Tamiya Shooting Proud Star

Beyond the time a new “meteor (shooting star)” is born


The new machine “shooting Proud Star”, was the trigger for the birth, “Shooting Star”. It is interesting even than seeing the two with a deep connection. Behind its shape, it has been put a lot of thought inherited a long history.

★ start from the four wheel drive mini comic legendary

four wheel drive mini comics became popular about 30 years ago, “Dash! Yonkuro” machines that appeared in the “Shooting Star”. This machine, the work which was winning in four wheel drive mini design contest of Colo comic has become a draft. That what at that time of the winners, this time, he was Hiroyuki Takei teacher your identity of popular cartoonist in which the design of the new machine!

★ newly designed as a modern machine

Takei teacher himself has attracted support from many fans in the manga and anime work so far is, to again revived in modern times was thought to boyhood “Shooting Star” and a new thought The ride was started to run. It’s attention to its commitment survived design.

hyper! Dash four wheel drive wax “is serialized in an Colo Aniki
has become a “hyper! Dash! Yonkuro” sequel, start serialized in Colo Aniki. This author also re-emerged Hiroyuki Takei sensei! Five sets of four wheel drive mini team “Dash corps”, a new story, which took over the previous work starts running at last. Also we’re looking forward to future development. Also try to check!

Colo Aniki No. 3 is released in bookstores nationwide around July 15.Appendix Emperor of orange clear body.Currently also the second issue of the photo above sale !! ⇒ Colo Aniki Homepage

★ details of each machine, please click here

Shooting Proud Star (MA chassis)
Dash No. 3-Meteor (Shooting Star) (MS chassis)

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