78th Tamiya Pachi application (Deadline: September 1, 2018)

Pachi Contest

What is a pachi contest?
The world “Patch” by model matching and video expression matching. It is an AFV model photo contest held once a year, where not only Japanese domestics, but also international forces are gathered. Particularly welcomed works with new products as their main characters. Please blow new breeze with your idea full masterpieces, power capability.

[Scene photography division]
Please photograph the scenery work like real battlefield photos and apply. Military miniature series, world figure series, other Tamiya scale model combined photo is OK.

[Work photography department]
Please appeal the painting technology of vehicles and dolls with photographs. It can be a work made according to the instruction manual of the kit, or a work with remodeling added. You can also use it as a photograph taken in the scene stage.

Scene Photography Section 76th Gold Prize Work

2018 Application Procedure for 78th Work

■ Applicable products
Please apply in things that mainly use 1/35 military miniature series, 1/48 military miniature series, 1/16 world figure series, 1/25 tank series.
In the scene photography department, even if it is a Tamiya product, it can be used in combination with military miniature products, world figure products, even for other scale models.
Works that are mainly made by other companies’ vehicles and accessories, and in which Tamiya products are only partially visible are not accepted.

■ Photo Types
Photos can be color or black and white. Please apply for color in 2 L size (about 130 × 180 mm), black and white in cabinet size.
We accept works shot with digital camera. Please print with 2L size and apply. In this case, image processing other than adjustment of color tone and contrast of the entire screen is prohibited.

■ Type of
photos Please stick the work cards with tape one by one to the back of the photo.
Be sure to write the title, scale, vehicle name.
When sending photos, please do not break by attaching a mount.
It is fine even for remodeled works with photographs in the process of making the remodeling places easy to understand.
The work is limited to unpublished works.
We will not return the photo, so please be forewarned.
Work card download: ★ PDF format 

■ Deadline
September 1, 2018 (postmarked effective on the day)

■ To
whom the work is sent 〒422-8610 3-7 Shinagawa-ku Suruga-ku, Shimaoka “Tachiya” Pachi Contest “staff

■ Review
Tamiya news editing room

■ Entry announcement
Tamiya news November issue, Tamiya website, Monthly model art magazine.
We will notify winners by letter.
Winning works will be posted in the patch contest pamphlet.

For inquiries
about inquiries , please contact the Tamiya news editorial office “Pachi Contest Officer”. TEL 054-286-5105

Bonuses * These are selected from among the scene photography department, work photography division.

Gold Medal 1 each 50,000 yen prize
Silver Award 2 each Prize 30,000 yen
Bronze 2 each Prize 20,000 yen
Model Art Prize 2 each Prize 20,000 yen
Honorable mention Each 6 people Prize 10,000 yen
Junior Prize 2 each Prize 10,000 yen From girls, silver, copper, those who did not enter the honorable mention under the age of 15
Special prize 1 each Prize 10,000 yen From unique works, particularly elaborate works, unique works etc
We will send a pachinko of “Pachi Contest” to all those who posted the work.
Gold medal ■: 1 person each  prize 50,000 yen
■ Silver Award: 2 each  prize 30,000 yen
■ Bronze Award: 2 each  prize 20,000 yen
■ Model Art Prize: 2 each  prize 20,000 yen
■ Honorable mention: 6 each  winning prize 10,000 yen
■ Junior Prize: 2 each  winning prize 10,000 yen / From among those who did not enter gold, silver, copper, honorable mention under 15 years old
■ Special Prize: From each of 1 person  prize 10,000 yen / unique work, particularly elaborate work, unique work etc.

We will send a pachinko of “Pachi Contest” to all those who posted the work.

Past winning works

2017 (77th) | 2016 (76th)