Announcement of the 76th Tamiya Pachi Contest winning work

Pachi contest to enjoy the model work of military model in the photograph. We had many of our applicants this year.
The gold medal of the scene photo department to finish like a real battlefield photo was shine the “last line of defense Italy 1944” Takashimaya Hiroshi’s. Composition to enhance the sense of realism surrounding the elephant that linger around in the center of the screen figure, billboards, buildings, etc., of course, soft natural light, also feel the beauty of delicate finish and color scheme.
Gold works photo department to compete for evaluation as a model work, there was not the first time the relevant work this time. Although the finished model itself is great, because the finish as a “photographic work” was now one step. Missing part of the vehicle, composition of deficiencies, such as the sweetness of focus, masterpiece think if giving away a little more attention to photography and photofinishing there was nothing sheets. By all means next time, please apply with an emphasis as well as the shooting and the print is also modeling. Especially work that the new product was the protagonist is welcome. From production to photograph We look forward to the masterpiece that was forcefully