model assembly kit. Length: 156mm, width: 97mm, height: 36mm.
• The FM-A chassis is molded in Black reinforced polycarbonate-ABS.
• The 4-piece body comes molded in tinted Smoke color ABS.
• Comes with dedicated metallic sticker designs.
• Matte gold color plated A-spoke wheels are paired with super hard Black low-profile tires (small-diameter).
• Type 130 motor is included. The model features a 3.5:1 gear ratio.
• Two AA batteries are required (sold separately).
• A wide range of Grade-Up Parts is available separately to customize your machine.

The Grasshopper II (2017) – Successor of an icon

While waiting for the release of the 47438 Tamiya Super Storm Dragon, based on the classic Tamiya Hornet chassis, another too long ongoing project was waiting to be finished.

The Grasshopper II. Back in the days, the Grasshopper II was not really my cup of tea. But today i see it from another point of view. Especially the “Super G” version, which was available on some markets is a really cool car.  So, the plan was to re-create that version. The “Super G” came with a 540er motor instead of the stock 380 motor. Friction shocks were also changed to the cool C.V.A. ones. Yellow Fox/Wild One style wheels and Avante/Supershot Spike tires for the rear and Super Hornet style front pin spike tires. The tires, shocks, and motor (we used a 540 Black Sport Tuned) weren´t really a problem. But the yellow wheels aren´t impossible to find nowadays. So we made our own using the classic Tamiya Nylon Parts Coloring Set No. 53130. The wheels came out very well. Tamiya TS-76 Mica Silver was used for the body, to give the buggy a more professional look. With the modern ESC, Sport Tuned motor, and digital servo, the “Super G” is a really good performer for such an basic entry level car.

Enjoy !

Satoshi Maezumi (Paisen RC) video review of the Tamiya Terra Scorcher 2020

A reprinted version of the 4WD buggy and Scocher released in 1988 is the RC limited project “Scocher (2020)”.Equipped with four oil damper type CVA dampers on four independent suspensions of double wishbones.

The front and rear tires are low-height spiked tires that provide light acceleration and grip.Equipped with front and rear stabilizers to control rolls, you can enjoy stable driving on off-road as well as off-road driving.

The front bumper is large and highly shock-absorbent, protecting the vehicle body from damage.Equipped with a universal drive shaft that does not fall off even in the event of a crash, it uses an aluminum motor mount with high heat dissipation.

It is an RC car that can be fully enjoyed even now with each part upgraded according to the times.

Souce: パイセンRC (Paisen RC) YouTube channel

Official description and details of Tamiya 47442 Terra Scorcher 2020

Released around Saturday, May 30, 2020, price 21,780 yen

Total length = 390 mm Picture shows assembled and painted kit

Returned Off-Road Flyer
A reprinted version of the Scocher, an assembly kit for the electric radio control 4WD buggy released in 1988. Equipped with a double-wishbone 4-wheel independent suspension with CVA oil damper on a light and strong bathtub type frame. The camber angle can be adjusted using a screw shaft on the upper arm, and a stabilizer is also standard equipment on the front and rear. The steering system is divided into three parts. Toe-in adjustment is easy with a ball adjuster at the rod end. The compact body and large arch-shaped rear wing are made of polycarbonate. White and light blue graphics, logos and numbers are available on stickers. In addition, the white-collar wheels are equipped with spiked tires that provide sufficient grip regardless of the road surface. As the name of the Scocher (flyer) is, it is very attractive to drive off-road at high speed.

Shaft drive 4WD chassis with upgraded parts
Based on the highly reliable introductory 4WD buggy “Thundershot”, shaft drive 4WD chassis is tuned up. The RC mechanism is mounted inside the bathtub frame that is light and has high strength, and it features high maintainability that docks the front and rear gear cases with built-in diff gears with attached suspension arms. Double wishbone 4-wheel independent suspension is equipped with two CVA oil dampers at the front and rear and front and rear stabilizers. Furthermore, the camber angle can be adjusted by using a screw shaft type upper arm. In addition, the drive system has full bearing specifications that suppress power loss. And in this reprint, in addition to the aluminum motor mount that enhances the mounting rigidity and precision of the motor, it is equipped with an assembly universal drive shaft that transmits power without loss and does not fall off even in the event of a crash.

Basic specifications
● Overall length 390 mm, overall width 240 mm, overall height 130 mm ● Wheel base 260 mm ● Tread = 203 mm front, 194 mm rear ● Tire width / diameter = front and rear 38/83 mm ● Frame = resin bathtub type ● Drive system = shaft drive 4WD ● Differential gear system = 3 bevels in front and rear ● Suspension = independent double wishbone 4 wheels ● Damper = CVA oil damper in front and rear ● Stabilizer installed on front and rear ● Gear ratio = 1: 7.68 ● Speed ​​controller = ESC specification (sold separately) ● Motor = 540 type

Separately purchased
● Fine spec 2.4G electric RC drive set ● 4 AA batteries for transmitter

Assembly manual can be found here

First photos and details of Tamiya 14138 1/12 Honda CBR1000RR-R FIREBLADE SP

Total length = 176 mm Picture shows assembled and painted kit

Scheduled to be shipped in July 2020
Price 4,400 yen

Road Going Racer aiming for the fastest on the circuit by combining racing technologies
Honda CBR, which has built the super sports bike category. The latest model was unveiled at the 2019 Milan Show. This machine, named CBR1000RR-R FIREBLADE, was focused on winning the race in the pursuit of ease of handling on public roads up to that point. Introducing MotoGP machine and RC213V racing technology everywhere, the water-cooled in-line 4-cylinder engine exhibits 217.5hp, the strongest in its class. Equipped with an advanced electronic control device to use up its power, the suspension is also electronically controlled. In addition, the cowling pursues aerodynamics, and it is also noteworthy that the side cowl is equipped with a characteristic built-in winglet.

Tamiya Grand Prix All Japan Championship 2020 General Information

RC race’s biggest event “Tamiya Grand Prix All Japan Championship 2020

Regarding Schedule
The schedule is to start every June, but due to the situation related to the new coronavirus, it is “undecided” as of May 13, including the opening day of the tournament and the champion decision match. We will inform you again when the event can be held.

Regarding the venue
We plan to hold 13 venues (districts) and 15 tournaments from Hokkaido to Kyushu last year, but in consideration of infectious disease countermeasures for those who participate. The venue and the blocks that can participate are subject to change. We will inform you again when the event can be held.

Regarding the holding class
In consideration of the situation related to the new coronavirus, the holding class is the minimum number considering the expected number of participants and venue space. We are also considering increasing the number of held genres depending on future changes. In that case, we will inform you again.

2020 season race regulation
Beginner drivers welcome at the “Tamiya Grand Prix All Japan Championship” where incandescent races are held on-road machines! This is the race regulation of “Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix” where you can enjoy racing with a wide variety of class settings.
* Each district tournament will be held over two days, and “Tamiya GP All Japan Championship” and “Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix” will be set on each day (may vary depending on the tournament).

↓ Regulations can also be downloaded from here.
Tamiya GP All Japan Championship Class (as of PDF / 2020.5.13)
Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix Class (as of PDF / 2020.5.13)

Tamiya New Item Release list for June 2020

R/C Models
 47438  1/10 R/C Super Storm Dragon
 47445  1/10 R/C TA07RR Chassis Kit
 47446  1/10 R/C Plasma Edge II Gun Metal (TT-02B)
 56362  1/14 R/C Volvo FH16 Globetrotter 750 8×4 Tow Truck
 58678  1/10 R/C Comical Avante (GF-01CB)
 58679  1/10 R/C Suzuki Swift sport (M-05)
 58681  1/10 R/C Formula E Gen2 Car – Championship Livery (TC-01)
 57412  1/24 R/C MudMad (SW-01)
 47449  TC-01 Titanium Screw Set
 51655  1/10 Scale R/C Comical Avante Body Parts Set
 54946  1/24 Scale MudMad Clear Body Parts Set
 54950  SW-01 Reinforced B Parts (Bumper)
 54951  SW-01 Reinforced C Parts (Suspension Arms)
 54953  ST Block Front Bubble Tires (Soft/2pcs.)
 54954  ST Block Rear Bubble Tires (Soft/2pcs.)
 56553  Electric Actuator Set for 1/14 Scale R/C Tow Truck

Static Models
 12056  1/12 Porsche 934 Vaillant (w/Photo-Etched Parts)
 14138  1/12 Honda CBR1000RR-R FIREBLADE SP
 24354  1/24 Ford Mustang GT4
 35372  1/35 Russian Heavy Tank KV-1 Model 1941 Early Production
 37028  1/35 West German Tank M47 Patton
 12690  1/12 Scale Honda CBR1000RR-R Front Fork Set

 18096  Dual Ridge Jr. (VZ)
 18656  Roborace DevBot 2.0 (MA)
 95130  Neo-VQS (VZ Chassis) Japan Cup 2020 (Polycarbonate Body)
 95564  Geo Glider Black Special (FM-A)
 95565  Hexagonite Black Special (MA)
 95585  Spin-Viper
 95586  Diomars-Nero
 95128  Hyper-Dash 3 Motor J-Cup 2020
 95129  Hyper-Dash Motor PRO J-Cup 2020
 95131  HG Carbon Multi Roller Setting Stay (1.5mm) J- Cup 2020
 95132  HG Carbon Rear Multi Roller Setting Stay (1.5mm) J- Cup 2020
 95133  HG Carbon Rear Brake Stay (1.5mm) J- Cup 2020
 95563  HG Lightweight 17mm Aluminum Ball-Race Rollers (Ringless)
 95566  Brake Sponge Set (1mm Red)
 15526  Basic Tune-Up Parts Set for VZ Chassis
 69936  Gondola Lift
 70238  Kayak
 70237  Link Type Track & Sprocket Set

Tools & Paints
 74155  HG Tweezers (Grip Type Tip)
 74156  Modeling Template (Square, 1-10mm)
 85102  TS-102 Cobalt Green
 87205  Mark Fit (Super Strong)

Tamiya live video session of May 10 including detailed explanation of Tamiya Formula E TC-01 chassis

Tamiya RC LIVE
Live streaming of the latest information on Tamiya RC cars! Tamiya staff will provide you with useful information, including RC new product information, setting methods that beginners must see, practical advice when participating in races such as Tamiya Grand Prix, so do not miss it!
13:30 – Detailed explanation of Farmer E (TC-01)
・ Introducing the details of TC-01 chassis!
16:00 – Tamiya GP regulation announcement
・ We will announce the regulations for the 2020 Tamiya Grand Prix holding class!
* Each will be 30 minutes.
Satoshi Mamiya, Riku Sunahara