Announcement of the 77th Tamiya Pachi Contest winning work

This year’s contest received the most applicants in the last 10 years. Scene photography department Gold prize is “HUNTER” of Keisuke Tanaka. It is a work that seems to have cut off a moment of the battlefield, with spectacularly blending the line of sight of the soldier looking forward from the Panther D type vehicle and the grassland spreading beyond. Akihiro Seki’s Gold Prize in the work photography division is “UE tractor + 3.7 cm antitank gun”. As the title of the work is a little unique work with a 3.7 cm antitank gun on the UE tractor. Both work and painting are balanced well. It is also characteristic that the number of entries from young people in their teens is increasing this time. There are many high-level works that I can not think of as elementary and junior high school students, both special awards were selected from junior class in both departments. A patch contest that not only produces a model but also photographs that work and enjoy it, I will be waiting for your efforts next time.

The 78th Pachi application method (Deadline: September 1, 2018)
76th Pachi Contest winning work